Otherworld Company Chapter 159.2: It Is Nerve-Wracking To Meet A Big Fish, No Matter Who You Are

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“But this plan, there is a possibility the other party is also aware of it?” (Elder)


“Yes, the Supervisor also said so.” (Jiro)



 The contents of this are likely to be known to the other party.


 The finest marbled meat in the cage was placed in front of the predator.


 Around that cage, an invisible hunter is waiting to track and kill the animal before it bites into its meat.


 An arrangement that would not have gone unnoticed by anyone but the most dispassionate or the clumsiest of hunters.



“And that person knows we’re provoking them.” (Jiro)



 After running away and hiding, the Supervisor’s rage is ready to blow.


 Even so, she doesn’t lose herself in her burning rage, but rather turns that anger into a cool temperament, and calmly devises a plan to get the paperwork done.


 That’s what a supervisor is for.


 The supervisor, while provoking the enemy to bite if they can, uses this training as a mirror to bait the opponent.


 It is not necessarily necessary to defeat the opponent but to inflict only pain on the opponent.


 The supervisor set up a place to reflect the thoughts of the opponent, whether they attacked or retreated.



“When this girl told me the details, I couldn’t believe my ears. However, when we heard that such an event took place in the lap of the Demon King, our tribe would not remain silent. Therefore, as I said before, we have no objection to cooperating. However…” (Elder)



 When Ms. Kaley explained the outline of this plan to the Elders, their reaction was calm.


 They weighed the risks involved and the trust to be gained, and they carefully examined what was being said.


 However, there was one point that penetrated their gaze that they could not overlook.



“If I ask you, who is the key to this plan…” (Elder)



 And the person who is most at risk in the plan outlined to the dark elf Elders.



“Is it you?” (Elder)


“That’s how it’s planned.” (Jiro)



 I guess the most at risk in this plan is me, the enemy’s final target.


 The most dangerous thing is that it is synonymous with being the most important part of this plan.


 That’s why I was selected, but I guess the question arose as to whether I, as a human being, could handle that great responsibility.



“I am sure I could give many reasons, such as that it is necessary or that I am the right person for the job, but you are not looking for such reasons, are you?” (Jiro)


“That’s right. We only know your kin through our legends, and it would be naive to think that we can trust you on a deep level. In addition, after this, you are making a contract with a special rank spirit. If you are the bait to lure the culprit and in case you lose the spirit, there is no way to get it back. What do you think about that?” (Elder)



 He shook his head slowly, implying that there was no point in doing so, aiming at the elders to prepare a substitute because it was implicitly too risky and unreliable.


 The Supervisor’s hypothesis is that perhaps the tester attack so far is just the preliminary and confirmation process.


 Confirmation that the method of disarming the magical body to harm the tester, the entity, is operating properly.


 And, by spreading the information that it is possible to injure the main body in such a way that lives are at risk, the movement of the testers will be restricted and my movement, which would be the main objective, will be tied up.


 These two points would be the purpose of the criminal in the dungeon.


 And that is the theory the Supervisor read from the culprit’s actions.



“I don’t think there’s any need to discuss that point. From the enemy’s point of view, this time will be like a preliminary skirmish, and they won’t be able to put in enough military power to pursue it. No, you can say it can’t be done. I’m afraid of throwing people and leaving information just to catch their shadow. Perhaps the culprit will prepare a different attack plan than what is expected. I understand that this may not be the reality. However, there will be an opponent who won’t let his guard down. In addition, from the mastermind’s point of view, it would be a happy miscalculation if you fell here. If they succeed, it’s nothing more than benefits.” (Elder)


“Why does it matter? It will still be dangerous.” (Jiro)





 Just one word.


 To not leak information without grasping the movement of the culprit of the magic sword incident and the footsteps of the magic sword user.


 Based on the information I had gathered, the supervisor described our opponent in one word.



“With an opponent like that, a half-baked bait is not going to work. We need to take on the risk of danger as well, and we need to minimize the damage.” (Jiro)


“And that’s you?” (Elder)


“It’s the supervisor’s judgment, based on what she suspects the other party is up to and the answers she found.” (Jiro)


“Lady Evia?” (Elder)



 The mere mention of the supervisor’s name diminishes the suspicion that was expressed earlier.


 There’s something about her that makes you think that demon might have some unpredictable motives.


 The elders in front of me were also affected by it.



“The enemy is cunning; we must strike where we can.” (Supervisor)



 The supervisor said that she was the type of person who would not get her hands dirty, but let those around her get their hands dirty, while she looked from above.


 The criminal has many tails, and if grabbed, they will instantly detach and regenerate another.


 They are the type that can be said to be the most troublesome even when dealing with invisible enemies.


 To change the plan and cut corners with such an opponent because I am human would be an opportunity to create a real opportunity for the enemy.



“What scares me about this opponent is that we can’t see their motive. This time, the supervisor said that the most likely culprit was part of the rebels against the current Demon King’s authority, but she also said that the crime was too lousy for that. She said that even though there was no physical evidence, there was too much circumstantial evidence. She also said that there are indications that they are deliberately trying to pin the crimes on the Demon King’s authority.” (Jiro)



 The prediction I made before, that the extremists were trying to prevent me from becoming a general, the supervisor also took that possibility into consideration, but the supervisor said it was unlikely.


 Rather, she had mentioned in the meeting at the stage of finalizing this plan that there was something that was using that as a cover.



“Was it your understanding that this plan was to find out what the motive was?” (Elder)


“Yes, but the enemy won’t let us get their tail that easily, but I thought we could at least see the shadow.” (Jiro)



 The process of explaining the situation in a straightforward manner and gaining their understanding and consent was interrupted here by a moment of silence and a few seconds of silent contemplation.



“…I fully understand. Then we see no need to refuse to cooperate. How about it, everyone?” (Elder)



 The elders, who had offered no alternatives, had no choice but to give their consent, this time with an air of trust in the supervisor’s words.


 The objective was achieved.


 I split the information between Ms. Kaley’s information, my information, and the information given to me by the supervisor, carried it around, and passed it on to the people I needed to pass it on to.


 This was the moment I completed my role.


 I, who was an obvious decoy, was the key, and Ms. Kaley, will act in the shadow of the decoy. It was a somewhat forcible move, but in this way, we were able to get the cooperation of the Dark Elves.


 The elder, who was aware of the risks, concluded that he should take action, and asked the other members of the group to confirm this.



“Phew.” (Jiro)


“You seem to have had a hard time, grandson-in-law.” (Muir)


“Yeah, now I’m done with the mental work.” (Jiro)



 I feel a lot more tired than I expected, perhaps because I was so tense from the company to the time I came here.


 The supervisor said I wouldn’t be attacked along the way, but I was still nervous.


 And then the real work begins.



“Hmm, this is where the real work begins.”  (Jiro)



 Up to this point, it had been brain work, but from here on it would be physical work.



“Yes, let’s get into the swing of things, shall we?” (Jiro)



 The contract with the spirit, and the movement of the shadow ahead of the supervisor’s gaze.


 This is the point where I have to step up to the plate so as not to cause damage to Kaido and the others who are moving comfortably in the foreground.



Note for the Day

Let’s get our heads together and get going.



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