Otherworld Company Chapter 167.1: Solving Problems In His Specialty Area, Later As A Firefighter

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“Tch, I can’t help but feel confused about the undead. If possible, I wanted to confirm my current power here.” (Jiro)



 The spirit of time and space, Valus, interrupted while making a contract, and the fact that undead were thrown into such a remote area, it should be assumed that they were also thrown into the forest where Kaido and his group were heading, although it probably might not be the case.


 If so, I tried to fight to familiarize myself with the new strength I had acquired in that space earlier in the day.



“Take this!” (Jiro)



 It had become much more difficult to adjust my strength.


 I can’t tell if my status increased or not until I use the app, but my body’s movements are smooth and my senses are sharper, so I’m able to cut more easily than before.


 Unfortunately, however, although undying have high vitality, I must say that they are not very hard.


 So, I must say that they are not suitable for the test cut.



“Ah~, I don’t mean to be pompous, but can’t I find one that has a little more weight? Well, I guess I’ll just have to accept the fact that my work is done early.” (Jiro)



 I don’t mean to use these words against an undead, but the scene in front of my eyes right now is a heap of corpses.


 Including filthy pieces of cloth, bones, and carrion of various kinds.



“Your way of cutting is unusual. You are now stepping into a realm where you are trying to cut concepts, beyond physical. Even in that state, you can cut most things, but complaining about it to your partner is selfish. My contractor must have been a ridiculous human.” (Valus) [T/N: Auntie Valus is correct. Jiro is a muscle-brai– *ahem* powerful warrior.]



 It was not an optical illusion of my eyes that all those cut surfaces were so smooth.


 According to Lady Valus, my sword slashes are not an act of cutting physical adhesion based on atomic theory, but rather a cutting of the meaning of bonds, even if it is only one leg.


 To put it plainly, I am trying to cut the concept of bonds and eliminate the phenomenon itself.


 I am beginning to have some kind of ridiculous, chunnibyou nonsense added to my slashes.



“What’s that? What about the undead who normally would not die so easily even if they were cut down? It is laughable that the physical phenomenon is not doing its job at all. In front of this slash, the meaning of vanguards is completely lost.” (Jiro)


“You didn’t consciously aim for it, you unconsciously acquired it. …That’s just as horrifying as it sounds. But your slashes are just the beginning. Think calmly. If you can create such a slash, you can do the same with defense if you master it, right? If you live as long as we have, defense against a concept itself is a given, and there are plenty of ways to block those slashes.” (Valus)



 I felt as if she had casually told me that the area I had entered was just the tip of the iceberg.



“Is this really a battle of contradictions? No, it’s more like a tug-of-war, in which case who’s stronger?” (Jiro)


“From there, it’s purely a matter of strength. In other words, the one who is not diligent enough loses.” (Valus)


“I see.” (Jiro)



 And what would be the reaction of the instructors when they heard this conversation?


 Surprised? Would they be alarmed? Or would they enjoy it?


 I expect they’ll be somewhat more likely to enjoy it, but at least I don’t think they’ll be able to do what I could do.


 I think Instructor Kio would laugh and fight me.


 I can’t see a future where Instructor Fusio would let me get close to his attack range in the first place.


 Even though I have reached this realm, I still can’t see his back.


 I haven’t even reached the base of the wall that I’m aiming for in my heart, let alone overcome it.


 I snicker at my own arrogance, wondering what I’m getting myself into after less than a year, but for the time being, I turn around and look up at the spirit Valus.


 Now is not the time for sentimentality.


 She is sitting on top of the snake, looking down at me, as she has been since we first met.



“Now, it seems we’re running out of time, so I’ll make this quick. Let’s make a contract.” (Jiro)


“I guess it would be troublesome if we talked about it again later, so let’s finish it here and now.” (Valus)



 The spirit conversed with such ease that it was as if she was wondering if she was going to buy something she forgot to buy, the giant serpent lowers its head to the ground, and Lady Valus descends from its head.


 However, his feet did not land on the ground, but floated 30 centimeters above the ground like a floating spirit, approaching us and stopping about two meters in front of us.



