Otherworld Company Chapter 152.1: No Matter What, The Schedule Will Be Accomplished

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 It has been two weeks since the full closure of the dungeon.


 During this time, testers, who are prevented from exploring dungeons, which is their main task, are limited in what they can do.


 They can either work on their own to improve their status, write reports to generate ideas and increase their salary, or take care of their weapons, which are the tools of their trade.


 There are a few exceptions, such as those who use their free time to acquire new skills or to make weapons on their own, but it is not so easy to acquire new skills, and most of them are beginners in weapon making. I try to apprentice myself to a blacksmith to learn how to make weapons but am turned away at the door by the craftsmen, the giants.


 I am not discouraged and try to take up the challenge on my own, but fail at the stage of preparing the facilities, tools, and techniques.


 No matter who is doing what or what they are trying to do, there is a common feeling that everyone has too much free time on their hands.


 However, putting aside such tasks as reporting, the current situation where one can receive a salary just for training, which would be physical training, is quite an exceptional treatment in today’s Japanese society.


 However, it is also true that this is not a situation that the company would welcome.


 However, there is only so much that can be done in the current situation, where the magic sword case has not yet been solved and there are not enough people to do the work.


 Among them, the company’s solution to this problem was to offer a temporary joint training program.


 In short, the company intends to use this period of spare time to gather all available testers in one place and improve the quality of testers, which has been stagnant, by strengthening horizontal ties through interactions among testers and through guidance by competent people prepared by the Demon King Army side.


 Participation itself was not mandatory, but those testers who could afford it were willing to participate.


 Naturally, I participated in order to hone my skills in preparation for the competition…



“Why am I on the teacher’s side?” (Jiro)


“I’m sorry, Jiro. The dungeon search for the source of the problem in question took up a lot of manpower, and we had fewer people available than we had expected.” (Suela)


“Are you saying that I was chosen?” (Jiro)


“Yes, and Lady Evia told me that Jiro was the only one who could give orders to Ms. Himiku, who was sparring with you.” (Suela)


“I thought it would be like that… is that actually the Supervisor’s real target?” (Jiro)



 She looks apologetic, I decided to just go along with Suela, who was dressed in a suit that was starting to show a little belly.


 I’m sorry to say, but I’m the one with the highest status as the vanguard among the testers.


 And although it was a forced event, I have beaten everyone in this room by myself.


 There is no way that my status would change if I went through the same training in the same environment.


 To put it in a good way, it’s training that loosens the body, and in a bad way, it’s lukewarm training.


 I could see the supervisor’s intention to participate as a teacher rather than let me play in such an environment.


 Speaking of which.



“Of course, Himiku is very popular.” (Jiro)


“She can handle enemies at different distances.” (Suela)



 I am currently not working as a teacher at all.


 I’ve already gotten used to the fact that my relationship with the other testers is delicate, so I expected this to happen.


 But more than that, in addition to being a Fallen Angel, which is a rare species, coupled with a beautiful woman, dressed in a kappougi and a slightly natural personality, Himiku has captured the hearts of female testers as well as male testers and is now an in-demand teacher.


 In addition, although she is not very good at holding back, she can handle close, medium, and long-range work with ease.


 Therefore, she can give a certain level of advice to any profession.


 Perhaps, this development is also within the supervisor’s expectations.


 Well, the men were so completely ulterior motives that I thought I’d cut them down with the Mineral Tree once.



“You’re saying the only reason I’m here is to keep Himiku in line?” (Jiro)


“Yes, that’s right.” (Suela)


“No, at least deny it.” (Jiro)


“It can’t be helped. It’s a fact.” (Suela)



 I am looking at the scene of the training while telling Suela, who is teasing me with a giggle, to give me a break, as if the slightest childish jealousy that Himiku has the one wanted has been revealed.


 Even though there is no tense and tense atmosphere in the dungeon, each person is seriously engaged in training.


 Some of them are trained according to the teachers who are appropriate for their jobs.


 Others are consulting with their peers, watching the techniques of other testers, and using them as a reference.


 There are also some lectures on how to improve the purity of recovery magic.


 On a personal note, Kaido, jealous of Hizumi’s popularity with the female testers, challenged Hizumi to a duel with the vanguard of the group as a way to rehabilitate himself after his injury.


 Kaido and Hizumi cut each other off in a pure battle with no magic allowed.


 In the area next to them were Kitamiya and Minami, who were using exploration magic that could be used in the dungeon.


 At first, it looked as if they were starting out smoothly, sharing their opinions with each other, but a sudden split in their opinions led to a standoff that turned into an actual battle-style verification, and now they are engaged in a smash-and-grab.


 Kitamiya is superior in terms of firepower, but she seems to be struggling with Minami, who is a mass of surprises.


 Masaru and Amelia looked at each other with a wry smile, wondering what they were doing.




“Suela, are there any absent testers here?” (Jiro)


“…there are a few testers who can’t come to the meeting due to business or other reasons.” (Suela)



 Seeing a scene like that, I’d like to take my time and put myself through the training.


 I’d like to take my time and sit in on the training, but the combination of not having anyone here I can fight with at full strength and being concerned about the other intentions of this training makes it hard for me.



“Have all the testers been confirmed to be present, including that one?” (Jiro)


“Yes, they should all be there. I checked the documents as well, just to be sure. It’s just…” (Suela)


“It’s just how far the influence of the magic sword has gone. …To be honest, I don’t even remember the faces of everyone here.” (Jiro)


“I agree.” (Suela)



 The search for the magic sword continues in the dungeon and in the company behind this training.


 The magic sword user whose face is unknown.


 The only clues are the effect and shape of the magic sword, so it’s a rather unreasonable search for physical evidence in a situation where there are no clues.


 In addition to that, this joint training also has the atmosphere of gathering in one place the testers who are the most suspicious suspects in the magic sword case.


 I’ve been glancing around for a while now, and I can feel the eyes of people other than the testers.


 I was thinking about what to do about my training, perhaps because I was aware that I wasn’t doing it, but I was more fed up than necessary with the stares.



“Oh, did you notice me?” (Mysterious Man)



 I felt a strange, soft presence.


 In response to the sudden presence, I turned around towards the presence that I felt ready to protect Suela, and there was a gentleman standing there with a gentle smile on his face.



 At first glance, he looks like an ordinary man.



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