Otherworld Company Chapter 171: The Value Of Everyday Life Is Felt Only When There Is Something To Compare It With

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A/N: Here we are at the beginning of a new arc.



 My body is so tired that I can’t even bring myself to say I am tired.


 I silently press my palms against my eyes and lean back in my chair.


 After all the testers had successfully contracted with spirits for the project, what awaited me upon my return was the submission of the report.


 A warm dinner table with my wives (brides) was my pleasure for the past week, and other than that, I didn’t even have a chance to enter the dungeon, but just faced the computer or talked to the investigators about the case.



“Ah, it’s finally over.” (Jiro)



 Of course, you can’t see the hint of energy in my voice that seems to be squeezed out.


 Rather, I was impressed that I still had the energy to speak out.



“Good job~” (Kaley)


“That’s right.” (Kyla)



 The same goes for the rest of the managers who were working in the same room.


 A tired voice comes from the opposite seat, reaffirming that post-processing is troublesome.


 When I turned my gaze, Ms. Kaley was lying face down on the desk, waving her hand in surrender at the end of our work, and Ms. Nostalfel in the seat next to me sighed her exhaustion.



“Oh God, I knew it, but we really went to a lot of trouble. Look at this report, how much volume do you think I have to compile for a damage report on the Spirit Forest?” (Kyla)


“Can you say those words in front of Lady Evia?” (Kaley)


“I’m saying it here because I can’t say it, just understand that much.” (Kyla)




 Even the usual quarrelsome dialogue is less powerful at this moment.


 The report is stored in electronic media, and the desk itself is neat, but I can easily imagine that if I print it after this, the amount will surely fill up this desk.




“…let’s not do that, I don’t want to do that right now.” (Jiro)


“…I don’t want to agree with you, but that’s right. Let’s get out of here.” (Kyla)



 For a while, they only looked at each other and let out a sigh as if to say that they were wasting their energy to complain to each other, and if it had not been at a time like this, they would have been full of laughter at least one of the very rare things they saw.


 He sighed and said that it was a waste of energy to look at each other and would have burst out laughing if it had not been such a rare sight.



“Jiro, it’s a disaster that you have to do office work when you have a tournament coming up, isn’t it?” (Kaley)


“Yes, but if I’ve made it this far, all I have to do is concentrate on next month’s tournament. In a sense, it’s easy.” (Jiro)



 But with this report, all the paperwork has been completed.


 So, as I told Ms. Kaley earlier, all we have to do now is prepare for the upcoming competition.


 I do wish that the tournament could be canceled because of this incident, but it seems that the fall of one of the generals has a greater impact on the organization as a whole than I had imagined.


 Therefore, the tournament is an event to improve the atmosphere as well as a place to decide a new general.


 Security may be strengthened, but it is not so easily cancelled.



“I still can’t believe that you, a human, will be there, even though you have made a contract with a spirit of an extraordinary standard. I wonder what the Undying King and the Ogre King were thinking when they recommended you.” (Kyla)



 As the topic changes, so does the atmosphere.


 And at Ms. Nostalfel’s words, Ms. Kaley’s eyebrows were raised and a look of dissatisfaction formed on her face.


 If things continue as they are, it will be a repeat of the previous exchange.



“From the point of view of the instructors, they feel like I can get things done in a few ways that sound interesting.” (Jiro)


“”Oh.”” (Kaley & Kyla)



 However, when I retorted the words that I thought would be the reason, Ms. Kaley and Ms. Nostalfel spit out the words at the same time sounding convinced.


 It is difficult for me to gauge the thoughts of the instructors, but I can assure them that those thoughts are definitely in there.


 I can say, on the other hand, that they are thinking about other things as well.



“Well, I’ll go as far as I can this time.” (Jiro)


“Oh? As expected of Jiro, who made a contract with a special class spirit. It is really like you’re aiming for the position of general?” (Kaley)



 When I said I had signed a contract with Ms. Valus, I wondered if I should laugh or be shocked.


 In going out to a place where conclusions come and go, I won’t use the words “throw in the towel” as if I had given up from the start.


