Otherworld Company Chapter 173.2: Cooperation With Other People Can Be Useful When Working.

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“We have to take them down in order, that we do.” (Minami)



 Even now, we are exposed to attacks with the sound of tires scraping the ground, but we listen to Minami’s countermeasures as we deal with each one of them.


 Minami presented a classic method.



“First of all, we have to do something about the arm, that we should. As long as that arm is there, the opponent will recover, and our attacks will be meaningless, that they are.” (Minami)


“How?” (Jiro)


“Have Kitamiya freeze the entire ceiling, that we should.” (Minami)


“Huh? What are you talking about? How large an area do you think that is? I don’t have enough magic power.” (Karen)



 Given its size, even if we narrow it down to just the ceiling, it’s quite large, and it must be said that freezing that entire area would be a heavy burden for the current Kitamiya.


 Kitamiya understands this and honestly says that she can’t do it, but Minami nods that she also understands.



“I will take care of the size, that I will. Kitamiya will concentrate on freezing, that you will.” (Minami)



 Minami speaks with confidence, and if there is a way, it would be a good idea to destroy the opponent’s logistical support.


 However, the arm is always hidden behind the ceiling, so our attacks cannot reach it.


 So, I don’t think Minami’s idea of focusing on blocking rather than destroying it was a bad idea.



“…If that’s the case, we can handle them. But what are we going to do about the enemies on the ground? Even if we freeze the ceiling and block the repair arms, the golems will break through over time, and they will be able to repair themselves while we lose the firepower of our rearguard.” (Jiro)


“We’ll freeze the ceiling and slow down the ground at the same time, that we can. Fortunately, from the looks of it, there is only the unicycle-type golems, that there are.” (Minami)


“Do we have a chance of winning?” (Jiro)


“I’ll leave it to you, that I will.” (Minami)


“…I understand. We can defeat the slow-moving wheeled golem and finally defeat the defenseless Soldier Commander, right?” (Jiro)



 And there is no time for conversation.


 If no alternative is coming, then each of us will begin our own movements on Minami’s strategy.



“That’s right, that it is. After stopping the movement by exhausting our magic power, Kitamiya and I will not be able to move, that we will.” (Minami)


“Got it, Kaido, Masaru. You guys will be their escort. Amelia will be my backup. Ready to go?” (Jiro)


“Yeah!” (Kaido)


“Got it.” (Masaru)


“Okay!” (Amy)


“We will go with that, Minami.” (Jiro)


“That would be best. It is a race against time, that it is.” (Minami)



 If you take a defensive formation around Kitamiya and Minami, the other side will naturally attack more aggressively, sensing the atmosphere of our attempts.


 I was smiling bitterly at the opponent who kept attacking me so much that I thought I was being carpet bombed.


 Rather than defeating them, focus on handling them and avoiding attacks.


 Behind the scenes, Minami and Kitamiya are concentrating their magic and preparing for a grand spell.



“Now, it’s your turn, that it is, Yura!” (Minami)


“Please help, Snow!” (Karen)



 They called spirits to support each other, and the preparations for magic were smoothly underway.


 And as the preparations proceed, there are golems that are attacking desperately to obstruct them.



“There’s no way I’ll let you through.” (Jiro)



 Even though we prioritize blocking the enemy, if we can defeat them, we will defeat them.


 If they approach me, it will be easier.


 The dense concentration was further restricted into linear movements, making it easier to cut them down with a single slash.


 The torso and lower half of the body are separated and disappear as magic power, while I am conscious of the party’s defense.


 Masaru, Kaido, and Amelia are also standing around to close the openings that I can’t protect, so it’s easy to move.



“I’m ready, that I am!” (Minami)


“Oh, I don’t know what is going to happen!!” (Karen)



 The magic is activated in such a small amount of time, less than a few minutes.


 If I take a moment to look behind me, I can see two people raising their staves towards the ceiling.



“Kitamiya, there’s a timing difference, that it is!!” (Minami)


“I know!” (Karen)



 Magic was released from the tip of their wands.



“Deep Cloud! Weather Control!” (Minami)


“Absolute Ice Crystal!!” (Karen)



 As a result of the magic released by Minami toward the ceiling, a dense cloud was created in the closed space.


 A dense cloud that even blocks out light, as seen in cumulonimbus clouds.


 The cloud quickly spread across the ceiling, covering the brick-paved ceiling in the blink of an eye.


 The slight sensation of increased moisture in the air was felt through the skin.


 A blue-white crystal slowly climbed toward the sky.


 The magic that poured all of Kitamiya’s remaining magic power contained a considerable amount of magic power, and it slowly disappeared into the clouds.



“Burst!!” (Minami)



 There was a light cracking sound, followed by a delayed explosion, and the sound of something freezing, echoing throughout the area.



“Hahahaha, it’s a success, that it is.” (Minami)


“Haha, I put all my magic power into this attack. I am no longer able to even use basic magic.” (Karen)



 Then, large snowflakes began to slowly fall from the clouds that Minami had deployed.


 The sound that echoed was that of a cloud of highly concentrated magic spreading across the ceiling, freezing the movement of the sliding parts.


 The aftermath of the cold air lowered the temperature of the unfrozen cloud, and this large snowflake was born.



“Next time, we’ll get winter tires, that we will.” (Minami)



 The snow became a thin layer on the ground, and gradually increased in thickness, aggravating the ground conditions.


 The snowfall was so thick that a single wheel of an unbalanced golem made it slip and fall and could no longer run.


 The combined magic of Kitamiya, who created the cold air, and Minami, who prepared the freezing substance, raged against the golems, which were running around at high speed.



“Let’s go!” (Jiro)


“Okay!” (Amy)



 We’re not the ones to miss it.


 We had a chance of a lifetime, and they created it, in order to respond to the efforts of the two people who had expended their magic and could only support themselves by leaning on their staves, Amelia and I started to run.


 The golems nearby that had fallen down and were trying to get back up were cut down one after another with the Mineral Tree, and in the areas where I couldn’t make it in time, Amelia targeted the vital points of the golems that tried to move, making them unable to move.


 The reliable repair hand is unable to come down due to the frozen ceiling, and the golems, who were not prepared for the snowy road, fall and become unable to move, and are eliminated one by one.



“You should slow down a little more! Commander!!” (Jiro)



 Aiming at the Soldier Commander who was trying to escape from such a scene, I decided that simply running would not make it in time, so I grabbed the left side of a golem’s left body that was nearby and threw it with all my might.


 The mass was expected to take a trajectory past the Soldier Commander’s side, giving the being a slight sense of relief that it did not hit him.



“Hiiiyaaaa!!!” (Jiro)



 It didn’t even know that there was a me at its blindside.


 Hiding using the golem’s giant body, I make a huge jump and finally use the golem in the air as a foothold to leap.


 And with an Intimidating Monkey Scream, a blow was swung down, without even feeling the slightest resistance.


 The smooth surface of the golem was split by a single slash.


 Then it crumbled.



“…work accomplished.” (Jiro)



 I witnessed this and saw the scene where nothing was moving.


 This signaled the end of this battle to my party members.


 Then, I let my thoughts wander a bit to what was to come.



Note for the Day

There was something called the Three Arrows, and I want you to imagine something that was created by working together. [T/N: Three Arrows is the fundamentals of Former Japan Prime Minister.]



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