Otherworld Company Chapter 156: Effective Use Of Time Is Also A Skill In The Workforce

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“Why are you here? Or rather, isn’t there a blockade?” (Jiro)



 The question of how he got here is a natural one and raises a question mark for an existence that should not be able to come here.


 The dungeon and the transfer system to the Demon Continent should also be blocked due to the magic sword riots.


 So, this gentleman should not be here…



“I am!” (Muir)


“I brought him here…” (Suela)


“Suela… Are you okay?” (Jiro)


“Yes, somehow.” (Suela)



 Suela appeared from behind Mr. Muir, who was about to declare something in an imposing manner, as if to interrupt his words.


 However, her expression was somewhat tired, which meant that it was obvious that Mr. Muir, an old man who did not look like an old man, had done something wrong.



“Did something happen?” (Jiro)


“Yes, well, there was something wrong. You see my grandfather caused a commotion on the other side… and he almost got caught by the military police, you know?” (Suela)


“It’s not that bad, is it? What were you thinking Mr. Muir?” (Jiro)


“No, wait, I didn’t do anything bad you know? I just thought of bringing good news to my grandson-in-law?” (Muir)



 When Suela confessed that he had caused the trouble, Mr. Muir made some kind of excuse for why he had come here and turned his gaze in the opposite direction.


 As expected, he was going to tell us the good news, but the transfer team was closed and he couldn’t get through, so he just had to turn back and come again when it’s open, but he just had to act childishly and sneak in…



“What were you thinking…” (Jiro)


“What’s with that gaze?! That gaze looks like I did something wrong!” (Muir)


“You should thought of your pregnant granddaughter first…” (Jiro)


“We-well, w-when you say that… Grandson-in-law is acting like a jerk.” (Muir)


“I’m telling you to choose the right time to go all out.” (Jiro)



 It’s not like it’s becoming a headache, but to do something out of the ordinary like this, I think it’s typical of this person, not betraying my initial impression of him or her.


 I gave a wry smile to Mr. Muir, who was a little sullen, and asked him what he was planning to do.



“So, you have to go out of your way to come here to do something, right?” (Jiro)



 I would be in trouble if I didn’t do something, or else, Suela would be mad, but…



“That’s right! Grandson-in-law! I hear you are going to participate in a competition to determine a seat among the generals, is it true!?” (Muir)


“Uh, yeah, it’s true, but where did you hear that?” (Jiro)


“Fufufu, I also have my own information network, and it’s quite decent.” (Muir)


“In spite of that, you didn’t know about the blockade.” (Suela)


“You’re a little too nitpicky, Suela! Don’t focus on everything that’s already been done! Grandson-in-law will think you’re a very difficult woman!” (Muir)


“I have to prepare some reports, and I haven’t finished the previous ones. I’ll make sure to tell mother about this later.” (Suela)


“H-how cowardly? Telling Sumirasta is too far.” (Muir)


“How many months do you think it will take for me to finish my report?” (Suela)


“…But I didn’t come here to do that!” (Muir)


“You messed up!” (Suela)


“I did not mess up!” (Muir)



 They are my relatives, and they are quite good at as a comedy duo.


 Toward the end, Mr. Muir seemed to be pushed all the way and was trying his best to divert the conversation at the end of the session.


 It seems that even in the otherworld, a man’s status in the family hierarchy is low.


 Unfortunately, it seems that he couldn’t escape from Suela’s pursuit.


 Will I be like that in the future? I thought to myself and urged him to talk.



“*Cough*! My grandson-in-law’s participation in the competition is a great opportunity for you to be appointed as a general from our tribe, so to speak. The hard-headed council of elders is finally nodding their head at my grandson-in-law to seize such a great opportunity. I have asked for permission for you to undergo the spirit ritual in the hope that you will acquire a little power and use it for the tournament!” (Muir)


“…since Mr. Muir came here, I had an idea of what you were going to talk about when you came, but you did a good job of following through with your promise. I thought the conversation would have gone two or three different ways, and it had come to a conclusion that a human couldn’t make a contract, that it was a waste of time, and that they wouldn’t let me, a human, do it because of traditions.” (Jiro)



 There are few marriages between dark elves and other races, but it’s a bit late to say that it’s not unheard of.