 I can’t change the fact that I’m a challenger, but this is a unique chance to measure my current abilities to the limit, to see how well I can break into the upper echelons of the Demon King Army.


 I don’t intend to throw it away.


 Ms. Kaley looked amused at my words, while Ms. Nostalfel looked at me blankly, probably believing my words were reckless.



“Well, I don’t know. I won’t say that this time is just my good luck, and I’ll try not to bring the spirit of resignation with me.” (Jiro)


“Oh, how bold.” (Kaley)


“I hope it won’t be all talk.” (Kyla)



 The result of the big talk is that on the one hand, you’ve found fun, and on the other hand, I’ve found a big impossible-difficulty-tier job.


 As I converse with these women, who represent the opposite sides of the spectrum, I recover from my post-work slump and look at my watch to see that it’s past regular time, but I’m still within an hour of working overtime.



“I’m going to go home now.” (Jiro)


“Yeah, I’m scared of Suela if I keep you here for too long.” (Kaley)


“That’s right.” (Jiro)



 After finishing what I had to do, all I had to do was leave, quickly turn off my computer and leave my seat.



“I’ll see you later.” (Jiro)


“Yes, good job~” (Kaley)


“Thank you for your hard work.” (Kyla)



 I think to myself, “It’s wonderful to be in a workplace where there are no bosses who complain about my leaving early after work is over.”


 I leave the temporarily rented conference room.


 Some departments in the company still have employees working, while others are about to go home at the same time.


 Some of them are still working in their departments, but some of them are going home at the same time, and some of them are working the night shift.



“Hey, Jiro, what are you doing after this?” (Employee)


“Unfortunately, I have a prior engagement, so I’ll see you next time.” (Jiro)


“Wife?” (Employee)


“Ah, I have three cute prospective wives.” (Jiro)


“Right! If it’s your wives, it can’t be helped!” (Employee)



 Every time I pass by another colleague, I exchange greetings with people we don’t know, and occasionally the demons invite me out for a drink, but Himiku is waiting for me while cooking dinner, so I decline casually without making a scene.


 I cannot let such efforts go to waste.


 It is the hardest thing to say no to, so I quickly make my way home before the instructors find me.


 The upper floor of the employee dormitory.


 One room on a floor with many apartments, I was honestly relieved that I was able to return home safely, and I took out the key and put it in the door to unlock it.



“I’m home.” (Jiro)



 It is only recently that I have begun to get used to saying these words when I come home.


 I had never said it before because no one was home when I got home.


 When I first said these words, I felt a mixture of nostalgia, embarrassment, and happiness.



“Welcome home.” (Memoria)


“Oh, I’m home, Memoria.” (Jiro)



 Apparently, Memoria had welcomed me home today.


 Instead of the slacks and apron she wears in the store, she is dressed more loosely for indoor activities.


 The color scheme is monochromatic, which is typical of Memoria.



“What about the other two?” (Jiro)


“Himiku is cooking. Suela is sitting down so that she doesn’t have to walk around too much. She doesn’t seem to be very comfortable.” (Memoria)


“I see.” (Jiro)



 Suela, who is restricted from working in many ways because she is heavily pregnant, has nothing to do at home to begin with because Himiku takes care of all the housework in general.


 Therefore, Suela’s work is mainly restricted at her workplace, where she basically does not work overtime and avoids excessive use of magic power.


 It is an environment that can be called special treatment, an environment that Suela, who has been taking the initiative in her work up until now, is not accustomed to.


 I could see Suela fidgeting around, so I let out a wry smile and slowly made my way to the living room with Memoria.


 As we get closer, we can smell the delicious aroma of dinner in the air.



“Is it nikujaga [T/N: Meat and potato stew.] today?” (Jiro)


“Is that your guess?” (Memoria)


“Yes, it smells like that.” (Jiro)



 The smell of a meal is something you can never experience when you live alone.


 I guessed today’s menu from the smell of Japanese broth from the stewed dishes, but it seems I was right on target.


 I opened the door to the living room and peeked into the kitchen, where I could see Himiku humming a tune as she cooked.



