Otherworld Company Chapter 133: It’s Case By Case, But Consider The Disadvantages Of Silence And Speaking

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A/N: I am fortunate that the new character is better received than I expected.

I will do my best to make the most of this character.



“Jiro! Are you alright?!” (Might)


“That is!?” (Gray)


“Yes, well, if you’re asking me if I’m okay or not, physically I’m okay. Just, physically… I may not be okay mentally.” (Jiro)



 This is when my dry chuckle comes out.


 The sounds of battle quieted, I was forced into a contract/kiss with an angel, and feeling like I was having an affair when I shouldn’t have been, I suppressed my desire to collapse and greeted my two fathers-in-law who had rushed over to me.


 When they saw the angel, no, the fallen angel standing in front of me, they were surprised, and at the same time, they readied their weapons.



“You can’t be serious; is it mind magic? I knew I shouldn’t have sent Jiro out alone at that time.” (Might)


“We will mourn later, but right now our priority is to save our son-in-law. The enemy is a Fallen Angel, but if we risk our lives, we can still make it in time!” (Gray)


“! I know! This long life, I would not spare it burning it for the sake of my future grandchildren!” (Might)


“Then I will open the way for you. What, rest assured, I am not likely to die, so let me buy you some time.” (Gray)


“Yes, please. Then I will use the dark elf’s forbidden arts.” (Might)


“Oh, then!” (Gray)


“Wait! It’s all right! I’m fine! I’m healthy! I’ve already recovered mentally! You don’t have to make such a dangerous resolution, I’m fine! So please calm down!” (Jiro)



 I was wrong in my wording, and the misunderstanding has gone in a very serious direction, but is the existence of a fallen angel really that terrifying?


 I didn’t expect that they would suddenly try to come to my rescue with the face of men who are prepared to take the hard choice, to use forbidden magic and special abilities, I have to rethink the jokes I’m telling.



“Master, should I eliminate the men who are holding their weapons?” (Angel)


“’You shut your trap for now!” (Jiro)



 She can’t read the air.


 So, I use my iron claw again to silence the Fallen Angel who can’t read the mood.


 I grabbed the Fallen Angel’s head increasing the grip strength of my right hand, but this idiot learned, and I could feel a thin film of magic power around her head while she was suspended in mid-air.


 She trying to defend herself against my grip, so I’m responding with a lot more force.



“Wait, master, you’ve been treating me badly since a while ago! Even so, I am a Fallen Angel, and in my own way, I am quite a rare existence! To be more specific, you’re lucky if you see one once in a hundred years! Well, from the enemy’s point of view, it’s a once-in-a-hundred-year of misfortune, but no, I am a fallen angel now. So maybe it would be once in thirty years?” (Angel)


“You’re not very subtle in your phrasing! What do you mean by ‘about once in a hundred years’? Also, give accurate information! The conversation is getting more and more complicated. *Sigh*. If you’re going to complicate things, just shut up until I explain the situation. Seriously.” (Jiro)


“Um, I understand.” (Angel)



 She kept her mouth shut for now because of my glare, but I was worried that she might say something unnecessary, so I turned to Mr. Gray and Mr. Might.



“I’m sorry for the interruption, but I’m going to explain the situation, so could you please listen?” (Jiro)


“Is that fallen angel all right?” (Might)


“Yes, I will explain this thing as well.” (Jiro)



 Mr. Might looks anxiously between me and the Fallen Angel, but if I say react some more here, the conversation won’t progress, so I won’t say anything and proceed as it is.


 And when I told him that I had fought against this Fallen Angel who I had been restraining and that I had made a contract with her after some twists and turns, then I suddenly realized.



“Speaking of which, what is your name?” (Jiro)


“I haven’t given you my name yet?” (Angel)



 I had forgotten to ask what her name was when introducing this Fallen Angel.


 After all, the battle was about, to begin with, no questions asked.


 She had no time to say her name, and even after the battle, I was carried along by the pace of this Fallen Angel and was unable to introduce myself.



“I don’t remember you ever telling me your name.” (Jiro)


“Is that so? So, I really didn’t introduce myself?” (Angel)



 I don’t remember that we have ever introduced ourselves to each other since we first made contact with each other.


 Otherwise, her name will be in my mind instead of Angel or Fallen Angel.



“On the contrary, do you know my name?” (Jiro)


“I know because the Dark Elf over there said it.” (Angel)



 Maybe that’s a misunderstanding, so I’ll check whether I said my name or not.


 But as I recall, we didn’t introduce ourselves to each other, and this Fallen Angel seems to only know my name from when Mr. Might called me.



“My master’s name is Jello.” (Angel)


“Who’s the enka [T/N: Japanese music genre.] singer, if you’re listening to Mr. Might, remember it well, idiot. It’s Jiro. Jiro Tanaka.” (Jiro)



 She answered confidently, but the name that came out was a completely different person’s name, albeit a similar sounding one.


 I am now speaking in the common language of Ithar, but the pronunciation of proper nouns and my own name is naturally closer to Japanese.


 Even if I use magic tools to support the language, I still feel uncomfortable in that area.


 So, in fact, I have a bit of a knack for pronouncing my name correctly.


 Most can say it easily though….



“Tukajiro?” (Angel)


“Ta-na-ka Ji-ro!” (Jiro)



 Rarely, when people are unable to say my name.


 This Fallen Angel seems to have a hard time pronouncing Japanese.


 There is an unexpected discrepancy between hearing it by ear and pronouncing it.


 Even if I let her hear each sound one by one and correct it, the ideal pronunciation is not achieved.



