Otherworld Company Chapter 162: No Precedent Does Not Mean It Is Impossible

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 I think I’m doing something ridiculously stupid.


 No, in this case, did I decide to try something ridiculously stupid?


 While chuckling to myself, I swung down the Mineral Tree, at first, I started swinging slowly, but my sword’s speed steadily increased and sharpened my senses.


 Whether this challenge will be in vain, or whether it will be rewarding, I do not know under the current circumstances.


 But the image of what I should aim for remains clear in my memory.


 I recall the rough work the instructor had done before, smashing through the wall between dungeons and breaking down the dimensional wall.


 It doesn’t matter what the reasoning is.


 However, there was a phenomenon that transformed their own effect.


 I don’t know what logic makes up the world and dimensions.


 There was no way that I, such a person, could so easily come up with a way to escape from such a space that can only be described by the word “abnormal”.


 It was a natural action to try to do what I could.



“…*inhale* *exhale*.” (Jiro)



 One deep breath.


 It began when I calmed my mind and slowly swung down the Mineral Tree.


 A technique by the instructor who easily pulled it off with a memorable laugh that still fascinated me.


 The person who did it may have made it look easy, but that doesn’t mean you can do it as easily as you thought you could do it.


 I understand and accept that in my head.


 I also understand and agree that it is reckless.


 Still, the realization that it was not impossible made me choose that option.


 Frankly, I think it was a gamble.


 It was a gamble and a bad one at that.


 I knew that the amount of time I could use in my current situation was limited to a few hours, provided that I took all possible precautions.


 In fact, I even thought that the real work would come when I was so exhausted that I could not think of anything else.


 It would be a reckless challenge to master a non-human skill in such a short amount of time, and words like “impossible” and “reckless” would not suffice.


 In fact, the weight I felt when I swung the Mineral Tree felt the same as usual, and I knew that at this rate it would only be a matter of time before I would tire out.


 I also understood that my actions were like trying to tug at a spider’s thread that stretches beyond the horizon without cutting it.


 But that understanding was betrayed in the right direction.



“?” (Jiro)



 At first, I thought my body was feeling better than usual.



“???” (Jiro)



 I was able to keep swinging more times without getting tired.


 However, I realized that it was indeed strange that the fatigue did not come at all, even though I kept swinging the Mineral Tree so much that it could not be reasoned by saying I was in perfect condition.


 But that doesn’t mean I should waste my time, so I keep on swinging without stopping.


 I thought it might be possible that the status of the Mineral Tree had been raised again, so there was still room to spare, and I could continue to swing like this.



“Hmm?” (Jiro)



 But after another hour or so, that excuse may have reached its limit.


 How long had I been swinging the Mineral Tree?


 My sense was that I had already been shaking the tree for about three hours.



“Strange, this is really strange.” (Jiro)



 I never get tired of it.


 Yes, I don’t get tired even just a little bit.


 You don’t lose any strength.


 I don’t feel tired.


 Normally, his arm muscles would be tense, his grip strength would be weakened, and he would have struggled to swing down cleanly like this.


 What is this?


 A swinging high that isn’t a runner’s high?


 A hybrid term of Japanese and English was born, and a question mark appeared above his head, but he continued to shake his body without stopping. [T/N: Author used Japanglish.]


 I kept swinging because I didn’t want to waste time to stop.


 However, the questions kept piling up.


 Even after the time I had predicted, I was still tired.


 On the contrary, I was not even hungry.


 Concentration is disturbed, but that doesn’t mean your body can’t move.


 It didn’t take much time for my body to decide that it was abnormal and that I would examine the event without stopping my arm from moving unencumbered.


 And then I started to examine the event, and the examination gradually gave me more and more information as time went by, and gradually made me grasp the current situation.


 I guess that I am not tired, or to be more precise, I guess that my body is fixed in the same state as it was when I was imprisoned in this world.


 Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to be in a constant state of max HP hit points, with no hunger or fatigue.


 I think it is possible that my body may not even be injured, but since I have to do self-inflicted wounds to confirm this, I cannot verify this and will put it off for later.


 For now, I just understand that if this is the space where the restrictions have been removed as the spirit says, then there is truly no time limit.



“Ha!” (Jiro)



 I concentrate on swinging again with all my strength.


 The purpose of the spirit is not clear to me, but I do know how to get out of this trial.


 I don’t like the way he makes us drop out by waiting for me to fail without doing anything.


 But it’s naive.


 I’ve spent my life as a businessman only training up my rebellious spirit.


 I take pride in the fact that I have the will to rebel against unreasonableness.


 I can feel the corners of my lips go up in a grin.


 If there is no time limit, that’s convenient.


 From this point on, it’s a battle of wills.


 Let’s see if I will fail first, or if I will tear this world apart, as I have planned.


 From that point on, it was a battle of how much I could concentrate.


