Otherworld Company Chapter 157.2: The Word Responsibility Is Always On The Back Of Society

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 The Dark Elf men prepared by Mr. Muir are guarding the perimeter, but it would be more than a little troublesome if they got lost.


 I decided that I needed to get it together as quickly as possible, so I used the magic that Kaley taught me to make my voice louder without any load and moved on to check on the personnel.


 If I don’t tighten my rein, they will cut loose.



“It’s tough being a leader, isn’t it?” (Kaley)


“You say this like it’s someone else’s business, but you’re in charge of leading the group, too, Ms. Kaley.” (Jiro)


“I’m the head of this training program, so to speak, and I’ll leave it to Jiro, who a middle management chief, to organize the personnel.” (Kaley)



 The buzz does not subside when I call out to them, but each group gathers to confirm the personnel and the group leader’s report is gathered in order.


 I confirmed the number of people while checking the list, and when the last team came to report, Ms. Kaley talked to me comfortably.


 And the person in charge of this training program is not me, but Ms. Kaley, the acting head of the tester division.


 Suela, the head of the tester section, was unable to come because she was pregnant, and Himiku was there to support her.


 I thought that Memoria might be able to come if there were no testers, but on the contrary, she couldn’t come either because she was going to take advantage of this opportunity to renovate the shopping district.


 So, the person chosen to lead the group this time was Ms. Kaley, who is of the same race as the Dark Elves and a colleague of Suella’s.



“I hope you didn’t forget that I’m here.” (Kyla)



 And as expected, it is impossible to lead with only two people, so there is one dragonman who came to support from another department.



“*Sigh*, even if there’s a shortage of manpower, why you?” (Kaley)


“I am also a member of the Demon King Army, and I am related to the testers, so it is only natural that I should be assigned with you!” (Kyla)



 That was Kyla Nostalfel, a dragon who was in charge of Hizumi’s party.


 I can only smile wryly as I look at Ms. Kaley, who is fed up with the kind of laughter that high-strung young ladies used to raise a long time ago while shaking her proud vertically curled hair rolls.


 The company’s staff is in a state of confusion over the search for the magic sword, user and although it’s nice that they’re allocating highly capable staff under such circumstances, I have a feeling that they’ve made a slight selection error.



“For the time being, the staff roll call is complete. Let’s move to the accommodation facility.” (Jiro)



 It’s not like the supervisor and Mr. Muir, but the relationship between Ms. Nostalfel, who sees Suela as a rival, and Ms. Kaley, who is Suela’s best friend, falls into the bad category.


 So, I felt a little disconcerted and broached the subject of work.



“Well, we’re just moving today, so let’s finish it quickly. I want to go to bed early.” (Kaley)


“I’m sure you’re right. Of course, you have a suitable place for me, don’t you?” (Kyla)


“I don’t think so. Even if you send a proposal to the other side, it will be troublesome for me. There’s no hotels like on the other side, and if it’s Lady Evia, there’s no way we would be treated like that. Normally. A private suite, a regular room, or rather, just think you’re lucky they gave you a private room.” (Kaley)


“What? There’s the chief’s mansion here too, right? Couldn’t you have at least prepared a guest room there?!” (Kyla)


“Are dragonmen this selfish? If you don’t like it, why don’t you just stay outside?” (Kaley)



 In this world, there are no high-rise hotels or inns that can accommodate a large number of people, as there are in Japan, but only a few guesthouses that can accommodate five or six people.


 It was quite difficult to arrange for more than 20 people to stay in such an environment.


 To be honest, the fact that we were able to secure a private room for just the two of us was a goodwill gesture from Mr. Muir.


 The chief’s house in this village is also located in a tree, and although it is larger than other houses, it is still only a little larger than other houses.



“Could you both keep it down and relax? It’s not like we have an infinite amount of time, and if the two of you who are in charge of the testers are like that, we won’t be able to get any results, will we? If we go home with no results, the supervisor will more than say just talk to us.” (Jiro)



 I also have to sign a contract with a spirit, so I can’t keep supervising them all the time.


 The two of them will be supervising the testers a reasonably long period of time, one week for this training.


 They have to give advice to the testers on the status of their contracts with the spirits in cooperation with the local residents, and they have to make sure all the testers have contracts, even if they are at the lowest level.


 If none of the testers were able to sign a contract, it would mean that the week was a waste of time at the company’s expense.


 So, as someone who knew the situation, this conversation would normally make me uneasy, and not just a little.



“*Sigh*, that’s right. There’s no point in complaining here. You go with Jiro and get the testers on the wagon. I’m going to go greet the chief.” (Kaley)


“Hmm, I understand. Mr. Tanaka, let’s get going.” (Kyla)


“I understand.” (Jiro)



 The two women reacted with a startle at the mention of the supervisor’s name, but they put their differences aside and switched to work mode.


 The chemistry between these two is bad, but I still feel comfortable with them because they do their jobs well.


 After complaining, they move to action to do what each other should do.


 I think their earlier argument was more like a staring match than a fight.


 Although there are things they don’t like about each other, they trust each other’s abilities.



“What are you doing? Come quickly.” (Kyla)


“I got it.” (Jiro)


“You, as the top tester, have to set a good example for the rest of them. Please be aware of that.” (Kyla)


“…” (Jiro)


“What?” (Kyla)


“No, I’m just surprised that you think so highly of me.” (Jiro)


“I’m not going to distort the facts. I will admit that you have the capability. What did you think of me?” (Kyla)



 At first, I was worried about working with this dragonman, who I hadn’t talked to much, but when I started working with her on this project, Unexpectedly, I found out that she was a person who I could easily talk to.


 I thought she was hostile to me for reducing the strength of the Hizumi party and strengthening my own party, but she seemed to have a good sense of judgment, and I honestly thought it was surprising when she first responded to me based on proper criteria.


 I was a little embarrassed to receive such an unexpectedly favorable evaluation from her.



“Since that ‘thing’ happened, I wonder if you might dislike me.” (Jiro)


“And that would distort your evaluation? I would never do that. It is true that I have had my disagreements with you in the past, but that is already over. I don’t mean to let bygones be bygones, but I am not foolish enough to rekindle a fire that has been extinguished.” (Kyla)



 In the past, Ms. Kaley has evaluated this woman as capable of doing her job, and it is true that she has a provocative tone, but she has a firm eye for judgment.


 This personality may make her many enemies, but it certainly makes it easy for her to do her job.


 She will do her job diligently so as not to damage her reputation.


 I glance at the village spreading out below the hill.


 There is the village of Dark Elves, a place where there are not many people who are friendly to humans, unlike the company.


 I don’t have the means to know the future, so I don’t know what awaits me there.


 But well.



“What are you doing? We’ll be there soon.” (Kyla)


“I’m going.” (Jiro)



 I guess I have to do my job for my paycheck, but I must say I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by another job.



Note for the Day

If you do the work you are entrusted to do, you will be trusted, and if you don’t, you will be judged accordingly.



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