Otherworld Company Chapter 148.1: Only By Understanding Failures Can We Apply Them To The Next Task

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“Now, as declared, we will conduct a screening of the (in)famous blooper reel. Be careful not to spew your drinks.” (Jiro)


““Noooooo!!!”” (Kaido & Minami)



 The promotional video shooting was over without incident, and the day’s work came to an end.


 Around six o’clock in the evening, we, the dungeon tester team, Suela, Memoria, Himiku, and Ms. Kaley, who had jumped into the party room, half-crying because she was lonely.


 It was a party to reflect on the time-consuming promotional video shoot.


 Naturally, in the name of a review meeting, it was essential to show the blooper reel.


 When I announced this to them with a DVD in my hand that I had asked one of the film crew to dub for me, shouts went up from both locations.


 Kaido and Minami, are the candidates for this year’s comedy MVP.


 Although the filming went smoothly, it was not all done in one shot.


 We had to redo the film several times and shoot solid footage until the director was satisfied.


 Then we asked him to summarize the purely unsuccessful parts of the film, including the parts that he was not convinced of.



“As one would expect from a demon, he is a genius when it comes to toying with others. The director’s video editing technique utilized the state-of-the-art computer to its fullest extent, making use of physical strengthening. I half-jokingly asked him to use it as a reflection document, and he was happy to oblige. He was able to make a fun blooper reel in five minutes while editing images as his main job… and he was more than happy to do so. The first time I saw the video, I thought it was a joke.” (Jiro)


“So, you’re trying to say you’re amused right now, aren’t you?! Also, Senior! There’s no way a demon wouldn’t jump on such an interesting idea!! You wanted him to prioritize his original work!? Lies!!” (Kaido)


“That’s right, that it is! What is this? Is it a public hanging, that it is? Is it bullying, that it is? If that’s the case, I’m going to protest, that I will protest firmly, that I will!!!!!” (Minami)



 The Demon King Army sometimes does ridiculous things with strong momentum, I knew from Suela and others that they use physical strengthening to operate computers and use three computers at the same time, but I was surprised.


 With my eyes, I could see that the two arms were operating the mouse and keyboard, but if an ordinary person saw it, I’m sure that the devil would have looked like Asura.



“You guys don’t need to see it, right?” (Demon)


““!?”” (Kaido & Minami)


“We do!” (Jiro)


“”Hey, this is the worst! Everyone is the worst!”” (Minami & Kaido)



 This blooper reel made by such a devil is exactly like a devil’s whisper.


 Never in the past, no, maybe I would be just like the instructors who were enjoying my training, my face is probably stained with an evil smile.



“Jiro, why don’t we leave the teasing to that and get started? The food Himiku made for us is getting cold, don’t you think?” (Suela)


“Well, everyone has their drink. Let’s start ignoring the will of the many.” (Jiro)


“”””Yes!”””” (Everyone)


“Eh!?” (Kaido)


“Seriously, you are going to start with that, that you shouldn’t.” (Minami)



 Suela intervenes with a wry smile saying that it can’t be helped, but she herself isn’t against seeing it, so I guess she’s looking forward to seeing what kind of stuff this blooper reels. It’s just hidden in her heart.


 Each member of the other-worldly group, except for Suela, who is an adult, picked up a bottle of alcohol, while the underage members toasted with a non-alcoholic drink of their choice.


 Kaido and Minami also hurriedly picked up their drinks and joined in the toast.


 And then the screening begins.



“NO! Stop that! That part is a trap! Skip that part! Why am I looking so smug here!?” (Kaido)



 Kaido was the first to appear. He started out stiffly, but after cutting down a few monsters, he realized that it was not that difficult and began to fight with natural movements.


 However, he began to feel comfortable with the strength of the monsters, and that was the end of his luck.


 Kaido, who was in a good mood, said.



“Now, die from the Hellfire Sword!” (Kaido)



 He was making a kick-ass face with the camera positioned in a way that made his teeth gleam as he made a full-blown edge lord statement unhesitatingly.



