Otherworld Company Chapter 134: In My Experience, Most People Don’t Look Good When They Cover Up A Blunder

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 I stand corrected.



“Tsk, there are a lot of soldiers here.” (Jiro)



 If we can’t achieve our goal, we have no use for the place, so we quickly gave up and decided to retreat from the dungeon.


 Unlike the previous trip, we are moving much faster in the dungeon thanks to the fact that we are ignoring the monsters.


 However, as we approached the entrance, we saw more and more military personnel instead of explorers and adventurers, which slowed our speed steadily.



“Master, why are you hiding from someone of that level? Why don’t you just quietly kill them while they haven’t noticed you yet?” (Himiku)


“First of all, do I have to do something about your search-and-destroy mindset? Even if the other party belongs to the same organization. If you kick up a fuss, I’d be in a bad position later.” (Jiro)


“Is that so?” (Himiku)



 Himiku, who at first glance looks like a normal woman with her wings hidden, tilted her head at my words.


 I was wondering if it was possible since the Supervisor a Demon was able to hide her wings and look like a normal human woman, but as expected, Himiku, the Fallen Angel, was also able to hide her wings.


 At first, I was worried about how she will hide these conspicuous wings, but…



“Can you hide your wings?” (Jiro)


“Yes, I can.” (Himiku)



 I asked honestly and the problem was solved in an instant.


 Himiku is now a seemingly normal human woman.


 Thanks to this, she is able to look inconspicuously.



“Stop.” (Jiro)



 I sent a sign with my hand to pause for a moment when I felt a presence, and as I strained my ears, I heard a group of people passing by in the distance, their armor clanking and clattering.


 The troops who passed through the alley in front of us were probably an army organized to investigate the dungeon core.


 If they are moving their personnel so openly, is the other side finally running out of time?


 I could see impatience in their intentions.



“Is it finally happening?” (Jiro)



 Feeling the atmosphere that no matter what you do, it will end just like this, and I realized again that if we came into contact with the enemy, trouble would be inevitable.


 The fact that they are similar to the Self-Defense Forces and police in Japan, it would be naive to think that they would let us off the hook if they found us.


 In all probability, we will be captured.


 They might even try to kill us without question, just like that atmosphere.


 I have more than enough confidence that I can win if I fight, but it’s a fact that fighting here is terrible.


 Not to mention taking a life, I could get injured, or even have a warrant issued for my arrest just for the fact that I beat him.


 That’s why I’m trying to keep a low profile.



“For now, you just shut up and follow me.” (Jiro)


“Master, those words sounded like a confession of love, and for a moment I felt a flutter of excitement.” (Himiku)


“I take back what I said before. Don’t make any sound, don’t do anything, and just walk.” (Jiro)



 Even though Himiku had been careful not to do anything unnecessary, I don’t know why, but for a moment, I felt as if I was going to lose my mind.


 I endured it and headed for the exit of the dungeon while thinking of a way out.


 If the other party was someone who would at least listen to me, there would still be some relief, but considering the way the army is run, the way the Explorer’s Guild is run, and the rumored personality of the dungeon manager, it would be futile to hope for the best.


 If one of the instructors or the supervisor were present, there would be a way to persuade one of them, but there is no use in asking for someone that is not there.



“I have no choice but to produce results within the range I can do… What do you think, Mr. Might?” (Jiro)


“…There are almost always soldiers at the main entrances and exits… Not only the Explorers Guild but also the Adventurers Guild.” (Might)



 Mr. Might, who has been having the surroundings scouted from the moment we headed for the exit, tells me about the situation through the sight of his spirits.


 The content was as expected, but even though it was half wishful thinking, it was something I had hoped would be off the table.



“Then I guess it’s only a matter of time before we’re found. …Mr. Gray, do you have any ideas?” (Jiro)


“I can escape by turning into mist, but is that no good, right?” (Gray)


“I’m a human, I can’t do that.” (Jiro)


“Neither can a dark elf do it.” (Might)


“Neither can I, a fallen angel.” (Himiku)


“Then we’ll have to think of another way. If we can use our transfer magic, we still have a chance.” (Might)


“Can you use it, Mr. Might?” (Jiro)


“I’m afraid I can’t use space magic.” (Might)


“I can use it.” (Himiku)


“I see. What about you, Mr. Gray?” (Jiro)


“I can’t use it either.” (Gray)


“Master, so I can use it.” (Himiku)


“Alright, I understand… What did you just say?” (Jiro)


“Even if you’re my master, you’ve been treating me too carelessly for a while now. I can feel too.” (Himiku)


“No, before that.” (Jiro)


“I can use transfer magic. I’ve said it many times.” (Himiku)


“…” (Jiro)


“What’s the matter, master? You’re staring at me with that look?” (Himiku)


“No, it’s nothing.” (Jiro)



 For a moment, I was about to say that everyone has some use, but I was able to keep my mouth shut as quickly as I could.