“Hmm, isn’t that a bit difficult to pronounce, Tanukwajiro?” (Angel)


“Why do you waste time trying to pronounce it like a native speaker… *Sigh*, I’ll just call me Ji-ro for now.” (Jiro)



 After a few times of punctuating and shaking my head to indicate to the Fallen Angel who asks me if it was how I want to pronounce it, So, I decided to make a compromise.


 Originally, I would like to have her practice a little more, but I don’t have time to correct it now.


 So, if she can recognize the name as me to some extent, I’m convinced that it can be a nickname or something.



“I see, so Jiro. My name is Himiku. I used to have the position of Seraphim, but now it doesn’t matter.” (Angel => Himiku)


“A Seraphim!? No way, the highest-ranking angel created directly by God, one of the original twelve angels!” (Might)


“!?” (Gray)


“Mr. Might, do you know about Himiku?” (Jiro)


“I do not know much of her existence, but the existence of angels who fight alongside heroes is mentioned in the literature and lore that chronicles the past of our dark elf clan. Among them, there are records of high-ranking angels being sent from heaven on rare occasions when the heroes are outnumbered.” (Might)


“Are they the Seraphim?” (Jiro)



 That’s how I finally learned the name of the Fallen Angel, Himiku, was her name.



“Hmm, you know of the activities of me and my sisters? Yes, I was the seventh Seraph.” (Himiku)



 But I just couldn’t understand how great this idiot of an angel was, and I couldn’t even be surprised.


 Though Himiku seems to not care about such things, and rather, she speaks as if she was a minor existence, saying that she knew it well.


 Contrary to us, Mr. Might and Mr. Gray’s expressions were serious.


 Mr. Might, who was deep in thought, and Mr. Gray, who is ready to pull out his sword at any time.



“Are you strong?” (Jiro)


“Maybe.” (Himiku)



 I was surprised to hear her response, but her own words did not support Mr. Might’s words and Mr. Gray’s actions.



“It seems that I am amazing.” (Himiku)


“Why are you being so nonchalant? It’s true, isn’t it?” (Jiro)


“All my life I’ve been in mock battles with my sisters in the heavens, but I didn’t win many battles against them. Also, I was not smart enough.” (Himiku)



 Well, that’s true, I murmured in my mind, an image that had completely taken hold within ten minutes of meeting her.



“I was the slowest of the sisters in terms of paperwork. I have no way to evaluate myself. Still if others think I’m great, then I must be great somehow.” (Hiomiku)



 Himiku seemed to be a typical example of a person with low self-esteem, thinking that her sisters were too good and that she was below average.



“I only have a few weeks of real-world experience fighting alongside the heroes, but, well, how about that, master, I’m amazing!” (Himiku)


“My sisters must be the more amazing.” (Himiku)



 Why does this guy have to wuss out at the end?


 That behavior is the element that makes Himiku not seem like an amazing being.


 Thanks to that, is she really amazing or not?


 This makes it hard to know how to evaluate her.


 I had sensed that she possessed considerable power even in her sealed state during the battle when I came into contact with her.


 So, as Mr. Might said, the power of a Seraphim will assist the heroes and help them to triumph over the Demon King.


 There is no doubt that they are such beings.


 Their power is so great that they are on par with the heroes.


 I can understand why my two fathers-in-law are worried.


 However, I am grateful for their concern. So far, I don’t think there’s any worry that she will bare her powerful fangs against us.


 This is a conclusion based on thin evidence and half a hunch, but I am sure that what I am about to say is true.


 I lightly told Himiku, who was puffing out her chest as if boasting, not to puff out her chest, and exchanged glances with Mr. Might and Mr. Gray.



“Mr. Might, Mr. Gray, this guy is under my control right now. According to this guy, it’s not a good idea to stay here too long. I know you may not agree, but for now, why don’t you trust me?” (Jiro)


“……” (Might)


“……” (Gray)



 After a few seconds of staring at each other.





“I understand. If you say so, Jiro, then I will believe you. Shal we, Mr. Gray?” (Might)


“……” (Gray)



 Mr. Might closed his eyes once before giving his consent, and Mr. Gray gave his answer by gently sheathing his sword in the scabbard at his waist, though he did not speak a word.


 They both said in their gazes that they would take action if anything happened, but that they would take a step back.



“Thank you, both of you.” (Jiro)



 Thank you for listening to my opinion, and we decide on our next course of action.


 If it is true that this dungeon no longer produces monster materials, then this dungeon is like a well that is about to dry up.


 And if the Fallen Angel who had been enriching that well were in our possession, we would no longer be an existence that could be ignored by those who had profited from that well.



“Let’s go back to the Adventurers’ Guild to discuss our future plans. Whatever the circumstances, I think it would be better for them to hear what we have to say.” (Jiro)


“I think that would be a good idea. The dark elf party that I just treated has already run to the Adventurers Guild to report back, so I think it would be best to head there as well to fix the situation.” (Might)


“……” (Gray)





 I completely lost the timing to discuss the kiss with Himiku due to the quick decision made by Mr. Might and Mr. Gray.



Note for the Day

It would be better to make a quick decision on whether to say something or not.

T/N: Damn you! You cheating Riajuu!!! (I know he didn’t cheat, but still.) Why not add the Dominatrix Supervisor or the (Yandere) Ogre Princes with the doting Ogre Yakuza father?! Well, Himiku seems to be another idiot that Masaru or the Waifu-duo needs to take care of. I still dream of Evia doing a kabedon on Jiro. We need more spicy waifu. 



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