Otherworld Company Chapter 178.1: The Difference Between Being Able To Keep One’s Cool And Not Is The Difference Between Experience.

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“Mr. Tanaka Jiro, it’s time to get ready.” (Demon)


“Got it.” (Jiro)



  I continued to watch the game, and after four games had passed since that overwhelming match, the demon standing in front of the door knocked on the door and informed me that it was time for me to enter the match.


 After watching Carter Isperio’s match, I was sitting in a corner of the room with my eyes closed and concentrating, and I slowly opened my eyelids and answered the voice.


 I put the Mineral Tree I had been holding on the sheath on my back again and headed for the exit with firm steps.



“Jiro.” (Suela)


“Master.” (Himiku)


“…” (Memoria)



 Suela called my name, followed by Himiku, and Memoria stared quietly at my back.


 I turn around to see Kaido and my other party members lined up behind Suela and the others.



“Good luck.” (Suela)



 Suela, representing the members of my party, sends me off slowly, praying for me.



“Okay, I’m off.” (Jiro)



 Even though there was no participant in the party, everyone had a nervous look on their faces.


 Where did the initial festivities go? There was quite a temperature difference between the audience and the seats.


 So, I simply answered without any air of self-consciousness, waved my hand from behind, and walked out of the room.


 The demon stood in front of and behind me, leading the way to escort me down the aisle for the participants.


 Perhaps it was the scheduling of the matches to avoid contact between participants, or perhaps it was the fact that we were in a dungeon, but the cheers did not reach this place, and no one passed us, only the quiet sound of footsteps.



“Please enter through this gate as soon as the previous match is over. If you want to, you can watch the game on the monitor here.” (Demon)


“No, it’s fine, I want to concentrate.” (Jiro)


“I got it.” (Demon)



 The first room we arrived at was an open space with a door that looked like a hall.


 The end of this room is probably connected to the coliseum.


 The reason why various chairs are prepared by the side of the passageway, which is only illuminated by lights, is probably due to the difference in physique between each race.


 A human-sized chair was prepared by the demon guide, and I sat there and waited. A monitor was prepared next to me, but I refrained from using it.


 There’s an indescribable sensation running through my body as I’m being politely spoken to by a brawny, sheep-head demon, but I don’t want to think about anything unnecessary right now, so I sit down in the chair that’s been prepared for me and slowly close my eyelids again.


 Then I think back to the sword flash.


 I can’t see it, and I realize that the beastman is already dead.


 I tried to simulate the slaughtered beastman’s position as myself and tried to fight it over and over again, but the result remained the same.


 The image of me lying on the ground, unable to move my hands or feet, appears in my mind.


 I wanted to try to win a fight with the same image as if I had won, but it was not working.



“It’s time, huh?” (Jiro)


“That’s right. Please get ready.” (Demon)



 While I was in this state of mind, the atmosphere behind the door changed.


 The atmosphere that had been noisy earlier became quiet.


 Perhaps the audience was waiting for the winner to appear.


 The atmosphere was like that of a balloon, waiting for the audience to explode with emotion.


 On the other hand, I would say that there was no expectation for me.


 Or perhaps, in a sense, they are waiting to heckle me.


 From here on out, I am completely away from the stage, and there are only a few people who can be said to be on my side, but it is comforting to think that they don’t expect me to be there.


 I still have a lot of leeway to think of such words.


 Normally, I would smile to myself at the thought of such a thing, but the deep and powerful heat I feel deep inside me tightens my expression and keeps me in a constant state of tension.


 The escort demon nods when I confirm that it is my cue, and as I slowly stand up and stand in front of the door, the sheep-headed demon of the escort sends a telepathic message somewhere.


 Then the door in front of me opens and a view of a space that is much larger than the passageway unfolds before me.


 I thought my first step would be a bit confusing, but my body stepped out more lightly than I expected, and I entered the hall.



“Here comes the human!!” (Audience)


“You’re a dead man, instant death!!” (Audience)


“You overreach!!” (Audience)


“Just go back!!” (Audience)



 When I passed through the door, the audience recognized me and started to heckle me as I had imagined.


 But these words fall on deaf ears, and I ignore them, heading for the center of the room with firm steps.


 It’s a waste of time to pay attention to the noise.


 There is an ogre coming at me from the front with a loud cheer that is the exact opposite of the heckling.


 The distance between us was about ten meters.


 We naturally face each other with the referee between us.


 Kizan Kuyo.


 He is an ogre, different from Instructor Kio.


 He is dressed in a black robe and holds nothing in his hands.


 He is over two meters tall, standing alongside his instructor, showing off his steel-like body, his gray flesh, and the single horn that towers over his strong face.


 The ogre, with waist-length gray hair, pulled back carelessly on his back, gazes lazily at me.


 The instructor is a creature who is capable of violent emotions, but the ogre in front of me is the exact opposite: he stands there quietly, but I have the feeling that his punches are heavy.


 If the instructor is a dynamic creature, the ogre in front of me is a calm creature.


 The referee was explaining something about the match.


 The content of the explanation enters my mind, but I cannot divert my attention from him.


 A mountain is towering in front of me, the ogre that creates such an illusion.


 I was convinced that such a being would be a general.



“Human.” (Kizan)



 The ogre called out to me.


 The tone of his voice was hard.


 It was quiet, just businesslike.



“You cannot defeat us, run away.” (Kizan)



 The ogre hurled words at me.


 My body creaked as if I had been punched in the stomach.


 My body screamed even though I had just said those words, even though that was all I had said.


 There was no conceit in the presence in front of me.


 He was simply stating a fact.


 Reason tells me that I should run away now, though the words from such a superior being warn me that I should run away.



“…I guess so, but it would be a shame for me to leave without fighting you.” (Jiro)



 My instinct is delighted.


 I don’t use honorifics with people I’m fighting.


 I knew from the outset the warnings of logic.


 I’m standing here knowing what I knew.


 The guts and perseverance during the training with the instructors.


 My face broke into a grin, and I gently grabbed the handle of the Mineral Tree.



“I see.” (Kizan)



 I wondered if my determination and fighting spirit had been received by the ogre.



“If so, then go ahead and take on the challenge.” (Kizan)



 With those words alone.



“Kuhaha!” (Jiro)



 The ogre released his power.


 I was amazed at how I could laugh, seeing the fighting spirit I had been suppressing.


 The demon referee, for example, had a different complexion and jumped back immediately.



“Yeah! The higher the mountain, the more worthwhile the climb!” (Jiro)



 This heavy pressure, without a doubt, exists in the same realm as the instructor.


 I’m used to staying there and taking on challenges.


 The only difference is.


 This is not a training exercise, but an actual battle.


 There is no way you can go easy on a superior opponent.



 The first thing to do is to give my all.



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