Otherworld Company Chapter 145.2: Seasons Passed, And There Will Come A Time To Let Bygones Be Bygones

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 Now I am able to make time for such conversations.


 I guess I have learned to have a good balance between work and private life.


 Thanks to this, I can now focus on my time outside of work.


 During this conversation with Kaido, I glanced aside to see a man in a suit walking quickly past me on the phone.


 I guessed from the conversation I overheard at the moment we passed each other that he was probably a salesman for some company, and when he came into view, I thought for a moment that the expression on his face was the same as mine from the past.


 I passed him without making eye contact with him, but I felt compelled to look back at him, so I stopped for a moment.



“What’s wrong, senior?” (Kaido)


“No, it’s nothing.” (Jiro)



 But then I stop.


 What was I going to do by looking back?


 A wry smile appeared on my face at what I was trying to do, telling him that it was nothing, and started walking again.


 I’ve changed at a crossroads in my life.


 I think that’s all that matters.


 We continued talking about the old days, and after a few stops on the train, we arrived at a slightly larger district and went into a chain pub.



“Kuh! The liquor in the underground facility is nice, but it’s hard to throw this one away too!” (Kaido)


“The food and drinks in the underground facility are basically made in the otherworld, so it’s not surprising if there are differences between the food and drinks here.” (Jiro)


“Each has its own merits!” (Kaido)


“It seems weird to me that we are the only ones who can eat and drink both.” (Jiro)



 We toasted the first beer at the restaurant and drank it down in one gulp.


 Our livers trained by the instructors demanded another round of drinks as if to say that they were still in good shape.


 Without a moment’s pause, we order another round of drinks.



“Well, the meat alone makes a big difference. Over here, beef, pork, and chicken are the major meats, but over there, they serve wyverns and bears without a care in the world. I was once served meat I didn’t know what it was.” (Kaido)


“I’ve been served meat I didn’t know what it was, and that includes vegetables I didn’t know what they were either. The vegetables are not bad, and they are usually good, but sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable.” (Jiro)


“I can understand that because sometimes the food is salty when you think it should be spicy.” (Kaido)



 French fries and fried chicken, I guess we’re so used to the food that we eat at the company that we feel nostalgic for the usual pub menu in this world.


 I’m used to eating it, but for some reason, I feel it’s new.



“Masaru also cooks for us, but even if the food looks normal, the ingredients are not normal, you know.” (Kaido)


“Ah, it looked like normal fried rice, but I was surprised when all the ingredients were from the otherworld.” (Jiro)


“It was good though, wasn’t it?” (Kaido)


“Oh, it was good.” (Jiro)


“But the meat, eggs, and rice were from the otherworld, right?” (Kaido)


“I didn’t get sick, but I couldn’t tell what kind of meat or eggs it was.” (Jiro)


“But we were able to eat it without any problems.” (Kaido)


“Ah, the meat that the instructor made me eat before was also good.” (Jiro)


“What kind of meat was it?” (Kaido)


“Gacrius, a lizard-like creature with three heads.” (Jiro)


“Isn’t that a dragon?” (Kaido)


“It’s not classified as a dragon, though they say it can breathe different kinds of breath from each of its mouths.” (Jiro)


“Oh, is that so? Is such a lizard tasty? I’d like to try it sometime.” (Kaido)


“I’m sure they can get it for you if you ask them.” (Jiro)


“Do you get them locally?” (Kaido)


“I hear the meat tastes better when it’s fresh.” (Jiro)


“Was it aged?” (Kaido)


“I don’t know. All I can tell you is that it’s pretty good.” (Jiro)


“In the otherworld, the stronger the creature, the better the meat, right?” (Kaido)


“Do you think so?” (Jiro)


“We can’t deny it.” (Kaido)


“Indeed.” (Jiro)



 The drinks and the food are flowing, and the conversation naturally settles on topics in the immediate vicinity.


 This is a pub, and it’s an environment where you don’t know who’s listening, but there’s no one who has time to listen to two men.


