Otherworld Company Chapter 152.2: No Matter What, The Schedule Will Be Accomplished

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 I was thinking about what to do about my training, perhaps because I was aware that I wasn’t doing it, but I was more fed up than necessary with the stares.



“Oh, did you notice me?” (Mysterious Man)



 I felt a strange, soft presence.


 In response to the sudden presence, I turned around towards the presence that I felt ready to protect Suela, and there was a gentleman standing there with a gentle smile on his face.


 At first glance, he looks like an ordinary man.


 The demon king’s army is quite distinctive in terms of race.


 A demon would have horns, an undead would have a bony appearance, a dark elf would have pointed ears and skin color, and a race related to dragons would have scales.


 However, at a glance, the man in front of me had none of these characteristics.


 So, what does that mean?



“You are a vampire, right?” (Jiro)


“I was surprised you can see. I didn’t show my fangs and my skin is white, but I think it’s a shade closer to human skin.” (Mysterious Man)


“You have too much magic power in your eyes. The magic in your eyes is not fully concealed.” (Jiro)


“Oh yes, you’re right. Aren’t you pretty sharp? Even with this, you also seem to have hidden a lot of magical power.” (Mysterious Man)


“If I can’t do this, I’ll die in training, and the instructors can shoot more magic than they can hide.” (Jiro)


“…Huh, as expected of the Ogre King and the Undying King’s favorite disciple. Their quick movement is also quite… yeah, it’s natural to be able to do this much. I have to say that my actions were naive.” (Mysterious Man)



 I didn’t tell them what I wanted, I didn’t tell them my name, I didn’t tell them anything.


 However, the man in front of me is confident and proceeds with the conversation on his own.


 You seem to know who I am, but who are you?


 If I were to describe him only by his appearance, I would say that he is of European or Italian descent.


 He is a man with honey-brown wavy hair, and he charms the female testers who recognize his voice with a smile.


 His gestures are a little frivolous in places.


 He may have the kind of demeanor that is popular with the ladies, but there is an eeriness in his eyes that makes it hard to tell what he is thinking.


 He is a suspicious man who I cannot take my guard down.


 That was my impression of the man in front of me during this brief exchange.


 I look quietly behind me, holding back the urge to let out a sigh as I begin to hear the yellow voice of such a man coming from behind me.



“Do you know each other?” (Jiro)


“No, probably not even an acquaintance of Memoria’s.” (Suela)


“Yeah, he doesn’t look like Mr. Gray and his wife either. I don’t think they are related.” (Jiro)



 For me, when it comes to vampires, it’s Memoria, and I thought he might be related, but neither her atmosphere nor her features resemble her at all.


 So, I asked Suela about it for confirmation, but she said she didn’t know either.


 In that case, he’s not a famous vampire, and he’s not on the list of people to come to the company, but…



“Oh my, I haven’t introduced myself yet.” (Mysterious Man)


“Could you?” (Jiro)


“Of course! I would like to say yes. It’s obvious that you’re suspicious, but it’s not fun to honestly introduce myself here.” (Mysterious Man)


“No, you should do it. Don’t expect self-introductions to be fun.” (Jiro)



 Thanks to the additional information that he was some hedonist, I became more and more suspicious of the stylish man in front of me.


 My suspicion turned into vigilance, I gently moved Suela behind my back. She seemed to resist for a moment, but I said she had to be careful because she had a baby in her stomach, and after confirming that Himiku was about to fly towards me, I sent a gaze to have her devote herself to protecting the testers there.


 I can’t deny the feeling that I’ve been put in a one-on-one situation, but this is the best I can do at the moment.



“Is that so? I think having fun is an essential part of life. And since you seem to be very enthusiastic about it, how about we do something about it? How about we introduce each other with swords?” (Mysterious Man)


“What a battle junkie! I’ve never heard of such an introduction, and unfortunately, I’m a Japanese who is a man of few words. I don’t want to get into that kind of trouble.” (Jiro)


“I’m bored, are you really the treasured disciple of the Ogre King? Even though I’ve been inviting you so much, you haven’t shown me a single bit of fighting spirit.” (Mysterious Man)



 The graceful man in front of me pulled out the sword from its scabbard with a casual gesture.


