Otherworld Company Chapter 161.1: While It Is Necessary To Have Margin, It Is Difficult To Maintain It

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 It can be said that it is a natural act to think about what will come when it is called a trial.


 Therefore, it was reasonable to gather information and ask those who were familiar to me.


 According to Mr. Muir, who is a reasonable person, it is only the higher rank spirits that take the form of trials.


 Those below the middle level of spirits are more likely to settle for a negotiation.


 In short, the higher-ranking spirits are confident of their existence.


 Therefore, they want to give trials looking down from above.


 The nature of the trials of such beings can be generally predicted according to the nature of the trials they are administering.


 If they are spirits of fire, they are belligerent and like to fight, but they may also ask for demonstrations of smiths by having them offer their own creations that use fire, especially involving blacksmithing.


 Spirits of water, are usually not fond of fighting due to their serene appearance, but once they are angered, they are like a stormy sea that will not give any trial except for a fight.


 Amid such stories, the trials of Valus, the spirit that governs the nature of time and space, are shrouded in mystery.


 This is because many people who have undergone the trials say that they do not understand it.


 Or, more precisely, they have forgotten the contents of the trial, even though they had undergone the trial.


 Thanks to that, I have zero information.


 That’s why, with no way to prepare for it, I took on the challenge of this contract, taking every precaution to fight.


 To be honest, it would be reckless to challenge a higher-rank spirit that could be called a natural phenomenon to a fight, but if I said that, the conversation would not progress.


 So, I was prepared for anything.



(The trial is quite simple. Escape from the infinite prison where time is no longer finite.) (Valus)



 That was the plan.


 This spirit simply said that to me, casually saying like I was going to shop at the convenience store for a while, and the scenery in front of me changed completely.



“This place?” (Jiro)



 If the world before was a monochrome world, this is a white world with a single black color on the horizon.


 There are no obstacles, nothing to block the way, just the horizon all around.



“…seriously?” (Jiro)



 I had thought it was out of the norm, but I had not expected it to be this difficult.


 It’s probably best to leave the question of how this world was created out of thin air at this point.


 The problem is that the explanation of the rules ends with a single phrase, with no additional explanation at all.



“Geez, you want me to look for a grain of gold in a desert?” (Jiro)



 Then I took the trial from the spirit as they worded and accepted the reality in front of me, astonished at its contents.


 As I stand there stunned for a while, I can only decide that that is what they meant and that nothing is going to happen, not even an additional explanation or a place where they don’t even appear.


 And what on earth am I supposed to do in a world where words have eliminated any clues prepared in front of me?



“…Haa, this situation is completely unexpected. And for a prison, it’s pretty open, but… there should be a limit.” (Jiro)



 Shouldn’t prisons be a little more cramped? I think that a cramped space was better for decreasing the search range.


 I am thankful that I can keep my cool because I am familiar with the thought that any sudden situation will cause me to lose my cool if I am in a hurry.


 However, this does not mean that the situation will improve immediately.


 Even if we were to take some kind of action, it would be a bit reckless to ask us to come up with something in front of this huge space, wouldn’t it?


 I had expected a fight, or a similar situation, or an ordeal that would go a little off the rails, but I didn’t think I would be left with no fight.



“Staying put here is the best and standard behavior of those needing rescue. …No sun, but it’s bright, and it’s not cold, so I am lucky that I am not likely to freeze to death or die of dehydration. If there is, it’s either starvation or something beyond this horizon coming and attacking me…” (Jiro)



 First, I relay to myself the information that I am experiencing to put the situation in perspective, and then I assume the worst that could happen in this situation, which is death.


 The amount of food I have on hand is enough for three days, or five days if I cut back.


 As for drinking water, I don’t have to worry about it thanks to Mr. Muir, who has prepared a gourd that will produce water as long as I channel magic power through it.


 If I run out of food, there is only one future waiting for me.



“That doesn’t mean I can’t overcome the trial, right?” (Jiro)



 But if you ask me if such a future is the best, I have to shake my head.


 I don’t think that surviving to be rescued is the way to accomplish this trial.


 Then I wonder if there is something else, but I don’t have enough information to come up with that.


 To convince myself, I try to organize the information and organize my thoughts by putting it into words, but it is difficult to decide on a course of action, probably because the preconditions are out of left field.


 In a sense, I started to think that I was the same as a shipwrecked survivor hesitating in deciding whether to proceed or stay.



“In that case, I have to escape from this space that the Spirit said…” (Jiro)



 Spirit Valus said,


 Escape from the infinite prison.


 He said he got rid of finite time.


 These are the two clues given to me.


 There is no way to break out of this situation except by deciphering them.


 Is infinity in the sense that this horizon continues forever, or is it infinity in the sense of time? [T/N: or both]


 Either way, thinking about it is not going to get me anywhere.



“What should I do?” (Jiro)



 For the time being, I twisted my head again to decide on a course of action to avoid wasting my energy.



“It’s not like I have nothing. I have magical powers. On the other hand, it could be said that I only have magic power.” (Jiro)



 At first impression, I thought there was nothing to see, but when I meditated on it, I could feel the magic power more intense than usual.


 This space itself has magic power that is so strong that I believe it if someone said that it was made of magical power.



“Is it something that a person who can shift space can normally escape from? No, it is not that simple. I should see that they are taking countermeasures against teleportation… Well, I can’t use transition magic anyway, but…” (Jiro)



 Thinking that if I had magical powers, I might be able to find a way to do something about it, I channeled magic around my eyeballs to strengthen my eyesight and looked around, but I couldn’t find anything other than the horizon and the white space.


 I have no experience of being lost in such a situation, so all I could come up with was the usual stuff that anyone could think of right away.


 The situation has been creating an atmosphere of impasse from the beginning, but I can’t just fall to my knees here.


 If I don’t do something about it, there will be no tomorrow for me.



“…what I should do, or what I can do… there’s only one thing I can do… this idea itself is so stupid, or maybe it’s just a muscle brain idea. But.” (Jiro)



 I think and think and think, and then I choose the methods that come to mind, and the reality that I can only take the method that seems the most probable and the most idiotic of all is bringing tears to my eyes.


 While I was thinking about it, I remembered something that happened one day.


 It is not a question of whether it can be done or not, but rather the fact that it is the only way to do it.


 However, there is no choice but not to try such a method.



 Gently, he reached for the Mineral Tree on my back, and rather than worrying about whether I could do it within the time limit, I chastised my mind that once I had made up my mind, I should be determined to finish the task, and immediately set to work.



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