Otherworld Company Chapter 155.1: The Process Of Reviewing And Checking Work Is Hard But Also Necessary

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 The joint training is over, and it’s time for everyone to rest.



“…there’s too much.” (Jiro)



 I finally finished looking through the contents, and I just couldn’t help complaining about it.


 I was staring at the computer, and as I unwind my tired eyes, I sort out the contents of the material I had been reading just a moment ago.



“As expected, we call it the Demon King Army, where the weak eat the strong? There’s a ragtag group of them just because they’re vying for the general’s position.” (Jiro)



 It was an investigation that came from a vague basis of being curious.


 I don’t know how to say this, but it feels like I can’t remove the small bone stuck in the back of my throat.


 The feeling you get when you forget to do something and can’t remember what it is.


 It is like when you are trying to remember a word that you are about to say but can’t. You are almost there, and you can’t remember it.


 I had been feeling the frustration of not being able to reach that strange feeling even though I was almost there, ever since the fight with Carter.


 Pushed by this feeling, the first thing I did was to follow the advice and gather the standard materials.


 The fight with Carter was stimulating enough for me, and I can say that it was a fulfilling training.


 Physically, I felt tired and wanted to take a rest today.


 Even though the training was over, I was looking at the materials I had procured on my computer.



“Ogres, Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Insectmen, Beastmen, Ogres… A festival of races belonging to the Demon King Army.” (Jiro)



 I asked Suela and the others to go to bed first.


 I looked it over as I thought necessary, and the result was that the tournament I was about to take on turned out to be a more dangerous and important event than I had imagined.


 Displayed on the computer was the list of participants in the tournament to determine this year’s general.


 I looked at the contents and could not help but sigh at the lineup, which made me feel bitter that I had not gathered any information on the competition, acting in accordance with the law of peaceful sportsmanship, which says that it is worthwhile to participate. I can’t help but sigh.


 The documents were filled with names, hometowns, and other little bits of information, but the amount of information was piling up, and it had become a huge amount.


 The research was based on the advice of my supposed rival Carter Isperio, who told me to be more aware of my surroundings.


 I had Suela prepare the materials that the other participants would have gotten first, and after reading through them, I could see that there were a lot of different agendas involved in this competition and that they had prepared a very select people for the event.


 Even a cursory reading of the materials revealed that there were many people who had their own unique characteristics.


 However, the information is available to all participants, and because of this, it is only a rough impression with my subjective view, but to put it another way, it can be said that there are enough people here to make such an impression with only this information.


 I checked the information written in a format that could be called a simple résumé once again.



“Phew, well then.” (Jiro)



 Taking a deep breath, I let out the fatigue to the extent that I feel at ease.


 The person whom Suela said to watch out for is in the simple resume is displayed again.


 It’s easy to see thanks to her taking the trouble of ranking them.


 The resumes of the people to watch out for are arranged from the top to the bottom.


 The ranking is based on the overall strength, knowledge, and position of the person, plus rumors, plus the information Suela has on hand.


 It is safe to say that the information is reasonably accurate.


 In other words, it could be called a prediction chart of the candidates for the championship.



“Kizan Kuyo is the deputy commander of the Kingsguard in the capital. His character is serious and could be called a military man.” (Jiro)



 At the very top of the list is the deputy commander of the Kingsguard, which can be compared to the president’s bodyguard.


 He is the most promising candidate in both name and reality in the lower ranks.


 Although the word “military man” makes it sound like he is all about fighting, he is not only a fighter, but also a skilled domestic policymaker who is a man of both the pen and the sword.


 He is a man who would be able to handle the position of general without problems even if he were given it immediately.


 In other words, he is as capable as the generals.


 However, there is also an ogre that was a comparable instructor to the Ogre King.


 It seems that the existence that was wait-and-see until now, thinking that using a general of the same race would not be good for the balance within the organization, seems to have finally appeared.


 I am curious to know what kind of a person this person is, who has been treated as a reserve for instructor Kio.



“I wouldn’t say that the odds of winning are nil, but I’m sure they are low…” (Jiro)



 My reaction to being given such information was to accept this information with a rather complacent feeling of what strong opponents I have now.


 I accept my loss, but the important thing is to make use of that loss.


 It is not an impossibility to win, but I have to look at reality.


 But I will never give up on winning.


 However, if I work on the assumption that I will lose, I will not be able to win even if I can win.


 I read through the material, reminding myself that at least I will not lose in spirit.


 It is difficult to memorize everything, but I try to keep the main points in mind.


 The competitors below him were a step or two behind Kizan in terms of ability, but they could still be worthy contenders.


 The possibility of me winning the championship is so low that it is almost disgusting to even mention it in the midst of such a crowd.



“It’s only natural to make an effort to win, but… problem is this.” (Jiro)



 In the midst of such an existence, I reached for the resume displayed in red.


 These are the so-called headaches.



“I guess there are problem children in every world.” (Jiro)



 Suela asked me to read through their resumes.


 The resumes of some of the most disgusting people I had ever known.



“Land Basalunte…” (Jiro)



 I open the page of the one who is said to be the most problematic of them all.


 The picture on the page is of a dragonman with scars all over his body, wearing black scales that give him an evil look.


 From the information, I learn that he is a man of great prowess but bad behavior.


 Highly ambitious, he resists orders he doesn’t like in the slightest and has caused trouble every time.


 And even though he has caused problems, he has shown himself to be so capable that his wrongdoings are overlooked.


 I guess he is a classic example of being competent but difficult to deal with.


 He also says that he is against the use of the testers this time because he believes that humans are weak creatures and have no value.


 I can say that if you meet with me, you will definitely get into trouble.



“…I have to be careful not to get entangled with him.” (Jiro)



 I honestly don’t want to get involved with someone who can be described as a nuisance.


 There may come a time when I need to, but now is not that time.


 I would think it would be a good idea to show the minimum amount of courtesy required.


 After that, I continue to stare at the documents.


 Then I suddenly realize something.


 Perhaps because I’ve been up late at night, my thoughts wander a bit, and my mind wanders to a thought I’ve been thinking about in a strange state of tension.




“…don’t tell me that one of the people I’ve been paying attention to caused the magic sword incident… Could it be?” (Jiro)



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