Otherworld Company Chapter 15.3: The Boss’s Power is Essential to Improve the Workplace, which means the Winner is the One Who has the Boss on His Side

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“Shut him down.” (Evia)


“What?” (Jiro)



My heart skipped a beat for a moment, and I was told something very disturbing from a distance where I could have kissed her.


Naturally, my racing heart began to race for a different reason.



“Don’t you regret it? Your reputation among the people around you is at the bottom of the bottom. Your results are not that different based on the rankings, etc. What do you think about it?” (Evia)


“Well, it doesn’t matter.” (Jiro)



I spit out as if I really did.


In fact, I think so.


I’m a quiet person, I don’t want any trouble.



“Don’t you dare test a demon.” (Evia)



I couldn’t keep saying I didn’t like it.



Lies don’t work. I told you so. I don’t like it. I don’t like the ‘you’ at this that this moment who is embracing deceit.” (Evia)



It seems I’ve stepped on an enormous land mine.


A cold-hearted spirit with a hint of madness pierced my soul.


In an instant, my body tensed up.


I couldn’t move, and it wasn’t something as simple as being tied up.


It was as if my life had been clutched in my hands, and though there was no pain, my body was bound by something cold.


I can’t lift a finger, not even blink.



“I’ve checked out the backgrounds of all the people here. The rest of them have nothing interesting to offer. The human elite is no more interesting to me than pebbles on the side of the road. But you’re different, are you not?” (Evia)



I’m not sure if this is what a smile with madness looks like.


How fun is it to look into my past and trample on it?



“You were someone who could crush another person. You did it, didn’t you? Didn’t you crush another human?” (Evia)



Making amends is a social skill that all humans use.


But this demon would not allow it.


She knows that I look terrible when I’m pretending to be something I’m not, and she knows that I’m the kind of person she likes on the inside, so she goes easy on me.


She wants to expose me for who I really am.



“Why do you insist on squeezing yourself so tightly? Are you afraid to expose yourself? No, you are not, not in the slightest. You know that it is not an object of fear, but a blade too easy to use, controlled by reason and wielded by emotion. It is a blade that hurts others, removes threats to oneself, and instills awe.” (Evia)


“It’s not that big of a deal, ma’am.” (Jiro)



It’s like a legendary sword.


But on the contrary, that’s probably what would have been done.


At best, I’m an upstart; at worst, I’m a mouse biting a cat.


Three years had passed since I started working at my previous company, and there was a time when I was finally able to get used to the job and work on my own when the company was overflowing with work like a fountain.


The employees of the company were working at a rate of overheating at 120%, and when the stress was about to reach its peak, it happened.


Well, I’m writing arrogantly, but what happened is simple.


It was just a case of incompetence and not being able to read the air.


The cogs that were just barely turning under the unspoken rule of following up with each other in each department without pointing out minor mistakes in a busy work environment were distorted by the boss’s persistent gouging at the smallest blemishes.


It was just a coincidence that the target was me, who happened to catch his eye.


It was as if my brain’s limiters had come off, and I was able to think more than usual.


That boss would be great if he did this intentionally, but it is possible at the time of preaching with a doy face that he is contributing to the company as to what he is doing with a proud face. There is no sex.


My mind was focused on how I could get the job done efficiently and kick my boss to the curb.


One after another, I converted my past frustrations into anger in the present and kept thinking about erasing the other person’s position.


Human beings are creatures filled with darkness, regardless of their origins.


A good example is a surprise party, to name the most popular one.


A bad example of this is my attempt to oust my boss.


I have been suppressed at 120% efficiency with my emotions, but with reason and anger as my power source, I was able to achieve 200% efficiency.


I took the jobs one by one and continued to act on my dark thoughts that I would eventually turn my boss into an ornament sitting on a chair.



“You bring up a lot of nostalgic feelings.” (Jiro)



The result was that the seat was now occupied by someone else.



“It’s because you’re being a coward. It’s not my fault.” (Evia)



I was reminded of the sensations I had felt at that moment, and my voice was naturally weak as I tried to squeeze it out of my barely moving, chill-inducing body.


I listen to the weak voice as if it were someone else’s and stare at the dust-covered part of me.



“It seems that humility is a trait of this country, but from my point of view, it’s only a sign of weakness.” (Evia)



There is nothing more unreliable than self-evaluation.


