Otherworld Company Chapter 159.1: It Is Nerve-Wracking To Meet A Big Fish, No Matter Who You Are

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 We part ways with the testers, and Mr. Muir leads us alone through the depths of the village.


 The dark elves stroll along the paths that connect the trees, taking advantage of the differences in elevation to look at me, a human, from various angles.


 They knew in advance that we testers were coming, so they didn’t make a fuss, but even so, the emotions on their faces were not pleasant.


 The only ones who are showing any positive feelings are the dark elves who are looking at me with curiosity, and I can see that most of them do not welcome our visit.


 We walk through the midst of all this with our faces unchanged and our chests heaving.



“Here we are, my grandson-in-law.” (Muir)


“Here?” (Jiro)



 We have walked through the village with a purpose.


 It was to greet the chief of the village.


 If it had been normal, it would have been necessary for the person in charge, Ms. Kaley, to come, but for some reason, I am acting in his place this time.


 The place that Mr. Muir guided me to is not a very ostentatious building, but it is still a fairly large mansion compared to the surrounding houses.


 The house is not owned by anyone but is managed by each village as a place where the Dark Elf elders gather, called the Elders’ Council.


 It is like a capitol, so to speak.


 Unlike peaceful Japan, however, there are armed soldiers at the gate as a matter of course, and I sense that there are several others lurking among the trees, watching me.



“Weapons over there.” (Guard)



 The soldiers give me directions as soon as Mr. Muir, who is silently moving forward and facing me, says a couple of words. 


 After undergoing a body check at the gate, I hand over the Mineral Tree on my back to the dark elf guard, who tells me that I am not allowed to bring in weapons.



“Here.” (Jiro)



 He staggers a little, perhaps because it is heavier than he expected.


 However, he is an elite soldier, he supports it firmly without falling down.


 As I was inwardly impressed, though my expression did not move, another dark elf gently opened the gate and let me in.


 There is another soldier inside, and he is the one who leads the way.


 The solemn atmosphere, different from the one in the company, naturally makes me keep my mouth shut and not make conversation along the way.


 I couldn’t open my mouth if Mr. Muir was silent, too.


 Meeting with the big fish is different from a battle because there is a sense of tension, and even though I know it is necessary, I don’t like it.


 If I were to ask if there is a difference in the tension, I would say that the tension of battle is similar to the feeling of pressure that binds your body, or the feeling of being tense.


 On the other hand, the tension in this kind of meeting is more like a heavy feeling in the stomach.


 I am sure that those who are used to this kind of tension would enjoy this kind of tension, but it is a realm I have not yet reached.


 While I was wondering if I should have my nerves become a little thicker, I was made to walk a considerable distance inside the building, to the right and left, downstairs and so on, until I finally arrived at my destination.


 I have heard that TV stations are intentionally structured to make it difficult for terrorists to occupy them.



“Handelberg came with their family, Muir, and a guest. We are allowed to enter the hall!” (Muir)



 With a peculiar announcement, Mr. Muir proudly raises his name to the guard standing in front of it, and the door is slowly opened.


 Mr. Muir passed through the door without hesitation, and I followed.



“Welcome, human from the otherworld.” (Chief)


“Hmm.” (Jiro)



 As I passed through the door, I was greeted by a voice filled with magic power.


 The amount of magic power had the weight of age, and my body reacted unexpectedly.


 I quietly tucked away my emerging caution and turned my head in the direction of the voice to find five elderly dark elves standing by my side.


 Beside them, Ms. Kaley, who should have followed the testers, is waving her hand cheerfully.



“Good work~ your sister is relieved to hear that you made it to safety.” (Kaley)


“……” (Jiro)


“Oh, a stiffer reaction than usual.” (Kaley)



 Despite the serious atmosphere, Ms. Kaley’s usual attitude made me feel like I was going to shrug my shoulders, but I couldn’t do it now, so I focused my mind and just bowed.


 Rather, I’m more surprised that she can use such a tone in this place…



“Take it easy, guest, she is a messenger from the Demon King. I don’t expect you to be like your kin there, but there’s no need to be overly formal.” (Elder)


“Thank you for your concern.” (Jiro)



 Reading my attitude, the dark elf elder, who was probably one of the top five, loosened his expression a little and smiled, and I was able to loosen the tension I was holding up a little.



“First of all, let’s be glad that there were no attacks along the way. And first of all, I would like to apologize to you, a person from the otherworld, for putting you in the dangerous role of a decoy.” (Elder)



 I shook my head slowly at the old dark elf who bowed to me.



“I was told to do this job, but in the end, I volunteered for it because I thought it was necessary.” (Jiro)


“From your work, we were able to hear the details from the Demon King through this person.” (Elder)



 It seems that Ms. Kaley was able to convey the purpose of the training on the Dark Elf Village this time without any problems.



“It is an honor to be chosen as the place to fish out those who would interfere with the Demon King’s plans, and all of us Dark Elves will lend our help.” (Elder)



 The official purpose of this training was to improve the testers’ abilities.


 However, no matter how much profit the Supervisor gained in such an extremely dangerous time, or rather, just because of the benefit, there was no way she would allow it to that extent.


 Officially, Ms. Kaley, Nostalfel, and I are supposed to be leaders, but behind the scenes, there are many people lurking in the area who are working for the Supervisor at a level that would make even a certain spy turn blue.



“Just lending us the land is enough for us. All that’s left is for us to be the bait on the hook, and if the prey catches bites, good. Especially if they’re an insider.” (Jiro)


“So, you’re saying you can’t miss this opportunity?” (Elder)


“Yes.” (Jiro)



 The trap is already set.


 After creating a situation where the testers are strictly managed and cannot be touched internally, a clear gap is created after that.


 From the opponent’s point of view, it would look like a perfect opportunity.





“But this plan, there is a possibility the other party is also aware of it?” (Elder)


“Yes, the Supervisor also said so.” (Jiro)



 The contents of this are likely to be known to the other party.



 The finest marbled meat in the cage was placed in front of the predator.



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