Otherworld Company Chapter 164.2: The End Result of Ignoring Risk and Seeking Only Results

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  Another Side



~3rd Person Perspective~



 From the young man’s point of view, who thought the person in charge was on his side, the warning was nothing but a betrayal.


 From the point of view of the person in charge, it was nothing more than advice with good intentions to help a young person, but from the young man’s point of view, those words sounded like words of betrayal.


 Therefore, he distanced himself from his handler as well, thinking that he was the only one he could trust.


 Then he suddenly remembered.


 There was one old man who had become a failure.


 He was not sure if he could tackle the dungeon alone.


 No, in the future, one person would be enough, but for now, he thought, it was necessary.


 Remembering that he wanted to be a vanguard, he decided that it would be better than not being there, and he looked for the old man who was rumored to have left the company.


 Since he had not heard any rumors that he had quit the company, he assumed that he was probably fighting inefficiently on his own, and what he found was a sight that the young man had not expected.


 He was able to find the rumored old man.


 He appeared calmly from the exit of the dungeon.


 When he found him, the young man’s mouth curled into a happy smile.


 But the smile did not last long.


 A man slightly younger than the old man followed him, followed by a man and a woman who seemed to be younger than the young man, and then two women about the same age came out behind them, arguing with each other.


 Then a dark elf woman walked up to him to greet the old man.


 The woman’s face was happy that the old man had returned home safely from the young man’s point of view.


 He could see the affection for the old man in that expression.




 A friendly sight.


 Such words came to the young man’s mind.


 He wanted to shout out that it was a lie.


 He wanted to shout, “Why are you smiling when I’m having such a hard time?”


 But as a result, the young man could do nothing.


 His emotions were out of control, and he was at a loss.


 And when his emotions had calmed down, even slightly, what he did was to run away from the scene as fast as he could, letting his emotions take over, he could no longer believe in anything.


 He felt that the whole world was against him.


 From that point on, the young man’s only course of action was to cling to this special world.


 He simply went about his business alone, eager to make a place for himself in the company.


 But even these actions wore away at his spirit.


 He was immersed in the dungeons, returning to the room he rented with his part-time job money only to sleep and eat.


 Like a recluse immersed in an Internet game, he spent his days just trying to get through the dungeon.


 One step forward, three steps forward, two steps back.


 He could not conquer the dungeon as he wished, and his frustration at not being able to succeed grew so great that he began to ignore the advice of his supervisor and pursue only the strength of the dungeon.


 One day, a man appeared in front of the young man who was trying to conquer a dungeon.



“You’re pretty strong, aren’t you?” (Robed Man)



 At first, he thought another tester was talking to him.


 He was dressed in a black robe and could not be seen in his entirety.


 Suspicious, the young man thought.


 But the young man had never met an enemy who spoke his language in the dungeon, so he was wary and decided that the person in front of him was a colleague he had met by chance in the dungeon.


 He had seen the young man fight and admired him for it, which was probably another factor that made the young man less cautious.


 That is how the young man met the man.


 And it was the young man’s biggest mistake.


 In an environment where only words of negativity were radiated, the presence of a man who threw words of affirmation became a stronghold for the young man.


 It was only a matter of time before he would get to know such a man.


 It was only a few days after meeting that the young man and the man secretly met up in a dungeon, where the young man felt a sense of familiarity with the man’s words about not getting along well with his current party, and began to make progress on their strategy.


 The young man was very grateful that he could try to conquer the dungeon two or three times a week, though not every day.


 In addition, the man who was perfectly in tune with the young man’s actions and was throwing compliments to the young man’s face was an ideal companion for him.


 From that point on, it was as if his previous difficulties were a lie, as he was able to dungeon dive smoothly.


 The young man, who thought that all the hard work he had done up to this point had been for this day, turned his face from the depression he had been feeling to one of joy and began to challenge the dungeon with glee.


 The reaction of the people around him was positive, as the young man began to show results and change the atmosphere.


 The person in charge also settled the storm of advice until now as if it were a lie.


 Everything turned around, and the young man entered a golden period of his life.


 Every day was fun.


 He was enjoying every day so much that he could put the past behind him.


 The man then gave the young man a present.


 The man told the young man that he had found it in a treasure chest when he challenged a dungeon. The man, who was not good at close combat, told the young man that it was unnecessary for him and that he would definitely want the young man to use it.


 The man then presented him with a gray gauntlet and a seemingly ordinary dagger.


 The young man accepted them, thinking that it would be better for him to be able to fight in close combat as well.


 The man encouraged him to do his best, and from that day on, the young man began to wear the gauntlets and use the dagger.


 And the young man was even more pleased when the good things continued.


 The man gave him both a magical weapon and a magic tool.


 The gauntlet has a convenient function that makes it disappear at will along with the weapon held in his hand and reappear when he wants to equip it.


 In addition, the dagger also had the effect of erasing the wielder’s presence, and despite its appearance, its sharpness exceeded the expectations of the young man.


 You can attack one-sidedly without being noticed by the enemy.


 It was the moment when a young man believed he gained the greatest power.


 Dungeon monsters are not enemies in front of that power.


 So the young man didn’t notice.


 The malice of the man, and their true intentions.


 It was right after he left the man that he thought something was wrong.


 He left the dungeon and tried to sell off the drops to his usual tool store, but the clerk didn’t notice the young man.


 He clicked his tongue, he tried yelling at them, but they didn’t respond at all.


 The young man kicked the counter and left the store, feeling that his good mood was ruined.


 He vowed to write a report about the store clerk, and as he was walking through the underground facility, a tester party he had formed in the past appeared in front of him.


 The young man decided to make them regret kicking him out by bragging about his recent heroics, and he stood proudly in front of them and called out to them, but the testers didn’t stop and bumped into the young man.


 The young man was angered by this attitude.


 However, the testers did not hear his yell.


 The young man didn’t appear in the eyes of the testers who bumped into the empty space, dumbfounding and confusing them.


 The young man shouted at them not to ignore him, but they didn’t hear him.


 Instead, the men walked away, twisting their heads in confusion.


 There is nothing unnatural about that gesture.


 There was no sense of malice in their blatant disregard.


 The young man also thought the behavior was strange.


 He thought it was strange to be ignored by the store clerk and the testers.


 A cold sweat broke out, along with a bad premonition.


 Trying to shake off the thoughts that crossed his mind, no one recognized him when he spoke to anyone.


 A sense of loneliness overtook the young man.


 No one wanted to look at him.


 No one wanted to hear the young man’s voice.


 Each gesture made the young man’s body temperature drop.


 And so, the young man ran.


 Thinking that man, that man would surely look at him, he ran to the square where the characteristic rock of the Ogre King’s dungeon was located, even though he had not met up with the man.


 There the man was.


 Relieved that he was still there, the young man was anxious that this man would not recognize him either, but he suppressed his anxiety and walked slowly to the man.



“Hey, how does it feel to have a special power?” (Robed Man)



 The man easily notices the young man and talks to him, removing his anxiety.


 However, the voice was not the usual calm voice of the man.



“Stupid nobody.” (Robed Man)



 “It was all in the palm of my hand”, the man said to the young man, smiling and taunting the young man who had lost everything.



T/N: Well, that’s messed up. That young man should have remembered, “There’s no such thing as free food” and “free is the most expensive thing”. If someone is being extremely kind to you, they definitely have a motive.



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