Otherworld Company Chapter 157.1: The Word Responsibility Is Always On The Back Of Society

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 Since I had told Suela that I would help her with her work, Suela, myself, and Ms. Kaley made a proposal for strengthening the testers through spirit contracts.


 The supervisor had been entrusted with the major task of searching for the magic sword user, and the additional workload had made her schedule even more demanding than it already was.


 In light of the supervisor’s schedule, who was leading the search without a trace of fatigue, a week had passed since Mr. Muir’s arrival, but the proposal was completed with contents that were satisfactory for the time that had elapsed.


 There were no typos or omissions, of course.


 It was formatted well, and it came with a document that explained the effects that could be expected if this important proposal were to be approved.


 This was the moment when my experience of how to convince my boss to pass a project at my previous company came in handy more than my work as a tester.


 As a final touch, I took Mr. Muir, who had been waiting for me for a long time, to talk to the supervisor, but it was a good thing that I went…


 I found out how the bomb squad felt when going through with the project.


 The meeting with Mr. Muir and the supervisor was like a proper bomb disposal operation.


 Mr. Muir, who tries to proceed with the conversation with high spirit and momentum, and the supervisor, who does not show any signs of fatigue, but is frustrated and stressed because there is no clear plan of solving the case.


 They are like oil and water, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say they are like oil and fire.


 Her eyes are deadly and her mood is dangerous, but she is a senior officer of the Demon King Army.


 Her facial expression and demeanor are so normal that a normal person would probably not even notice the emotion behind her eyes.


 The supervisor was behaving as usual.


 She can talk normally and takes her work seriously.


 However, Suela and I, sensing the atmosphere in the supervisor’s eyes, were unable to relax, fearing that if we did anything wrong, she would berate us mercilessly.


 The supervisor, who was silently reading the documents without showing any deep emotion in the space where a bead of cold sweat was dripping, and Mr. Muir, who should have been aware of the contents of the documents but presented them confidently as if the murderous intent behind his eyes was just like a gentle breeze.


 The two of them were so confident in their work that I thought I should learn from them.


 The supervisor was scowling at Mr. Muir for not reading the timing and the atmosphere, wondering why he had chosen this timing for his presentation, even if she accepted the content of the presentation was good. However, her expression didn’t have much effect on Mr. Muir, who looked proud of his success. In the exchange, I could only smile bitterly inside.


 However, even such a drop of relaxation was not allowed in this situation.


 As a result, Suela and I succeeded in advancing the conversation despite the mental strain, and we succeeded in getting this project through without incident.


 However, it goes without saying that the supervisor firmly nailed us to think about the timing next time.



 So, despite my mental exhaustion, I succeeded in getting the project passed.


 However, just because the project was approved did not mean that we could move immediately.


 Therefore, another month of time passed for the arrangements to be made.


 In the meantime, the dungeon was still closed, but the demon king’s army continued to strike out spectacularly despite their efforts.


 In addition, the investigation has been difficult, as no culprits for the magic sword fiasco have been found within the company, as if the other side was one step ahead of them.


 The dungeon, the company’s main objective, could not remain closed forever under such circumstances, so the tester enhancement plan was implemented at a time when upper management was holding a meeting to decide whether to finally lift the dungeon blockade, leaving a tense atmosphere assuming that safety was secured.



“Yahoo! Is this the otherworld, that it is? I have come to the otherworld I have dreamed of, that I have!!!” (Minami)


“Shut it, can’t you ever be quiet?” (Masaru)



 After repeated vigilance, we rode directly into the village of the dark elves with a special transfer team, and one of them screamed as if he could not hide his excitement at the many treehouses formed in the magnificent forest that could be seen from the hill.


 When you go on a trip with non-family members, such as a school trip, there will always be one person like Minami who is abnormally excited.


 And there is also someone who is in charge of restraining them, and they are usually treated as a set.


 Like finding a celebrity, “one, two, three, waaaah!” Minami expresses her excitement with a loud scream.


 Seeing her like that, I wondered where her usual shut-in nature had gone.



“You are just so childish.” (Masaru)



 Kitamiya, who was watching this from a little distance away from the group, showed an expression of dismay, unable to suppress a sigh.



“Fufufufu, since I’m an adult, and I dungeon dive on a regular basis, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this.” (Kaido)


“If your eyes are shining like a child’s, your words won’t be convincing. You should take a cue from Amie. I’m not sure how the younger one can be so calm.” (Karen)



 Kaidou calls out to Kitamiya to agree with him, but he can’t hide his childlike expression on an excursion.



“In my case, I’ve been to another world once, so it’s okay. Maybe I would have been more excited if I came here for the first time.” (Amy)


“It’s better to be able to reason with yourself like that, because it seems that the self-proclaimed adults out there can’t hide their emotions.” (Karen)


“Uh, Kitamiya is so strict.” (Kaido)



 Although the content of the project is that it is a free-to-attend training, it may be closer to a school excursion from the atmosphere.


 A week after the announcement, most of the testers, except for those who have errands that can’t be pushed back, are all participating in this project.


 Not only did the idea of being able to contract with a spirit, but also the possibility of going to a different world raised the expectations of the participants.


 A group of people who are good friends, in this case, would be the party members who always work together.


 That’s why they are buzzing around the plaza where the stone circle is set up.



“Ah, Mic-Test, Mic-Test, I’m not used to this loud-speaking magic. Well, all right, let’s take a roll call. Each group, check the personnel to see if any transfers have failed. The group leaders are to report back to me when they have done so. Also, don’t go into the forest just for curiosity. Unlike ordinary dungeons, this one doesn’t have the convenient feature of reviving the dead. There may be creatures that are more dangerous than boars. The forest is a dangerous place to be. Keep quiet.” (Jiro)



 The Dark Elf men prepared by Mr. Muir are guarding the perimeter, but it would be more than a little troublesome if they got lost.


 I decided that I needed to get it together as quickly as possible, so I used the magic that Kaley taught me to make my voice louder without any load and moved on to check on the personnel.



 If I don’t tighten my rein, they will cut loose.



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