 I had assumed that Himiku was incapable of using transfer magic because I had assumed that she could only fight.


 Is this what narrow-mindedness means?


 It’s not good to make assumptions based on first impressions.



“Yes, then things will work out.” (Jiro)


“Umm, I can go anywhere I know.” (Himiku)


“…” (Jiro)


“What’s wrong, master?” (Himiku)


“…Does it have to be a place you know? What about a place I know?” (Jiro)


“What are you talking about master, I am the one who will use the transfer magic. How can I transfer to a place the master knows but I, the user, do not know it?” (Himiku)


“You are right. You are right. So where can you go?” (Jiro)


“I can only go to the temple of the Sun God, my former master. The coordinates have all been changed because I’ve been at the dungeon core, and I don’t know where else I can go.” (Himiku)


“Useless.” (Jiro)


“I can use the past data as a reference to move to, but…” (Himiku)


“But what?” (Jiro)


“If there’s a new building on the site, you’ll be buried under it, is that alright with you?” (Himiku)


“Of course I do.” (Jiro)



 However, it was not that easy for a solution to just roll in my lap.


 I feel something when Himiku asks me a question, but it’s my fault for asking such a naïve question.


 And what Himiku says is only natural.


 We came from the outside, but she has been in the dungeon for nearly 300 years.


 After such a long time, even information will deteriorate.


 Of course, there is no way she knows what is outside the dungeon now.


 It would be strange if she did.


 So, the only way to get out of the dungeon was to force our way out.



“If we can’t transfer, can’t we just run through at such a speed that no one will recognize us?” (Jiro)


“Yes, we can.” (Himiku)


“What?” (Jiro)



 In order to avoid battles, I remembered a scene I read in a manga a long time ago where the main character moved at the speed of light and instantly defeated his enemy, but I understand that it is difficult to do so.


 However, it is also true that the situation would improve if it were possible.


 Being unnoticed is not just about sneaking around and hiding.


 Moving at a speed that cannot be perceived or perceived is also a kind of upturning of reality, whether it is possible or not.


 I was only half-joking when I said it, but this fallen angel said she could do it.


 Now she’s probably going to say she can’t use it because if she fails, we’ll be minced meat or something.



“Master, I can almost guess what you’re trying to say by looking at that expression, but I’m a good guardian angel. So, I’m not going to say what Master thinks. Master, we can travel at imperceptible speeds, and I can do it with time acceleration magic.” (Himiku)


“I see, time-space magic, that’s certainly possible, but if it’s an acceleration technique to a realm that this number of people can’t perceive… It requires an appropriate amount of magical power, doesn’t it?” (Might)



 Time acceleration magic.


 Such magic that I don’t know came out, but as far as I can guess from the name, it’s magic that accelerates perceived time.



“No problem. That would happen if it’s for an extended time if it’s just a short time, my magic alone is enough.” (Himiku)



 I thought for a moment about Himiku’s words, but I couldn’t find any from what she said that seemed to become future problems.


 From what I’ve heard, there’s no mistake in recognizing that she is compatible with anything physical strengthening.


 I use physical strengthening on a daily basis, so I’m confident that I can handle it even if it’s somewhat strong.


 Mr. Might’s concerns seemed to be unfounded, and since no other issues were raised, we decided to try it out, but…





“My joints, my joints are creaking.” (Might)


“Hmmm, hmmm.” (Gray)


“I-I didn’t realize the strain would be this great, we seem to have been strengthened more than I anticipated.” (Jiro)



 From the results, we were able to escape from the dungeon safely.


 The time acceleration magic used by the Himiku increased the speed of thought so dramatically that the whole movement is perceived as extremely slowed down.


 From the point of view of the soldiers conducting the inspections, it seems that they just noticed that a breeze passed by when we passed by.


 After passing through quickly, we left the dungeon entrance at once and are now resting in the back alley.


