Otherworld Company Chapter 177.2: There Is A Borderline From Above That Is Crossed For A Promotion

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“No matter how far they win this tournament, if the Demon King does not approve of them, they will not be ranked as generals. In other words, this tournament is just a stage to show my ability. If the results show that I am not strong enough, that’s the end of it.” (Jiro)



 Even if he wins the championship, if the results do not meet the standards recognized by the leaders, he will not be considered a winner.


 But that can’t be helped.


 Even in this world, there is a strong sense of meritocracy.


 Those who are weak, or in this case, those who do not show strength, will not be followed by those below them.


 Even if you excel in one skill, you have to show a minimum level of ability in other areas as well.


 That is the position of a general.


 A force known as a trump card in the Demon King Army.


 Even if someone is recognized as inferior in some areas, it is only in comparison to the areas they excel.


 It does not mean that they are inferior to others.


 And even if the two men fighting in front of you excel in intelligence and governance, they are not outstanding, and their military prowess is above average.



“It’s not easy to rise to the top, isn’t it?” (Jiro)


“That’s right.” (Suela)


“It is.” (Memoria)



 Deep down, I think this company is special.


 I often hear people talk about incompetent bosses or bosses who are just getting older. [T/N: Age is not equal to wisdom.]


 Such words are not born in this environment.


 It is a world of the weak and the strong, where those with no ability are eliminated.


 Once again, I am immersed in this world, and in a sense, I am impressed by the fact that I no longer feel uncomfortable with it.


 I really feel that I am not worthy to stand in this place.


 I thought I excelled among the testers in terms of ability, but I was not on the same level as the instructors.


 That is not to say that I excel in knowledge of governance and administration.


 Compared to the other talented people in this competition, I am mediocre, a word that fits me.


 If I had to pick a strong point, it would be that I have a very high magical aptitude.


 I was recommended by the instructors, who may have seen my potential or may have other intentions in mind.


 I can’t imagine what kind of results it will bring.


 But I will not waste this opportunity.



“Jiro, you’re giving off a strange amount of magic. Suela is pregnant, so you shouldn’t do anything too stimulating.” (Memoria)


“Oops, sorry.” (Jiro)


“No, it’s okay.” (Suela)



 If you don’t have one, you should find one.


 It’s something I can do regardless of time or place, and just as I was thinking of acquiring everything I could in this battle, Memoria warned me that my magical powers had unconsciously become intense.



“Ah, the Dark Elf lost after all.” (Kaido)


“Well, it’s just as expected. The official bet also showed that the dragonman had an advantage. The odds weren’t that good either.” (Karen)


“Muhfufu, if it’s not much, it doesn’t make sense to bet more, that it is. I’m glad I made a solid profit this time, that I did!” (Minami)


“Wow, Minami, you’re such a cheat! Didn’t you say earlier that you weren’t interested? That’s why I decided to not play it this time.” (Kaido)


“The world is a law of the jungle, that it is. Now I have more money in my pocket for this month, that I do.” (Minami)


“You’re going to be in pain later, you know.” (Karen)


“Minami, you get half of this month’s.” (Masaru)


“That it is!? The victory backfired!?” (Minami)


“Woah, you’re in for a rude awakening.” (Kaido)


“I mean, is your pocket money really managed by someone younger than you?” (Karen)



 In the meantime, the battle was over.


 The last battle ended with the dark elf, crushed between the wall and the shield, fainted and the battle came to an end.


The dark elf is magically transferred and the dragonman shouts in triumph.


 The crowd cheered as the loser and winner were decided.


 And what about the next battle?



“Master, that man.” (Himiku)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)



 Carter Isperio.


 He was the man who had attacked me like a street killer.


 He was so lightly dressed that it was hard to believe he had stepped into a dueling arena.


 A brimmed hat and a burgundy cloak.


 A rapier on in his waist.


 And he slowly stopped before taking the stage as if he could see me at a distance much further away, and threw a smile our way.



