Otherworld Company Chapter 135: Someone Once Told Me That There Is No Harm In Bringing A Cat When Meeting Someone For The First Time

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 There are three types of Guild Masters I imagine when I hear the title “Guild Master” in the Adventurers’ Guild.


 The first is a stern, warrior Guild Master who has been in the field for a long time and is well-liked in this type of branch but may have a delicate relationship with the head office.


 The second is a beautiful woman or a beautiful girl who seems to have a dark side. There are various types, such as dark elves, vampires, or beastmen, but the likeliest, such patterns are usually beautiful women.


 These patterns are at the heart of every novel.


 The third one is…



“I am Mickey, meow, the guild master in charge of this guild. By the way, I am not a cat beastman, but a fairy cat, Cait Sith, meow. Please don’t make a meowstake.” (Mickey)



 It is a trope that a small animal is the Guild Master.


 But even with that appearance, they are not to be underestimated.


 The power of his eyes, in contrast to his appearance, shows that he has fought many battles in his life.


 I immediately recognized that he was no ordinary person, so I braced myself not to lose and returned a self-introduction.



“I’m Jiro Tanaka. Jiro is my name and Tanaka is my family name. I’m a human, but I’m a dungeon tester in the Demon King’s Army.” (Jiro)



 Amiricia led me to a room at the back of the third floor of the building, the Guild Master’s office, where I was greeted by a cat.


 A puss in boots?


 He was wearing a shirt and red tie, standing upright with a straight back and two hind legs.


 After confirming that we had entered the room, the cat named Mickey walked on two legs and approached us as if to show his light-footedness, then jumped on the step prepared by Amiricia and offered his hand.


 A splendid paw was presented, and for a moment, I thought that it was for me to touch the toe beans, but I immediately understood that it was a handshake and grabbed his hand lightly.



“I’ve heard about it meow, an experimental dungeon unit under the direct control of the Demon King. The location and personnel are kept secret meow, and it’s an existence that’s so cloaked in secrecy that I, a Guild Master, don’t even know, meow.” (Mickey)


“Am I like a ghost or something?”  (Jiro)


“I can believe in ghosts because they exist, but in some ways, you are more than that, because I have to actually see you, to know what you are, meow.” (Mickey)



 The cat guild master grinned as he wagged his tail, which was split in two.


 He implicitly treated me as more of a rare creature than a ghost, but my workplace is the so-called “origin” of the heroes.


 Isn’t it strange that they are doing that much of an information embargo?



“So, I asked Amiricia, what is it that you want to report to that seems to concern the future of the guild, meow?” (Mickey)



 After shaking hands, the Guild Master returned to his desk, his light footsteps once again displayed.


 The desk is so large that it could be said to be big enough for me to use.


 The various papers piled up on the desk suggest that there is a lot of work to be done.


 Perhaps that’s why he put off the troublesome small talk and got right to the point.



“I’m here to report that the dungeon here is going to wither. And it is in the near future.” (Jiro)


“Eh!?” (Mickey)



 I was about to move back from his response, Amiricia looks back in surprise as she puts away the step stool, but I don’t turn my gaze away from the Guild Master’s.



“I like jokes, but I don’t like that kind of joke, meow. If you want to have a positive relationship with me, you’d better work on your sense of humor, meow.” (Mickey)


“I wish it was a joke, but unfortunately, the situation is too serious to joke about.” (Jiro)



 To be honest, the Guild Master would not have been willing to interact directly with me, a newcomer to the guild, without my title of Dungeon Tester, personnel directly under the Demon King.


 And that title is only valuable as a source of information to confirm whether or not a dungeon tester exists, and this cat will end this meeting as soon as he discovers it.


 In short, I was given the opportunity to talk to the Guild Master out of curiosity.



“What’s with that human woman, meow?” (Mickey)



 To be honest, I’m annoyed by this response, but I’m also the one with the bomb.


