Otherworld Company Chapter 146.2: Go With The Flow, There Are Times Like That

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 As expected, each of them looked relieved for a moment, but after that, the two who were most likely to react did not disappoint.


 They were probably the two people I thought might fail the most among our party.


 Therefore, I expected them to give me good reactions, and they did.


 And if they gave me this kind of reaction.



“Well, the bottom line is that you just don’t have to fail, right? Unlike those guys.” (Jiro)


“Is that so? I’m a little worried.” (Amy)


“I’m sure you’ll be fine, and if it comes to it, the shadow spirit will take care of it.” (Jiro)


(To call me a shadow spirit is a cruel act. Could you at least call me a guardian spirit?) (Mike)


“Have you ever protected Amy?” (Jiro)


(Knowledge-wise, yes.) (Mike)


“If you’re a guardian spirit, it wouldn’t make much sense if there’s a lack of physical protection.” (Jiro)


(Hmm, maybe next time I’ll practice attacking the undead.) (Mike)


“You should.” (Jiro)


“Ahahaha, don’t do anything weird without my knowledge, okay?” (Amy)



 There are people who can calm down by looking at us.


 Kitamiya let out a light sigh telling herself she was an idiot because of acting nervous, before patting Amelia’s stiff shoulder to relax her.



“Ready.” (Jiro)


“Oh, I’m sorry.” (Masaru)


“No, it’s fine.” (Jiro)



 Masaru also returned to his normal condition and brewed a new batch of coffee, his mother hen Skill activating.


 I thought that this atmosphere would be fine, and when I thought that I was finally waiting slowly and sat down on a chair, I heard the sound of wings flapping.



“Master, I brought you a bento box for lunch.” (Himiku)


“Aren’t you early?” (Jiro)


“Well, I’m also Suela’s escort, so it’s only natural that I’m early.” (Himiku)


“I said I’m alright.” (Suela)


“Suela is pregnant. It would be too late is anything were to happen to her.” (Himiku)


“Himiku is a little overprotective.” (Jiro)



 The sound of feathers is a familiar one these days.


 That slightly peculiar sound source was, as you might imagine, Himiku with her three pairs of black wings.


 She was leading Suela, who was becoming a familiar sight over the past week, while holding a four-tiered stack of boxes in each hand and dressed a bit more loosely behind.


 And no one is alarmed by the appearance of the fallen angel Himiku, rather they greet each other casually.


 I was honestly impressed by Himiku’s character as she created that scene.


 I remember one day, a little after the day I brought her home.


 At first, Himiku had been shut in her room, but despite her becoming a Fallen, she did not become lazy.





“Master, is there anything I can do?” (Himiku)



 Within a few days, Himiku, who had been resting for a while, was actively seeking work.


 Like a workaholic office worker who doesn’t know what to do on her days off, and when she has a little extra time on her hands, she gets lost without her work, and I could understand why.


 But now living together, me, Suela, and Memoria were a little unsure of our decision.


 It was not a good idea to let a fallen angel wander around the company, even though we were well aware of the situation.


 Letting Himiku wander around is, in a sense, like letting a ravenous beast roam free from its cage.


 In other words, now she could get into trouble just for taking a walk.


 But we thought that it would be wrong to ignore Himiku’s will without thinking.



“Then how about doing housework?” (Memoria)


“Housework?” (Himiku)



 We all agreed that some kind of role would be just right, and Memoria made a suggestion.



“Yes, the three of us have jobs, and it would be a great help if you could manage this room.” (Jiro)


“Really! Then I’ll take care of it!” (Himiku)



 Probably, God himself would not have expected angels to do such a chore.


 Perhaps because I nodded my head in agreement with the suggestion of Memoria, Himiku started doing household chores that day.


 Of course, at first, she couldn’t do all household chores such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry, but she made steady progress, taking advantage of her original earnestness and her good physical specs, and now she was better at housework than any of us. Getting even better day by day


 I had once suggested to her that she might have a talent.



