Otherworld Company Chapter 175: Sometimes Confirmation And Reaffirmation Changes The Way We Do Things.

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 It has been a fast week since I almost figured out something over drinks with my instructors.


 The month of December has arrived, and the world is in the mood for events such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


 In the midst of all this, I was training, training, training in my spare time.


 I had no time for such events, after all.



“Phew, this is probably too much.” (Jiro)



 I can’t hear the Christmas bells, I can’t hear Christmas songs, I can calm down my breathing in the middle of nature.


 I ran up a rocky mountain on a sheer cliff, and by dispersing my weight well on the fragile footing, I landed in a space where I could stand without trampling.


 The competition is only a week away.


 I thought I had given myself an adequate, if not sufficient, score in terms of offensive ability, but on the other hand, I was worried about my physical abilities, especially my speed of movement, especially my legs.


 This has started to become noticeable during my recent dungeon dives, and I thought this was a good opportunity to train hard on my own.


 My challenge was to shorten the process of stepping forward just before attacking and bringing the attacker to that point.


 However, there was no point in training the speed to just push forward in the dark.



“…phew.” (Jiro)



 So the composition of the enemy naturally becomes a sharp formation.


 I set up a group of flying monsters, birds, flying dragons, insects, and other highly mobile monsters that would inhabit such a precipice.


 Thanks to this, escaping becomes much more difficult, and my choice naturally leans toward extermination.


 So I was moving around until just a few minutes ago, and after exhausting myself more than usual, I finally caught my breath.



“Let’s take a break for now.” (Jiro)



 Once the battle has settled down, I take a short break to reflect on the battle that just took place.


 Unstable footholds, inadequate posture, opponents moving at high speeds, and obstacles in maneuvers.


 Furthermore, in order to reduce the consumption of physical strength, it is necessary not only to receive but also to evade the opponent’s attacks to the minimum.


 From evasion to attack, the fighter must hone such movements by advancing the shortest distance possible.


 There are many challenges, and the skills to handle them all will not be acquired overnight.


 Wiping sweat from my eyes, I am grateful that there is a space where I can resolve such a lack of time.


 The space-time dimension special training room is a space where one can spend more time than usual by making the indoor time faster than the outside space.


 Furthermore, if I spend time in my magical body, I don’t have to worry about aging.


 But that doesn’t matter much to me right now.



“You really push yourself too hard.” (Valus)


“Ms. Valus?” (Jiro)


“Oh, I’m watching over you on behalf of your wives, so don’t be so curt. Here, have a drink prepared by the lovely fallen angel.” (Valus)



 Valus, the spirit of time and space.


 I call her Mr. Valus, but thanks to her existence, my current body is immortal.


 I am able to train my flesh and blood without becoming a magical body.



“Oh, that helps.” (Jiro)



 Well, just because I am immortal only means that my life span is no longer limited, but I will still get hungry and thirsty.


 The more I move, the more energy I expend, and I will need to replenish your supply.


 I took the canteen of tea that Himiku had prepared for me from Ms. Valus, who had taken it out of the other space, and gulped it down.



“Phew, I knew that it would feel quite different from wielding a weapon, but I didn’t realize being so inadequate. Expanding my field of vision is also more difficult than I thought.” (Jiro)



 Two days have passed since I entered this space, and about two hours have passed in reality.


 All the while, he continued to fight and train his body through actual combat.


 The purpose of this time was to basically focus on my legs and hips, and then my eyes.


 Then tell me what you felt when you actually tried it.



“Of course, what you are looking for now is a way to move your body quickly, and it feels very different from swinging a sword, and it is difficult to change the way you feel when you are used to things as a human.” (Valus)


“You’re right, I was just being naive.” (Jiro)



 Ms. Valus, who was standing next to me, pointed it out to me, and I think that’s exactly right.


 This type of training was originally a long-term training exercise.


 It is a process that should be repeated over and over again to familiarize the body with the process.


 Facing a wall, the instructors, I am now feeling rewarded for the fact that when I first joined the company, I thought that without the ability to attack, it would be meaningless, and my training was weighted toward the art of attack.


 The more I train, the more I see what I myself lack, and no matter how much time I spend in this space, it is not enough.


 The space that Ms. Valus used during the trials will not be available for a while due to my magical power.


 In addition, I will have to make adjustments so that I do not get tired days before the competition, so the actual number of days I can use it will be even less.


 Although the results of this training will probably be more than just burnout, I have to say that it will be difficult to master it completely.


 However, even though I understand that the training is like water on a hot pavement, I started thinking that it is better than not doing it at all, and the results are surprisingly good.


 First of all, my lower body has been strengthened, which has increased the stability of attacks.


 Thanks to this, I now have more time to prepare a number of options in my movements before I swing the Mineral Tree.


 How can I get in close contact with my opponent?


 Perhaps because I have been training while thinking about these things, the way I use my legs and hips has changed considerably.


 It’s not just about running, it’s about how should I distribute my body weight to connect to the next movement, and how to use a crouched and upright stance.


 I thought I was aware of these things, but there were still areas that I overlooked.


 I think this training was a good opportunity for me to review these points.


 In order not to waste this opportunity, I quietly looked up at the sky, found a reasonable enemy flying over, wiped away the sweat dripping from my face, and resumed training as soon as I was breathing evenly.



“Okay, time to push myself further.” (Jiro)


“Just do things in moderation.” (Valus)


“I will.” (Jiro)



 I run out again to do what I can grab the hilt of my Mineral Tree, and run around the rocky hillside.



