Otherworld Company Chapter 163.2: It Is Fundamental To Be Cautious When Presenting Conditions

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 I thought she was asking me to give her a break from fighting because she lacked the strength to fight, but even though she looks like an ordinary auntie, she is a special class spirit.


 Her fighting ability also seems to be quite high.


 Such a spirit simply doesn’t like fighting and is purely acting on defense.


 There, I understood the meaning of the gaze of the spirit Valus, who was still watching me.



“Can you extend my life?” (Jiro)


“Oh, yes, I’d be happy to do that. I’ll stop you from aging to the extent that you can walk with the person you told me about. In addition, I will even allow you to grow.” (Valus)


“That’s all I need.” (Jiro)


“Oh, you are surprisingly restrained. I thought you’d want more.” (Valus)


“Because I might receive strength that is beyond my control. Moderate is the best. That’s how strong your power is, right?” (Jiro)


“Oh, so you do understand?” (Valus)


“The way you said it was weird. And the way you looked at me was deliberate. You even provoke me too often.” (Jiro)



 As the name “spirit of time and space” implies, the spirit has the ability to manipulate time and space, there is no way such an existence is weak.


 And this carefree attitude from the beginning.


 There may be an intention to agitate the challenger and make the contract crumble, but there is also a glimpse of the intention to measure the mental ability to control the power behind it.



“What is it really like? If I wield your power with violence.” (Jiro)


“I’ll leave it to your imagination. I’ll at the very least exceed your imagination.” (Valus)


“What a vague and obtuse spirit.” (Jiro)


“You haven’t lived long enough.” (Valus)



 The person with whom I am trying to make a contract has not yet fully shown the full extent of her power.


 If my imagination is correct, then the existence in front of me has power equal to or even greater than that of the Demon King.


 Forcibly seeking power from such a person in this situation where trust has been earned neither for the other person nor for myself is dangerous.


 No, the possibility of me being one-sidedly annihilated is probably higher.


 If the other party takes the initiative in giving it to me, it doesn’t matter, but they are trying to assess me by giving away their power in small amounts.


 The opportunity to gain power will come when I improve myself.


 All I have to do is wait for that time.


 It would be a complete disaster if I forced myself to ask for her power and ended up failing to achieve my original goal.



“Well, then I’ll be satisfied with this situation for now.” (Jiro)


“Oh, if you’re okay with that, I’m also fine with it, but is this really enough?” (Valus)


“You’re not joking. …Could you give me a space where I can store anything I want, where I can take things out at will, and where the contents won’t deteriorate. Can I have that kind of space?” (Jiro)



 I came to such a conclusion and meekly backed away, but this spirit teased me about my attitude as if she was looking at something small and cute.


 Perhaps, my attitude has reached a passable level this time.


 So, as an added bonus, I guess she was willing to lend me a little extra strength.


 I thought it would be better not to waste such an opportunity, and what I came up with was a way to carry materials and recovery items, which I thought were inconvenient when attacking dungeons.


 The magic bag was expensive, and if it were to break, the contents would be scattered all over the surrounding area.



“Also, please let me use the space just before for training, even during your free time.” (Jiro)


“Oh, it would be nice you went in that direction. Even so, even though I asked for it, it’s strange. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a contractor who has requested such a contract.” (Valus)


“It was mutually beneficial. It’s not that I’m unusual.” (Jiro)



 I didn’t think I’d get an OK sign even for what I asked for, but if the other side says it’s good, I won’t say anything.


 As a condition, what I’m currently looking for is convenience, which doesn’t directly lead to an improvement in combat ability, but it’s indirectly useful.


 In addition, there was the possibility of renewing the contract and improving its content in the future.


 As for me, I feel as if I borrowed the power to get past human limitations, but I think the result is excellent.


 And the spirit Valus understood this and nodded that she was not dissatisfied with the contents of the contract.



“Then, I’d like to get on with the contract.” (Jiro)


“…is that an uninvited guest at this time?” (Valus)



 The appearance of her looking up at the sky and her mouth curved down. There seems to be an existence that plans to interfere with the contract. It gives off an atmosphere as if some kind of problem is about to rain down.


 When I asked the spirit, she pointed to the sky as if to affirm my doubts.



“Well, there’s no way a human like me can see that.” (Jiro)


“If you can cut through space, you can at least see what’s out there, can’t you?” (Valus)


“It’s like telling a fawn that has just stood up to sprint. That’s too high a hurdle.” (Jiro)



 But I didn’t know if there was anything beyond where she was pointing at.


 The space with the white sky does not reflect anything, but if there is something beyond it, then there must be something.


 I put my hand on the Mineral Tree and stared carefully in the direction of her fingertip and began to see a black dot the size of a grain of rice in the white world.



“Huh, I wonder if it’s fashionable for kids these days to break space instead of unraveling it. I didn’t expect them to break through my space twice in the same day. On top of that.” (Valus)



 The dots gradually grew larger and larger, creating a black whirlpool of sorts.


 They neither break nor cut through space.


 As if to violate and erode the space, the black vortex gradually expanded and produced a mass of some black cloth with a gusher from the space.


 Silhouettes fell from one to another.



“I can’t believe they’re dropping these things into my space?” (Valus)


“…Undeads!?” (Jiro)



 I remember that presence.


 It was black and ominous, a heavy atmosphere that would disgust any living person.


 Every time the being in front of me breathes, everything living rots away.


 Instructor Fusio, with their deadly atmosphere peculiar to the dead, which he usually suppresses, exclaims the identity of the black air.



“Is this one of your acquaintances?” (Valus)


“I have acquaintances among the undead, but I don’t have acquaintances with such hostile groups!” (Jiro)


“Is that so? I don’t care which one they are, but I’m not very good with these time-starved ones. So you should do something about it. If you do something about it, I’ll make a contract with you.” (Valus)



 An undead is something beyond death.


 They are freed from the chains of time.


 They naturally become an incompatible existence for Valus, who controls time and space.


 I would like to complain to the spirit who is throwing me a buffet of trouble, but it seems that I don’t have time to quarrel with her.


 The red, ominous eyes will definitely look at me first.


 I caught the enemy as originally planned, but that does not mean it is expedient.


 Fed up with their ill-timed appearance, I take a step forward and embark on a fight to deal with them.



Note for the Day

There is nothing more annoying and bothersome than an uninvited guest.



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