Otherworld Company Chapter 150: There’s Fire Everywhere

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 Ms. Kaley’s advice, or in that case, a warning.


 If you were to ask me if my life has changed much since I heard about the missing magic sword, I would say that not much has changed, but unfortunately, another piece of news has forced me to change my living environment.


 If I were to introduce one of them, this would be the first thing that comes to mind.



“Haa!!” (Jiro)



 With a flash of my slash, I swung my Mineral Tree to the side and struck a blow to cut off my opponent’s torso.



“Hmph!” (Himiku)



 Himiku, my training partner, easily blocked it with her training spear.


 The kappougi is an article of easy-to-work-with clothing, but it should not be suitable for fighting.


 The fact that she can easily block me even in such clothes shows that there is still a gap between my ability and hers.


 I feel frustrated, but I tell myself that my jealousy is due to my inexperience, and use it as a catalyst for my fighting spirit.



“Aaaaaaa!!!!” (Jiro)



 Firing an Intimidating Monkey Scream, the Mineral Tree whose power was amplified collides with metal and sparks fly, but I myself understand well that this response means it is not effective.


 After hearing that I would be fighting in a tournament, it has become routine for me to spar with Himiku after work for several days.


 Every time I fight her, it is a trial-and-error process, but my opponent has more experience and strength.


 It is difficult to pick up a win.


 In the dungeon, I mainly fight against monsters, and even though I have experience in fighting, I rarely find myself in a one-on-one situation with a person.


 Thanks to this, my lack of experience with people is noticeable.


 I have trained with the instructors, Kaido and other party members, and Himiku.


 In addition, I had experienced actual combat with other people, albeit only a few times on my business trip.


 However, all of them were equal or inferior to me.


 Even the knight commander I fought during my business trip to Ithar was a superior opponent, but I did not feel the same sense of despair as when I fought with the instructors.


 However, this year’s tournament is a battle to decide who is on the same level as that despairing existence.


 It would not be surprising if someone like the instructor, someone I did not know, emerged.


 What is needed is to create the conditions for a good fight or even victory against a superior opponent.


 To do so, I need to make up for my lack of experience, even if only a little.


 That’s why I increased the amount of training I do on a regular basis.



“Tsu!” (Jiro)


“Hah!” (Himiku)



 After all, one’s ability does not improve overnight.


 No, I can sense that I am gradually becoming able to cope with the situation.


 I don’t think I would have been able to grow at such a fast pace if I had trained by myself.


 I am honestly grateful that I have someone to help me grow and to have someone to practice with.


 It is even more so if that person is a strong person.


 It is common knowledge in this industry that the strong are strong, regardless of sex.


 Even though I am not connected with the Mineral Tree, Himiku easily parried the blow that I swung with all his might and easily swung her spear to counter.



“Hah, hah.” (Jiro)



 My stamina exceeded my limit from the series of battles, and I, who was fighting with the minimum amount of enhancement, was unable to make a move to recover from the situation.


 I, who had lost my balance, was unable to prevent it, and the result was that the tip was thrust right in front of me.



“Hah, let’s stop here. I’m glad you’re with me, Himiku.” (Jiro)


“Yes, it was good that I got to move my body too.” (Himiku)



 The battle to push your body after the dungeon test is still a pain, but that’s why there is a gain.


 If you cannot grow explosively, it is still important to step by step and accumulate effort.


 Because fatigue is accumulating, the amount of effort is reduced to the minimum necessary and there is less waste.


 By pushing my body further, I also increased the range of my status.


 It takes a few seconds to catch my breath, and while thinking about this and whether I should incorporate another training method next time, I stand up and place the Mineral Tree in the sheath on my back after I have calmed down to a certain degree.



“Master, here’s a towel.” (Himiku)


“Thank you.” (Jiro)



 Seeing the timing, Himik offered me a towel that she had prepared.


 I wiped the sweat off my face with the towel and took a breath when I noticed her staring at me.



