Otherworld Company Chapter 172: Support And Care. It’s Obvious, But Surprisingly Difficult.

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 Now, once the spirit contract, which can be called an event, is completed, there is only the competition to decide the general’s position immediately before the event.


 To be honest, I would like to take some time off from work and devote myself to this event, but unfortunately, it is not such a convenient turn of events.


 If the other participants are going to take on this competition without neglecting their day jobs, I must be no exception and challenge myself in the dungeon.



“It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten in the dungeon.” (Jiro)



 So today is business as usual, and I’m here in the dungeon with my friends.



“I was more surprised when Senior suddenly took out a heavy box from a different space without any explanation. No, the bento is delicious though.” (Kaido)


“I feel like we need to think about the mentality of being able to eat without worrying about the surrounding environment, but Masaru, I’d like you to take that egg roll, that you should.” (Minami)


“I’m not sure what to think about that now. Well, I still have an appetite as long as there are no zombies roaming around, and this egg roll is delicious.” (Karen)


“Look, it’s an egg roll. The soup over here, is the secret ingredient kelp? No, this one tastes like…” (Masaru)


“Mmm! Ms. Himiku’s cooking is so delicious! Especially, this grilled onigiri, delicious!” (Amy)


(Hmm, I can feel it in my soul through Amy, that’s quite a feat.) (Mike)



 Our party is taking on the Machine King’s dungeon with the same men and women who have broadened their strategies by signing a contract with a spirit.


 Gently, I look around as I eat the grilled onigiri with mushrooms that Amelia had praised so highly.


 There is a uniform landscape of bricks that seems to have been designed to distort your sense of perspective and direction by repeating the same scenery over and over again.


 It is a familiar sight to me, and although it is a bleak scene, it is certainly more appetizing than the Undying King’s dungeon, as Kitamiya said.


 This is the 42nd floor of the Machine King’s dungeon.


 It is a corner of the level that is somewhat further back than the highest point, and the surroundings are concealed and protected by the barrier set up by Minami, and a constant surveillance net is set up by Amelia’s wind spirit.


 Even if the barrier were to be broken or the monsters were to notice the barrier and attack, the monsters in this area are those we can handle if they attack.


 We are proud that we have cultivated that much ability and experience.


 That is why we can eat in the middle of hostile territory as if we were at a picnic.



“So? Have you guys become able to cooperate with your spirits?” (Jioro)



 Without being attacked by the enemy, I pour the warm hojicha [T/N: Roasted green tea] prepared as after-meal tea from a thermos and hand it to Kaido, who sits next to me, while listening to him in turn.



“Well, Hayate can’t do powerful magic yet, so it’s more like he’s assisting me. But since he is helping me adjust my magic power, the stability and power of my magic is improving, so he is helping me a lot. Of course, we are in perfect sync!” (Kaido)



 Kaido tried to drink some hojicha from the canteen I handed him, but it was still hot, so he took his mouth off the teacup and blew on it to cool it down while saying, “Oops.”



“Well, we have no problem working together. Unlike Minami and Amy, Kaido and I mainly use offensive magic, so it’s not easy to increase the power of our magic. For the time being, our goals are to reduce the consumption of magic power and to increase the speed at which I can activate magic.” (Karen)


“I can also do something similar to the physical enhancement magic of Minami, but only for me.” (Masaru)



 Without even trying to hide his gaze, wondering what he was doing, Kitamiya takes the thermos flask from Kaido, who is about to get burned, and pours tea into her mug, before handing it to Masaru.


 Masaru, who was handed the tea, poured the tea into Minami and Amelia’s mugs before pouring it into his own.



“Thank you! I’m fine too, Mr. Jiro! Hmm, Japanese tea is so good!” (Amy)


“Mufufufu, I hope you’re looking forward to the new magic that Yura and I have developed, that you should.” (Minami)



 Although I felt a little uneasy about Minami’s sly chuckle, which was the complete opposite of Amelia’s honest smile, there seemed to be no problem in general.