The part of my personality that the supervisor is referring to is definitely the part of me that is underappreciated.



“Look, I said earlier that you’re not much, but no, what you have is something. Jiro, what you have is called ambition.” (Evia)



The thing that appeared after being dusted.



“People say that ambition is a bad thing, but that’s not true. On the other hand, ambition is a necessary driving force for self-improvement. How can we kick down those who are above us and establish our own position? It would be a shame to let it lie buried.” (Evia)



The supervisor pulled it out lovingly.



“Hone it, you’re the one who can do it.” (Evia)


“I thought you didn’t like selfish people.” (Jiro)


“I am a demon. A demon who has watched over the rise and fall of man. Sometimes I lend a hand, sometimes I advise, and sometimes I am involved. I will not let go of a potential source of interest that I have not found in a long time. Would it be something for me to let go of?” (Evia)



She slowly let go of the collar she had grabbed, and the madness she had been showing slowly and quietly disappeared.



“I will see what happens to you. I’ll be looking forward to seeing whether you fall or rise.” (Evia)


“What do you really mean?” (Jiro)


“If you become a boring man, you better look forward to it. I will make you a man who will entertain me.” (Evia)


“That’s too direct.” (Jiro)



I almost misunderstood why she expected so much from me, and if I was worth that much to her.


However, if she reveals this much, I feel like reversing my previous statement or withdrawing it.



“Hmm, get a little bit better.” (Evia)


“That’s harsh.” (Jiro)


“What do you mean? I’m still on the soft side.” (Evia)



The evaluation is painful.


I thought I had made myself a little better, but although they noticed the change, it still wasn’t enough.



“We took a little too much time, get going. You should rest up and think about what you’re going to do.” (Evia)



The supervisor didn’t pay any attention to me and announced the end.



“I will do that.” (Jiro)



After finishing her business, she quickly got up and left.


The woman left no trace of her presence in the room, leaving a huge ripple in my mind.



“What should I do?” (Jiro)



And in a quiet space, I naturally picked up my favorite cigarette, which had recently disappeared because of the words “no smoking” these days.


It may come as a surprise to you, but in this company, there is no such thing as a separate smoking area, which is the norm among the general public.


Any smoke that is exhaled is quickly swallowed up by the magical power and disappears.


I don’t know how it works, but I’ve just learned that if this is a dungeon, it seems to have some sort of air purification function.


The only thing I need to worry about is the ash and the cigarette I’ve finished smoking, so I can easily smoke anywhere.


I’d be careful about smoking in public, but for smokers, this is a great company to work for.



“…I think it’s easiest to ignore things.” (Jiro)



And as I breathe in the smoke, I slowly think about my relationship with the other testers.


At first, the difference in values due to the age difference caused friction, and then it got twisted, and now it has developed into a faction war.


The first thing that comes to mind is to maintain the status quo, or perhaps ignore the status quo.


If I could just pretend they were not there, as if I hadn’t noticed the flying insects, it would last for a while.


In the meantime, I’ll think of a solution.


That would have been better, but now that the supervisor had nailed me, I had to do my best.



“I guess the best thing to do is to try not to be underestimated, huh?” (Jiro)



Looking back on yesterday, we were clearly treated as a subordinate.


The other side has set the pecking order and I’m at the bottom.



“Changing their values is the most troublesome part, right?” (Jiro)



If I thought about it, I could come up with a solution in no time.


In this company, where the law of the jungle exists, the best performers and the strongest are always right.


But on the other hand, the simplicity of the situation makes it difficult to overturn.



“Well, considering Kaido and the new people coming in, I guess it’s best to take action at this point?” (Jiro)



And once I find a point for improvement, I have to think of a solution.



“When that happens… that’s the only thing that comes to my mind.” (Jiro)



It’s just right because it still feels confusing.


It’s not a bad idea to go back to the drawing board after a recent slump.



“… I’m reluctant, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do this, but I’m going to have to.” (Jiro)



By the end of the break, I was reluctantly convinced of the conclusion that I had come up with, and raised from my comfortable seat.


I’ve been called away on my day off, but it’s still early afternoon.


There is enough time to take action.



“Live in the present, huh?” (Jiro)



Even if we announce that we’ll do it tomorrow, some of us won’t do it.


But those who take action now will be more appreciated.



I walked out of the conference room and headed for my room, relaxing my shoulders as I thought about my plans for the rest of the day.


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