Otherworld Company Chapter 166.1: If A Person Moves, Ripples Will Occur To Counteract The First Ripple

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 Another Side



~3rd Person Perspective~



 How long has it been since we were attacked by an army of undead, a group with mysteriously shining red eyes?


 Kitamiya felt that it was about an hour.



“What is it with them? One after another! Minami! Did you find out anything!!?” (Karen)


“The only thing I know is that they are undead, and in terms of strength, they are in the same class as the ones we usually fight, and that there is probably a magic circle set up somewhere, and if we don’t destroy it, they will keep coming up endlessly, that I know. To put it simply, we are in a bad situation, that we are in a bad situation, that we are.” (Minami)


“Can’t you talk without messing around?” (Karen)



 Luckily, they noticed it in advance, even though it was just before they attacked, and they didn’t get ambushed.


 Kitamiya and Minami calmly observed the situation, and at the same time, one of them used attack magic and the other used support magic.


 In the meantime, Kaido, Amelia, and Masaru were in a formation.


 They had only a few seconds, enough time to intercept the routinely arriving undead, and thus were able to fight without confusion and deal with the outnumbered legion of undead.



“Let’s go big! Minami, the timing!” (Kaido)


“Yeah, yes, I’m going to strengthen you, that I will~! Kaido-senpai come back alive, that you will.” (Minami)


“Why are you naming only me? Your concern is ominous!?” (Kaido)



 As Minami declared, the undead within visible range are frozen in ice due to the wave of cold air created by the Kitamiya’s ice magic wave.


 In response, Minami’s enhancement magic is activated without a moment’s pause.



“Huh!? Let’s go!! Masaru, Amy!” (Kaido)


“Yes!” (Masaru)


“Yeah!!” (Amy)



 The three of them, seizing the opportunity and seeing that the opponent’s movement had stopped, ran out as fast as they could.


 The current party’s best move was to determine from their appearance and behavior, as well as their attack patterns, which is a system that grants negative status through miasma, that it is the same type as the one Minami had fought in the Undying King’s dungeon and choose a way to deal with it.


 The trouble with the undead is that they have a debuff element, a bad status grant attached to their normal attacks.


 In order to reduce the risk of this, they stopped them from moving.



“Good job!” (Kaido)


“Tsu!” (Masaru)


“Hey!!” (Amy)



 An undead is a creature that has broken through the limits of life.


 It refers to a being that never dies in its lifetime, is not bound by the constraints of time, and has had its soul defiled and its existence transformed.


 Kaido and the others aimed at and attacked a being standing in the rear guard, clad in filthy rags.


 It was a Lesser Lich, an undead being of a higher rank than skeletons and zombies.


 They are good at magic and have high magic resistance.


 In addition to the four low- and medium-rank fire, water, air, and earth magic that they use, they also use obstruction systems such as darkness magic, making them extremely troublesome.


 On the other hand, they have low physical defense, which is characteristic of the undead.


 Even undead are not indestructible, just because they are hard to kill.


 If they are of a higher rank, such as the Elder Vampires, or the True Ancestors, they can regenerate over time, even if their heads are obliterated, their hearts pierced, or 90% of their body tissues obliterated.


 Fortunately, however, the beings in front of us are not that hard to beat.


 They can be defeated by crushing their heads and hearts.


 However, even if they can be defeated, the Lesser Liches’ durability is about the same as that of an ant and an elephant compared to that of an ordinary person, so it takes a certain amount of strength to defeat them.


 The Lesser Lich is usually accompanied by a vanguard, such as a skeleton with a shield.


 Even when they fought in the dungeon, they never forgot to protect themselves.



“Get it done quickly! Ice restraints won’t last long against the undead!” (Karen)



 Naturally, the enemy this time did ignore that expectation, and there was a skeleton, covered in rust but wearing splendid armor.


 However, they handled that well and so far the undead posed no threat.


 Those skeletons that had moved forward and were about to attack were coping by having their legs completely frozen below the knees, blocking their movements.


 Kitamiya’s magic was not to defeat them but to stop their movement.


 But it would not last long, as Kitamiya had warned.


 With beings that have no sense of pain, freezing restraints only have the ability to restrain physical strength.