 However, when the race of the Dark Elf’s partner becomes a human, it becomes much rarer, and the conversation becomes complicated.


 There are humans in the home country of the Demon King Army.


 There are various bloodlines, such as descendants of from the slave class and descendants of humans who originally lived on the continent.


 In general, however, it can be said that the status of humans is low on the continent of the Demon King Army.


 To put it simply, they are the object of persecution.


 After all, the people with whom they are at war are human beings, so it is not surprising that there are those who view humans of their own race, even if they are their own people, as enemies and persecute them.


 And it will be a trend that this will become the norm.


 Of course, not all humans are being persecuted.


 I am sure that there are people who have established a strong position.


 But they will be few and far between.


 This is probably what Carter was referring to when he said that this company has a very good environment for people.


 There is little prejudice against testers at this company, at least on the part of the employees.


 But as the environment changes, so do the views.


 In fact, I was subjected to this baptism when I crossed the continent for a short business trip.


 “Let’s get along with everyone here”, I won’t say anything naïve that even elementary school students wouldn’t say.


 If I don’t have the qualifications to say it, I have no intention of saying it.


 After all, it is someone else’s business.


 In my world, it’s like saving the refugees in the farthest corners, or the homeless nearest to you.


 I, who had never paid attention to such things, would now change my mind and save them with a compassionate heart, which would be extremely unreasonable.


 In other words, it was not an impossible for humans of a high position be refused the challenge the Dark Elf’s sacred ritual, the spirit ritual.


 A ritual that a person without power could not accomplish even if they try their best.


 This was probably the result of the common sense of the Dark Elven race, or rather, the history of the Dark Elves, which stood as a wall.


 When I decided to marry Suela, her parents and grandfather, Mr. Muir, who were friendly to me as a human, wanted to go ahead with the marriage, but the people around them waited until they heard about it.


 It’s impudent to make someone whose face and name they don’t know, who could be some kind of unrelated party, even get married, and then have him undergo a sacred ceremony.


 They won’t just let me do whatever I want.


 Up until now, I thought that their impression of me wasn’t very good.


 Even so, I think that the Dark Elves are also very success conscious when it comes to the fact that they had a change of heart when it comes to the possibility of me becoming a General of the Demon King Army.



“They were adamant at first, but I got the elders drunk and had them draw up the documents. They are very stubborn. Once the documents were made, they were mine. Grandson-in-law’s participation in the competition was nothing more than an excuse to convince their underlings.” (Muir)



 I thought so, but I might have been mistaken.


 This old man who doesn’t look like an old man might be an incredible schemer.


 If it were true, he would have said that the documents made in such a way were invalid, but instead, he pushed through with his unreasonable actions.



“In addition, if I bring only my grandson-in-law, your honor will be dirtied as being favored because of something like that. Son-in-law’s colleague… Tester? Was it? I’ve created a chance for all of them to make a contract with a spirit. Now you can come without hesitation!” (Muir)



 The fact that he acted with my image in mind was enough to make me think that this is where Suela’s work ethic comes from.





“If so, please come in a more acceptable way. Also, I’m in charge of the testers, and I’ve never heard of this before, you know?” (Suela)


“It’s a surprise!” (Muir)


“I don’t need surprises in my job!” (Seula)


“Absolutely yes!” (Muir)



 I think this playfulness could be a bit more subdued.


 There is nothing more unforgivable than a surprise at work.



“*Sigh*, I can’t let Grandpa’s efforts go to waste, and it can’t be helped. I have to talk to Lady Evia about this and get permission to use the transition circle.” (Suela)


“Will that be alright? Now is a very important time, isn’t it?” (Jiro)


“Yes, it is, but it will give our testers leverage and strengthen the average. There is no reason to pass up this opportunity. It can’t be right away because the current search needs to be settled, but it’s worth planning for.” (Suela)



 So, it’s not surprising that Suela takes the attitude not as his granddaughter but as the head of the tester section, Ms. Suela.


