Otherworld Company Chapter 167.2: Solving Problems In His Specialty Area, Later As A Firefighter

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 The contract with the spirit after all the twists and turns was over.


 Although not physically tired, I am mentally exhausted.


 However, even so, if I decide that there is no problem and give her a mischievous grin, she then responds with a wide smile saying that the mischief of a mischievous child can’t be helped.


 In the midst of the chit-chat and joking, Ms. Valus waved her hand behind me as I entered the gap created by a rupture in the space she had prepared.


 And then, when I was sent out, I saw the place in front of me.



“This is hideous.” (Jiro)



 Like hell was in front of me.


 It was a space with an atmosphere similar to the dungeon of the Undying King, but while there seemed to be order in the dungeon, there was none in this place.


 It was just a space where death was sprinkled around.


 Instead, skeletons of various races, zombies of various kinds, and ghosts, a lineup that one might be tempted to call a fair of lifeless beings, were walking about in accordance with their desires.



“Something like an indiscriminate terrorist attack?” (Jiro)



 The space rich in nature known as the Spirit Forest has disappeared without a trace, the trees have dried up, the soil has become dirty, and the springs have turned into poison.


 The environment is too harsh for living things to survive.


 It’s a space like that, so it won’t get any dirtier, and without hesitation, I light a cigarette that I was hesitant to smoke in the Spirit Forest, and after inhaling the smoke to my heart’s content, I blew out the white smoke.


 The white smoke was also consumed by the miasma and disappeared in a matter of seconds, but it was enough to attract the gazes of the undead.


 The sensation of being entangled in a gaze that is more viscous than sharp and piercing is, to tell the truth, unpleasant.


 I thought of the culprit who did this, wondering how such a space could be created and whether he or she would not be bothered by it.



“Now then, this is overtime. It’s time to work overtime. Even if it’s for service, it’s overtime. Is it an occupational hazard that the mere mention of the word ‘overtime’ makes me start to feel despair, you know?” (Jiro)



 I pull out the Mineral Tree to settle things down a little before the supervisor’s unit arrives.


 Slightly, I chuckled at my partner, who pulsates magic to convey their aversion to cutting these creatures. [T/N: Mineral Tree is gaining an ego.]



“Yeah, I know how you feel, but I’ll take care of it later, just don’t curl up, partner. If you bend it in a place like this, I’ll be in real trouble. I don’t want to have to deal with these guys with my bare hands.” (Jiro)



 He said something like, if I’m going to fight, I’d like to fight with someone a little better than them. And he doesn’t know if my aversion to battle has become paralyzed or is fully gone.


 I find it reliable to have a partner who pulsates to convey understanding and intentions.


 Regardless of my state of mind, I let out a roar of joy that my prey had arrived, and the swarm of undead approached me from all directions.


 They closed the distance in the blink of an eye and attacked me with such force that I should say they became a flood of opponents.



“Ah~, I still have a strange sensation when I cut them off. Can I get used to this in this battle?” (Jiro)



 Still, I don’t panic and swing the mineral tree.


 Physically, no, in this case, it would be better to say weight-wise.


 Normally, even if I had cut down the first wave of enemies, my body would have been instantly swallowed by the next wave of undead before the next attack could be launched.


 But I was not afraid of that now.


 At any rate.



“Well, let’s move on, shall we?” (Jiro)



 That’s because that’s what happens when you make a normal slash.


 At that pace, one strike per second, I would have been defeated by the sheer number of undead.


 However, I can make a double-digit slash in the blink of an eye, as if I were lightly flinging it.


 In addition, that slash is in the realm of being able to cut concepts, thoughts, and other things that can never be physically cut.


 What are the results?


 Needless to say, the results speak for themselves.


 A storm of slashes struck the undead.


 Feeling on my skin the gust of wind that was swept up by such a sword strike, I suddenly thought to myself.


 In a sense, it may have been a natural consequence of the fact that Instructor Kio made a mistake in his first attack on me during the training for newcomers.


 It is difficult to adjust the force.


 Even though I swung lightly, I was able to unleash one slash at a time at the majority of the undead that came rushing toward me.


 It took only a few moments to make them realize that they had been cut, and by the time they realized it, their necks and torsos, bodies vertically, upper and lower halves, were moving apart, regardless of where they were cut.


 It is a sword that returns the undead things to death.