“Alright, in that case, the main floor boss here is the one we are going to fight after this. Each of you should be aware of the possibility that there may have been changes other than the ones mentioned in the report and take on the challenge with care.” (Jiro)


“Yes!” (Kaido)


“I know.” (Karen)


“Got it.” (Masaru)


“Okay! Take care of me Mike!” (Amy)


(No problem, I’ll make sure to work hard to pay for rent.) (Mike)


“Fufufu, leave it to me, that you should.” (Minami)



 I quickly put away the bento box and stored the cleaned-up utensils in my inventory.


 While enjoying the convenience.


 I slowly put my hand on the Mineral Tree.



“Now that our bellies are settled, let’s get to work, everyone.” (Jiro)



 Minami responds to my call and releases the barrier.


 Next, Amelia listens attentively and keeps a watchful eye on our surroundings.


 These two security officers are our lifeline in the dungeon.


 Ready to protect them, I take the lead and Kaido takes the role support.


 Masaru and Kitamiya take up positions on the left and right.



“Hmm, I hear a sound like something flying in from the other side. They probably noticed us.” (Amy)


“Oh, we’re definitely noticed, that we are! Those flying through the air spread their magical power, and a reconnaissance golem will come, that they will. Leader, what should we do? If I leave this alone, the golems in the area will gather here, that they will.” (Minami)



 With the barrier removed, and beings sensing our location appeared.


 First Amelia, then Minami noticed it and told us who will be approaching.



“A siren golem. It is possible to defeat it and gain experience, but I would like to conserve our strength until the boss battle.” (Jiro)


“I understand. In that case, it would be best if we just destroy it as soon as it comes into view, that we should. Please, Kitamiya.” (Minami)


“Yes, yes, I understand. Thanks to your roughness in leading people, my magic chanting has become faster.” (Karen)


“Well, it’s nothing.” (Minami)


“It’s not a compliment.” (Karen)



 A siren-shaped golem.


 It looks like a pinball golem of the first level, but its role is to search for enemies, to gather monsters around it, and to form an alarm and warning network.


 It always circles a certain line, and because of its superior magical detection, it flies immediately when an enemy arrives, sounding an alarm and attracting monsters.


 Trouble is, since they fly around quite fast and do not attack, they are very difficult to destroy.


 It makes you realize how troublesome it is to be someone who maintains a certain distance and concentrate on evasion.


 However, there are ways to deal with it.


 One is to perform a range attack that the opponent cannot evade.


 The other one is.



“Here it comes!” (Amy)


“On three, three, two, one.” (Minami)


“Ice Javelin!” (Karen)



 The other is to attack at a speed faster than the opponent’s speed before it can act.


 The difference is that the former does not require aiming but consumes more magic power, while the latter is more difficult to aim at but consumes less magic power.


 Both the former and the latter seem to be a power move, but it is much better than spending a lot of time using small tricks.



“Well done.” (Jiro)


“Of course.” (Karen)



 A spherical siren-shaped golem jumped out from the corner and was pierced with a spear made of ice with unparalleled accuracy.


 I give such honest praise to Kitamiya.


 Even though she was prepared, she showed a sniper-like technique with magic formed quickly like a gunfighter’s rapid fire, at a distance of about 30 meters.


 I can say this much.



“Minami, starting here we’ll concentrate on the battle. I’ll ask that you lead. Work with Amelia to break through the area where there are few enemies head-on and head to the boss area. Also, be on guard against traps. Please don’t let anyone fall into a trap, okay?” (Jiro)


“Okay!” (Amy)


“Leave it to me, that you should! I’ll show you how powerful of a leader I am, that I will!” (Minami)


“We don’t.” (Masaru)


“Hey!?” (Minami)



 The defeat of the alarm ringer probably triggered the enemy’s alert network.


 It is slower than if it had sounded the alarm, but if we stay here, the monsters will come rushing in so fast that defeating the alarm ringer earlier will be meaningless.


 So, we act quickly.


 After Masaru throws a tsukkomi to Minami, the party’s thoughts completely switched to combat mode.


 If you do this, private conversations will decrease, and the workers will move efficiently.


 The party follows me as I push forward at a brisk pace.



