Otherworld Company Chapter 174.2: Responsibility And Determination May Not Be Something We Consciously Acquire.

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 If I know what kind of general I want to be, if I know what my goal is, I will know the direction in which I should strive.


 I had prepared this drinking session in the hope that it would at least give me a chance to get motivated mentally, but instead of getting demotivated, I was blasted to a bad start.



“The current Demon King was just a general of a small faction. He was a candidate for the Demon King, but it was said that his chances of becoming one were slim to none, you know?” (Kio)


“Indeed, if you ask me how I felt when someone like that asked me to be his subordinate, it was so much fun that I can still remember it.” (Fusio)



 Instructor Kio, who didn’t seem to care about my expression, drank more quietly than before, but with great enthusiasm, and started talking about the old times with a nostalgic air, and Instructor Fusio followed suit.



“I yelled at him to stop screwing around, and we beat each other up for three days and three nights, you know? At first, I thought he was just a joke and wanted to kill him, but then I realized I was hooked. For as long as I can remember… That was a fun fight.” (Kiio)


“I can’t even count the number of times we shot magic at each other. I lost count of how many magic shots I fired, and the next thing I knew, the whole place was a wasteland.” (Fusio)


“You too? I was turning mountains into bald hills.” (Kio)


“I didn’t even want to count the number of holes I made.” (Fusio)



 The laughter of an ogre and undead echoed in the private room.


 The expressions on their faces were nostalgic for the old days, but the content of their reminiscence was quite brutal, and I could understand that the damage was probably worse than I had imagined.


 While slowly echoing such stories, I continued to listen to how these instructors became generals.



“And how did that work out for you?” (Jiro)


“Oh? I lost, beaten to a pulp. What do you think that general said to me as I lay sprawled out on a bald mountain, my whole body torn to pieces?” (Kio)



 It sounds like a dream just to overpower the instructor, but it must be true because the man himself is laughing as he tells the story.


 I also think about what the president said to me, taking that into account.



“Does that mean you became his subordinate because he won?” (Jiro)



 All I could think of was a probable phrase.



“If that was the case, I would have screamed that I refused and fought to the death! However, after the fight, the general brought out a big barrel of liquor, saying that a party was the Ogre’s tradition! If someone said something like that to me, I wouldn’t be able to say no! We drank until one of us collapsed!” (Kio)


“By the way, who won?” (Jiro)


“The general!!” (Kio)


“Even if you’re injured, how ridiculous is it for the president to win against the instructor in a drinking competition?” (Jiro)


“Well, in the end, we drank the whole barrel. I don’t even remember how much we drank!! However, that party was one of the best I’ve ever had in my life.” (Kio)



 That must be how this ogre became the president’s subordinate.


 It is surprising that the president, who seems like such a nice guy, overwhelmed the ogre yakuza in a fight, but I am also curious about the logic behind his victory in the drinking contest.



“I thought a lot at the time that I had lost. Then I decided to swing my fist under the general. I wanted to do it, not for any reason.” (Kio)


“Kakaka, the Demon King has always been your benefactor. When he came to me, I thought I’d chase him away, looking like some impertinent brat.” (Fusio)


“But?” (Jiro)


“But then I found myself in the middle of a magical fight.” (Fusio)


“No, that’s not strange. It is not.” (Jiro)


“Of course, we were shooting each other intending to kill each other, you know?” (Fusio)


“You’re getting even stranger, Instructor Fusio.” (Jiro)


“Kakakaka, I guess it can’t be helped. After all, at that time, I didn’t feel any meaning in living. I had become an existence that merely chased after the essence of magic, sorcery, and demons. Anyone who gets in the way of that is an enemy.” (Fusio)



 I listened to the story of instructor Fusio as he was picking up his drink, but I didn’t have a proper encounter with him either.


 The two instructors who were training me started by trying to kill each other.



“I never thought the day would come when I would run out of magic, but it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be. At the time, I just thought everything had come to an end.” (Fusio)


“—What did the president say to Instructor Fusio?” (Jiro)


“Kakakaka, what did he say? Just an ordinary question that I can’t make sense of. Towards an undead eagle. He asked me, an undead if I was willing to try to live.” (Fusio)



 I felt that if there was a being who could control both of them like this, then that was just as well.



“It was truly delightful. He asked me if I was willing to try to live for him beyond death.” (Fusio)


“Well, normally they wouldn’t ask that.” (Jiro)


“That’s the great thing about the Demon King.” (Fusio)


“Well, isn’t it natural for a general to ask such a question?” (Jiro)


“He’s out of his mind. He’s the one who came after me, and he says that.” (Fusio)


“Oh? You came later than me, but are you confused by that empty head?” (Kio)


“Kakakakakaka, I’m sorry to say that I have a very good memory, but I think you’re the one who’s got all the muscles in your head mixed up and you’ve got it all wrong.” (Fusio)


“Okay, how about I accept your fight?” (Kio)


“It’s okay to be hasty. It’s not a bad idea to show my power to the King once in a while.” (Fusio)


“No, I’ll be the first one to become minced meat, so please do the fight somewhere else where it won’t cause any damage.” (Jiro)



 I would not like to be roughed up in a space without much of a presence, so as expected, I intercede.


 If they were serious, they wouldn’t have taken any notice of my voice to stop them.



“Well, I don’t want the liquor to taste bad. I’m going to try to save face with Jiro here.” (Kio)


“Well, it’s fine. I have no interest in smearing dirt on the face of the host of the party.” (Fusio)



 I let out a sigh of relief as the two of them pulled away easily.



“So, the two of you just became generals?” (Jiro)


“I told you, the general’s faction is weak and small, and it won’t change even if we join him.” (Kio)


“Indeed, from here on out, it’s a battleground where you either eat or be eaten. We defeated our enemies, set them up, and built the foundation of our faction on blood.” (Fusio)


“Looking back, those were my most violent times.” (Kio)


“Indeed, later Lunaria and Evia joined, and other generals also joined. We came to be called the Seven Generals.” (Fusio)


“Ah, the Dragon King and the Machine King have changed. Well, the others have lasted quite a while, haven’t they? The Insect King’s one has been killed though.” (Kio)


“Kakakaka, of course. Well, Jiro, we became generals in this way, was it helpful?” (Fusio)


“Not at all, sir.” (Jiro)


“I guess so!! Because the situation between you and me is so different!” (Kio)



 I asked them again, but he said that he was in his current position after going through a turbulent period like the Sengoku period when many heroes fought each other.


 In the end, I was about to come to the conclusion that I would only be able to understand after I became a general.



“It’s not such a difficult thing to think about. If you have the ability, the position will be given to you naturally.” (Kio)


“Indeed, Jiro, you may have such a problem because of your lack of power. But that is not a bad thing, right? But now is not the time to think. It’s the time to show the results.” (Fusio)



 These two were precisely trying to chip away at my insecurities.


 With one side smiling wryly, and the other side laughing, they are telling me not to think, but to fight.



“Is that how it is?” (Jiro)


“That’s what it is.” (Kio)


“Well, if you’re worried, this is the right place. I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to drink it to help you forget your worries.” (Fusio)



 Then I will follow that advice.


 For now, let’s just empty the liquor from this cup offered to me.



“I gladly receive.” (Jiro)



 Somehow, the liquor tasted better than usual at that moment, and I wished I could be like them, even if only a little. [T/N: Oh, you already are.]



Note for the Day

Effort is what makes you better, and the result of that effort may raise your determination.



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