Otherworld Company Chapter 177.1: There Is A Borderline From Above That Is Crossed For A Promotion

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 The battle between the dark elf and dragonman begins with the signal of the start of the tournament.


 The two collide in the center of the arena, where cheers echo.


 Now, there is one thing I need to confirm before I watch this tournament.


 In order to participate in this tournament, participants are subject to certain conditions.


 You will not be allowed to stand on this stage unless you meet certain conditions.


 It might be easier to understand if I compare it to a set time in track and field.



“Wow, the Dark Elf side is being attacked one-sidedly.” (Kaido)


“Hmm, from what I saw in this fight, I don’t think he’s that strong, that he is. Is it because he’s hiding his cards, that he is?” (Minami)


“Look at their expression. I don’t think they can afford to do that. The spirits look amazing, but how powerful is the user?” (Karen)



 There are multiple conditions, and if you meet any of them, you will be allowed to stand on this stage.


 The first match is currently on.


 A dark elf, dressed like a magician, carries a staff and uses spirits to fight against them.


 In contrast, the dragonman is using his huge frame to hold a large shield and wields a spear as tall as he is with one hand.


 These two men, of course, have fulfilled the requirements to participate in this tournament.


 A typical battle between a rear guard and a vanguard.


 The scales of victory or defeat seem to be tilted in favor of the vanguard dragonman if I am to believe my eyes.


 They are fighting calmly and moving with a sense of composure, repelling the spirit’s movements with their shields and the scales that grow on their strong body, steadily pushing the dark elf into the battle.


 The dark elf, who is being pushed back, were also trying their best to resist using spirits and magic, but anyone could see that their defeat was only a matter of time.


 Kaido, Minami, and Kitamiya each expressed their impressions, and it seems that their impressions will directly affect the results.



“The result is likely to be exactly what they thought it would be.” (Amy)


“It’s true that Minami and the others say whatever they want, but what do you think of their actual ability? From my point of view, it’s not that great.” (Masaru)


“Even compared to that Ogre?” (Himiku)


“……I think.” (Masaru)


“There is no need to be puzzled, Masaru and Amelia. The two of you are not wrong in your opinions. The fact is that the dark elf is not as strong as the master. The dragonman has not yet shown the bottom of his ability because they still have dragonization left. However, compared to that demon, his ability is far below that of master. That’s why it’s not as powerful.” (Himiku)



 After listening to Himiku’s explanation, I had the same impressions as Masaru and Amelia, so it makes sense.


 I thought that since this was a battle to decide the rank of general, there would be a lot of people who were as good as, if not better than, instructors Kio and Fusio, but it seems that this is not the case.


 Himiku actually faced the two instructors several times.


 If you walked behind me and moved around in the company, you would definitely have met those two.


 Instructor Kio was delighted to meet a strong person, and Instructor Fusio was intrigued by the unusual presence of Himiku.


 I thought it was going to turn into a battle, but the two men heard my words just in time, and they put aside their differences.


 It is helpful to evaluate Himikku based on the strength she felt at that time.


 Now, that would mean that these two are not strong enough to be ranked as generals, but they are actually capable enough to be on the stage of this tournament.


 Then we are talking about the kind of standards that are required to participate in the tournament.



“I was wondering, are there any requirements to enter this competition? I’m supposed to be recommended by the instructors.” (Jiro)


“Yes, there is. There is Jiro’s recommendation, then there are three other conditions. The first is those who have shown great military prowess and combat strength and have been approved to participate, such as the Ogre King and Dragon King. The second is those with superior intelligence. This is someone like the Undying King or the Tree King who leads us Dark Elves. The third is a person who has special abilities and shows their ability. These are the Machine King and the now-deceased Insect King among the generals. Both of them were skilled in creating armies, and I heard that they were highly evaluated for that. There are others, such as the Titan King, who somewhat fulfilled most of these conditions and was ranked as a general in terms of overall ability, but he is a somewhat special case.” (Suela)


“I see, so my recommendation would be a rather exceptional treatment, wouldn’t it?” (Jiro)


“Yes, I can reject the recommendation of an ordinary person. The fact that it was a recommendation from two of the current generals made it all the more significant.” (Suela)



 I sat on the window seat, sandwiched between Suela and Memoria, and watched the battle while listening to the commentary. 


 Hearing that the format he participated in was quite unique, he smiled bitterly.


 The way I participated would have been a right that anyone who wanted to be one of the top ranks in the Demon King Army would have wanted.


 If that was the case, it was only natural that I would be the target of resentment.



“I feel sorry for the participants who participated in this tournament properly.” (Jiro)


“I’m sure those people have good eyes. I don’t think you should worry too much about it.” (Suela)


“That’s right.” (Memoria)



 You can sometimes measure a person’s ability just by looking at them.


 From what I see, I believe that both sides can win if they fight.


 It’s depressing to think that the participants would hold a grudge, but as Suela says, there’s no need to be deeply concerned.


 It’s just that I and they have different ways of participating.



“I’m wondering what the conditions were for those two to join the group, but I don’t think it was combat ability.” (Jiro)


“Yes, Jiro is right. They are both sons of village chiefs, and both are highly regarded as candidates for chief. The dark elf is from another village. And I heard he has made a contract with high-ranking spirits of wind and water. While I heard that dragonman is the best warrior in the village.” (Suela)


“Does that mean that they have to meet the requirements of either intelligence or combat ability to participate in the tournament?” (Jiro)


“Yes, that is correct. The dragon’s participation in the tournament will also include recommendations from the clan chiefs, village chiefs, and nobles.” (Suela)



 Instructor Kio leads his subordinates with his strength, and Instructor Fusio, leads his subordinates with his intellect.


 Even within the same rank of general, there are different ways of standing at the top.


 It is a position where only those who have demonstrated their ability are allowed to stand, regardless of the means they use.



“If that is the case, they are not good enough.” (Memoria)


“Yes, as Memoria said, one of them probably won’t become a general even if they win the tournament.” (Suela)



 However, Memoria said that the two of them who showed their ability and stood on this stage were lacking in ability, and Suela did not deny her words.



“…It’s not just about winning. Is that what you mean?” (Jiro)


“That’s what I mean.” (Memoria)



 To survive on this stage is no small feat.


 Additionally, what Suela was talking about was the conditions for participating in this tournament.


 There are further conditions, or in this case, criteria, for becoming a general.


 There is a borderline to be drawn in this tournament.


 If the condition for participating in the event is the time limit for track and field as I mentioned earlier, then the condition for becoming a general would be a world record.


 Suela’s explanation and judgment of their abilities from Memoria’s perspective.


 These two factors led me to an answer.



“No matter how far they win this tournament, if the Demon King does not approve of them, they will not be ranked as generals. In other words, this tournament is just a stage to show my ability. If the results show that I am not strong enough, that’s the end of it.” (Jiro)



 Even if he wins the championship, if the results do not meet the standards recognized by the leaders, he will not be considered a winner.


 But that can’t be helped.



 Even in this world, there is a strong sense of meritocracy.



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