“There are five bodies on the right, six bodies on the left, and four bodies in front, but there are eight bodies behind the front and four bodies behind the right.” (Amy)


“It’s a long way, that it is, but we’ll go to the left, that we should. There is less fighting that way, that there is. There are several responses to the trap, that there are. Kitamiya, I will instruct you where I want you to freeze, that I will.” (Minami)


“I got it.” (Karen)


“After disabling the traps, Leader will take care of three of them, and Kaido and Masaru will take care of one of them quickly, that they should. I will go use support magic, that I will.” (Minami)



 For our detection, we use magic and sound to make accurate strategy, so, Kitamiya freezes the traps to prevent them from being activated.


 We quickly turned left so that other enemies wouldn’t notice us. The moment the Knight Golem in western armor appeared in our vision, I rushed out with Kaido and Masaru in tow.



“I’ll take the three frontlines. You guys take care of the archers in the back.” (Jiro)


“I understand.” (Kaido)


“Yes!” (Masaru)



 There is a tank golem outside the party of four made up of a single golem with a huge shield, one attacker with a great sword, one supporter with a spear, and one golem with a magic bow behind.


 Seeing the well-balanced formation with performance unmatched by the golem on the first floor, we immediately decide on the role of the golem and take action on our own.



“Take thiiis!!!” (Jiro)



 The Knight golem held up its large shield blocking my path, but instead of stopping, I rushed forward with all my might, using Intimidating Monkey Scream and swinging the Mineral Tree.


 Defense is a bad idea in the face of my vision-realizing-style, and to show the truth, I swung down from a shoulder-bearing stance and cut the Knight Golem down along with its huge shield.


 The sound of something being cut off resonates in the place.


 It doesn’t matter if it is metal or not.


 My attack, which is only a conscious choice of whether or not I can cut it, slices the golem’s metal body in two, along with its core, the magic stone.


 Then, Kaido and Masaru run through the gap created by the moving of the big shield.


 Naturally, the remaining golem reacts to obstruct them.



“Do you think you can afford to look away?” (Jiro)



 One swing after each word.


 I cut off the arm holding the great sword, bisect the spear, mowing down one of the torsos with the returning slash, and thrusting the Mineral Tree into the heart of the Knight Golem, which has lost its remaining arm.


 During that time, only two seconds elapsed.



“Now!” (Masaru)


“Hiyaaa!!!” (Kaido)



 If I include the large tank golem, it took about 4 to 5 seconds, and while I was satisfied with the results, I thought it was enough to lightly sweep them away, but when I caught a glimpse of the golem with the magic bow, Masaru acted as a decoy and Kaido delivered the finishing blow.



“So, that it becomes faster, we are going to pick up the drops, that we will.” (Minami)



 I quickly picked up high-quality magic stones, put them in a leather bag, and threw them into my different space, and proceeded through the place where the ground and walls were frozen in some places.


 There is no stagnation in the series of actions up to this point.



“Ms. Minami, what kind of boss is at this level?” (Jiro)


“A commander-type golem with tanks around it, that it is. The strategy is to run around and destroy each of them individually, that is, to strip the commander naked.” (Minami)



 And I don’t have any worries.


 Furthermore, unlike carelessness, there is no pride.


 We check information in advance, always seeking the optimum, but never setting an upper limit.


 The dungeon is an environment that requires such awareness.


 Even if we say with our mouths that we are going to beat them easily, in our hearts we always remember our goal.


 In fact, we have achieved our goals through repeated trial and error, making mistakes, escaping, taking countermeasures, and when all else fails.


 We have strength because we have accumulated achievements in this way.



“The battle is near, that it is. Now then, leader, please say a few words before we fight, that you may.” (Minami)


“At this point in time, huh? Well, as usual.” (Jiro)






“If it’s dangerous, we will run away. Our lives are at stake. When we can beat them, beat them with all our might. We are going to keep these three things in mind, and we going to put all our energy into it.” (Jiro)



 It is because we are supported by such strength that we are able to lead the fight like this.



Note for the Day

Give and take, it is the ideal, but it is difficult to always be the one giving.



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