 I’ll gladly put up with this response if it means I’ll have more companions.


 The cat guild master, with a wicked smile, pointed his thumb at Himiku and asked what kind of joke it was.


 The cat’s gaze aimed at her.



“This is a Fallen Angel, my evidence.” (Jiro)



 I slam the physical evidence in front of him.



“Himiku, I will send you a signal, and when the time is right, release the wings you are hiding.” (Jiro)


‘What is the significance of that action, my lord? Isn’t it better to show it from the beginning anyway? If you want, I can threaten him directly.” (Himiku)


“You have the habit of acting before thinking, aren’t you? Have you noticed that?” (Jiro)



 As we had discussed beforehand, Himiku releases her wings and her black wings spread out.



“Meow, meow!? Meow!!! A Fallen Angel!?” (Mickey)


“Hiiii!?” (Amiricia)



 The reason why I did this roundabout thing was because I wanted to seize control of the mood.


 The negotiating table is more advantageous if you win the mood.


 Although she may be a Fallen Angel, she was originally an Angel.


 From the point of view of the Demon King’s Army and the beings under their protection, it would be surprising if a disaster-like existence was casually brought in front of them.


 For ordinary people, it would be like being handed a bag and told that it contains a bomb.



“I found her in a dungeon and heard from the person in question that she managed the dungeon core. If that’s not proof, then I’m afraid I’m done here, okay?” (Jiro)



 Yeah, she’s definitely a bomb.


 Frankly, I’d like to commend Himiku for doing exactly as instructed.


 I’m pretty sure he’s the type of who, if given the chance to cook, would not follow the recipe to the letter, but would prepare the food in a way she thought would make it delicious.


 I can’t let anyone know that my heart was beating faster than the Guild Master and Amiricia’s.


 I was worried that they might not notice the signal “evidence”, or that she might release her wings on her own because she felt cramped, or that she might do something to disrupt the mood in a different direction for reasons I couldn’t predict.


 I am still talking with a nonchalant expression on my face, but inwardly I am breathing a sigh of relief that it all worked out.



“Her magical power, she seems to be the real thing, meow.” (Mickey)


“How can there be a fake?” (Jiro)


“There are winged races that look a lot like angels, meow, and they sometimes try to scam people into believing they are angels, so we deal with them every year, meow.” (Mickey)


“You’re a rude cat. I have more wings than them, so to liken me to such creatures! Don’t mistake what I am!” (Himiku)


“Shut it.” (Jiro)


“Master, this is a besmirchment of my name as an angel! As expected, I’m angered at being put together with those birdies.” (Himiku)


“Okay, okay. We’ll talk about it later.” (Jiro)


“Good.” (Himiku)



 I wanted to tell Himiku about the tsukkomi, but the conversation wouldn’t progress, so I kept it quiet.


 Himiku, who wanted to show off her wings, so I held her head down to keep her quiet, while Mr. Might and Mr. Gray watched with a bitter smile.


 Himiku’s cheeks puff out as I hold her head down, but I ignore her.


 Where did my first impression of her being cool go?


 Well, that impression flew away within two seconds of our conversation.



“What are you doing?” (Jiro)


“Well, her magic might fly here, meow?” (Mickey)


“Nothing will fly your way.” (Jiro)



 What happened to the Guild Master during our exchange?


 While I was having a conversation with Himiku, Amiricia and the Guild Master were using desks and bookshelves to make a barricade.


 The Guild Master’s expression as he looked fearfully from the other side of the barricade looked as if he was afraid that Himiku would get angry and annihilate him.



“What kind of existence is an angel here?” (Jiro)


“In a word, they are more dangerous than you imagine, Jiro.” (Might)


“They have no blood, no tears, and if you fight them, the place will become a sea of blood.” (Gray)


“Are they an earthquake or something?” (Jiro)


“In some ways, they are worse than those.” (Might)



 The situation tells me that her presence was too strong, which is unexpected, I felt a discrepancy in the situation and checked with Mr. Might and Mr. Gray, it seems that this Fallen Angel, Himiku, is recognized as something more dangerous than I thought.


