Otherworld Company Chapter 165: The Impact Caused By Ripples From Taking Risks

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 Another Side



~3rd Person Perspective~



“There’s no still spirit here, huh?” (Amy)


“That’s right.” (Guide)


“You guys, there is no way we can easily find them near the entrance of the forest like this.” (Karen)



 In many cases, parties without the leader, Jiro Tanaka, are led by Kitamiya.


 Originally, the theory should be led by Kaido, who is the oldest, but unfortunately, he is in a position where he often stands in front and is not good at organizing people, so it is inefficient. Kitamiya, who is good in that field, is acting on his behalf.


 Of course, in battle, Minami often gives full instructions in her position as a strategist, but Kitamiya is the one who organizes the usual guidelines for such actions.


 This is why she is the one who, together with the dark elves who serve as guides, opens up the map and consults with them about where to go.


 In addition, Kitamiya herself was quite enthusiastic about signing the contract with a spirit this time, and her motivation was high.


 So when Jiro asked her to take on the role of coordinator, she accepted the role with open arms.


 She was careful to look at the two people who were putting their hands on their foreheads to look into the distance, but she immediately listened to the advice of the dark elf who was guiding them.



“So, after all, there are location characteristics where spirits are for each attribute stay, right?” (Karen)



 Spirits are beings that live close to nature, so in many cases, they are affected by the natural environment.


 So there is a tendency for them to be found in different habitat areas.



“Yes, for example, water spirits like to live in springs and lakes, fire spirits near volcanic craters, earth spirits in caves, and wind spirits in highlands and other windy places. Well, there are spirits with twisted personalities, so it’s unknown why some spirits stay in such places.” (Guide)


“I see, but if I go to that place, there is a good chance we will see a spirit, right?” (Karen)


“Yeah, that’s definitely true.” (Guide)



 In that case, Kitamiya thinks that it is not a good idea to walk around aimlessly.


 The other testers thought nothing of it and left it up to the guides to guide them to places where their target spirits were likely to be, but she felt that that would be inefficient.


 So, prepared to be late, she had a meeting in advance with the young dark elf who would be their guide.



“We have to decide on a destination first. Otherwise, it would be impossible to go around in the planned number of days. …Also, just to confirm, it depends on our luck to meet spirits of intermediate level and above, right?” (Karen)


“Yes, they have strong egos and are not easy to find, even for us dark elves. I can’t give you any advice on this. Well, it is still possible that you may see them today, even if they are rarely seen.” (Guide)



 The young dark elf who is guiding them this time carefully explains one by one what kind of spirits are in which places.


 The explanation makes Kitamiya’s mind work even harder.


 She doesn’t think that this schedule will go completely accordingly, but she decides that she should still make some guidelines.


 If she acted without thinking, she might be able to move freely, but she would get lost at which she could return to her original goal if they get lost.


 That is what she wanted to avoid.



“For the time being, I want everyone to be able to sign a contract, but… it may not be possible to do get what we want.” (Karen)


“The spirit will answer if it’s not something troublesome, but is there any reason?” (Guide)


“Haa, the hopes of the two innocently frolicking around there are troublesome. I wonder if we should start from the most plausible part for the time being. Amy’s wind spirit seems to be nearby, so let’s go from there.” (Karen)



 In the direction they pointed, there were two people, an older man, and a woman, searching in the trees, behind rocks, and in the bushes, as if they were looking for someone to play hide-and-seek with.


 After showing them their appearance, Kitamiya tells the guide that it’s okay to put those two off for later, and talks about things that can be done first.


 The dark elf who was guiding the group showed his approval.



“Maybe another guide will guide the two to their spot, so it’s better to go this way, even if it’s a little further away.” (Karen)



 Kaido’s wish is for a fire spirit.


 The fire spirit is on the stereotypical hero’s journey, and there are many of them, but unfortunately, fires are hard to find in the natural world.


 Therefore, the environment where it is easy to confirm its existence naturally is limited, and on the map Kitamiya sees, it is likely to be near the crater at the top of a volcano, which can be said to be the exact opposite of the forest entrance.


 This is the most remote location in terms of distance, and to be honest, it would take time.


 She herself specializes in fire magic and has the goal of strengthening it.


