Otherworld Company Chapter 148.2: Only By Understanding Failures Can We Apply Them To The Next Task

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 When the screen switches to Minami’s scene, we see Masaru looking at Minami as if he had done something wrong.


 It clearly looks like he interrupted Minami’s cool scene, but from Masaru’s point of view, it was just a normal mistake.


 The timing was bad and it became like a comedy scene.



“I’m so sorry. Well…” (Masaru)


“But? Why are you there, that you were?” (Minami)


“I didn’t expect it to–hahafft.” (Masaru)


“”Pffft-Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”” (Everyone)



 And although Kaido and the others have burst out laughing because of Masaru’s words and may not have noticed it, I did not miss the scene behind the screen where Masau was looking in the other direction and stifling his laughter at Minami’s reaction.



“Ms. Minami has a wide field of vision and is good at support, but why are you dressed like that in that scene? If you were a little calmer, you wouldn’t have done that. What do you think, Memoria?” (Suela)


“My father told me a long time ago that it was the custom for heroes in Japan to strike a pose of some sort, even in the midst of battle, to raise their swords to the heavens to inspire the troops and improve morale.” (Memoria)


“I see, so she did it for the sake of the party. She failed because she was a little careless about her surroundings, but that’s something for next time, isn’t it?” (Suela)


“Uhuh, I’m sure the heroes I served under did something similar. I thought it was embarrassing from my point of view, but the soldiers were motivated by it.” (Himiku)


(Hmm, I don’t know, but I recognize this scene, too.) (Mike)



 From Minami’s point of view, it was probably just evaluations made on the spur of the moment, but due to the difference in common sense and the misunderstanding that was somewhat off from the story of the past, I received an unexpectedly high evaluation from the different world group, so I blushed and hid my face. Cover it with your palm and crouch down on the spot.



“Ah, if there is a hole, I want to get in it, that I do. I didn’t know such a calm evaluation was embarrassing, that I didn’t know.” (Minami)


“From their point of view, you were just going through the motions, one’s that they know.” (Masaru)


“I know that, that I do! If this happens, I will take you along with me, Kitamiya, that I will!” (Minami)


“Heh, there is no way that would happen to me.” (Karen)



 The difference between the Japan group and the otherworld group is surprisingly well-balanced.


 Kaido, Minami, and Masaru came to the party room, which somehow created a fun atmosphere.


 Kitamiya thought the director had run out of ideas when they showed the bloopers of the first two and has completely let her guard down.


 There was no way that the demon, who loves to plot behind the scenes, would let it end at this point.


 They will stab you at exactly the right moment when you are caught off guard.


 The next one is, of course.



“Frozen–hey!? Hey, my chant was interrupted—Damn youuuuuuuu!” (Karen)


“Eh!?” (Karen)


“Oh, sh*t, I got a crack in my wand. Can I get this fixed?” (Karen)


“”Pfffttt!!!!”” (Minami & Kaido)



 It was an image of Kitamiya fully swinging the cane with all his might.


 I’ve seen a scene once at a batting center where a female office worker is swinging full force, and it looks a lot like that.


 And although it was a brilliant full swing, the cane she was using was made of wood, which is inferior to metal armor in terms of durability, no matter how much it is strengthened with magic power against monsters wearing armor.


 The image of Kitamiya breaking out in cold sweat when she saw the cracked cane was perfectly captured in the video.



“Speaking of which, wasn’t there a time when the magic barrage was stopped at an odd moment, right Minami?” (Kaido)


“That’s right, Mr. Kaido, I was wondering why, too, that I did, but I guess this is what happened.” (Minami)


“A mage makes a full swing with their staff against a goblin.” (Kaido)


“Well, it’s a good swing looking at her good back, that it is?” (Minami)


““But the mage broke her weapon.”” (Kaido & Minami)


“Get in line, you two! I’ll freeze you!!” (Karen)


“”Kyaahaha!!!”” (Kaido & Minami)



 Kaidou and Minami, are being chased after by Kitamiya, each with a smile attached to every laughter, but they’re all dungeon testers, and they’re used to running away.