 Although they were thought to be inside the dungeon and not paying attention to the outside of the dungeon, it can be said that this is indeed the magic of one of the angels created directly by God.


 Its effect was tremendous, though.



“It’s pathetic, master, with just that level of enhancement.” (Himiku)


“I will f*cking punch your idiotic face later.” (Jiro)


“Why again!?” (Himiku)



 The backlash was insane.


 The body forced to move outside of perception is pushed beyond its limits.


 Even if I had no visual problems, my body wasn’t ready to move in that gear yet.


 Even though I had strengthened my body by circulating magical power as quickly as possible, my body was screaming, which had never happened to me recently.


 I know how fast I moved because it was not a complicated movement such as when fighting, but just a simple run that put so much strain on my body.


 I honestly think there should have been a sonic boom, but it just caused a breeze, this Fallen Angel must have done something.


 I was able to run without colliding with a wall of air.


 However, I promised myself that next time I would give this Fallen Angel a thorough lesson not to measure things according to her own common sense.



“Mr. Gray, Mr. Might, can you move?” (Jiro)


“Yes, somehow I think I can move.” (Might)


“Me too.” (Gray)


“Then let’s move as soon as possible. If we stay here and get discovered, our escape will be meaningless.” (Jiro)


“Where to?” (Might)


“The city gate is probably on alert, so let’s head for the Adventurers’ Guild first.” (Jiro)



 We were able to move for the time being, and we started moving again discreetly.


 Although our attention is focused on the dungeon, we are acting in the belief that the city is more alert than usual.


 In fact, my prediction was correct, as we passed two patrolling units that created a tense atmosphere.



“Damn, I don’t know why we have to be so careful of our own people.” (Jiro)



 This is probably due to the fact that the position of a dungeon tester has not yet been fully recognized by the people around and that the perception of humans is terrible.


 I wanted to let out a sigh, but I had to move my feet first.


 After the words spilled out, I concentrated on my surroundings and continued on my way.



“Ah, you guys were fine!” (Amiricia)



 And when we finally arrived at the Adventurers’ Guild, it was much more crowded than it had been at first.


 It was fortunate that we ran into Amiricia at the right time in a space where it would have been difficult to find someone.


 She noticed us and quickly approached us.



“I don’t know, but it’s a lot more crowded than it was when I first came.” (Jiro)


“I can’t help it. I received a letter of order from the lord out of the blue. It’s been a tough time on our end. A mutant monster appeared in the dungeon, and adventurers were not allowed to enter the dungeon until the investigation was complete. Thanks to that, we had to abandon requests, incur penalties, and probably lose clients because of it. …Oh, it’s a nightmare.” (Amiricia)


“I’m sorry to hear that.” (Jiro)



 Amiricia’s expression has changed from before, she’s depressed like she’s been wronged by this world.


 Once I look around, everyone is drinking alcohol while complaining and looking frustrated.


 It is what is called “despair drinking”.


 I glanced over at Himiku, who is the rumored mutant, but she didn’t seem to have noticed.


“Amiricia, do you have time after this?” (Jiro)


“What, an invitation for a date? Normally I would smile and say no, but right now I’m out of stock on smiles. I have a mountain of paperwork to deal with after this, so I can’t even entertain a date.” (Amiricia)



 I thought it was a fresh reaction to be turned down when I hadn’t asked her out, but I brushed off her words with a single wry smile and cut to the chase because I didn’t have time to waste.



“No, don’t you want to know what’s going on inside the dungeon?” (Jiro)



 Amiricia, who had been desperate along with the other adventurers, immediately changes her expression at my words.



“What’s going on?” (Amiricia)


“Something happened that I can’t tell you here, at least.” (Jiro)


“…I understand. We’ll have to talk to the Guild Master. Is that all right with you?” (Amiricia)


“I’d appreciate it if you did. Also, can you contact the Demon King’s Army headquarters?” (Jiro)


“I think the Guild Master has a connection, but it depends on what you have to say.” (Amiricia)


“I understand.” (Jiro)


“I won’t take up too much of your time. Wait here.” (Amiricia)



 I see off Amiricia, who has entered work mode.



“I hope this makes things a little better.” (Jiro)


“You seem to be in a lot of trouble, master.” (Himiku)


“Whose fault is it huh, whose?” (Jiro)



 I was consoled by Himiku, the cause of the problem, while I lamented in my heart that I couldn’t get the materials I needed in the end.



Note for the Day

Is a change of plans inevitable?



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