 But, strangely enough, I did not feel like losing.


 First of all, I concentrated so hard that I drove the concept of time out of my body, and then I stretched my nerves from my toes to the tip of the sword.


 He swung down the mineral tree and steadily prepared to cut something invisible.


 One swing and you feel nothing.


 Ten shakes and nothing.


 After a hundred swings, it feels a little faster than before.


 After a thousand swings, it feels even sharper.


 It’s just a process of repeating trial and error and continuing to refine my movements.


 I always ask my body to move in the best possible way, my eyes always look forward, and I think only of cutting through the space that lies beyond my line of sight.


 I shake off the thoughts that I cannot cut, and instead of assuming that I can cut, I resolve myself that I will be able to cut it.


 After 10,000 swings, I begin to see a stagnation in the speed at which I swing down.


 After 100,000 swings, the process of swinging down begins to show signs of hesitation.


 After a million swings, the motion of swinging down began to stiffen.


 Though I was concentrating on concentration after concentration, my thoughts about how to sublimate the act of cutting were also spinning at high speed.


 As I repeated the process over and over again, my rational mind tried to put a stop to this act due to the current lack of results.


 Is this really what I want?


 Is there any point in doing this?


 Isn’t this action itself wrong?


 I feel as if I were an unrelenting boss reprimanding a subordinate who is not getting results.


 I will not do anything to shake it off.


 The thought itself is not wrong, but rather it is a thought that eliminates waste so that I can reach the summit.


 And although that thought is supposed to slow me down, my body does not slow down because my emotions rather than my rationality drive my body.


 Rather, thanks to the elimination of waste, I accelerate faster and faster, as if extra weight has been eliminated.


 After 10 million swings, I no longer have to exert unnecessary force.


 After 100 million swings, I can turn despair into power.


 After a billion swings, I was able to reevaluate the parts of my sword that were still in their infancy.


 I can still sharpen my stroke.


 Gradually, my purpose begins to change from cutting through this world to the purpose of guiding this one sword to the highest rank.


 No, if I were to say just at this moment, that moment is the timing of the change.


 The act of cutting through the world has become a process from an achievement point, and I swing the Mineral Tree in search of the best swing.


 It may have been my imagination, but I felt something touching the tip of the tree after swinging it ten billion times.


 As I swung a hundred billion times, I repeated trial and error, feeling and not feeling something at the tip of the slash.


 I was convinced that if I got this feeling, something inside me would evolve.


 The elation that this certainty gave me was indescribably pleasant.


 I felt that the act of hesitation was futile, and I wanted to swing it down as quickly as possible.


 With each swing, I felt as if a sword smith had trained his mallet on a heated blade.


 That’s just a little bit, and you could be forgiven for saying it’s all in your mind.


 Even if it was an achievement that would disappear in the blink of an eye if I slacked off, if I kept swinging it, I could feel it building up in my hand.


 I could somehow understand the digits even though I had not counted them from the beginning, and I could feel something grazing at the tip of my finger.


 I think I can see the top of the mountain that I should reach now.


 If so, I’m curious about the scenery ahead.


 I cannot hide my excitement for my sword, which is being polished, even though I am swinging it without thinking about it.


 I don’t know how many times I have swung it.


 That excitement alone began to occupy my mind.


 And finally.



“!? Kaa!” (Jiro)



 A mocking sneer on my face.


 I had been running, hiding, watching from afar.


 I had reached something that I couldn’t reach.


 I felt such a sensation from the tip of my hand.


 It should have been the same, but it was a swing that felt all different from the first time.


 There was no response, yet I felt the response of cutting.


 A cut into something thick and thin, hard and soft.


 I don’t need to tell myself not to rush, I think I’ve shown the best concentration I’ve ever shown in this moment.


 A light shines through the white world.


 The light becomes brighter and brighter with each swing of my sword.


 A small cut becomes a large crack.


 And that crack eventually transforms into a path that a single person can pass through.


 Ah, it’s fun.


 And a shame.


 The end will definitely come, even though I want to improve myself more in this space.


 The heat in my body, which has stopped my loneliness, cools down.


 It can’t be helped, and reason, which has returned to itself because this is what it is meant to do, rushes my body to jump into the gap.


 I enter the gap, feeling tired even though I am not tired, and feeling a sense of accomplishment, but at the same time feeling a contradictory feeling of being somehow inadequate.



“Hey, thank you for waiting.” (Jiro)



 A being who was from the otherworld, neither the white world nor the original world, where I had entered.


 A being that was there.


 I can be sure of it.


 I understood it even though I had not spoken to it.



“Are you the spirit Valus?” (Jiro)



 I looked up at the figure sitting cross-legged on top of the giant white snake, which was whistling in the afterglow of excitement, in a tone that had become crude.



Note for the Day

If someone else can do it, there is a possibility that you can do it too.



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