Otherworld Company Chapter 158.1: The Phrase “According To The Manual” Sounds Bad, But The Manual Is The Crystallization Of Experience

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 The reaction of the tester group upon arrival at the dark elf village was one of excitement at the young age group and the sights they were seeing for the first time.


 The slightly unusual buildings and the horses pulling the wagons alone elicited a wide range of reactions.


 In a manner of speaking, they were like students on a school excursion.


 Photography is not allowed due to information leaks, and since there is no signal in such a place, it is forbidden to bring in smartphones, digital cameras, and other photography equipment.


 Some complained about this, but I explained to them that they were not there for sightseeing but for work, and I could convince them of the dangers and penalties in the event that the information they photographed was leaked.


 So, in order to resolve their dissatisfaction, light sightseeing is allowed.


 Unfortunately, however, this is not a sightseeing area but an ordinary otherworld village.


 The scenery itself may be unusual, but there are few bars and few places to see.


 We had given them all the information about the areas that were off-limits and informed them of the schedule for the next day, so they were divided into groups and asked to stay in an empty house that we had prepared for them.


 The next day dawned.



“Phew.” (Jiro)


“Thank you for your hard work, senior.” (Kaido)


“Oh, it’s really not a school trip.” (Amy)



 Today’s schedule is different from yesterday’s, which ended only with the transition and traveling to the village, separated from the physical inspection of the baggage strictly because of the incident, the spirit contract is the real deal.


 The reason why I am mentally exhausted is because I am playing an unfamiliar leading role.


 I’m feeling a little tired from shaking down the testers who caused problems last night, even though I feel tired after a good night’s sleep and my body can still work.


 I understand that a tree house is unusual, a world of night that goes on forever is unusual, and a village illuminated by the light of a moon larger than the one on Earth is unusual, but please, please don’t cause problems.


 I now know how my homeroom teacher felt when she caused me trouble in high school.


 If it’s just like this, it’s not a problem, right? I sincerely hope that they will not cut corners.


 Thanks to this, a dark cloud has been hanging over me since the first day.



“I wish people would understand that this is not Japan…” (Jiro)



 I complained about Japanese people who had not felt anything but peace for a long while, Kaido responded with a wry smile, saying, “You’re Japanese, too.”



“This is the otherworld, you know?” (Kaido)


“Ah, well, fortunately, this time there was nothing to worry about because the other side was understanding, but it was the first time that I was worried about the future, come to think of it, where’s Masaru? Wasn’t he here in the morning?” (Jiro)


“Masaru? I think he went to wake up Minami after he prepared breakfast for us.  I heard that she is hard to wake up.” (Kaido)


“I’ve heard that Minami seems to stay up until late at night, but here is no chance to play games, so she can go to bed early, right? Well, in Minami’s case, she might be like an elementary school student who was so excited that she couldn’t sleep, and that might be a pattern of lack of sleep.” (Jiro)


“It’s possible. I’m a little sleep deprived, myself.” (Kaido)


“Oy, not you too.” (Jiro)



 I glared at Kaido, who was scratching his head bashfully, but Kaido accepted my glares with a wry smile.


 I don’t mind it much because there’s a hint of remorse in his expression, and we head for our destination.


 Our party was mixed, so we were to meet at separate accommodations. In addition, since I was the leader of the party, I had to be the first to arrive at the meeting place, the plaza, before anyone else.


 So I packed my gear and arrived at the meeting place first.



“Even so, there’s something strange about moving around at night. It’s brighter than I thought.” (Kaido)


“You just have to get used to it. I also felt a sense of discomfort when I first came here, but I had experienced the daytime world before that, so it wasn’t so much that I was concerned.” (Jiro)



 The magic world also has things like streetlights, and above all, thanks to the moonlight, it is not so dark that you should be concerned.


 However, if you look at the slightly shadowed part, you can’t help but feel the darkness of the night.



“You’re going to make a contract with a spirit, right? It feels like a test of courage.” (Kaido)


“True.” (Jiro)



 The place for making a contract with a spirit is a secret place among the dark elves, and the only one who knows the details is Ms. Kaley, who is also a dark elf.


 Kaido’s impression is having an atmosphere similar to a mystery tour but was unintentionally silly since it was more like a summer vacation.


 While we were having such a conversation, the testers started to gather.



“Hey, grandson-in-law.” (Muir)


“Mr. Muir. Thank you very much for making this happen.” (Jiro)



 The person who played a leading role in making the Dark Elf side receptive appeared just as we began to gather.


 Yesterday, I could not meet him because of the final inspection of the place to contract with the spirits, but judging from his demeanor, there seems to be no problem.



“You’re too formal. You can be more casual with me if you want.” (Muir)


“Sorry, I’m here on business, not pleasure.” (Jiro)


“I understand that you make a distinction between private and public matters. This time is also an opportunity for me and the others to evaluate grandson-in-law. I hope you will act as you wish.” (Muir)


“Is it all right to say that?” (Jiro)


“No problem. Grandson-in-law must be feeling it too.” (Muir)


“Yes, actually.” (Jiro)



 The look I’ve been feeling since a few minutes ago is not so much a look of wariness towards me as a tester and a human being, but a look at Jiro Tanaka as an individual.


 The look I’ve been getting since yesterday and what Mr. Muir said made me realize that the purpose of this project was not only to create an opportunity to sign a contract with a spirit but also to get me recognized within the tribe.


 I thought that this was a very clever thing to do, but I was determined not to make a bad move, so I steeled myself to get rid of the mental fatigue I felt yesterday.



“Senior, who is this man?” (Kaido)


“Hmm, I don’t know this man either.” (Muir)


“Oh, come to think of it, you two have never met before, have you? This is Kaido Tadashi, a member of my party and colleague. This dark elf is Mr. Muir, Suela’s grandfather.” (Jiro)


“Oh, you’re Ms. Suela’s grandfather, huh? Kaido Tadashi, as introduced by my Senior! It seems all the dark elves really look young.” (Kaido)


“You seem to be energetic. Muir Handelberg, Suela’s grandfather. The secret of youth is to remain energetic. Young, remember?” (Muir)



 They introduce themselves to each other and are on the same wavelength.


 A bright but calm atmosphere envelops the place.



“In other words, I’ll always be young!” (Kaido)


“Yes! Energy is the secret to youth, look at me, still active!” (Muir)



 I had thought they were similar, but I hadn’t expected it to go this far.



“Good morning, it’s kind of noisy, but what happened? If it’s not Mr. Muir. Long time no see!” (Kaley)


“Good morning everyone.” (Kyla)



 And as the meeting time approached, the personnel naturally gathered.



 The two people who were to lead the group this time also gathered at a distance of about one meter from each other.



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