“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?” (Jiro)


“…Master, isn’t Master overdoing it these days?” (Himiku)


“Really? I don’t think I’m overdoing it, but…” (Jiro)



 Himiku was not looking at what was on my face but at my complexion.


 I thought she was worried about my fatigue, but it seems that I look careless.



“You’ve been doing this training as well as procuring materials for the wedding, managing Kaido and your other party members, dungeon dives, and other paperwork. It seems like you have too much on your plate. And Master is trying to juggle something else. I know you are a hard worker, but don’t overdo it. I’m not the only one who’s worried, Suela and Memoria are too” (Himiku)


“…my ears hurt.” (Jiro)



 All of this is familiar to me, and if you ask me, I tend to be starting to work a little too hard.



“If that’s what you think, you need to do a little reflection. I’ve only known you for a short time, but even I can see that you have a habit of pushing yourself a little too hard at times.” (Himiku)



 Her expression with that wry smile seems to say that it can’t be helped, and I can sense that she has been taking care of me in some way since we started working together.


 And the habit Himiku refers to is probably a habit I acquired at my previous workplace.


 I determine my body’s limit and cram my activities and work down to near that limit.


 Like a balloon that’s been deflated.


 It can withstand a certain amount of shock, but not beyond a certain point.


 It seemed to her that I was walking on such a tightrope.


 Fortunately, unlike before, I have the presence of mind not to disrespect her concern, so Himiku’s words were straightforward enough for me to hear.



“I guess I’m unconsciously pushing myself too hard… I will be careful.” (Jiro)


“It’s true. I’m not saying I don’t like it when Master collapses and I can take care of you, but I still worry about you while you’re lying down.” (Himiku)


“I’ll be careful.” (Jiro)


“Yes! Please do!” (Himiku)



 And I find myself encouraged by her cheerful personality.


 I’m starting to get a little impatient with all the events that keep popping up one after the other.


 I want to finish them one by one, but the current situation is not progressing well.


 It seems that I was accumulating impatience without knowing about it.


 Haste makes waste.


 It would be good to slow down a little here and there.



“I’m hungry, let’s go home and have dinner.”  (Jiro)


“Well, then, let’s stock up a little.” (Himiku)


“What are you going to cook today?” (Jiro)


“Well, I’m going to try my hand at making a meat and potato stew. Masaru taught me how to season it the day before yesterday.” (Himiku)


“I’m looking forward to it.” (Jiro)



 I relaxed a little and headed home with Himiku.


 Switching from work to private thoughts, I asked her what she wanted to make for dinner, and she replied with a synonym for the kind of food most women cook for their husbands.


 The recipe was probably taught by Masaru, who is Japanese, but I was looking forward to seeing how the meat and potatoes made by Himiku, a fallen angel from the otherworld, would turn out.



“Oh? What’s that noise? What’s going on?” (Jiro)


“They seem panicked.” (Himiku)



 At the end of the corridor, in the direction of the entrance to the dungeon, there was still some distance, but I heard a shout instead of an ordinary voice.


 Hence, the voice can be picked up surprisingly clearly.



(The wounded are coming through! Get out of the way!) (Voice)


(Both respiration and pulse rates are dropping!) (Voice)


(Healing personnel needed!) (Voice)



 You can hear quite a lot of noise just by listening to the words.


 From a distance, it is hard to tell who is pinned to the stretcher.


 But there is no doubt that it is a human tester.


 As soon as I saw it, I understood that something unusual was happening, and my body instantly reacted.



“…Wait, Himiku?” (Jiro)


“Master, you were trying to hold things in again. Your eyebrows were wrinkling.” (Himiku)



 I was instantly pulled back by her presence and held it back.


 Just when the commotion happened, I grasped the current situation, and at the time when I was worried about whether I should move, a thin finger poked my eyebrows.


 Just like that, my body, which had been straining, returns to its natural state.


 I let out a wry smile and apologized for repeating the same thing after being told to do so.


 It’s true that Kaido and the others were not hurt.


