Otherworld Company Chapter 158.2: The Phrase “According To The Manual” Sounds Bad, But The Manual Is The Crystallization Of Experience

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“Good morning, it’s kind of noisy, but what happened? If it’s not Mr. Muir. Long time no see!” (Kaley)


“Good morning everyone.” (Kyla)



 And as the meeting time approached, the personnel naturally gathered.


 The two people who were to lead the group this time also gathered at a distance of about one meter from each other.


 The reaction of each of them was different.


 Ms. Kaley, who knew everyone, greeted Mr. Muir like she was greeting an old man in the neighborhood, while Ms. Nostalfel, who was meeting him for the first time, greeted him gracefully.



“Come on, let’s go! Let’s go, that we should! The spirits are waiting for me, that they are!” (Minami)


“…” (Karen)


“Are you okay Karen?” (Amy)


(I heard you were up late last night making a fuss with Minami.) (Mike)


“Sorry, Ms. Kitamiya, because of Minami…” (Masaru)



 My party members also gather after the greeting.


 Minami, who is excited like a child, Kitamiya, who is fighting her eyes like she got a restless night, Amelia who walks next to her worriedly, and Mike who explains the cause of Kitamiya’s lack of sleep.


 And Masaru, who guessed what happened between Kitamiya and Minami, apologized sincerely.



“Good morning, Ms. Kitamiya, are you okay?” (Jiro)


“I’m not okay. I haven’t been able to sleep well because some idiot came in and said she was so excited he couldn’t sleep. Thanks to her, I’m in this situation. On top of that, that idiot has a happy face.” (Karen)


“How weak, Kitamiya! It’s normal for gamers to stay up all night for a day or two, that they do!!” (Minami)


“Hauu!” (Minami)


“What’s that? What are you doing, Leader?” (Minami)


“I told you, didn’t I? To remember you should be in peak physical condition to take on today’s challenge. Why are you going about it and dragging your companions down with you?” (Jiro)


“Ugh.” (Minami)


“Well, as punishment, today’s spirit contract activity is for you to support Kitamiya and Amelia. You will not be contracted until the two of you have completed your contracts.” (Jiro)


“Huwaa, how tyrannical, that you are!? The first to have a contract with a rare spirit is the first to come, that they are, first served, that they are!?” (Minami)


“In that case, you should do your best to support Kitamiya and the others. Then you can sign a contract and Kitamiya can rest. Killing two birds with one stone.” (Jiro)


“That’s just making things harder for me, that it will!” (Minami)


“No questions asked. If the two of them couldn’t sign a contract but you did, I’d ask Mr. Muir to make it unusable for you.” (Jiro)


“You’re going to kill me, that you are, you know!?” (Minami)


“Then work.” (Jiro)


“Ugh~ I understand.” (Minami)



 I finished the sermon while Minami was rubbing the place where my fist fell.



“*Sigh*, Masaru and Kaido. I’m sorry, but you two should also support them. To be honest if I leave it to Minami alone, I’m afraid she’ll end up focusing on efficiency and not results.” (Jiro)


“Got it.” (Kaido)


“Understood!” (Masaru)


“Amelia, well, you’re not free to just do as you please, but have fun. It’s not often you get a chance to do something like this. And Mr. Mike don’t threaten the spirits in the background.” (Jiro)


“Understood! Mr. Jiro, do your best too!” (Amy)


(Well, I will try not to do that. I will be careful.) (Mike)


“Ms. Kitamiya… if it seems impossible, why don’t you try a nap before going?” (Jiro)


“I’ll be fine, yeah, I’m not going to be late.” (Karen)



 Our party should be fine as long as we control the uneasy part while instructing the course of action.


 The other testers that are a problem will be watched from here by Ms. Kaley, Ms. Nostalfel, and the dark elves that Mr. Muir prepared for us.



“Hmm, it seems that grandson-in-law is blessed with good friends.” (Muir)


“Yes, but they need a lot of help.” (Jiro)


“I’m sure they’ll be a handful, but that’s part of it. Take good care of them.” (Muir)


“Yes.” (Jiro)


“So, now, it’s time to go, are we all here?” (Muir)



 Enough idle chatter, it’s time to do what we came here for.


 The atmosphere of Mr. Muir, who had seemed like a carefree man just a few minutes ago, changed.


 The dark elves, who have been neighbors with the spirits, this ceremony is not an event to joke around about.


 It’s only natural to be serious about it.


 As if responding to that expression, I answered, “Attention,” and finished the roll call of the noisy testers.



“All the testers are here, Ms. Kaley.” (Jiro)


“Yeah, good. Well then, ‘Attention everyone!! From now on, we will begin the ceremony of making a contract with the spirit. If you continue the chatter, I will send you back to the company!’” (Kaley)



 Ms. Kaley, who had gathered the testers’ attention with loudspeaker magic, nodded in satisfaction when she saw the testers become quiet.


 Then she gives her place to Mr. Muir with a glance.



“Hmm, I am Muir Handelberg, the planner of this Spirit Ritual. First of all, I would like to give you a few words of caution when making a contract with a spirit. A spirit is a being with a will and emotions. I have sent you information in advance, and I trust that no one here is unaware of this fact.” (Muir)



 Until now, I had only seen Muir-san, who was a cheerful and kind old man, but seeing him talking openly like this, I think he has the dignity that comes with age.


 Drunk in such an atmosphere, the testers are also silently listening to the story.


 What Mr. Muir talks about is a matter of course for Dark Elves and his experience as a race that has been associated with spirits for many years.



“There are various forms of contracts with spirits. Those who form friendships through conversation, those who ask you to show you power and obey, or those who ask for offer offerings to have you borrow their power. It is up to each of you to decide what method you will use to make a contract with the spirits. I will also have someone from my tribe with me to guide you to where you are going. They have all made a contract with the spirits, and I am sure they will be able to help you.” (Muir)



 The dark elves who will accompany us are, contrary to their youthful appearance, quite experienced.


 It is a good thing that we can learn the know-how from them.


 They can be called lifelines for us who are beginners.



“I’ve talked at length, but I’ll end this by telling you something that you must never break. We will never forgive those who harm the spirits and forcibly take away their power. We will never forgive those who destroy the forest. Keep that in mind and do your best to find a contract.” (Muir)



 The last one was a threat, a warning from the Dark Elves as a whole.


 And there was a heavy pressure in Mr. Muir’s words.


 Mr. Muir’s words were so powerful that unless you were a fool, you would not think that he was joking.


 Gently, Mr. Muir gave up his place to Ms. Kaley and slowly smiled at me, finally loosening his serious atmosphere.


 Then, two to three Dark Elves were assigned to each group, and they would follow the guided and head deep into the forest.



“Now, my grandson-in-law is this way, for he must greet the chief first.” (Muir)



 And I’m going separately from here.



“Senior, do your best!” (Kaido)


“Leader! I want you to show me your contracted spirit when you get one, that you should!” (Minami)


“Mr. Jiro, please do your best.” (Masaru)


“So, do your best, okay?” (Karen)


“Good Luck! Mr. Jiro!” (Amy)



 The party members who knew my situation saw me off.



“Yeah, don’t slack off too, everyone.” (Jiro)



 Mr. Muir led me to another place.



Note for the Day

It is not a bad thing to be different.

There are definitely times when it is necessary.



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