 The skeletons are trying to smash the ice with their shields, and some are even trying to pull out their legs by force, ignoring the possible pain.


 Due to the amount of remaining magic power, it was not possible to cover the entire body of the vanguards with ice, so she was only able to partially restrain them.


 However, for them, that small amount of time was enough.


 The vanguard stopped moving, and they slipped into the gap that was created and struck the troublesome enemy first.


 They always did this in the dungeons where they worked, achieving the highest efficiency with the least amount of effort.


 The three of them, without regard to the icy ground, run with firm steps, ignore the vanguard, and attack the rear guard, which has the most firepower.


 They cut off vital points such as the head, neck, and heart with their swords, smash and break them with their fists, and stab them sharply with their daggers.


 By the time the three of them have finished the job in a smart manner and are back in a position where they can play the role of the vanguard, the enemy vanguard starts to move, but if they have less firepower, they are less of a threat than they were before.


 The plan is to eliminate the remaining enemies and have a few minutes to catch their breath.



“How many times is this? And the interval?” (Karen)


“This is the fourth time, and the interval is five to ten minutes, that it is. The other party seems to be attacking spirits and humans at random, and it is definitely targeting our testers.” (Minami)


“That’s bad news. It’s like what Senior said. We have to be careful in the otherworld.” (Kaido)


“He just said that it includes that. It’s not always this. For the time being, it’s no use staying here for too long. It seems better to evacuate as soon as possible.” (Karen)


“Shouldn’t we go help the other testers?” (Amy)


“If we had the strength, we would, but right now we only have enough strength for a one-way ticket back. The pace of the battle is too fast for me and Minami to have enough magic power. It is better to evacuate according to the guide’s instructions than to make a poor move and slow us down.” (Karen)



 As soon as the unusual phenomenon of undead occurred, the dark elves who served as guides only indicated the direction of evacuation and ran into the forest in a flash.


 It is not that they left Kitamiya and the others behind.


 They usually enter this forest and play the role of foresters who protect the living space of the spirits.


 There are spirits in this forest that cannot fight well.


 Their role as foresters includes protecting these spirits from outside enemies, and for this reason, they must guide the spirits to take shelter.


 As a minimum, the dark elves who acted as guides gave us a map and a kind of compass that kept pointing in a certain direction, so there was no need to worry about Kitamiya and her companions getting lost.


 With the number of undead expected to increase as time goes on, it is the passage of time that should be of concern.



“I’m fine with that!? A reaction!” (Minami)


“““!?””” (Everyone)


“Wait, it’s an ally.” (Minami)



 As the party was about to leave the scene after deciding on the party’s next plan, there was a reaction in Minami’s alert net, and they quickly prepared themselves, but what came out of the forest was a group of people wearing special forest camouflage suits, which are often seen in movies in Japan.


 The group’s weapons were not automatic rifles, but swords, walking sticks, and knives, which gave them a fantasy-like appearance.


 The camouflage on their faces, combined with the darkness, made them difficult to identify.



“This is Platoon D3, we have found the fourth group of testers. I repeat, we have found the fourth group.” (Man)



 The man standing at the front of the group, who had stopped Kaido, who was about to launch an attack spell, with his hand, was communicating with someone via telepathy.


 After exchanging a few words, he turned around again.



“We are the unit that has been hiding in this forest under the direction of Lady Evia. Here is our identification.” (Demon)


“I guess they predicted this would happen. …This is our employee ID card. It also says that I report directly to the supervisor, and I have a coat of arms.” (Demon)



 The MAO Corporation employee ID card is specially made and is said to be almost impossible to duplicate in a magical environment.


 It memorizes the magic of the individual and becomes just a board without the flow of that specific magic power. Moreover, because of the special coating, it is impossible to overwrite letters on the surface.


 It is a convincing substitute for identification among employees.


 When Kitamiya took the employee ID card that one of the squad members had taken out and confirmed that it was blank, it did not show any reaction to the flow of her own magic power.


 In addition, the crest indicating the supervisor’s affiliation is a decisive factor.



 Kitamiya nodded to the party members to indicate that it was okay, and their next move was decided.



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