 There was no need to be so anxious.


 Perhaps they had fought a monster in the dungeon that was not their size.


 If that’s the case, I feel it’s wrong for me to get involved.



“Someone you care for?” (Himiku)


“Well, because I’ve never seen anyone get wounded that badly before.” (Jiro)



 But still, I can’t get that seriously injured tester out of my mind.


 Originally, the tester, who was in a magical body in the dungeon, should not have had such an effect on their living body.


 If they were so seriously injured, they would have been the first to be sent to the infirmary for forced withdrawal.


 And yet they left their wounds outside the dungeon.


 What in the world…



“…I’m sorry, it’s no use thinking about it here. Let’s go shopping for dinner.” (Jiro)


“Yes, Master.” (Himiku)


“What is it?” (Jiro)


I’ll be here if you need anything.” (Himiku)


“Oh, I’ll be counting on you then.” (Jiro)



 I pull up the thoughts that I was about to think deeper.


 Even though I know in my head that it is abnormal in the current situation, I can only be wary.


 Then it is better to wait for information to come in.


 Thinking this, I take a light deep breath to calm down for the time being.


 I am grateful to Himiku, who gently leans in behind me and tells me that I don’t need to keep it in.


 My intuition, not logic, tells me that something is beginning to happen. I walked away from the place and finished shopping that day, with a feeling of discomfort in the corner of my mind, and we had dinner together as usual and went to bed.


 I believed that contrary to my bad premonition, everyday life would return to normal.


 However, early the next morning.


 I received an urgent in-house e-mail that seemed to confirm my bad premonition against my wish.


 I realized that my wish had not been granted by God.



“The magic sword owner has invaded the dungeon, and the target is the testers?” (Jiro)



 The information matches what Ms. Kaley had said in the subject line.


 That alone tells me that the contents of the e-mail are not good.


 Himiku is preparing breakfast while I’m on my way to work.


 I read the email on my tablet as if I were looking at a front-page newspaper article.




 That’s the word that comes to my mind when I see the content of the email.


 Player Kill.


 The first letter of each word is often seen in online games.


 As I carefully read through the contents of the e-mail, the word came to me in abundance, and I could say that this is exactly what the e-mail was trying to describe.


 The attackers were a party of testers, magicians only.


 They seemed to have awakened immediately after the treatment and reported in detail what had happened in the dungeon.


 According to them, they were attacked out of the blue.


 They said there were no enemies.


 It seems that they wanted to convey this to the point.


 If we only hear this, it could be said that they were seriously injured due to a careless surprise attack.


 In that case, the usual theory is that it is one’s own fault, but in this case, the nuance is different.


 The effect of the magic sword, which is currently missing, matches the way this crime was committed.


 The addition of this condition changes the focus of the case.


 In fact, the e-mailer seems to start the investigation along the lines of a crime using a magic sword at the end.


 Anyway, it is an undeniable fact that intruders have entered the dungeon.


 What is the purpose and what is the motive?


 Not wanting any more danger to enter my workplace, I sought this information.


 It is frightening to have an unknown entity so close to you.


 Is this the work of an organization that opposes the Demon King’s policies, as was the case with the previous Evo Eater, or is it the work of someone with a different agenda?


 I have no idea.



“……” (Jiro)



 It is understandable that I cannot know even if I think about it deeply.


 But even if I understand with my rational mind, I cannot convince my emotions.


 I have heard in some stories that the truly frightening enemy is an existence that cannot be seen.


 This is precisely the case with the current enemy.


 The contents of the e-mail said that they were targeting testers, but I am not sure if this story is true.


 The assumption that they were targeting testers is also based on the information that only testers were attacked and no monsters in the dungeon were attacked.


 It is a story built on a foundation of sand, so its credibility is low.


 Limited information and speculation about invisible enemies.


 The clouds are thickening.


 I intuitively thought that a wave of such a possibility was coming.



Note for the Day

Where there is smoke, there is fire.




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