 I had mastered it.


 I enter the realm of the undead as casually as if I were going for a leisurely stroll, but nothing can stop me.



“Ah~, the air is bad. Damn, didn’t the person who did this learn from his parents not to do anything that would cause trouble for others? Oh, I guess they didn’t learn that, or else they wouldn’t have done this. Or maybe they’re an idiot who thinks this is the right thing to do, or maybe the structure of their head itself is wrong.” (Jiro)



 I’m not in the mood for this job, and to distract myself, I complain to the person who caused this incident, but I have no choice but to not do it, no matter what I say, so I silently move my mouth and Mineral Tree.


 I literally cut down the enemies attacking from all directions, from front and back, left and right, above and below the ground and walked toward the gradually thickening miasma.


 Naturally, the further I advance, the more enemies I encounter and the more types of enemies I encounter.


 Each time the number of enemies increases, the tip of my swings for a moment without even leaving an afterimage.


 With that, a skeleton is split into three equal parts, a zombie is transformed into a body with only its torso left, and ghosts vanish without a trace.



“A worm huh?” (Jiro)



 For what seemed to be the umpteenth time, a ghoulworm came out of the ground with its large mouth open, revealing a set of crooked fangs, ready to devour me.



“Hng!” (Jiro)



 With a slight pause for a breath and a little push, the zombie worm’s mouth is diced, and the sliced pieces of flesh, along with the blood, fly off in a shockwave as I swing through the air.


 The Ghoulworm’s fangs, a natural claymore, are also included in the flying fragments, which strike the zombies and skeletons, causing damage all around.



“Ah, a Lesser Lich?” (Jiro)



 Magic works the same way.


 The flying fireballs are detected by magic detection and scattered with slashes before the heat reaches me.


 If ice, wind, stone, and darkness are all made of magic, then I can channel the magic into the Mineral Tree and make the magic cut through it.


 The instructor’s teaching was extreme, but it was also a truth.


 At the time, I thought it was as outlandish as saying that a tsunami should be cut through with a water cutter, but when I tried it, I found that it was indeed true.


 From a distance, I could see the Lesser Lich who had released the magic and seemed puzzled that I had canceled it out with a slash.



“Is the next challenge going to be physical?” (Jiro)



 The more time I spend fighting my opponent in the midst of his confusion, the more I see the next task in my mind.


 I have entered the realm of the inhuman in terms of swordsmanship, but in contrast, I have not been able to move my body in the same way.


 Now I can run through a hundred meters in two or three seconds, but that is still not enough.


 Although I am not physically straining when I wield the mineral tree, I still have the feeling that I am not making full use of my physical body.


 This case made me realize that if I train my body more, I can step into the next realm.


 From Lesser Lich’s point of view, I would be a nightmare, though, as I cut off its magic while thinking about the future like that and run through at a speed it can’t escape.



“Now, my senses tell me it’s about time, but if my destination is further in and the noxious air gets any thicker, it’s going to start affecting my body.” (Jiro)



 The noxious air begins to emit purple smoke so that the concentration of the noxious air is visible.


 The black magic power is getting thicker in proportion to this, the source of this undead should be about to appear.



“I’m relieved to see that my fears were unfounded.” (Jiro)



 Something passes over me, as I had somehow guessed that my destination was near.


 It was a huge body that flew in to block the little moonlight that illuminated this hellish place.



“A gatekeeper or a guardian? Either way, it’s been a long time since I’ve fought a Zombie Dragon. And there’s two of them.” (Jiro)



 Even with their decomposed bodies, the dragon species are still a threat with their strong bodies.


 The green scales, which must have been magnificent when they were alive, are dirty and the wings are full of holes.


 When they landed on the ground, their huge bodies produced a huge impact, one blocking my path and the other cutting off my retreat.


 The point where Ms. Valus sent me should not be that far from my destination.


 It had been an hour since I had started moving.



“I should beat them quickly, finish my overtime work, and get some drinks.” (Jiro)



 Without feeling overwhelmed with the end in sight, I set out to exterminate the Zombie Dragons with a natural ease.



Note for the Day

I am happy to see improvement in my work, but I am not happy to see troublesome things coming my way.

Am I the only one who thinks so?

T/N: Jiro is now more ridiculous with Auntie Valus as his contracted spirit. Instructor Kio and Fusio are going to be ecstatic.



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