“Reall, Master?!” (Himiku)


“Ah, I think so.” (Jiro)


“Really! Then I’ll have to work harder!” (Himiku)


“Just take it easy, don’t overdo it, okay?” (Jiro)


“Ah! know!” (Himiku)



 It is still fresh in my memory that Himiku was so happy at that time that I thought, I could see a dog’s tail.


 Cleaning, laundry, ironing, and cooking were all her sole domain.


 The number of cookbooks on the bookshelf in Himiku’s room is steadily increasing, or rather, I sometimes go out and buy them.


 Himiku’s clothes gradually began to change.


 At first, she was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt for ease of movement, but then she saw a kimono in a fashion magazine and decided to wear a kappougi [T/N: Japanese-style cook-wear, similar to a smock.] as her daily attire.



“How do you like it, Master? Does it look good on me?” (Himiku)


“Yeah, it suits you, but what happened?” (Jiro)


“I had Memoria prepare it for me! In Japan, they dress like this to clean the house, don’t they?” (Himiku)



 I failed to react when I saw the Fallen Angel dressed in a light green kappougi, but Himiku, who was delighted to hear me say it looked good on me, didn’t care about that.


 And seeing Himiku’s joy, I can’t ask her if it wasn’t hard for her to move. I couldn’t throw in my tsukkomi in that situation.


 Well, I was also convinced that it was okay because it looked good on her.


 It was natural for Himiku to start making lunch boxes.


 Although we work at different places, we live in the same house.


 So, wanting to be as helpful as possible, Himiku started making lunch boxes for us.


 However, there was a slight problem.


 In order to make bento, she would need ingredients, and to buy ingredients, she would have to go outside.


 At first, Memoria, who was closest to the shopping district, was supposed to do the shopping.


 Memoria would buy the ingredients Himiku needed to make the bento.


 That was the cycle, but here I made a mistake.


 I forgot to bring Himiku’s lunch box.


 Himiku noticed and went outside to deliver it to me because we were in the same building.


 Her intentions were good, and she never meant any harm, but the problem was Himiku’s race.


 Himiku, who was moving about floating with her wings out as she usually does, was present when a staff member carrying the promotional video equipment collapsed.


 The moment before the situation was about to become a catastrophe, Himiku supported the equipment at high speed and prevented it from collapsing, but the sudden appearance of the fallen angel caused even more panic in the surrounding area.


 I was also called to the scene, and when I rushed to the scene to see what was going on, I found Himiku sitting there, surrounded by people who were on guard and looking uncomfortable, not doing anything.


 They were staring at her for a long time until I rushed over to her.



“I’m sorry, Master, I caused a commotion.” (Himiku)



 She sat there like a child afraid of being scolded for her mistake.


 She was aware that if she did anything wrong, the commotion would grow even louder.


 All I could do for Himiku was to do my best to clear up the misunderstanding.


 She herself had no malice toward me, and she had helped out of the goodness of her heart.


 Even if she was the same kind as the evil angel in the old tales, she had no intention of doing so now.


 Only that she was trying to deliver the lunch box I had forgotten.


 Luckily, the people who were carrying the equipment knew me, and thanks to Himiku’s actions, they understood and agreed.


 I think that was the beginning of it.


 Rumors spread quickly, and before you know it, Himiku’s presence was known within the company.


 A Fallen Angel who carries lunch boxes.


 Thanks to the rumors, there was no one who panicked, and we were able to go shopping, although one of us had to lead the way.


 First the shopping district, then me, Suela, Memoria, and the other beings involved in the bento delivery route.


 And then we found others saying.



“Oh! Miss! Don’t you have any for us?” (Demon)


“Well, I’m sorry, but I’ve only made enough for the Master and his family. I’ll bring you something next time.” (Himiku)


“I’m looking forward to it!” (Demon)



 Combined with Himiku’s natural disposition, she blended in perfectly.


 I, who received the warning, know best how amazed the supervisor was when she saw this scene.



“Come on, eat up, Master.” (Himiku)



 At any rate, I’m glad Himiku was able to adjust.


 Well, I guess I’ll have some too before Kaido and the others target it.



Note for the Day

There are some people you just can’t hate.



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