Otherworld Company Chapter 170.2: Even If It Leaves A Bad Aftertaste, Time Moves On, And The Surroundings Move On With It

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“Huh? what is it?” (Jiro)



 Mr. Muir calls me quietly.



“Are you worried about what I said to you the other day?” (Muir)


“…I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about it.” (Jiro)



 I let out a wry smile to my grandfather-in-law, who had been firmly convinced, and expressed my current state of mind without lying.


 I heard from Ms. Kaley that the man in question was safely escorted to the company.


 From there, a specialized team prepared by the supervisor will take care of him.


 I hear that they will start with a full-scale medical treatment and equipment investigation, but I wonder how much information they will be able to obtain.


 In the process, the dungeon slasher disturbance will probably be brought to an end.


 However, it will not lead to a real solution.


 I did not originally expect, nor did I assume, that everything would be resolved this time. 



“……” (Jiro)



 The problem wasn’t solved, but it did get better.


 But I can’t say I’m glad it did, because it left a blurry feeling in my heart.


 I am aware that I am not omnipotent, nor am I a genius.


 Still, the point where I think I could have done a little better is in this project, or so I thought after seeing that crazy man.


 Perhaps my fellow tester, the same Japanese whose existence was almost forgotten because of the magic sword.


 I understand that this feeling comes from arrogant sympathy.


 Perhaps this is hypocrisy.



“…hmm?” (Jiro)



 However, I feel that there is something fundamentally different.


 I feel something between my mind that pulls me up from my thoughts that I don’t know what I’m dissatisfied with.



“You’ve got wrinkles between your eyebrows~ I wonder if you can’t relax your shoulders a little more, my contractor. Here, I made you some tea, drink.” (Valus)



 I saw something I didn’t like and wanted to make it go away, and just as I was about to think deeply about what if, I felt a gritty, painless, but still slightly forceful poke on my forehead.


 The person who did it offered me a teacup in the manner of an aunt who takes care of her relative’s children to solve their problems.


 It was the same one she had offered me when we made a contract.


 The aroma of the tea was sweet and reassuring, and as I gently sipped the tea, I felt like a fool for thinking unnecessary things.



“Hohoho, does Grandson-in-law have a tendency to overthink?” (Muir)


“Yes, perhaps. I understand that I don’t have to take on everything, but I just can’t help it.” (Jiro)


“Isn’t that fine? You’re mortal.” (Valus)



 Even though my rational mind knew that that was not my fault, somewhere inside I felt guilty.


 Do I regret it?



“Ms. Valus.” (Jiro)


“Don’t be troubled. That is the duty of mortals, of those who live finite lives, isn’t it? It’s okay to stop, if it makes you want to walk again after, so be it.” (Valus)



 Does the fact that she poked my forehead again mean that my eyebrows were furrowed again?


 Or was it, as the words suggest, a sign of distress and a reminder to take it all in?


 The two elders spoke gently, as if they were mincing wisdom, and even though they hadn’t said anything, they slowly proceeded to make it easier for me to swallow down the facts of this case, clearing up my mind and worries.



“Thanks, it helped.” (Jiro)



 The words of thanks came out of my mouth softly in the calmest atmosphere in recent times.



“What? I’m just having a little tea with you.” (Muir)


“Yes, I was just enjoying this boring moment.” (Valus)



 While accepting that feeling, just said it was nothing.


 I thought this feeling would allow me to look at it from a different perspective.


 After nodding to them both slowly, I meditate, and I can still firmly recall that moment.


 But this time I could see the scene from a step back.



“It’s gone, it’s gone, oh, it’s gone.” (Young Man)



 The look on that man’s face, a mixture of joy and relief that stirred my emotions like crazy.


 Every time I remembered that face, I felt guilty.


 But when I calmly reexamined my emotions like this, I understood what I was feeling other than guilt.


 It was frustration.



“…kah.” (Jiro)


“Oh?” (Valus)


“Hmm?” (Muir)



 It was a smile that came to my mind, but the people next to me urged me to move forward.



“I see, I was frustrated.” (Jiro)



 That man is a spearhead sent to destroy our workplace.


 Whatever his intentions, there is an entity that has made him our enemy.


 Oh, that is it.



“Yeah, well, I don’t think I can approve this kind of thing.” (Valus)


“Apparently, Grandson-in-law seems to have broken through.” (Muir)


“It seems so. I think it’s more manly, don’t you?” (Valus)


“Thank you. I’m sorry I’ve caused you so much worry.” (Jiro)


“Well, if it’s all settled in Grandson-in-law’s mind, there’s no problem for this old man.” (Muir)


“Well, I wonder if the other children require a little more work?” (Valus)



 It was the equivalent of having your own territory trampled underfoot.


 In addition, the other party seemed to have very good planning, and they didn’t get their own hands dirty, but got someone among us to do his dirty deed.


 Oh, I see, I see.


 So that’s how it is.


 I remember this feeling.


 It’s the same feeling I had when the Supervisor brought up my innermost feelings.


 This emotion is anger.


 Among the emotions of joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure in Japan, it is the most avoided and familiar emotion.


 I had thought that the feeling of being in a fog came from the guilt of thinking that I could have done better and that I had failed, but it seems that I was wrong.


 I looked again behind me and saw my friends enjoying themselves peacefully.


 The sight of them confirms my feelings.



“It feels good to know what I’m supposed to do.” (Jiro)



 I declare, and the two of them give me their wisdom-filled smiles, saying that I should give it all I’ve got.



“Yes, I’m going to make them regret that the person they screwed this time is near me.” (Jiro)



 Ah, an easy answer.


 I wondered if the one with that crazy smile was one of my companions.


 And then, I was relieved that the victim wasn’t my friend, so I admonished my immaturity, and I was worried about the next one.


 I now understood that these mixed feelings were spinning out of control.


 And now that I know the direction of those feelings, the fog in the back of my mind has cleared up.


 Oh, I don’t know where or when, but if the day comes when I have to make them pay the price.



“I’ll show no mercy.” (Jiro)



Note for the Day

Nothing happened, so it’s all a matter of consequence.


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Therefore, I have slightly changed the title of this chapter.

We will start a new arc in the next chapter.

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