Otherworld Company Chapter 137.2: A Compromise, It Is Never An Even Split

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 However, it is not a situation where I can easily choose that option.


 Naturally, there were objections.


 In terms of majority rule, Mr. Might and Mr. Gray are nodding their heads in agreement with the choice to escape, but that is an opinion that comes from the absence of receiving damage and is not something that would be accepted by those who are affected.





“I don’t know if I could agree with it.” (Jiro)



 As a father who will have a child in the future, I am inclined to listen to the type of persuasion that appeals to me based on emotion, not power or anything else.


 It’s human nature.


 I would have had no problem if I had been able to say that it was none of my business.


 I am not even on bad terms Guild Master and Amiricia.


 I sigh unintentionally.


 I can’t be outrageous when the situation calls for it.


 I resent the fact that the other party is not evil in my subjective view.


 Is this the source of the stereotype where Japanese cannot say “No”?



“*Sigh*, it can’t be helped, I didn’t really want to do this, but…” (Jiro)


“Wh-What are you going to do, meow? I’d like to ask you not to let the Fallen Angel there move if you can, meow.” (Mickey)


“Hmm? Master, is it my turn?” (Himiku)


“You’re the last option, so wait a little longer. Mr. Gray, Mr. Might. I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to go through a few more steps.” (Jiro)



 There is a change of plans.


 If escape is not an option, then it becomes the next best move.



“I don’t mind, but do you have some kind of plan?” (Might)


“Hmm.” (Gray)



 It is troublesome for the two people who ask me how to do it, but I want to be respectful of Amiricia, who has taken care of me in some way.


 I will present the best possible solution for the present situation.



“Yes, I have. It will take some time and effort, but I think if we go for it and to break the root of their confidence by hitting them head on and also relieving our stress…” (Jiro)



 Well, let me show you some of the instructors’ tricks.


 My two fathers-in-law were surprised, their eyes blinking, Himiku’s eyes lit up when she realized it was going to be a battle, but the Guild Master and Amiricia’s eyes were spirals of confusion.


 I forgot to mention that I said fighting would be troublesome, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t fight because I would lose.



 Another Side 



~3rd Person Perspective~



 There are approximately 4,000 soldiers that can be mobilized in this dungeon.


 Under normal circumstances, only a tenth of that number would be deployed, but in an emergency, even the local army can provide their forces.


 Since there is a dungeon, this town has an exceptional number of personnel for a small town.


 In addition, because of the location, they are well-equipped and highly skilled.


 And among the soldiers, there are many who are called General Candidates and are expected to rise in the ranks.


 The fact that the soldiers alone are that talented means that guarding this dungeon is an important job.


 These soldiers are living in a waking nightmare.


 Their comrades are cruelly blown away, their shouts turn to screams, and the number of soldiers is dwindling without making any result.


 And it was just one person.


 Soldiers who see this scene associate this place with hell.



 The captain of a certain company was a man who always said that he would become a general in the future.


 In fact, he has shown glimpses of his talent by becoming a company commander at the young age of only 15.


 On the surface, he looked serious, but inwardly he was pleased to receive this emergency call to duty as if he had been given a promotion.


 Although the details were kept from the soldiers, he, as a company commander, was given a certain amount of information.


 When he heard that the angel used as a substitute for the dungeon core had escaped, he laughed in his mind.


 Angels are legendary beings, and if he had captured such a thing, he would surely rise in the ranks.


 He thought that he was not suited as a local company commander, but as a battalion commander in the main army, or even higher, it would no longer be a dream.


 The Demon King’s Army believes in meritocracy, so seniority is not a factor in decision-making.


 Even if you are young, as long as you show results, you will be promoted.


 Such is this world.


 Thus, he sees this opportunity as a chance, he’s just that kind of person after all, he looks down on the other soldiers who are frightened, although he doesn’t show it openly.


 After hearing the summary of the mission and confirming that the town is covered in a barrier, his company waits for the angel to appear.


 It had already been more than ten minutes since the scouts had left, and although he did not know if they would be able to find him in this amount of time, he had been waiting inwardly for them to leave, and his wish was granted sooner than he had expected.


 The company commander, who had thought he had heard a whistle, moved quickly.


 The battalion commander’s instructions were immediately relayed to his troops, and they began to move.


 He had already received information that other forward units had begun fighting.


 If they moved too slowly, they would lose the battle.


 They moved quickly and efficiently, but when they arrived at the scene, what did they see?



“What is this?” (Company Commander)



 Soldiers were flying in the air.


 The words that fell out of his mouth were of disbelief, even for a company commander.


 If only one or two soldiers were flying in the air, it would not have been that surprising.


 However, it would be a different story if more than ten or twenty people were blown up in the air as if done by a tornado.


 However, it is not done by the angel.


 Unlike the report, the angel, whose blackened wings definitely matched the features, was definitely at the center of the battle.


 But there it is, just walking leisurely as if it had nothing to do with the battle.


 Then who is the one fighting?


 A human.


 An inferior race, inferior in strength and magic compared to the race withing the Demon King’s Army.


 That was his common sense, but the human was rampaging around so violently that he questioned it.


 The battalion commander’s voice rang out, “Seize the angel,” and soldiers attacked continuously, but every single one of them was blown away.


 The human seemed to be enjoying the battle, and with his mouth twisted into a grin, he was flinging away soldiers with a huge blade in one hand, as if he were scattering bundles of paper around the area.


 I wonder how much power is put into that arm, which looks thick for a human but thin compared to orcs and giants…


 The company commander’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat when he saw this.


 The man who had gone through rigorous training and had killed many stray magical beasts was not about to accept it.


 He wiped his forehead, to shake off the cold sweat.


 With a shout of determination, he slashes at the man with the sword at his waist drawn from its scabbard.


 It was a blow that slaughters even a chimera.


 If it is just a human wielding a huge black sword, he is sure that he can slaughter him with this single blow.


 He is in high spirits.



“Huaaaa!” (Company Commander)



 He swung down with all his might, body strengthened by magic, screaming.


 The sound of metal clashing with metal echoed.



“Kaha!” (Company Commander)



 However, it was not a sound that came from the sword in his hand, but from the body armor that the company commander had put on.


 His body was hit not by the blade, but by the flat of the blade, and the sharpness and power of the blow made it impossible to even think about holding on, so he flew through the air with the other soldiers, erasing the word “endure”.


 In a few seconds, he hit the ground, his lungs were purged of air, and his vision became blurred.


 The last thing he saw was the figure of a human walking with a huge black blade aimed at the foot of the huge golem, the sound of heavy footsteps echoing, and the back of a Fallen Angel accompanying the human.


 The figure looked like a hero from stories, and he felt admiration upon looking at the back of the man, and his consciousness fell.



 Another Side End



Note for the Day


The search for a compromise is always a difficult one, and hardship is always toward those who are willing to do the work.



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