Otherworld Company Chapter 137.1: A Compromise, It Is Never An Even Split

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“You idiotic lord! Are you going to turn this town into a pile of rubble, meow!?” (Mickey)



 It is no exaggeration to say that it is a strategic weapon, a gigantic black iron giant that is probably 30 meters tall by eyeball estimation.


 The Guild Master’s tolerance level, aka patience, was pushed to the limit when he saw it reflected in the window of the adventurers’ guild, which is located far from the entrance to the dungeon.


 In short, he snapped.


 With raised hairs and loud cursing directed at the person who might have activated it, he acted as a cat might do when threatened.


 The Guild Master looks and sounds so violent that he could be imprisoned for insulting someone untouchable.


 However, all of the people here have similar feelings, albeit with varying degrees, so I don’t blame the Guild Master for what he says.


 The Guild Master was not calm, and I decided to leave the raging Guild Master alone.



“Mr. Might, can you send a spirit for reconnaissance? I’d like to get some information.” (Jiro)


“Yes, that would be good.” (Might)


“I’ll send my familiar to get information.” (Gray)


“Master, what about me?” (Himiku)


“Stay put.” (Jiro)


“Muu.” (Himiku)



 I’ll do what I can.


 I had only been with the company for less than a year, but my head had become calm and able without being troubled unless something serious happens, I was ready to seek information.


 I could predict the outcome of what could happen, but I lacked information on the process of how to move.


 Mr. Might’s small spirit, a pale black light, which was active in the dungeon, and Mr. Gray’s familiar bat flew out of the window.


 We waited for a few minutes.


 While watching Amiricia placating the Guild Master and keeping an eye out for anything Himiku might do, I was thinking about what to do next.



“I can see that the army is organized around the square in front of the dungeon, though I don’t know the exact number if we include the number of people inside the dungeon.” (Might)


“It seems that they have formed a scouting party and are moving in all directions.” (Gray)


“Thank you very much. So, the decision might be based completely on the assumption that Himiku is no longer in the dungeon? If it is… I do not think the number will increase any further, but there is the problem of how we cannot identify the enemy.” (Jiro)



 Mr. Might collects and reports information from a bird’s eye view of the entire situation, while Mr. Gray flies around in secret and collects detailed information.


 Two types of information, general and specific, are steadily being gathered.


 Frankly speaking, I wish our party had this kind of reconnaissance capability.


 No, it is not that I am dissatisfied, but my search skill is a sensory one relying on my five senses, and the scouting ability of Minami and Amelia is not this accurate.


 I understand that phrases like “wanting what you don’t have” and “the grass is greener on the other side” may appear, but it is the nature of working people to want to make up for shortcomings.


 Thinking that this would be an issue for the future, I decided on a course of action based on the information I was gathering one after another.


 The situation is easy to understand, but the trouble is that the other party is an ally.


 In the past, I would have attacked the enemy without question, but that is not the case this time.


 Although we are allies, we are distant colleagues in different departments, we are still allies belonging to the same organization.


 If I were to attack them without question, even if it was for the sake of winning, my position could be completely compromised.


 If we are overwhelmingly outnumbered, we would have two choices: run away or attack by surprise, but if both of those options were destroyed, we would have nothing to do.


 The best action would be to intercept the other side when they attacked, but that would put me on the defensive.


 The Adventurers’ Guild is not a full ally, although we are discussing it now.


 I can’t trust someone we’ve only just met; someone we don’t know will stab us in the back at any moment.


 But why do I have to put myself in this kind of predicament every time, I complain inwardly.


 Then the thought of going through an exorcism after I return home for the first of many times crosses my mind, but I end up thinking that if I go to an exorcism, I might get into a different kind of trouble.



“What should I do?” (Jiro)


“We don’t have to think about it too hard? If it is not possible to hand over the fallen angel, then what we have to do is simple.” (Might)


“Are you sure about this? Rampaging?” (Jiro)


“I can’t say that the fault lies solely on the other side, but if there is a just cause, we can also move.” (Might)


“That’s the difficult part.” (Jiro)



 The idea of what should action to take is quickly coming to mind.


 The best thing to do would be to leave town without incident and return to Japan to report back.


 The second best would be to somehow escape from the town without being noticed by the other side.


 The worst thing that could happen would be to lose in an all-out brawl.



“Well, that’s not going to happen.” (Jiro)


“What’s wrong master?” (Himiku)


No, I’m just hoping you’ll stay put.” (Jiro)



 The worst-case scenario is unlikely.


 For whatever reason, fortunately, or unfortunately, we have enough fighting force to stop the worst-case scenario.


 Well, in the first place, the reason for this is because of Himiku, but there is no need to go back to that point.


 So back to the question of what to do.


 We can’t run away, we can’t talk, we can’t fight.


 Well, to be precise, we can escape, but if we break through the barrier, civilians who are not involved in this battle will be harmed.


 We can also talk.


 However, it is obvious that it will develop into a witch trial like in some era.


 In fact, there may be a slight possibility that his subordinates are doing whatever they please.


 We can fight them.


 If we attacked them from our side, we would have a chance to win, but if we said that we attacked them because they were our allies and were about to attack us, they would say that we were thugs.


 If we remain silent, we will only be wasting our time.


 We can make an escape, but it will come at a cost.


 If I have to choose between these options.



“*Sigh*, maybe run away?” (Jiro)


“Hmm? Master, are you not going to fight?” (Himiku)


“I thought that option was the riskiest. If I just have to smash through the barrier, I can explain the situation to the supervisor and we’ll be on our way.” (Jiro)



 I choose to run away.


 It is from the judgment that it is the least troublesome overall.


 The truth is that if we can’t talk to them, and if we fight, our position will be worse.


 If we fight badly and let Himiku go on a rampage, the damage could be eye-watering.



“No! Damn meow! I told you before! Breaking the barrier will cause a lot of damage to the ley lines, meow! I have family in a village near here, meow! I can’t allow that to happen, meow!” (Mickey)


“Um~, if possible, since my family is also here, I believe it would be better if you could avoid that choice~, don’t you think?” (Amiricia)



 However, it is not a situation where I can easily choose that option.


 Naturally, there were objections.


 In terms of majority rule, Mr. Might and Mr. Gray are nodding their heads in agreement with the choice to escape, but that is an opinion that comes from the absence of receiving damage and is not something that would be accepted by those who are affected.





“I don’t know if I could agree with it.” (Jiro)



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