Otherworld Company Chapter 166.2: If A Person Moves, Ripples Will Occur To Counteract The First Ripple

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 It is a convincing substitute for identification among employees.


 When Kitamiya took the employee ID card that one of the squad members had taken out and confirmed that it was blank, it did not show any reaction to the flow of her own magic power.


 In addition, the crest indicating the supervisor’s affiliation is a decisive factor.


 Kitamiya nodded to the party members to indicate that it was okay, and their next move was decided.



“We will escort you as close to the village as possible. There are reports that other units have entered into an engagement with Zombie Dragons in the path of the evacuation route. We will take a detour, so follow us.” (Demon)



 The men, in a cold sweat at the thought that they might have been caught up in the battle if they had evacuated straight ahead, rushed toward the path that deviated slightly from the direction indicated by the compass.



“Unlike on the way here, it’s noisy.” (Kaido)


“Yes, it was quiet when I came, but now…” (Masaru)



 Various sounds are heard from the surroundings, starting with explosions, flashes of thunder, the sound of bursting water, the sound of trees falling, and so on, far from the silence of the forest.


 Kitamiya and the others look around as they run after the platoon leader, who is taking a course to avoid the battle.


 As Kaido and Masaru had said, the difference between going and returning was obvious, and although it was not something they had caused, they still felt a bad aftertaste.



“!? Wait a minute!?” (Amy)



 At that time, Amelia called for everyone to stop.


 The party reacted without hesitation to her voice, and the supervisor’s men reacted without delay, or even earlier than Kaido and the others, alerting their surroundings and stopping the movement.



“What’s wrong, Amy, is it an enemy?” (Karen)


“No… not an enemy.” (Amy)



 Kitamiya, who was nearby, asks if something happened, but Amelia puts both hands on her ears and tries to pick up the sounds around her, trying to find something.



“!? Oh no! There’s a spirit that failed to escape! Earlier, they said in a quiet voice, please help me, and it comes from there!” (Amy)



 Finding a reaction in a certain direction, she was forced to stop and appealed to Kitamiya that she was not making a mistake.



“Huh? I can’t hear it… Minami, what about you?” (Karen)


“There is no reaction in my detection range, that I know, but… Amy’s detection range is wider than mine, that I know.” (Minami)



 Kitamiya is unable to judge because she does not have the same detection system skills as Amelia, and she asks Minami, who is the scout in the party, to check, but she is also unable to confirm.


 The only one who can sense it is Amelia, and in addition, they are in the middle of evacuating right now.


 Normally, they would not have the time to stop here, much less rescue anyone.



“I’m sorry to interrupt, but our mission is to transport you. We don’t have time to stop and talk. We will contact you about rescuing the spirits. We’ll leave the rest to the dark elf foresters and resume our movement.” (Demon)



 Kitamiya believed they should be able to do it, and there’s no way they’ll let them do it.


 Everyone here understands that it would be a bad idea to act out of a poor sense of justice and act on one’s own initiative.


 However, if asked if she could ignore the voice of a life that is still calling for help, Amelia would shake her head.


 But she is not being selfish.


 Even if she were the only one running, the people in the party would have stopped her, and even if they didn’t, someone in the unit would have stopped her.


 But then, was this fate, or just a coincidence?



“!? Down there, that they are!?” (Minami)



 The ground suddenly shook.


 And the people spread.


 Less than a second later.



“Enemy, Ghoulworms! Three in number!!” (Demon)


“Intercept!!” (Demon)



 The enemy attacked as if they had timed it perfectly.


 Minami sensed a huge body moving through the ground.


 It was a huge worm turned undead, a monster that only thought about preying on them.


 Its proud shell was cracked, and the miasma leaked from its crevices, spreading a foul odor around the area, and causing its huge body to undulate and lash out.


 The violence of its chaotic gluttony, and the slight space it creates to switch between thoughts.



(Run, Amy!!) (Mike)


“Yeah! Excuse me!!” (Amy)



 Another personality lurking in Amelia that didn’t miss it.


 It was precisely because Mike was inside that he could sense that she wasn’t lying and that she really wanted to help, and that’s why he gave her this advice.



“Amy!” (Karen)


“Wait, it’s not a good idea to act alone at this time!!” (Kaido)


“Minami! Enhancement magic!” (Karen)


“I’ll do it now, that I will!!” (Minami)


“Wait! You can’t act on your own! What the!?” (Demon)



 In addition, Amelia was the fastest girl at the party, and once she was swept away by her emotions and started running with perfect timing, there was no one to stop her.