 So, although he mentioned that it would be troublesome, Kitamiya had no intention of denying it or telling him to give up, considering what she would have to do in the future.


 She understands and agrees that it is necessary to do so.


 It should be said that it is Minami’s wish that is the sole cause of the headache and the dictionary description of the word “troublesome”.


 Her role in the party is to provide auxiliary support.


 It is what is called a “behind-the-scenes” position.


 She has many opportunities to indirectly contribute to the battle by searching for her surroundings, raising the defense of her allies, and conversely lowering the attack power of her opponents.


 Kitamiya also recognizes Minami’s ability, although she does not say that she can do better with that personality because her role is wide-ranging and her attentiveness is important.


 The spirit that supports and assists her has to be a little special.


 Or, to put it another way, she does not know what kind of spirit she should contract with.


 In any case, she has so many roles that it is hard to know which one to strengthen.


 It is a little difficult for others who are not the person in question to choose.


 When Kitamiya asked her what kind of power she needed, she replied that she only needed a rare spirit.


 According to her, she can use any spirit with any peculiarities, and rather, it seems that it comes from the confidence that it will be more interesting to use it if it has peculiarities.


 From Kitamiya’s point of view, her goal is too vague and the goal is not narrowed down, so she wants to tell her to be clearer.


 The fact is that Kitamiya decided that Minami was the last person she wanted to deal with because she only talks about things that she has a good feeling about.


 Therefore, she put the troublesome matters on the back burner and dealt with what was easy to deal with first.


 Amelia and Masaru are the easiest to deal with.


 Amelia, who plays the role of a scout, or speed and stealth support can pick up distant sounds with her skills.


 Masaru, who plays the role of healer, wishes to sign up with a water spirit in order to increase the effectiveness of his recovery spells and to cut costs by independently producing potions, a typical housewife’s way of saving money.


 These two wishes were relatively simple, and the young dark elf answered immediately.



“Wow! Mike! What kind of spirits do you think are out there?” (Amy)


(Hmm, I’m sure there are all kinds of low-rank spirits, but with your personality, I’m sure you’d like a spirit with a lot of energy.) (Mike)


“Can we search for Masaru’s spirit after Amy?” (Karen)


“Yes, that’s fine.” (Masaru)


“Boo! Boo! Am I just an afterthought, that am I?” (Minami)


“Then you should place a more reasonable order. Just put yourself in the shoes of someone who has to think of the plan. Hey, cast physical strengthening.” (Karen)


“Understood~” (Minami)



 Kitamiya was a little annoyed by Minami’s remarks, but she thought it was normal, so she marked the map carefully and decided the order to go.


 Kitamiya sighed as she looked at the map and realized that her own wishes were a bit unique and would also have to be put on the back burner.


 She was also looking forward to signing a contract with a spirit and was motivated to do so as soon as possible.


 She is a strong-willed person, but her original serious nature allows her to carry out her work without saying a word about it.


 The schedule doesn’t allow for much leeway, so we want to move as quickly as possible.


 Minami casts reinforcement magic on the entire party to make them move faster, and they begin running through the forest under the lead of the dark elf.



“Oh! I couldn’t see them near the entrance, and there are quite a few.” (Amy)


“That’s right. They appear as soon as you leave the village, you are reminded of the difference in the living conditions.” (Guide)



 Even if they (some) usually push each other’s buttons, they are accustomed to moving in a group, and they have accumulated know-how to be vigilant of their surroundings, so it was possible to move while talking like this.


 If ordinary Japanese people had seen this scene, they would have asked, “Are you a ninja?” But Kaido and his team were able to do this because they were using every possible location in the dungeon as a foothold.


 On their way to the dungeon, they see various low-rank spirits.


 They may be on their way to other places, or they may just be in the forest, but they have come into view.



“……Mike~!” (Amy)


(What’s wrong?) (Mike)


“Somehow, I feel like the spirits are avoiding me.” (Amy)


(Hmm. You are not just feeling it, but they’re definitely avoiding you.) (Mike)



 Kitamiya’s group ran into a little problem along the way.


 Amelia spoke to Mike, who was inside her body, almost sobbing.


 Even though Amelia was moving at high speed, she continued to move forward using a thick branch as a foothold without hesitation.


