Otherworld Company Chapter 155.2: The Process Of Reviewing And Checking Work Is Hard But Also Necessary

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 After that, I continue to stare at the documents.


 Then I suddenly realize something.


 Perhaps because I’ve been up late at night, my thoughts wander a bit, and my mind wanders to a thought I’ve been thinking about in a strange state of tension.



“…don’t tell me that one of the people I’ve been paying attention to caused the magic sword incident… Could it be?” (Jiro)



 Somehow, someone who got information that I, a human, would participate and didn’t want me to participate in a tournament that will promote someone to the glorious position as a general, caused this incident. I have an idea.



“No, I don’t think so. I am being overly anxious.” (Jiro)



 Even according to the preliminary results, my ability is not one in ten thousand betting ticket, but it belongs to the level where it can be called a miracle if I win.


 It’s so bad that if I were to fight Kizan, who is the favorite to win, I would probably be eliminated instantly.


 There was no point in going to the trouble of causing an incident that would become such a big deal.


 Then I shook my head thinking that there must be more to be done, and immediately drove that thought out.



“Oh, I’d better get some sleep.” (Jiro)



 The fact that a crazy theory started to cross my mind was a sign that I had lost my train of thought and needed to get some rest.


 I decided to close my computer and go to bed for the day, thinking that if I didn’t go to bed soon, it would affect tomorrow.


 Tomorrow I would have to check on one more thing that was bothering me.



“Really, I was wondering why you had come to ask me about that.” (Hanz)


“I’m a little worried, after all, I’m a concerned party here, after all, and I thought I’d check it out to ensure my own safety.” (Jiro)


“Is that so?” (Hanz)



 I came to the shopping district early in the morning.


 That doesn’t mean that I had business with Memoria, but this time I had something to do with the weapon shop Giant Hanz.


 The business is.



“As I said, I can’t talk about it. About the magic sword.” (Hanz)


“Don’t be stingy. We know each other.” (Jiro)


“I don’t think we’re that close.” (Hanz)


“We’re friendly.” (Jiro)


“Leave me out of this, even though it’s elevating blacksmiths in a way that doesn’t make me happy, you know? Well, isn’t this a much better sword than the one my apprentice forged?” (Hanz)


“It’s still not as good as the one you made.” (Jiro)


“Hmm.” (Hanz)



 The reason for this is to ask Giant about the magic sword.


 On the surface, the reason for this is to perform regular maintenance on the Mineral Tree my main weapon.


 The fact that I take care of it myself doesn’t mean that I won’t come to the weapons store.


 No matter how hard I try, unless I become a blacksmith, I will need a professional’s perspective and skill.


 That’s why I have her check the growth of the mineral tree and perform maintenance like this on a regular basis.


 When I asked her to do such work, she was in a good mood, but the moment I broached the subject of magic swords, she grasped what I was up to behind the scenes and now she’s in a completely foul mood.


 It may also be because I don’t want to talk too much about the content.


 But that doesn’t mean she cuts corners on her work, because she’s a professional.


 Seriously running her eyes on the blade, I talked to the shop owner, Hanz, who was checking the condition, but she didn’t even look at me and replied back.



“…You were asking about the magic sword… weren’t you?” (Hanz)



 Hanz seemed willing to answer my question while exuding an atmosphere of “it can’t be helped.”



“I would appreciate it if you could tell me the performance of the magic sword that vanished without a trace.” (Jiro)



 I’m going to take advantage of that kindness, but at the stage where the dungeon is still sealed and I’ve seen yesterday’s documents, this conversation can’t be avoided.



“…*sigh*, until the maintenance of this Mineral Tree is over.” (Hanz)


“That’s acceptable.” (Jiro)


“Damn it, I don’t know how you can ask something that will humiliate my own people. Well, I only know what I heard from the guy who made it, okay?” (Hanz)


“I’m sorry but thank you. I’m glad to hear anything. The only information I have is that it can make you disappear and make you unrecognizable. I just wanted to know what it was designed to do.” (Jiro)


“You know most of it, don’t you? It’s not much different from what I know. In the first place, that magic sword was originally made for reconnaissance and for spies to hide themselves. It would have been convenient that he made it for no other reason. He didn’t think it would be used in this way. That’s why…” (Hanz)



 With a sigh, I don’t think she’s very enthusiastic about it, Hanz started talking as if she was making small talk after an introduction.


 Bit by bit, her gaze did not leave from the Mineral Tree ree, I didn’t miss a single word of what she said, and while resting my back on the counter, I summarized what I had heard.


 I would ask questions along the way, but she would only supplement what was missing from the conversation.



“Well, that’s all I can tell you. Now, the inspection is over. Why don’t you buy a weapon or two once in a while instead of just doing maintenance? I’m sure you’re going to need some.” (Hanz)


“Unfortunately, I’m on a tight budget right now, and I can’t even go into the dungeon right now, so I can’t spend it all. That’s why I can’t waste my money.” (Jiro)



 I had been listening for about 30 minutes, so I was able to hear some of what she had to say.



“Bah, so you’re just sitting on your *ss all day. What does that say about you as a man?” (Hanz)


“According to my friend’s advice, the secret to a happy marriage is for the man to be under a woman’s behind, right?” (Jiro)


“I don’t get it, you know? Women are supposed to just be quiet and follow!” (Hanz)


“The world is different. People have different values. I will come again.” (Jiro)


“Oh, if it snaps your back, you can come back anytime.” (Hanz)


“Don’t spout bad luck.” (Jiro)


“It’s in my nature. I’m not busy, so come see me anytime. I’ll be waiting for you.” (Hanz)



 In fact, with the competition coming up, it would not be surprising if the Mineral Tree breaks during that time.


 But it is natural to not want to be broken.


 Especially after hearing all those stories.



“Oh, yes, that’s right. Hey, Hen Pecked!” (Hanz)


“Hen Pecked… what is it?” (Jiro)


“No, I just remembered something that a friend of mine said.” (Hanz)


“?” (Jiro)


“That magic sword, if used by an amateur, is said to have such poor magical mileage that they will cease to exist within an hour.” (Hanz)


“…are all the magic swords you guys making defective magic swords?” (Jiro)


“We make it because it’s fun. That’s what giants are for!” (Hanz)


“Tsk, I’ll come again.” (Jiro)


“Oh! Next time, buy one of my weapons.” (Hanz)


“I’ll think about it.” (Jiro)



 With the question of whether that’s good business in the air, I walk out of the store and puts a cigarette in my mouth, after receiving a vague answer.


 With a smooth gesture, I pull out a lighter, lights it, and send the smoke into my lungs, then exhale in one inhale.


 With that simple routine, I was able to suppress the anxiety that had been building up in my head from the bad premonition.



“Damn, now I’m afraid something might happen at the competition.” (Jiro)



 I would never say that I shouldn’t have asked him, but I walked away with some regret for having done the confirmation work.


 And then….



“Son-in-law! It’s been a while!” (Muir)


“Mr. Muir?” (Jiro)



 Muir Handelberg, my grandfather-in-law, who did not look like an old man, walked up to me, waving his hand cheerfully.



Note for the Day

Learn from your mistakes, make the most of them, and get on with your work.

To do this, you must not only look forward, but also look back from time to time.



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