“Oh! Welcome back, Master. Dinner will be ready soon, it’s just a few more minutes!” (Himiku)


“Oh, thank you as always.” (Jiro)


“Because it’s my duty!” (Himiku)


“Well, then, I’ll just wait and be hungry.” (Jiro)


“Uhuh! Wait for me.” (Himiku)



 Today, too, he is full of energy.


 Himiku, a fallen angel in a cherry-red kappougi, with her blond hair pulled back in a side-tail so it wouldn’t get in the way, welcomed me home with a ladle in one hand.


 She had been able to cook to some extent from the beginning, but since learning Japanese and reading cooking magazines, she has been improving her cooking skills rapidly.


 It can be said that the range of increase in Japanese food is pretty remarkable.


 Thanks to this, my stomach, which had been feeling hungry, began to complain of hunger even more.


 Gently, I take off my jacket and hands it to Memoria, who accepts it, and loosen my tie.


 Then, I head straight for the living room.



“Welcome home.” (Suela)


“Oh, I’m home, Suela.” (Jiro)



 Suela, who had already taken her seat, welcomes me.


 She is dressed in a white sweater and a dark green skirt, avoiding tight or cold clothing, probably because of her stomach, which is becoming more and more prominent.


 In her hand, she is holding a document from work.



“Did you come home with work?” (Jiro)


“Yes, I’m a bit overwhelmed at work, and I don’t feel comfortable having you do everything for me, so I thought I’d at least do something light.” (Suela)


“Oh, I see.” (Jiro)



 I heard it from Memoria, but I can understand what Suela is saying.


 It’s bewildering when you can’t do what you are used to doing and the surrounding changes.


 And even if you think you can handle it, the people around you will stop you.


 Moreover, if it is an act of good will, Suela is probably feeling happy, but also embarrassed when she thinks back.



“What kind of work are you doing?” (Jiro)


“It’s a dungeon report similar to Jiro’s. Recently, the reports of testers other than Jiro have been improving in various ways, and I’m glad to see that there are more and more suggestions on what to add.” (Suela)



 We don’t comment too deeply on the topic, but rather use it as just the right topic of conversation to pass the time until Himiku finishes the meal.



“I guess that means they’re getting used to work.” (Jiro)


“Yes, thanks to that, the dungeon is improving little by little. It’s a good trend.” (Suela)


“Well, we’ll have to be careful next time.” (Jiro)


“Yes, I read some interesting ideas.” (Suela)


“You want to tell me about it?” (Jiro)


“No, I can’t.” (Suela)


“What a shame.” (Jiro)



 Time passed slowly, and I tried to cherish this time in spite of my recent busy schedule.


 During this project, I made them anxious about the fact that I was about to make a contract with a special class spirit when I left, and also worried her after being involved in an incident.


 As it turned out, when I returned home after successfully accomplishing both, everyone was pleased that I had returned home in one piece, and furthermore, everyone congratulated me as if it were my own for being able to make a contract with a spirit.


 When you are in the environment of battle, the sense of everyday life gradually becomes blurred.


 Perhaps that is why I find myself longing for this kind of ordinary, everyday life.



“Jiro, Suela, finish your talk about work, the food is ready.” (Memoria)


“Oops, were we talking that long?” (Jiro)



 Memoria, holding a tablecloth in one hand, warned me, and when I looked at the kitchen, I could see Himiku using magic to make several plates float.


 Suela also saw the scene and quickly waved her hand to move the papers somewhere else.


 After that, Memoria wipes the table with a familiar hand.


 In the blink of an eye, the food is laid out on the table.


 Each person takes their seat.



“Well then.” (Himiku)


“”””Thank you for the food.”””” (Everyone)



 The meal begins with a cue from Himiku, who prepared the meal.



“Master, how is the nikugaja?” (Himiku)


“Oh, it’s really good.” (Jiro)


“Memoria, could you pass me the soy sauce over there?” (Suela)


“Sure. Here it is.” (Memoria)



 A friendly space.


 Casual conversation.


 The space will probably continue to change in the future.


 But if possible.


 Please don’t let this warmth disappear.



Note for the Day

Even in the midst of a busy day, people can do their best if they have someone waiting.

Even if there is a big job waiting for us.



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