 Another Side



~3rd Person Perspective~



“Well, Evia, are you done preparing?” (President)


“Yes sir, each participant is gathering one by one. If things continue as planned, we should be able to go ahead as planned.” (Evia)



 While Jiro is training, preparations for the competition are steadily progressing.


 The stage for the competition is right here in the company.


 No, it will be held in the arena created in the dungeon managed by Evvia.


 The Demon King’s expression as he looked at the report and listened to Evia’s report was a bit dissatisfied as if to say that it was a bit boring.



“Is there any problem?” (Evia)


“No, there’s no problem.” (President)



 Even though she knew there was no problem, Evia, who had received the confirmation, sensed that the person in front of her had some kind of problem, even though he said there was no problem.



“Are you worried about the commotion that occurred in the dungeon?” (Evia)


“Yes, that too.” (President)


“Do you mean that?” (Evia)



 The one that immediately comes to mind in her mind is the recent magic sword fiasco.


 The main culprit has not been caught, although the perpetrators were caught.


 It is assumed that they will try to set something up at this competition as well.


 That in itself was something she herself had been thinking about.


 Naturally, in order to ensure that the competition would be held in the best possible manner, security was increased, and reliable subordinates were assigned to the chain of command.


 She had taken all possible measures to ensure that she could be absolutely confident.


 Even with such a plan, the supervisor in front of her showed a hint of uneasiness.


 It was as if he foresaw something that would change the situation.



“Well, there’s nothing wrong with your arrangement. It’s just that. It’s my blood that’s making a fuss.” (President)



 He squints his eyes for a moment, like a denial that she has seen on his face, and then he turns his gaze out the window.


 There, she can see the cityscape of high-rise buildings that she has become accustomed to seeing in recent years.


 Evia wonders if there is something in that city, but the Demon King does not speak, but only looks out for a moment.



“Evia.” (President)


“Yes, sir?” (Evia)



 Without turning around, he quietly calls her name.



“Something will happen at the tournament.” (President)



 The Demon King tells her quietly but powerfully, not a prediction but a certainty.


 His words are absolute.


 It is not a matter of if, but of what might happen.


 He asserts with evidence as if he has seen the future.


 Evia cannot ignore that statement.



“The security will remain as it is, but could you tell the generals to just be prepared?” (President)


“Yes, sir.” (Evia)



 What is waiting beyond the eyes of the Demon King who implicitly stated that the strongest forces should be ready to move?


 After watching, Evia bows and leave the room, the Demon King slowly averted his gaze from the cityscape and reached for a sword displayed on the wall of the president’s room.



“Hehe, it’s making my blood boil. That’s exactly what it is.” (President)



 He speaks the words he had said to Evia, and his mouth relaxes at the sight of his own blood, which is truly asserting itself.


 He went to touch the sword, to soothe and calm his blood that was rampaging, it was an old sword with a sense of history.


 It was not particularly ornate, nor did it have any powerful magic power.


 It is just a sword that is suitable for actual battle, but has gone through history and has a profound presence.


 Slowly and carefully, the Demon King stroked such a rugged sword through the scabbard and felt its texture, feeling something akin to joy in his own blood, which had been making noise for the past few days.



“Well, I thought I was organizing everything properly, but maybe I was organizing it too cleanly? Actually, it takes a lot of effort to organize an organization.” (President)



 Gently rubbing the metal fittings of the sword with his fingers, he reflected on the way he had ruled so far.


 The Demon King Army originally was to unite bloodthirsty races.


 As for the demon king himself, he successfully channeled his hot-bloodedness to avoid meaningless fighting.


 This time, however, there are those who are trying to disrupt that order.


 He had guessed this from what Evia had reported to him, but before that, the Demon King had sensed it.



“Let’s vent the gas, no, remove the rust.” (President)



 The Demon King smiles happily, even as he foresees a ripple, or perhaps a tsunami, about to wash away this organization.


 It is his absolute confidence as a ruler, confidence that his organization will not be shaken by the degree of upheaval that is about to occur.


 Rather, he is planning to use it as an energizer for his organization, which is beginning to stagnate from peace.



“It may be distant and hidden, but I certainly feel it. There are people in the tournament who have blood in their veins, similar to mine. I’m looking forward to it.” (President)



 The Demon King laughs happily as he looks up at the moon, which is different from the one that can be seen from the land he rules.



“Now, will your scheme amuse me, surprise me, or anger me?” (President)



 The Demon King spent the rest of the day watching the moonlit night in the otherworld, looking forward to the actions of a being whose appearance would be distorted and disappear like the moon on the lake if he touched it.



 Another Side End



~Jiro’s Perspective~



 In the middle of my training, I stopped and looked up at the imaginary moon shining in the sky.



“What’s wrong?” (Valus)


“No, it’s nothing. It’s probably just my imagination.” (Jiro)


“Really? Maybe you’re tired and have trouble concentrating?” (Valus)



 The tournament is only a week away.


 The calm before the storm, those were the words that came to mind.



“That may be true, but I’m running out of time right now. I’ll push myself as far as I can.” (Jiro)


“Yes, yes, my contractor is a hard worker. But please do things in moderation.” (Valus)


“I promise, I will.” (Jiro)



 Those who plot storms.


 Someone who foresees and sees the coming of a storm.


 Someone who thinks that a storm may come soon.


 Each one’s thoughts were racing through their mind as they set out to do what they could do, putting aside all unnecessary thoughts and running again.



Note for the Day

Effort is what makes you better, and the result of that effort may raise your determination.



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