 Just looking at the Guild Master and employee with their heads down, they were startled and hid behind a barricade.



“It’s okay, come on out.” (Jiro)


“Really, meow?” (Mickey)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)


“It wouldn’t try to skin me and stuff me?” (Mickey)


“She can do that? An angel?” (Jiro)


“I remember one of my sisters’ subordinates is an angel who collected enemy heads. They have them all over their room.” (Himiku)


“Hiii!” (Mickey)



 I thought it was unlikely for an angel, so I asked Himiku about it, and she replied that it was true.


 Because of Himiku, who showed how powerful she was, the Guild Master, who had just peeped in, disappeared behind the barricade again.


 This was not the way to proceed.



“*Sigh*, Guild Master, did you believe what I just said?” (Jiro)


“Well, of course, meow! So, let me keep my life!” (Mickey)



 I can’t move on, but I have to move on.


 The only way to get results is to make a threat, and there is no other way.



“Now that you believe me about the dungeon withering, it’s just a matter of who is in charge of running the place. I’d like to move on to the next part of the conversation, all right?” (Jiro)


“Well, is there more, meow?” (Mickey)



 For me, the fact that we received information in advance about what would happen to the dungeon management of the town, then passed it to the Adventurers’ Guild, means that one of our objectives has been accomplished.


 If I did nothing with this, I would be responsible for this cat.


 I don’t know.


 For me, the main issue is what I’m about to tell them.


 I can’t stop him from making a small animal-like appeal to see if there are any more problems.



“I’m mainly concerned about this one, and I’d like to solve that one, so for now, can you tell me how to get in touch with the headquarters of the Demon King’s Army?” (Jiro)



 I spoke while pointing at Himiku, they let out a sigh of relief, and after waiting for a while, I heard a rumbling sound that sounded like someone was rummaging and a voice from the other side of the barricade.



“Amiricia, take this to him, meow.” (Mickey)


“Why me!? Master should give it.” (Amiricia)


“Noisy, meow, I have a wife and thirteen children waiting for my return, and I am their pillar, meow.” (Mickey)


“I don’t want to! I also have to save my life for my future master!?” (Amiricia)


“Guild Master’s order, meow.” (Mickey)


“It’s not fair that you want to save your own life!” (Amiricia)


“I’m a humble cat, I don’t understand, meow.” (Mickey)


“You stupid cat!!” (Amiricia)



 I could only let out a wry smile at the exchange that followed.


 At first, he had been so provocative, but now there was no sign of it.



“I’ll go get it.” (Gray)


“Sorry, Mr. Gray, please.” (Jiro)



 I was honestly grateful that Mr. Gray made a move in an atmosphere where I knew that if I approached him, there would be even more chaos.


 The noise stopped as Mr. Gray slowly made his way to the other side of the barricade where the noise was coming from.


 And then, after a few words.


 Mr. Gray returned with a green glass-like sphere in his hand.



“This is a?” (Jiro)


“This is a communication bead given to us by the government in case of emergency, meow, since this place is right next to the dungeon, meow. With it, you can contact the headquarters of the demon army, meow.” (Mickey)



 I chuckled at the guild master who explained without worrying about the conversation over the barricade and poured magic power into the magic tool as instructed.



“Yes, this is the Demon King’s Army. What happened–AaaaaaH!!! It’s you!!!” (Demon)



 For some reason, a familiar demon appeared.


 Yes, to be specific, probably this guy is the supervisor’s relative,



“It’s been a long time, I guess. What was your name again?” (Jiro)



 The little brother I don’t even know the name of, the one I blew away because I was on a roll from training.



Note for the Day


Let’s protect and follow the dos and don’ts with cats.



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