 If they heard us, they would think we were talking nonsense or telling some kind of story.


 Worst of all, they would think we were two crazy people.


 The drinks went on while they were talking like that.



“Speaking of which, I forgot to ask, I forgot to ask what those people wanted from you before we left the office.” (Jiro)


“Ah~ Come to think of it, I forgot to mention that.” (Kaido)



 Kaido, who was moderately intoxicated and wrapped in the floaty hold of alcohol, blushed at the topic he heard and began to speak while remembering little by little.



“I don’t know what to say, I think thy said a lot of things. In summary, they were talking about why our party is so strong.” (Kaido)


“Why strong is our party?” (Jiro)


“The party there is only magicians, so they can’t conquer anything at all, and they are always trying the same floor. It seems that the HR person told them that.” (Kaido)


“Oh, they were being pestered about work.” (Jiro)


“I guess so. So, they got impatient and came to me, who is doing well, for advice.” (Kaido)


“Huh, so what did you answer?” (Jiro)


“I didn’t have much experience since senior was hired first, so I only said simple things. Putting someone as the vanguard, changing roles, etc… After that, we fought the instructors first and got beaten up badly. I wonder if we were forcefully trained to do it.” (Kaido)


“Then what?” (Jiro)


“They told me that they didn’t have anyone to act as the vanguard. They also said they didn’t feel like changing roles. I told them about the training, but at first, they looked at me like they couldn’t believe it. I told them that I had experienced things little by little, and they started talking among themselves, asking me if I was lying. I told him that it would be better to ask Senior than me, but they didn’t react well to the idea of asking Senior.” (Kaido)


“And that’s when I came.” (Jiro)


“That’s right.” (Kaido)



 He was impatient to get advice on how his work had stagnated.


 It is not a strange thing in itself, but there are often cases where it becomes impossible to do so when relationships are complicated.


 In this case, I guess the person who first belittled me is asking me for advice.


 I guess there are various emotionally unforgivable parts to show weakness to the opponent who you completely wronged.


 To cover up the feeling of sobering up a little, I sipped my drink and nodded my head in disinterest.



“Well, I have nothing to say about that.” (Jiro)


“Senior.” (Kaido)



 A bit cold, perhaps, but that’s a natural response.


 I’m not such a softy.


 I am not such a good-natured person.


 What can I do?



“If they still ask me, I will at least give them some advice.” (Jiro)


“Are you a tsundere?” (Kaido)


“Idiot, I’m just trying to keep my personal feelings out of my work as much as possible.” (Jiro)


“Senior is extremely unreliable in this part.” (Kaido)


“You are mixing your personal life too much. This is better than that.” (Jiro)



 I don’t get caught up in the past, if they change their mind and ask for help, I will at the very least lend a hand.



“Isn’t that great!! I’m all for personal stuff!!” (Kaido)


“I’m telling you to be smart about it. Otherwise, you won’t be popular. The succubus girl in the basement that you’re after won’t like that.” (Jiro)


“Ugh, Senior, what do you know!?” (Kaido)


“The shopping districts network connections are scary, right?” (Jiro)


“Ms. Memoria!? It’s her right!?” (Kaido)


“Well, it could be the owner of the weapons shop, or it could be what I heard from the clerk at the armor shop. Rumors about the particular feelings of the succubus girl you are fond of, at least from what I’ve heard, are quite interesting.” (Jiro)


“Ugh!? When did you hear that, it wouldn’t be strange if the story came in from anywhere! And the last one sounds like something I don’t want to hear!? No, is this a good opportunity to get to know her? It takes courage, doesn’t it? So is it positive or negative?” (Kaido)


“I wonder…” (Jiro)


“Isn’t this bullying!?” (Kaido)



 I changed the subject to focus on myself and continued drinking until just before the last train, grinning at the wound-up Kaido.



Note for the Day

Emotions fade, and you can accept things to some extent.



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