Otherworld Company Chapter 154: Now, What Is The Next Job?

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“Phew.” (Jiro)



 Good, I finally take a breath when I see Carter off and out of sight.


 I exhaled to relax my shoulders.



“Yeah, I’m okay here. There are a lot of wounds… but most of them are just scratches.” (Jiro)



 I smiled lightly and waved my hand to reassure Suela and the others who were rushing toward him.


 At that time, pain ran through my body slightly, but as I said earlier, there was no serious injury.


 Not only that, but the pain is bearable and does not affect the expression on his face.


 However, inwardly, I regret that I took a little too much damage.


 Although the equipment exposes only a small amount of skin, there are still areas that are not well protected.


 Damage has accumulated in various areas, especially around the sleeves and legs of the thicker clothing worn under the armor.


 Some of the scratches have reached the flesh.


 The wounds show evidence of Carter’s attempts to reduce my mobility and offensive capabilities.


 I thought it was reasonable, but when I moved my body, the sweat-soaked clothes rubbed against each other, and I felt pain.


 I didn’t notice it when I was fighting because I was concentrating, but gradually I began to feel pain all over my body.


 It’s enough material to reflect that I should be stronger.



“Damn, it’s mercilessly sliced to pieces, and even the cost of repairing armor isn’t free. Can I send him an invoice…” (Jiro)



 I’m used to that kind of pain, so I decided to treat it later and checked my equipment without worrying about it, it seems to have taken more damage than expected.



“Is that what you worry about?” (Himiku)


“Is there anything you can do about making us worry? You just start fighting on your own.” (Suela)


“That’s right.” (Himiku)


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It just suddenly happened.” (Suela)



 I was more worried about my tools than myself, and the girls warned me about that.


 Even if I thought I was okay, from the outside it might look like I was seriously injured.


 On top of that, I was fighting right in front of them, so how could they not be worried?



“I won’t add anything else because you’re safe now, but please avoid that kind of thing as much as possible. Look how hurt you are.” (Suela)


“Yup!” (Himiku)


“Yeah, I’ll do my best.” (Jiro)



 I guess I’ve gotten used to this environment too, as I can’t say I won’t, based on recent events.


 Gently, I grasp Suela’s hand as she stretches out her hand to the wound on my cheek and reassure her.



“Master, let me heal you.” (Himiku)


“Ah, please.” (Jiro)



 And just because I got used to the environment doesn’t mean my wounds don’t hurt, and I’m not a masochist who enjoys feeling pain.


 If I can be healed, I do so as soon as possible.


 A healthy body is the best.


 I nodded to Himiku, who began to heal me quickly with magic, while I remained on my feet.



“By the way, Suela, who was that?” (Jiro)


“By the way, that man you just met is a subordinate of the Frontier Count Calicetora… but we can’t trust him even if he revealed his name.” (Suela)



 I’m not saying it’s a way to pass the time, but as someone who fought, the thing that bothers me is the man who suddenly attacked me just now.


 Originally, he should have been arrested, but there was an atmosphere that he was some aristocrat or a person with a status similar to that, because he revealed his name.


 The fact that there was no report and no instruction from Suela to capture him encouraged me to let him go, but even so, I was worried about him.



“As expected of Suela, do you remember the names and faces of all the nobles?” (Jiro)


“I myself am a member of the Dark Elf Tribe. Although we have high fighting power, we do not have aristocratic status. Although we hold some territories, we don’t know much about the subordinates of nobles.” (Suela)



 But Suela did not seem to know about the man I mentioned earlier either.



“I see. By the way, what about Calicetora, The ‘Frontier Count’.” (Jiro)


“He has a large territory in the western part of the continent. The main source of income is wheat and alcohol. I think the head of the family is also a vampire, but I hear that he has subordinates of various races, which is unusual among the nobility.” (Suela)


“Could the person before be one of his subordinates?” (Jiro)


“Yes, it would be a great honor if one of his subordinates were to receive the rank of general. They must have sent out their best.” (Suela)


“Is that so? Even if we weren’t serious about fighting with each other, I don’t think they’re candidates for the championship when they’re just on par with me.” (Jiro)



 I’m proud that I’ve grown considerably stronger compared to when I joined the company, but if you ask me if I can fight with all my might and win against the instructors.


