Otherworld Company Chapter 136.1: On-Site Coping, also known as Self-Responsibility

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“It’s Nord Nordis!!! I am Evia Nordis’ younger brother!! The demon who was beaten by you, chastised by his sister, sighed at by his father, and helped to find employment by his mother!” (Nord)



 The man who appeared at the end of the holo-display projected from the magic tool was certainly familiar to me.


 But I couldn’t quite recall his name.


 I dug through my memory and was able to retrieve the information that he was the brother of the supervisor, but because I had been dealing with so many strong characters recently, his name didn’t come up.


 I was curious to see how he would react if I greeted him and told him it had been a long time, but it was going to be troublesome later.


 So, I asked him honestly, but he easily lost patience with me.


 I thought I heard a snapping sound, and in one breath he yelled at me.



“You have no idea how much trouble I went through while you were living a carefree life! My sister told me that I had to get back on my feet and reforge my character, and I was thrown into that hellish time when I was recommended for training in an infantry unit that even people from families that produced knights were hesitant to join! Those days of training where you had to cultivate a sense of solidarity to the point where I didn’t know when I would be digging a hole in the back of my head, where your superiors would attack you just leaving you on the brink of death from overwork and surviving! Those days when I almost fall in love with a man! If only I had been honest with you back then, I wouldn’t have been in that situation! Do you understand? Do you know how I felt when I had a crush on a man?” (Nord)


“I don’t understand.” (Jiro)


“Try to understand my feelings!!” (Nord)


“Don’t be absurd.” (Jiro)



 Even though I honestly said I don’t understand, I don’t want to be asked to agree.


 And although you are saying that I am the cause of the problem, isn’t it me but your relatives who made you participate in the training that are the terrible ones, right?


 Specifically, your mother.


 The rest is your fault for being lazy and not training your body.


 But still, where the hell did the manual response that appeared on the first screen go, a brilliant act of emotional instability?


 He was not busy, yelling at me, then crying, then screaming with tears in his eyes.



“Damn it! Oh, you can’t understand! You wouldn’t understand what it feels like to have one foot in a man-on-man relationship!!!” (Nord)


“I don’t even want to know.” (Jiro)


“I didn’t want to understand either! You have no idea the despair I felt when I found out that my training buddy, who had a fiancée, was actually seriously in love with me! You don’t know what it’s like to survive training, to have an unbreakable friendship, to introduce him to your father as a friend, and to have him invite you into his home only to find out that it was a trap! Do you know how I felt when I was looking forward to being invited to the home of a man, I thought was my best friend, only to find out that he had asked me to get engaged to him? And on top of that, the man’s fiancée, who should have stopped him, was moved to tears and convinced everyone around her that it was true love and congratulated me along with my relatives! I almost got swept away for a second!” (Nord)


“Were you swept away?” (Jiro)



 This is starting to sound like a strange conversation, so, should I stop it here?


 In my experience, when people let these emotions get the better of them, the conversation goes more smoothly if they let it all out.


 Since we have some time to spare, I should let him get it off his chest, not because I’m interested in what happens next, okay?


 It’s not because I’m in tune with Himiku’s interest in listening to what happens.


 It wasn’t because I was also intrigued by the fact that Mr. Gray and Mr. Might occasionally told me not to ask.



“You don’t know what I went through after that when I stayed! The moment I refused, the people around me cursed me! ‘What’s the point of forgetting the time when we pledged our love to each other!’ I don’t remember anything like that! It’s the first time! They said they love me! I was so sad! I thought he was my best friend! So, I ran away as fast as I could! Even though he was the best trainee in the class, I managed to get away.” (Nord)


“Oh, aren’t you amazing?” (Jiro)



 The story is about a man on the brink of either ending up being a man or being reborn as a new man, but it seems that behind the scenes he was training well.


 He was a man who was reliant on the tools before, even if he was a trainee, he was able to run away from the guy with the top grades.


 That part I can honestly admire.


 However, as far as this story is concerned, can I say that your relatives have an understanding of your former best friend? I can’t decide if I should say it’s just karma.


 The more I hear, the more I suspect that his family has always had such a preference.


 Even if it wasn’t my fault, I was beginning to feel sorry for them.



“When I went home and tried to retreat to my room, my father tried to drag me out to talk! After I spent my allowance to cast a transfer spell to get away from him, he just ran to catch up with me! I got goosebumps when he said this is the power of love! What the hell is that guy? What the f*ck is with that strength! He fought evenly with my father, who tried to stop him when he suddenly broke in! My father used to be a general! It was a nightmare to go toe-to-toe with my father, even though he retired! If my sister hadn’t come back, I would have been married to him! I don’t want to hear him cry out love for me! And on top of that, how sturdy is he that he’s still alive even after my sister blasted him away! That orc!” (Nord)



 Yeah, I’ll be careful with orcs from now on too.


 The Demon King’s Army’s promising rookie is quite the monster.


 I’ll make sure to confirm that later.


 In case there is an incident, I’ll make sure not to make a mistake in dealing with it.


 However, I never thought that Orcs, who are often portrayed as natural enemies of women, could also be natural enemies of men. …The other world is a very mysterious place.


 And this guy was living an eventful life in a short period of time.



“Hah, hah, hah, have you finally understood my troubles?” (Nord)


“Yes, you’ve had a hard time.” (Jiro)



 I feel deep sympathy for Nord, who has screamed out his story and is breathing hard his shoulders heaving.


 I’ll bury the impression that the fact that someone lived after fighting the supervisor has a stronger impact than the story of his life.


 Frankly, I’m wondering how he ended up on this screen after that, but I have to go on with my own story here too.



“So? What’s it to you want, someone that caused me to be thrown into hell?” (Nord)


“I don’t exactly have any use for you, but can you connect me to the supervisor?” (Jiro)


“To my sister? Tell me what you want, or I won’t be able to connect you.” (Nord)



 As expected, I let him vent what he wanted to vent, and his thoughts came full circle, and he became calm and listened to me.


 The sarcasm is pushed to the forefront, but the other side lets me move on to my business.


 The words he was saying were laughable, to be honest, but his response was very standard, just like a model of bureaucratic work.


 It was an orderly response, so I can honestly say,



“I picked up an angel, what should I do?” (Jiro)


“What? Are you joking? What are you actually talking about? The response to this communication bead indicates that you are in the western dungeon town on the continent of Anatares. There can’t be any angels in a place like that.” (Nord)



 If you don’t believe me, let me show you, changing the direction of the communication pearl to show Himiku and the Nord cried out in astonishment.



“A Fallen Angel, to be exact, but doesn’t this give you a reason to contact the supervisor?” (Jiro)


“And with six wings? It should be just a legend. I am not hallucinating, am I?” (Nord)


“Why else would I use a military communication channel for something so trivial?” (Jiro)



 I sigh and deny Nord’s words, who still doubt me even after I show him the real thing.


 If I agree with Nord’s story, it’s like calling 911 as a prank, so to speak.


 I would never do such a thing in my spare time.




“I-If that’s the case, you’ve picked up quite the outrageous thing, haven’t you?” (Nord)



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