“Well, Contractor. Once again, what’s your name?” (Valus)



 I had expected her to use her tone, and mood, or to go into the arrangements for making a contract, but she showed no sign of caring about my expectations and asked me my name in the same manner.



“Jiro Tanaka. I thought these things were supposed to be a little more rigid?” (Valus)



 I questioned whether that would be enough to make a contract, but Lady Valus answered that it was something like this.



“It seems like that is the case with the people around me, I don’t care about the formality. The point is just to exchange names and make a connection between you and me. It’s better to do it in a simple way, so it doesn’t take too much time and effort. And my name, Valus, the spirit who controls time and space. I entrust it to you.” (Valus)



 Is it the Spirit of Words?


 It’s a simple act of entrusting a name to someone.


 However, the words of this part of the speech resonate in my heart as if it were a heavy weight.


 I felt a sense of connection with the being in front of me.


 At the same time, the method of invoking the spirit, which I was not supposed to know, was also engraved on my heart.



“Well then, if something happens, I’ll help you, so do your best, Jiro.” (Valus)



 I held my chest as if I could feel something connected to my chest still, but Lady Valus casually announced that it was over.


 And at the same time, she stretches like an office worker after regular hours and slips back onto the snake’s head again.



“As soon as we sign the contract, you’re relaxing. Well, it’s okay to be comfortable. What should I call you? Are you alright with Lady Valus? In that case, the honorifics I use should be consistent.” (Jiro)


“Hmm, that’s normal, but if that’s the case, I somehow feel a distance, so it’s fine to put that aside, okay? Of course, you don’t need to use honorifics. By the way, my acquaintance the Water Spirit calls me Vachan. Do you want to try using that?” (Valus)


“…I can’t. I can’t call you using that. How about Ms. Valus?” (Jiro)


“That’s just normal, well, let’s just go with it. It doesn’t look like we have much time.” (Valus)



 I didn’t have the mentality or personality to use her nickname, so I avoided calling her Vachan, and changed how I addressed Lady Valus to Ms. Valus.


 And as Ms. Valus said, it doesn’t seem like we have much time right now.


 Thanks to the undead breaking through space, the flow of time in this place is also flowing normally.


 The time spent fighting the undead is not long, but it is not short either, so the situation is probably changing every second even now.


 It is a situation that calls for swift action.



“Now, I know I’m asking the wrong thing out of the blue, but as a celebration of our contract, would you be willing to lend me a glimpse of your power?” (Jiro)


“Oh, you’re such a selfish contractor, well, let’s just close our eyes this time. Should I send you to the source of the undead?” (Valus)


“Yeah, I’d like to get this over with and go on vacation.” (Jiro)


“Fufu, I don’t hate that kind of thinking, you know? But are you sure? The miasma is quite thick in the place you’re talking about.” (Valus)


“I’ll take care of it. If you need me, I’ll be there.” (Jiro)


“Somehow, I feel like I’m being forced into a lot of trouble when I made a contract.” (Valus) [T/N: Jiro is a landmine stepping death flag raising muscle brain. Ufufufu.]


“I have a personality that clearly separates my work and other people’s work. If you’re not going to fight, I’d like you to give me full support, and I’m asking this from someone who has a very narrow and fragile hand. You don’t want your contractor to die on the first day of his contract, do you? It’s the start of our first contract. Please make it a big one.” (Jiro)


“I can’t help it. Just this once, okay? If my first contractor is a guy like you, maybe the next contractor should be a little gentler?” (Valus)


“Then, lighten the trial a little more, otherwise you will end up signing contracts with weirdos like me.” (Jiro) [T/N: LOL. Jiro is a self-aware weirdo.]


“I’ll think about it~ Now, I’ll send you on your way~” (Valus)



 The contract with the spirit after all the twists and turns was over.


 Although not physically tired, I am mentally exhausted.


 However, even so, if I decide that there is no problem and give her a mischievous grin, she then responds with a wide smile saying that the mischief of a mischievous child can’t be helped.


 In the midst of the chit-chat and joking, Ms. Valus waved her hand behind me as I entered the gap created by a rupture in the space she had prepared.



 And then, when I was sent out, I saw the place in front of me.



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