 It’s a rapier, a weapon with a slender blade that’s different from the swords I usually see.


 The man, who was waving the sword and gradually exuding a fighting spirit, was ready to fight me with any means at his disposal.



“Don’t say strange things, you’ll be misunderstood.” (Jiro)



 The sword of the man in front of me was gradually taking on magical power.


 I know that he will no longer back down no matter what I tell him.



“I hope you won’t misunderstand me.” (Mysterious Man)



 Slowly, he speaks in a gentle voice, as if he is trying to seduce a woman.



“I am…” (Mysterious Man)



 The way he stands there, the strength that naturally slips out of him, the gestures he makes to show that he has no intention of stopping this fight.



“–serious!” (Mysterious Man)



 Everything about him told me that he was already fully prepared for battle.



“Hey!” (Jiro)


“Good! You pulled it out!!” (Mysterious Man)


“I pulled it out, it would have been a mistake to let you go!!” (Jiro)



 I was on the edge.


 My reaction was delayed for a moment because his step moves were too casual.


 If I had reacted a few more moments later, I would have had an opening in my throat.


 It was clearly a direct hit.


 It was a blow that I didn’t even feel the slightest sense of effort.


 In order to deflect it, I pulled out the Mineral Tree from my back at the fastest speed I could.


 I reacted with my spine rather than thinking with my brain, and despite the fact that I swung from directly above to carry weight, all I could do was deflect the opponent’s blade to the side and bring him into a sparring match.


 Even though the reaction was delayed, and it was not a perfect blow, the difference in weight and the power of the blow should have been there, but I could not blow him away and he was stagnant on the spot.


 I knew the moment we collided.


 The momentum of the attack was completely killed.



“It was an amazing blow, by the way. If your timing had been a little off, your sword would have been broken.” (Jiro)


“Well said, you completely killed my attack.” (Mysterious Man)


“Because I was in an environment where I had to do that!” (Jiro)


“What kind of environment?!” (Mysterious Man)



 I am better in strength, but the other side is probably better in skill.


 The difference in skill is probably not fatal, but at this point, I decided that I had to give it my all, so I put a stop in the attack, and decided that this distance was bad for the time being, so I took a distance.


 I thought it would be bad if he stepped close to me, so I relaxed for a moment and pulled him toward me, and then I put all my strength into it and swung him away.



“Whoa, whoa, that’s a lot of power. My body can’t handle that kind of power.” (Mysterious Man)


“You’re trying to catch me off guard, aren’t you? If I had been a little less aggressive, you would have cut my head off.” (Jiro)


“You noticed that, huh?” (Mysterious Man)


“How can you say that after sending your murderous intent with such pinpoint accuracy?” (Jiro)


“Was it too obvious?” (Mysterious Man)



 It was a success to be wary that I was able to push his better than expected.


 A chilling sensation hits my neck.


 My neck is still whole thanks to my sudden decision to channel magic.



“……” (Jiro)



 He’s strong.


 No, he’s not as overwhelmingly strong as the instructors, but I still think he is honestly strong.


 Even he is not at full power, I know that the other person is strong.


 If I stare at the gentle man observing him while reducing the useless small talk, the man’s smile would only deepen.


 His gesture seemed to be inviting to attack from my side this time.


 It was a little bit embarrassing, but there was no point in waiting and seeing how things would go.


 I carried the Mineral Tree on my shoulder and adjusted my feet and center of gravity.


 Despite the fact that he was just so poised, I felt as if something was colliding against me.


 No, it is true.


 My magical power and the magical power of the man in front of me are causing a skirmish, repeatedly pushing and pulling each other like a tug of war.


 It is clear just from this attack and defense that it is not a simple matter.


 Then I slowly tilt my center of gravity forward and






 With an Intimidating Monkey Scream, I turned it into a storm and swung my Mineral Tree at the man in front of me.



Note for the Day


Whether unexpected or not, the schedule goes on. The schedule must be accomplished.



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