Otherworld Company Chapter 176: Sometimes, When The Conditions Are Too Good To Be True, We Are Determined To Do The Opposite.

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 The day has finally arrived.


 Various species crowded around each other.


 The presence of non-humans was a familiar sight, but this was the first time I had ever seen such a large number of people gathered together.


 I was deeply moved to see so many people, young and old, male and female, gathered to watch us.


 This is the number of people I can see.


 I guessed that not all the spectators were just employees.


 Judging from the attire of the people sitting in the audience seats, there were probably some civilians in the crowd as well.


 There were also other figures that looked like soldiers and adventurers, as well as figures that looked like nobles with bodyguards.


 The popularity of the event made me realize that it was a well-known event among men and women of all ages and statuses.


 I was in a position to see such a scene.


 An important event to determine the rank of General.


 A martial arts tournament.


 Fifty participants lined up in the center of the huge coliseum.


 I stood at the very end of the line.



“The Demon King will now give a few words, so please be quiet.” (Announcer)



 After the demon who acted as the master of ceremonies finished explaining the rules of the competition, the president of the company, the Demon King, stood on the stage to give the opening speech.


 With just that, the thousands of people in the room were all quiet and still.



“Well, it would be cruel of me to talk at length when the place is this excited. There is no need for many words on this occasion, so I will send you these words as my greetings.” (President)



 The president, standing on the stage with a fresh smile on his face, slowly looked around at the fighters and said,



“Fight and show us victory.” (President)



 Sending out the words to the fighters.


 A few moments after receiving these words, which were deeply felt in my heart, he was greeted with loud cheers.


 The president, greatly pleased with the reaction, left the podium and returned to the spectator stands, flanked by his guards, with the generals on both sides.



“The first match will begin in 30 minutes. Please wait in the waiting room for the participants.” (Announcer)



 The announcer, who had taken over from the president, said these words, and everyone obeyed and began to move out of the way.


 The stares I felt while walking to the entrance and exit of the arena to leave the venue were not pleasant, to say the least.


 The participants are so hostile that you can practically feel that this is what “distant” means.


 And the suspicious stares from the audience wondering why there are people in such a place.


 Is this what you call a “bed of nails”?


 To be honest, I would have expected at least one of them to start a fight if it weren’t for the guards that the supervisor had prepared at the entrance and exit to lead the way, but as expected, no one would cause a problem under surveillance, and everyone returned to their respective rooms with a single click of the tongue.


 I was relieved to see that, and led by my escort, a goat-headed demon, I returned to my waiting room.



“Wow, there are so many people here. The general seating area must be hell.” (Kaido)


“This crowd reminds me of the summer and winter festivals, that it does.” (Minami)


“Why such an analogy? Well, it is true that there are many people, but you could have used a better analogy.” (Karen)


“We have a variety of visitors, not only from within the company but also from our country. From the perspective of an earthling, this event could be similar to the Olympics or World Cup in our world.” (Masaru)


“Oh, that’s how exciting it is.” (Amy)



 The usual people who looked at the venue in a relaxed manner were so excited that it made me want to laugh and wonder what my nervousness was about earlier.


 On the other side of the window is the arena, which is filled to capacity.


 The central plaza can be seen clearly.


 A room that is allowed to be used by so-called VIPs.


 Kaido, who was looking out the window and marveling at the sheer number of people, and Minami, who likened the crowds to a certain convention slash festival.


 Kitamiya, who is hard to sympathize with this comment, but shows a somewhat enthused expression.


 Suela explains the scale of this year’s competition to them all.


 This room was prepared for the participants of the competition, and I invited the usual party people, Suela, Memoria, and Himiku because they were related to me, a participant in the competition.


 Thanks to this, the room became so crowded.


 I was so nervous just a few minutes ago, but it’s good to relax.



“…Seriously, these guys.” Jiro()


“Were you really nervous?” (Memoria)



 I was silently watching the scene, when I was spoken to by Memoria, who slowly walked up to me.


 I didn’t move to the center and stayed near the entrance, which seemed to indicate that I was nervous about the upcoming match.



“Thanks for your help, Memoria. I’ve been baptized as a visitor participant. It made me realize my position again. I don’t want to be on that stage for a while.” (Jiro)


“If you can joke like that, you seem to be doing all right.” (Memoria)


“I think I’m just making it look that way. I’m sure I’ve lost a couple of pounds when I get on the scale right now.” (Jiro)


“If that’s the case, I’d like to see you rely on me instead of making light jokes like that.” (Memoria)


“Will you pamper me?” (Jiro)


“If necessary.” (Memoria)



 I smiled at Memoria, who was waiting with open arms for me to jump in, and told her that I would save that favor for later.



“Then I’ll ask for it when I need it.” (Jiro)


“Yes, I’ll be ready.” (Memoria)



 As I told Memoria, I’m not as nervous as I thought I would be standing in a place like that and having hostility directed at me.


 It’s possible that I am so nervous that my senses are numb, but that’s unlikely, after all, I have been exposed to so much killing intent that such hostility feels like a breeze.


 I don’t know if I should laugh at the idea that training is tougher.



“I’m a little surprised that you don’t seem to be depressed, apart from being nervous.” (Memoria)


“Is it surprising?” (Jiro)



 Memoria blinked a few times, perhaps surprised to see a relaxed smile appear even though I was in such a place.


 I found her expression a little funny, so I asked her about it, partly in a teasing way.