 If I had received what she just said as a private citizen, she would have been yelling at him in anger.


 It is precisely because she is able to weigh the pros and cons of benefit and drawback that she is able to accept this news even if it means more work for her.



“If that’s the case, why don’t you just be happy about it? That’s why there was no development in your love life until grandson-in-law came along.” (Muir)


“Is it my imagination or maybe I have more things to say to mother?” (Suela)


“I didn’t say anything. I promise, I didn’t say anything!” (Muir)



 However, from Mr. Muir’s point of view, Suela’s attitude must have been seen as a lack of interest in the good news he had brought to us.


 That’s why he wanted her to show a glimpse of happiness.


 I can understand the feelings of both parties, so I can only smile wryly at their conversation.



“*Sigh*, if we do something like group training, will it be possible?” (Suela)


“Ostensibly, that’s a valid reason, but wouldn’t it be better to discuss it with… Ms. Kaley?” (Jiro)


“Well, the matter is too big for me to think alone. To be honest, I feel heavy about bringing this to Lady Evia when the magic sword search has ended in vain.” (Suela)


“Are they in such a bad mood?” (Jiro)


“Yes. I’m not sure how she will take this. I heard she’s in a very bad mood.” (Suela)


“I see.” (Jiro)



 Even so, I have to say that it is expected that she does her job well and does not get hit with unreasonable things.


 But the timing was not good, I thought inwardly, though I did not say it out loud.


 Under normal circumstances, the Supervisor would normally give the go-ahead because she thinks this idea has merit, but as discussed earlier, the timing is bad.


 To be honest, I’m reluctant to talk to the supervisor when things aren’t going well, or when the magic sword search isn’t going well.


 Of all the hardships that an office grunt goes through, talking to a supervisor who is in a bad mood is probably one of the three most unpleasant things to do.



“How? Is there actually anyone who won’t listen to what you have to say? If so, why don’t you just say so? All right, I’ll do this one thing for my cute little granddaughter!” (Muir)



 Putting all this talk aside, there was someone here who was determined to get on with the plan.


 Mr. Muir, who may or may not be aware of the existence of the Supervisor, is not doubting that what he is saying is correct, but Suela just waits.



“No, this is my job, and I don’t want you to go through all that trouble.” (Suela)


“Well, my lovely granddaughter is having a hard time. I don’t think it’s that much trouble, and besides, I brought this story to you. I brought this to your attention, and it is only logical that I should be the one to go through with it.” (Muir)



 Mr. Muir’s words may indeed make sense, as he smiles cheerfully and says, “I’ll only ask you to make an appointment.”


 In other words, it would be an offer similar to an investment or a donation.


 It might go more smoothly if the person who brought it directly brought it to the supervisor, rather than if Suela, who is a member of his family, brought it to the Supervisor indirectly.



“If that’s the case, all’s well that ends well, and we must request a meeting with Ms. Evia!” (Muir)



 I don’t know if he’s thinking about such things, but I think I have a lot to learn from Mr. Muir’s ability to take action, even though he has a bit of a reckless side.



“You can’t stop this old man.” (Muir)



 Suela, who had obviously seen such a scene longer than me, had a smile that resembled resignation, she seemed to be a little defiant, probably imagining the development of the meeting.



“I’ve got some time on my hands, too, and I’ll help you, okay?” (Jiro)


“It would be helpful. Probably, but after this, it will be a development that I want to find a scapegoat.” (Suela)


“So, I’ll be doing mostly paperwork for the first time in a while.” (Jiro)



 I wondered when was the last time.


 It was followed by Suela, who was walking while guiding Mr. Muir, who was in high spirits.


 It’s superfluous, but it was probably just my imagination that I thought that the feeling of a Hero challenging the Demon King at this time might be similar to the feeling of reporting to a boss who is in a bad mood.



Note for the Day


When you have too much free time on your hands, look for something you can do and take advantage of it when it comes along.



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