 I am proud of my winning rate to the extent that I think I can win if miracles happen after more miracles.


 It would be an underestimation to point that I will be alright with just one miracle, maybe it’s not an overestimation to say that even a lot more miracles might be needed, but I think it’s a reasonable evaluation.


 My abilities are far from those of those beings who I can only make a shallow judgment on.


 To put it bluntly, it would be safe to say that I can’t imagine myself  defeating the instructors.



“Jiro, you have also improved your ability a lot. There is no need to be so modest.” (Suela)


“Really?” (Jiro)


“Yes, perhaps, but I am no longer a match for you in close combat.” (Suela)


“If it’s all-out fight, including magic?” (Jiro)


“Then I still won’t lose. I’m still a member of the Demon King Army, and I have a few trump cards myself.” (Suela)


“My wives are stronger than me, so as a man I’m at my wit’s end.” (Jiro)


“Even so, it’s just been less than a year, and even if we limit it to close combat, it’s amazing that you’ve caught up. I think I’m losing my confidence a little.” (Suela)


“It’s not a line you should say while laughing. Damn, it’s still thanks to my mother’s blood.” (Jiro)


“Well, it is the result of Jiro’s efforts that you are able to use of that blood.” (Suela)



 I quickly adjusted my face and gave a wry smile to Suela, who affirmed my efforts.


 Of course, I about the effort that Suela is talking about, but I was aware that it’s not the only thing.


 It is said that if a parent is a parent, the child is also a child.


 I didn’t know until just the other day that my mother had a magical aptitude of 10, something that could be said to be at the level of any hero.


 My mother was able to understand that I was out of the norm from an early age, and the fact that I was able to grow up faster than anyone else because I inherited such an unconventional talent from mother must have had a lot to do with it.


 Talking like this makes me understand that talent is the furthest thing from the word “equality”.


 I don’t say it outwardly, but I feel it inwardly.


 It is difficult for any professional to produce the best product if the materials are not good enough.


 I think it is the result of materials and effort.


 Never resting on your laurels, but always striving to do your best.



“Master, the treatment is over.” (Himiku)


“Thank you. Now, it’s time to stop escaping from reality. …I can’t stand to be left in the dark like this.” (Jiro)


“I agree.” (Himiku)



 The treatment seems to have ended while we were having a light chat.


 The body that was slowly complaining of pain earlier is now enveloped in a refreshing sensation.


 And let’s face the reality that I had been deliberately ignoring.


 If it were true, I would have smoked a cigarette while dealing with the troublesome situation, but I was in front of Suela, a pregnant woman, so I should be careful.



“For the time being, Kaido, Minami, and Kitamiya I’ll take you all later.” (Jiro)


“”Why (Why, that you why?!?!?!?)”” (Kaido, Minami & Karen)



 Well, it’s because they looked at me happily while looking at my current state without any words of sympathy to me, who was tired after a hard fight.


 To have them grasp the current situation while constructing a special training menu for three people, imagining the instructors in my head.



“Was the battle just now so shocking?” (Jiro)



 Well, I digress.


 At the end of my reluctant gaze, there were the testers who looked at me as if they had seen something impossible.


 They were whispering amongst themselves, but their gazes would often fly in my direction.


 Their stares are never good.


 Most of them are negative ones, such as anxiety and skepticism.


 Hizumi and his partner, Nanase, can only manage a wry smile, but the rest of the group is not exaggerating when they say they are antagonistic with me.



“Perhaps they didn’t grasp the difference in ability between themselves and Jiro.” (Suela)


“Oh? It’s too late. Our group is steadily conquering the dungeon. The others are stagnant. There is a difference in the results.” (Jiro)


“Yes, the results are showing. But the other testers seemed to think that the difference was negligible. Which is not at all.” (Suela)


“…Oh, is that so?” (Jiro)


“That’s right.” (Suela)



 Suera says, adding that there isa no favoritism.



“I don’t want to say anything too harsh, but it can’t be helped because it’s the purpose of this joint training… To be honest, I can only say that people other than Jiro your party members are naive. Those people. If their accomplishment speed is like a turtle, Jiro’s speed would be like a hawk.”(Suela)



 I didn’t know there was that much difference in growth.