“I don’t know why, if you’re going to have an edge lord moment shouting Hellfire Sword, you need to have a little more oomph, and that face is on point, that it is.” (Minami)


“Wha-what the—did you actually do that? I really wanted to see it live, well, if I saw it, I would definitely be laughing and drop everything in my hand.” (Karen)


“…” (Amy)


(Amy? No, I can’t hear you when you’re forcefully holding back your laughter.) (Mike)


“If you’re going to laugh, laugh all the way through! That kind of half-hearted act is more hurtful!” (Kaido)


“““Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!””” (Minami, Karen, & Amy)


“All of you really laughed!? Are our women this merciless!?” (Kaido)



 At first, it was obvious that the women were holding back their laughter to protect Kaido’s self-esteem, but when Kaido pointed out that they should not hold back any longer, their stoppers popped, and their laughter echoed around the room.


 Kaido, who had been a big comedy hit with the ladies, was now desperate for a drink and asked the otherworld group, “What do you think?”



“It’s a perfectly normal flame enchantment magic, isn’t it? Is there anything strange about it?” (Suela)


“No, not particularly. It seemed to be exaggerated a little, but other than that, I don’t think it’s anything but an ordinary technique.” (Memoria)


I agree, it would be better to make the flames bigger or, considering the amount of magic he has, more powerful if they were converged.” (Kaley)


“The way you swing your sword is also soft. Instead of swinging it with such a big swing, you should tighten your arms and swing sharply, the power and sharpness of the slash will increase.” (Himiku)


(Hmm, I think wind would be more effective than flames there, but we’ll just have to see.) (Mike)


“…Masaru, it’s even tougher to be evaluated this calmly.” (Kaido)


“It’s alright.” (Masaru)



 Kaido was hurt in other ways by their advice, which was completely serious and missing the point of the blooper reel.


 I, on the other hand, can understand the reactions from either side, so I will just enjoy it like a snack and silently watch the video.



“Well, since we’re done with this one, Minami is next right?” (Kaido)


“No!?” (Minami)



 The first one to suffer damage was Kaido, who was like a fish out of water, or in this case, like a zombie trying to increase the number of infected people.


 I had a vision of Kaido gripping Minami’s legs as she tried to escape from the abyss.


 The smile of Kaido, which was not beautiful and contained malicious intent, and Minami, who was laughing loud, became quiet in an instant and tried to stand in front of the screen to block it.



“Let me go, that you should let me go, Kitamiya!” (Minami)


“It’s okay, Mr. Kaido was already exposed, so you should go and be exposed and reflect.” (Karen)


“Are you drunk?! What the heck!?” (Minami)



 Is Kitamiya weak against alcohol?


 The usual harsh expression is gone, and Kitamiya seems to be enjoying herself as she grabs Minami from behind, taking advantage of the atmosphere.


 The smell of alcohol wafting from her mouth made Minami realize that Kitamiya was drunk, but she was unable to shake off the girl who had strengthened herself with magic, and the scene moved on unceremoniously.



“As long as I am here! There is no defeat here, that there won’t!” (Minami)



 In the beginning, she was serious enough to sometimes lose her joking tone, but I wondered where the former hikikomori setting disappeared, probably because she had no opening to stay in character because of the unusual dungeon attack.


 Though she makes a great pose that makes you think that with more experience, she’ll probably become a great Kabuki actor.



“Aiiigyaa!?” (Minami)


“Oh.” (Minami)



 But you, along with Kaido, shouldn’t get carried away.


 After posing, a monster flew at the back of her head and hit her squarely.



“Phew, how was it?” (Minami)


“Yes, that’s right. After you decided on a cool pose you went ‘Gyaa’.” (Jiro)


“…” (Amy)


“That can’t be helped, that it couldn’t!? Because a monster suddenly flew from behind!? I mean that monster must have been a mistake on Masaru’s part, that it could?!” (Minami)



 When the screen switches to Minami’s scene, we see Masaru looking at Minami as if he had done something wrong.


 It clearly looks like he interrupted Minami’s cool scene, but from Masaru’s point of view, it was just a normal mistake.



 The timing was bad and it became like a comedy scene.



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