“Suela, is that him?” (Memoria)


“Yes, Carter Isperio. He is the deputy commander of the order of knights held by the Frontier Count Calicetora.” (Suela)



 Perhaps because of their past encounters, Himiku does not hide her dislike for him, and Suela also reveals her wariness.


 The news of his encounter with Himiku is also learned by Memoria and a dark look flashes in her eyes.



“The opponent?” (Memoria)


“He seems to be a tiger beastman. He is not as highly regarded as Sir Kizan, but he is also considered a candidate for the championship. As the beastman is without a general, he would not want to miss this opportunity to improve the status of his entire race.” (Suela)


“Are you sure you have enough energy? Now, let’s see how that pretty boy will fight.” (Jiro)



 I was able to fight him directly that time and fight evenly, but in reality, I think he took it easy on me.


 If Himiku and Suela had not been there, perhaps he would have shown his strength and finished me off.


 I felt that way at the time.


 Now such a man is fighting in front of me.


 He is definitely more powerful than me, and he is also full of energy.


 How will he fight against such an opponent?


 Aside from my own feelings of concern, the number of women in the audience cheering increased as a well-looking man appeared.


 On the other hand, the opponent grows irritated with the person who smiles all over the place.


 As soon as the battle begins, he begins to release so much rage that it seems like he’s going to drown his enemy in blood.



“It’s about to start.” (Suela)


“Yeah.” (Jiro)



 And the moment the demon referee stands in the center and gives the signal for the fight.


 The beastman rushes forward and swings down on him with his claws, his pride.


 He was fast, I thought.


 The movements created by the beast’s flexibility and instantaneous movement have been refined enough to take down prey, and have been sublimated into deadly movements.


 I was able to follow the afterimage with my eyes, probably because I was fortunate that I was watching from a distance and concentrating.


 If I was standing in front of the beast, it would be difficult to prevent him from attacking me.



“Woah!?” (Jiro)



 It was as quick as lightning.


 For a moment as they crossed paths, I thought I saw a blur, and then I saw blood spurting out from all over the beastman’s body.


 Then, standing a few meters away from the crossing, Carter slowly swung his rapier, which was dripping with blood, and gracefully turned back in the direction of the beastman, as if to show the crowd that he had cut him with it.


 I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t recognize any of its movements, the process from the beginning to the end of the attack.


 Seeing his ability, my fists were clenched from both frustration and jealousy.


 I didn’t notice the feeling of my hand being squeezed tightly, and my gaze turned to the beastman who was standing but almost kneeling, and the guy had a surprised expression on his face as if his previous attack failed.


 He slowly takes up his attack stance, determined to finish off the beastman, who is bleeding but refusing to back down.


 The beastman, who had been trapped in anger and was the favorite to win the tournament, even with his many wounds, was not going to miss this time and took his posture to attack, armed with his pride.


 But I had a premonition that I could see the beastman falling to the ground.


 The second time they crossed paths.


 I did not miss that moment this time.


 He moved his huge two-meter frame with all his strength, and although he was wounded deeply, he ran forward sharper and faster than the first clash, but with swordsmanship that surpassed his speed, Carter ended the battle.



“Are they done?” (Jiro)



 The words spilled out of my mouth the moment they crossed paths.


 The beastman’s yell faded away and his huge frame fell to the ground.


 The battle ended in a much shorter time than the previous one.



“Jiro.” (Suela)


“…” (Jiro)



 The fight showed that this is what the rank of General is all about.


 After the fight was over, the sight of him answering the cheers of the crowd made my blood boil.



“I’m fine.” (Jiro)



 Was it aimed at Suela and Memoria, who worriedly placed their hands on me, and Himiku, who was looking at me?


 Or is it aimed at me?


 All I can say is that this battle has definitely made my fighting spirit burn hotter.



Note for the Day

We must not neglect our efforts to make up for our deficiencies.



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