 The testers seemed to want to complain about Suela’s words, but no one said anything more, perhaps because they had seen the battle firsthand.



“Naturally. To show results, everything must be done voluntarily first. Laziness is the worst kind of hindrance. The name of the person who made the application for the training facility is usually the same, the time spent in the dungeon is the minimum necessary, they cause problems with the Demon King Army, and yet the reports are scanty, and even when I point out corrections with sticky notes, the only thing that changes is the part I pointed out…. And thanks to them I have to work overtime and cut down on hours I don’t want to cut down on.” (Suela)



 I don’t know, there’s this side of Suela there that I’ve never seen before.


 The more she talks, the more reality is thrust at everyone, and the tension is dropping.


 Can I call this her “dark side”?


 No, I think the term “work-drained office worker” would be more apt.


 She usually pays attention with open arms, but every time she points out a problem, she looks sadder instead of getting angry.


 Perhaps she feels responsible in her own way.


 She is the one who often tries to improve things for the testers.


 She is probably letting out what she has accumulated since she came here.


 However, it is unbearable to see Suela’s normally sharp face turn dead.


 I thought it would be bad if it affected the child in her belly, so I brought her back to her senses.



“Hey, come back. Don’t think of the negatives.” (Jiro)


“Ugh, the way we work in this world, we’re making progress, but there are just too many problems.” (Suela)



 I thought it would be a bad idea to do this in public, but I decided it would be worse to leave it like this, so I gently hugged her and patted her head to comfort her.


 Suela was completely in her “depressed” mode as a female office worker.


 I reflected on the fact that she had accumulated more stress than I had expected and decided that she would have to vent in moderation from now on, but when I turned my attention to the testers who were the cause, they looked away one after another. Obvious of their guild.



“Hmm, Master. To sum it up, they are lazy in doing their work, jealous of Master’s strength, angry when their own laziness is pointed out, and in the end they can only act guilty. They have no desire to improve and are dissatisfied with the status quo. Well, you deserve what you get, don’t you?” (Himiku)


“No, it’s not wrong, but I’m telling you to not say it that harshly.” (Jiro)



 There is a fallen angel who, whether she knows it or not, threw a dagger in such an atmosphere.


 Himiku said sharply with a relaxed look on her face the words that people had been trying to avoid saying.


 It was a good argument.


 It’s a fair argument.


 But there is no mercy at all.


 There were several people, including the male testers who are crushing on Himiku, who suddenly held their chests and collapsed on the spot.


 “Suck it up,” I thought to myself.



“Umu! Mistakes must be corrected! Humans become lazy if they are left as they are. If the first one becomes lazy, it becomes difficult to correct the next one. In the end, they will not be corrected, and people will abandon them. It’s a history that humans have kept on repeating!” (Himiku)


“Yeah, maybe so, but you need to learn a little more about the word ‘oblivious’, you know?” (Jiro)



 It doesn’t sound like a joke for a fallen angel who has lived for many years and has seen humans do it.


 No, from Himiku’s point of view, it must be from her experience.


 Really? There is absolutely no malice in Himiku’s face as she tilts her head.


 Of course, there must be some great people in history who are called saints, but why did Himiku choose to talk about the bad ones…? [T/N: Oblivious. Himiku is craftier that you think Jiro.]



“Well, you should fix it. Yeah, fix it.” (Suela)


“Yup!” (Himiku)



 I don’t think there is something when she says it with a smile, but I hope this will motivate the other testers to get to work.


 Hugging Suela to my chest.


 I look at the testers who are crumpled up or feeling guilty and avert my gaze.


 Amelia is watching happily as Kaido and Minami nod their heads and Kitamiya and Masaru pat them on the head, and Amelia is looking on.


 This joint training, which had caused two kinds of uneasiness, was a success in one sense, as the testers appeared to be more earnest in their efforts than at first.


 Instead, the mental damage seems to have been strong…


 Instead, it seems that mental damage was inflicted too harshly…



Note for the Day

Failure is not a bad thing.

Not making the most of it is.



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