 Although she was moving, she could not help but use the same foothold and would sometimes use a distant foothold on the spur of the moment.


 At such times, a butterfly-like lower-class spirit leaped out in front of Amelia.


 Amelia smiled to show her delight, but the butterfly’s reaction to her delight made its body tremble, and it ran away from the spot at a speed that would never have been possible from the butterfly’s appearance.


 Since the butterfly was on the run, she did not follow it, but there was no way that Amelia, having been shown such a gesture, would not think anything of it.


 At first, she thought she had startled them and tried talking to the other spirits again, but if she kept doing that, even her normally energetic spirit would tremble.



“Whyyyyy!” (Amy)


“Okay, there must be a reason. Let’s think carefully.” (Karen)



 On top of that, once she reached her destination, the spirits reacted to Amelia and fled all at once, as expected, her mental endurance value would reach its limit.


 The Dark Elf guide also had a troubled face because it was the first time for him to do something like this.


 Tears finally well up in her eyes and she hugs Kitamiya.


 Amelia, who is being held by Kitamiya, is also in a state of bewilderment, not expecting this to happen in the first place.


 She was sternly telling her to be firm, but the way she stroked Amelia’s hair was so gentle.



(Why is this happening?) (Mike)


“No, it’s Mike’s fault, no matter how you look at it, that it is.” (Minami)



 Mike, the cause of this phenomenon, curiously utters a question as if to express an invisible but head-tilting gesture.


 On the other hand, Minami, who accurately identified the cause from Mike’s identity, said with reproach that he shouldn’t say that.



“What do you mean?” (Amy)


“Mike is the soul of the self-proclaimed Demon King, that he is. It is no wonder that the spirits are frightened by his soul, that they expected to be.” (Minami)


“Oh~” (Amy)


“……” (Karen)



 It’s a known fact in the party, but the presence in Amelia’s soul is a classified one.


 The conversation between Amelia and Mike along the way was also in hushed tones.


 So, while thinking about the Dark Elf who was their guide and holding Amelia, Kitamiya listened to Minami, as she answered in a whisper.


 The spirits were frightened by the so-called spirit of the demon king.


 Amelia herself was not responsible, but it was the moment when it turned out that she could not make a contract with a spirit because she had Mike’s soul inside her.


 Suddenly the plan is foiled, and Kitamiya is left scratching her head as to what to do.


 She made an elementary mistake and didn’t expect this to happen, and she regrets that she doesn’t have the leader of this party to consult with to solve the cause of this problem.



“What should we do?” (Karen)


“I think we should leave today for now, that we should. Mr. Muir might know how to deal with this problem, that he might.” (Minami)


“…I see. I guess we’ll have to do that.” (Karen)


“Uuu… sorry.” (Amy)


“You don’t have to apologize, because it’s the idiot with you who’s to blame.” (Karen)


(Hahahaha, I can’t make excuses for this, but isn’t there a nicer way to say it?) (Mike)


“Shut up, freeloader.” (Karen)



 It may be more efficient to make contracts for other members, but Kitamiya decided that it should be avoided due to the atmosphere of the party. She apologized to their Dark Elf guide and decided to return to the base. She then thought.



“Huh? The weather is looking weird.” (Karen)


“It’s true, the moon was so beautiful just a few minutes ago.” (Guide)



 Suddenly, the weather became bad, and the moonlight was blocked from view, making it even more difficult to return.



(No, this is—) (Mike)


“Kitamiya! It is an enemy attack, that it is!” (Minami)



 Kitamiya thought it was just a normal weather problem, but the reaction of the two was slightly different.


 Mike sensed the suspicious atmosphere from the presence of their souls, while Minami sensed it using her detection magic.


 In the darkness of the forest, the spirits disappeared for reasons other than Amelia’s cause, and reddish-black glowing eyes began to emerge sparsely from the forest.


 Rather than see it, the people who had reacted to Minami’s voice quickly prepared themselves for battle and turned to face the glowing eyes.


 Ripples of trouble now appeared before their eyes.



T/N: Minami is quite the powerhouse, she just balances things with her absolute weirdness. Amy is so pitiful, ufufufu. Apparently, it was all Mike’s fault.



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