Otherworld Company Chapter 178.2: The Difference Between Being Able To Keep One’s Cool And Not Is The Difference Between Experience.

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 This heavy pressure, without a doubt, exists in the same realm as the instructor.


 I’m used to staying there and taking on challenges.


 The only difference is.


 This is not a training exercise, but an actual battle.


 There is no way you can go easy on a superior opponent.


 The first thing to do is to give my all.


 The connection with the Mineral Tree, which I do not normally use, roots grow from the handle of the Mineral Tree and intertwine with my arm, forming a pathway of magical power.


 Slowly, but firmly, I take an overhead stance, and with each repeated breath, I knead up the magic power.


 As I am inferior to him, I have no other choice but to unleash the most deadly blow I can muster to win the match.


 The air told us that we were both ready.


 Perhaps sensing this, the referee, though distant, spoke in a firm voice,



“Fight!” (Referee)



 The curtain opened on this battle.



“!!!” (Jiro)



 I’m the first to move.


 No, I had no choice but to attack.


 If I went on the defensive, I would be overwhelmed and unable to do anything.


 The difference in ability is so great that I instinctively understand this.


 If I don’t attack, I can’t win.


 That is a natural act in the world of competition.


 If I go on the defensive, I lose the possibility of winning by any chance, or even a hundred million chances.


 From the very first move, I must give it my all, never thinking about what would happen if this attack did not go through.



“Keeeyaaaaa!!!” (Jiro)



 Just the shortest, fastest, all-out effort.


 With an Intimidating Monkey Scream, I swing down a sword flash.


 The fastest step, the fastest swing down.


 What resulted from that single blow?



“…brilliant, it seems I have underestimated you a little.” (Kizan)


“Kuha!”  (Jiro)



 It was a counter that landed cleanly in my stomach.


 The steel fist gouged my gut, and the fluid rose up and spread in my mouth.


 I taste blood.


 My internal organs are hurt.


 But I am still conscious.


 My legs and arms all feel connected.


 The end comes in just a moment.


 The hall had been filled with Kizan’s supporters until a few moments ago, but now it was quiet.



“I would not have been able to get away with that blow if it had landed on me. I respect your polished sword.” (Kizan)



 A single line of blood dripped down the ogre’s cheek.


 It left a wound on the ogre’s skin, which was thought to be harder than steel.


 But the audience’s eyes were not on it.


 The result that Kizan admired was being produced behind the ogre.


 A fissure as if the earth had split.


 A blow that shook the barrier of the coliseum walls.


 The entire hall was silent at the devastation created by a single slash.


 This was the result of the blow that had sliced through the belly of the huge body of the Queen of Evo Eaters, and the first move I had made.


 The result of bringing it to the first move.


 I put my all into that one sword flash in order to make it work against this distant figure.


 The result was that this ogre did not choose to defend, but chose to evade and counter.


 Pain consumed my entire body, especially my torso, which had been hit directly.


 My armor was shattered, and I could feel several bones around my abdomen that had gone through my body, which had been strengthened with magic power.


 The pain is keeping me conscious, but I am also tormented by the intense pain.



“However, you are inexperienced. I am proud to have shown you that you are qualified to be on this stage. Sink.” (Kizan)



 Slowly, his fist, which had been pushed through, was pulled out.


 My body fell to the ground.


 Everyone in the audience must have thought it was over.


 They may have thought that I had struck a great blow for a human being, but I was only human.


 Everyone in the Colosseum is probably breathing a sigh of relief, thinking that I was nothing special.


 The ogre in front of me also thought that I would end up collapsing.


 But unfortunately, I did not.



“Not yet.” (Jiro)


“What?” (Kizan)



 I’m a stubborn man, and I’m not so flexible to give up after a predicament like this.


 My body can still give its all.


 Every breath I take is painful, but I can move without any problems.



“Can you move with that body?” (Kizan)


“Unfortunately, I’ve been trained this way.” (Jiro)



 I refuse to fall to the ground, making this ogre’s face twist blowing away the sighs of the spectators.


 I energized my body, which was about to collapse, and instead, using a shift in my center of gravity, put all my strength into my stepping leg, pumping blood into every blood vessel in my body, and mobilizing every muscle fiber to attack with all my might.


 It was worth it, I thought, as my body creaked and moved.


 The eyebrows of the iron-faced ogre moved as if looking at something inexplicable, if not to the point of surprise that it didn’t end with that one blow like that flashy guy Carter earlier.


 From the bottom, rounding up to the top.


 The connection with the Mineral Tree continued, and with the sharpness of the cut dramatically increased, the swing boasted a threat that only made the ogre retreat.


 It puts the opponent on alert.



“I don’t plan on ending it yet.” (Jiro)



 With a vague feeling of such emotion, I gently set up the Mineral Tree in an overhead stance again.


 Even though my body was not in perfect condition, I could still move with all my strength.


 The first blow that caught the opponent off guard in a corner of his mind would have been my first and greatest chance, but even that chance was only a glimmer of light through the eye of a needle.



“Who would have sunk so easily? I’ve stood here and been called the most foolish of fools. Then I’m not going to give up on winning until the end.” (Jiro)



 Even so, I stood here with the determination to be called the most foolish of the fools.


 If I were to stand here with the intention of losing, I would have refused to participate in this tournament in the first place.


 Even if the odds are less than the hundreds of one percent, there is a chance to win.


 That is why I am standing here and giving my all to it.


 That’s why.



“If you want to crush me, give your all!!” (Jiro)



 I shouted to show my full determination.


 Even if it is only the barking of a puppy to the other party.


 I will do everything in my power to fight back against the ogre who looks at me as if I were a pebble on the side of the road.


 I will not end up being underestimated.


 No, it won’t end until I win.


 I wonder if Kizan had caught on to my resolve.


 Kizan took a stance for the first time.



“…I apologize for my rudeness. You are a warrior. I will respond to your resolve and your fighting spirit, and from here on out, I will show you my full power and crush you with all my fighting spirit. And now, human, my name is Kizan Kuyo.” (Kizan)


“My name is Jiro Tanaka. I have no intention of going down easily, nor do I intend to lose. You must be prepared for that.” (Jiro)


“You barked well. Don’t regret your spit.” (Kizan)



 The spirit that had been cutting corners increased even more.


 The air itself is so full of energy that you would think that it is coming to crush me.


 This time, they will not attack me as carelessly as they did earlier.


 This time, the fist that will crush me with all its might is coming.


 In the face of a storm, in the face of a natural disaster, and yet, if I am prepared, I know what I must do.


 I firmly grasped the Mineral Tree that I had raised and relaxed my excess strength.



“I’ll show you the power of humans.” (Jiro)



Note for the Day

Are you ready? I am.

Look with your eyes and see my resolve and the potential of humans!


T/N: So, how badly will you get injured this time, Jiro?

I really enjoy underdog MCs that are not the peak OP after a short rest, so this is pretty good.

Grow Jiro! Grow and become the first human general of the Demon King Army.



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