 As for the evaluation of the otherworld group, looking at the three of them who gently run around so as not to damage the food.



“Is it time to recommend close combat to Kitamiya as well?” (Suela)


“I think it would not be a bad idea to have at least one more means of attack in addition to using the staff. It would be better to be able to deal with a broken weapon on the spur of the moment like that.” (Memoria)


“How about using her fists? If we cover her hand with a gauntlet, it can be both a weapon and a protective gear. As they say in Japan, you can kill two birds with one stone.” (Himiku)


“Well, let’s start with something affordable. The goal is at least to smash rocks without magic enhancement?” (Kaley)


(Hmmm, maybe we can raise the bar a little bit.) (Mike)


“Ahahahaha, it’s hard to be a magician.” (Amelia)



 Amelia quietly agrees with the otherworld group, who calmly assesses the situation even though there is alcohol in their system.


 She is relieved that the three of them, engrossed in a game of tag, did not notice the scene playing out as she landed on the basilisk’s head in a figure Y with a triple twist in the air as if she were a street performer.



“It’s amazing agility.” (Suela)


“Ahahaha, thank you.” (Amy)


“Ms. Amelia is very light on her feet, if she keeps this up, won’t she learn to walk in the air very quickly.” (Memoria)


“Yes, it’s a good move to learn.” (Himiku)


“If you want, I can teach you. You’ll be able to do it in no time once you learn the tricks, right?” (Kaley)


(Hmmm, Amy, why don’t you ask them to teach you?) (Mike)


“Well, I’ll think about it.” (Amy)



 Then, the screening continued, with me enjoying the reactions of the otherworld group and the Japanese group, who were not playing tag, something unusual played and other scenes were shown in turn.


 The three who were agilely playing tag in the room gradually began to lose their momentum.



“Ah, next is Jiro.” (Suela)


“Oh! It’s Master!” (Himiku)


“Let’s watch quietly, Himiku.” (Memoria)


“Oh, Jiro, I wonder what he’s going to show us?” (Kaley)


“““Hahahahaha, what!?””” (Everyone Else)



 Finally, it was my turn.



“Kukuku, isn’t it very Senior-like to do something and say something you know?” (Kaido)


“That’s right, my embarrassment will finally be paid in full, that it will.” (Minami)


“Yes, let’s see. Mr. Jiro’s blooper scene.” (Karen)



 The three of them reacted in a surprising way because Suela mentioned my name when my image was shown on the screen.


 The three of them are looking at the screen as if they were devouring it with glistening eyes, and they are so fired up that they are almost drooling.


 Well? What kind of blooper did I submit?


 I have not seen the contents of the blooper reel.


 So, I searched for any idea that I might have made a mistake in something I didn’t notice, but I couldn’t recall anything at all.


 I thought it would be something I didn’t notice.


 I thought that there was no way I could have known about it, so I kept quiet and watched, prepared to be made fun of.



 *Slice* *Squelch*



“””Eh?””” (Comedy Trio)



 I see myself grab the flying goblin’s head without looking at it and crush it in my grip.


 And then, what started from there was my appearance of dealing with monsters indifferently, but with a smile was a similar expression to that of the instructors, and that was the final scene.



“We can’t use it because the face is too evil (Hahaha).” (Director)



 That was the last message.



“Le-leader’s expression was too scary and it wasn’t suitable for the promotional video, that it is.” (Minami)


“Se-senior? You don’t have to be depressed, alright?” (Kaido)


“Well, that’s fine. There’s no problem with images that aren’t shown, so isn’t it fine?” (Karen)



 The three of them are trying their best to hold back their laughter.


 I’m going to be able to make a good impression with a gentle smile.



“—it’s alright to laugh, you know?” (Jiro)


“““Then why the pause””” (Comedy Trio)



 I smile gently for a while at the three people who are laughing all at once.


 By the way, the otherworld group commented that there were no problems with the battle at the scene shown.


 It ended with a mediocre result.



Note for the Day

I should definitely pay a little more attention to my facial expressions.



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