“Yes, after all, the first match is going to be against the tournament’s favorite, so even Jiro, who is good at recovering, must have been nervous or depressed.” (Memoria)


“Well, I was depressed when I drew the lots, but the opponent was so strong that I was able to calm down and recover my wits.” (Jiro)



 This year’s competition was a tournament by drawing lots.


 At the opening ceremony, the participants drew lots in turn.


 I thought I would be able to survive until the second round depending on my draw, but it seems my poor luck wasn’t kind enough.


 I wanted to bemoan my bad luck right then and there, but I reminded myself that I had no idea what would happen if I showed my ugly face during an important event, I wouldn’t have known what would happen later.


 My opponent in my first match was Kizan Kuyou, the deputy commander of the Kingsguard, who is a well-known candidate to win this year’s championship.


 When he found out that I was his opponent, he threw a glance at me for a moment, but I guessed that he thought I was insignificant, and his gaze was immediately cut off.


 Even though I have been fighting with my instructor for a long time and am used to fighting with demons, my opponent was so much better than me that I thought it was too much bad luck.


 That reaction was natural.


 Perhaps, but if I fought, the probability of losing would be 90%.


 The odds are so slim that it’s like passing through a needle, and whether or not I can grab victory, from the audience’s point of view, they are either praying that I am not finished by a single blow to get the crowd excited, or they are wishing I am finished quickly, which a combination of events causes such thoughts to form.


 If this was a match that blurred the line between winnable and unwinnable, the mindset would have been even different, but if the opponent was a superior opponent, a superior opponent with a clear difference in ability, there was nothing to do but open the door.



“I’ll just try not to lose in a sloppy fashion.” (Jiro)



 That’s why I decided to take it easy and not declare that I would win.



“What are your true feelings?” (Memoria)



 My bride seems to be able to see right through me.


 She looked up at my face, saw through my pretense, and asked me about my honest feelings that were smoldering in the back of my mind.



“If I win this, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the audience reacts.” (Jiro)


“Well then, I’ll be looking forward to it.” (Memoria)


“Yeah, I’m a schemer.” (Jiro)



 So I grinned and smiled like a naughty child playing a trick and honestly said I wanted to cause a surprise, and they expected me to do so.



“But if it really comes to fruition, there will be an uproar, won’t there?” (Jiro)


“No doubt.” (Memoria)



 It is rare for a human being to appear at a Demon King Army event.


 After all, it is common knowledge that humans are equal to a lower race.


 My mere appearance was met with loud “boos”, and if I were to defeat the favorite fighter, the atmosphere at the venue would no doubt become noisy.


 With a desire to destroy the atmosphere, I turned my attention to the delicious scent that was starting to waft in the air.



“Add some sugar here.” (Masaru)


“Hmm, I see. That’s a secret ingredient. I’m impressed that you are so skillful at your age.” (Himiku)


“No, it’s nothing that great.” (Masaru)


“No, don’t be modest. Your skill is great. Like my master, human beings are full of potential.” (Himiku)


“Mmm, it smells really good.” (Amy)



 Some of the fighters may have planned to bring their own cooks, and there is a reasonably well-equipped kitchen in the room dedicated to the players.


 Masaru and Himiku are preparing food and snacks for the spectators to enjoy while watching the game.


 Amelia watches the scene like a puppy waiting for its meal.



“What a peaceful scene.” (Jiro)


“Lady Evia created that kind of environment.” (Suela)


“Suela, have you finished your commentary over there?” (Jirop)



 It’s in the form of a fighting tournament, and there’s a referee, but I thought it was a very peaceful scene in the face of something that could cost you your life if you messed up. Suela, who must have been there, walked towards me while supporting her stomach.



“Yes, I seem to be obsessed with the participant profiles right now.” (Jiro)


“I see. So, the supervisor mentioned earlier, so I arranged it for you.” (Suela)



 Originally, the scene I had in mind was to have the participants locked up in the participants’ waiting room.


 In this way, a private room is prepared for each fighter, and a guard prepared by the supervisor is stationed at the entrance.


 I thought that consideration was given because of that incident.



“Yes, to put it simply, it was to avoid trouble. Race, status, faction, and various other factors can cause trouble. Rather than putting them in one room just because it is easier to guard them, it is better to give them private rooms like this so that problems are less likely to occur.” (Suela)


“I guess it’s something like that. Well, I’d like to ask you not to get involved before the match, so I hope it helps.” (Jiro)



 It seems that it was a problem before that.


 The intention was simply to avoid gathering people who don’t get along with each other in one room, and I’m sure that includes me as well.



“I think Jiro is an exception among exceptions.” (Suela)


“After all, I am an unprecedented human participant. If I make a mistake, I may be the only human who would have ever participated in this tournament before and after.” (Jiro)


“Well, that’s a very special occasion for me.” (Memoria)


“If you win, it will be an even more precious sight.” (Suela)


“Yeah, that’s right.” (Himiku)


“My brides are strict.” (Jiro)



 Smiling and laughing at the brides who want me to win, I hope I can achieve such a result.



“Oh! Looks like the match is about to start!!” (Suela)


“I’m looking forward to it.” (Jiro)


“It seems like the fighter is a dark elf against a dragonman.” (Memoria)


“Himiku, please bring it to the table over there.” (Jiro)


“Umm, leave it to me.” (Masaru)


“I’ll help too!!” (Amy)



 The first match is about to begin.


 The opening of the battle banquet was watched in such a relaxing space.


 Gently clenching my fists, I pledged victory in my heart.


 No matter who my opponent is, I will not lose.



Note for the Day

There are times when we need to struggle, but there are also times when we need to be relaxed.



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