 She becomes a single wind, leaving behind everything, including Kitamiya’s words of restraint, Kaido’s impatience, Masaru’s hand which she reaches out as quickly as she can, and Minami’s response to chase after her.


 It was just good intentions that drove her.


 The others are not so heartless as to let her go alone.


 One is worried about her younger sister-like existence, one is heartbroken that she will be scolded later, one sympathizes with her actions, and the other thinks it is troublesome but cannot abandon her because of her kindness. With a wry smile, each ran with all their might to chase after her.


 The demons did not try to stop her, because a storm of violence unfortunately prevented them.


 Amelia ran as fast as she could, ignoring all the undead along the way, and there it was, just ahead of her.



“Found them!!” (Amy)



 She wondered if it could be called the hollow of a big tree, there a small red dog, the size of a puppy, was breathing fire in a desperate attempt to scare away the skeletons and zombies, but they were not the kind of beings that would burn with such a small flame.


 Far from trying to keep them from getting closer, all it could do was delay them.


 Behind the red dog, other small spirits were huddled together and trembled.



“Mike! Get ready!” (Amy)


(Understood.) (Mike)



 Seeing this, Amelia moved faster and accelerated even more, like she had become the wind itself.


 As she asked for information to be directed to her, she attacked the army of undead with a dagger in her hand.



(Three of them are coming from the right.) (Mike)


“Okay!” (Amy)



 She decapitates the nearest zombie and uses its shoulder as a foothold to kick and crush the skeleton’s head.


 She continued to run around and stood her ground so that they would not be able to pin her.


 She moves around with fluidity to reduce their numbers as much as possible and direct their attention to her.


 Meanwhile, wolf zombies and undead wolves form a pack and attack Amelia.


 Unlike humanoid zombies, they move quickly.


 Mike warns her of this, and Amelia intercepts them.


 Meanwhile, Amelia is getting impatient as the horde of undead slowly approaches the spirits.



(Amy, go around them from the right.) (Mike)


“Got it!” (Amy)


(Just go, your speed will get you there in time.) (Mike)



 As she watches the scene from the side, impatience slowly grows in her heart and her movements begin to become clumsy.


 A dagger sliced through the undead wolf’s face, and just as I was about to run out to the spirit in a straight line, Mike gave her an instruction.


 For a moment, she almost objected to it, but with what little reason she had left to think about it, she stopped herself and ran as fast as she could.


 She was originally a hero candidate with a hidden potential.


 She continued to train her talent even after she was hired by the company as a part-time worker, and she ran through the slightest gap as if she were doing dance steps.


 Without slowing down, she succeeded in coming around from the right.



(The rest is a straight line, if you go forward while running with all your might!) (Mike)


“I’m going!” (Amy)



 But that’s it.



(What we do next?) (Mike)


“Mike!?” (Amy)


(Well, I thought I’d address your concerns for now, but thinking back, I realize you’re the type who moves immediately and fights.) (Mike)



 It was merely a matter of jumping into enemy territory.


 As a result of moving as instructed by Mike, she put herself in a position to shield the spirits behind, but that position was, to put it bluntly, a dead end.


 Some would simply say she was cornered.


 Mike’s actions were advice in an attempt to eliminate Amelia’s anxiety, but in fact, it turned out to be a negative.


 Amelia glanced at the staring eyes behind her and could only smile at the number of undead slowly approaching from in front of her.



“What should I do next?” (Amy)



 The result of her lack of forethought blocked her ability to use her signature maneuvers, and she was unable to find a way to make a move.



“Seriously, I’ll scold you later, Amy! Look! Charge in!!” (Karen)


“You’re so reckless!! Absolutely reckless!” (Kaido)


“Hey Minami get to work!!” (Masaru)


“Wait a minute, that you should. After doing all that running, it’s really hard, that it is.” (Minami)



 As if to drown out her fears, ice arrows rained down, followed by the sound of a man flying in.


 Following that, the sound of blows echoed.


 Barriers were set up in front of Amelia.



“Guys!” (Amy)



 Undead are decreasing one after another.



“Look, I am also moving my hands. I’m sorry that I’ve made it this far and have zero results!” (Amy)



 Amelia smiled for a moment at everyone who followed her despite her selfishness.



“Yes, it’s all going to be okay, just wait and see!!!” (Amy)



 She smiled at the spirits behind her, assuring them that everything would be all right, and ran off again.



T/N: Still as reckless Amy. I guess heroes even candidates are just as reckless. Jiro is going to be proud and angry. Hahaha. 



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