Otherworld Company Chapter 180: I Reflected But Did Not Regret It. Have You Ever Had That Experience?

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“You idiot, what are you going to do when your body is this tattered?” (Doctor)


“Hahahaha, it’s a shame.” (Jiro)



 The battle with the great ogre, Kizan, resulted in victory.


 However, it must be said that the cost is high.



“It’s difficult to find the muscles in your right arm and left leg that aren’t torn, and the bones that aren’t cracked or broken. There’s no point in counting the bruises and cuts. The damage has even reached your internal organs. How could he pick up a win from that ogre with a body like this?” (Evia)



 Without trying to hide her expression of dismay, the supervisor looked at the medical records handed to her by the doctor in charge of my treatment and saw me lying on the bed bandaged.


 I was dressed like a model of a seriously wounded person.


 The battle in my non-magical body had done more damage to my body than I had imagined.



“The doctor said that there are no aftereffects and that treatment is possible, but it will not be in time for the next match. Do you have an excuse, Jiro?” (Evia)


“I wish I had one, but unfortunately I don’t have one.” (Jiro)



 There’s no way I could come up with an excuse for challenging the crowd favorite even though I knew I would lose.


 The price of victory is an injury of honor.


 No matter how magic is used, it is not possible to heal such wounds in the blink of an eye, not even for minor wounds, but for serious wounds.


 It is not like a game where you can recover your HP with magic or medicine and then challenge the next battle.


 My right hand, which was hit directly, was broken in complex ways, and my left leg, which supported my opponent’s momentum, had torn muscles, and the shin bone was cracked vertically.


 My body, which had been beaten like a drum, was covered with bruises, and the damage caused by the impact had affected my internal organs and bones.


 The areas with the least damage were around my head and face.


 It is not funny because the most damaged part of the body is the last action, I took by myself.


 If it had not been for that last act, at least the injuries to the right hand and left leg would not have occurred.


 In conclusion, he said that he would have had to rely on a miracle to recover all at once.



“I never thought that even Ms. Valus’s power couldn’t heal me.” (Jiro)


“It is only your body that can manipulate time with your technology, and even if you speed up your self-healing ability, it will be meaningless if you heal in a strange way. It would be different if you could manipulate time with precision … but you can’t, can you?” (Valus)


“I resent my inexperience, that I can only do rough manipulation.” (Jiro)



 My body is so wrecked that I have to undergo treatment in stages, and it will take about three days for me to fully heal. Generally speaking, it is extraordinary that a wound that is generally irreversible can be completely healed in only three days, but that can only be because it is an insane fantasy system.


 I tried asking Ms. Varus, the spirit of time and space that I depend on, to advance time and treat me.



“Hmm, I can try, but the bones will connect in a strange way. And even if I can speed up the healing process, I can’t alleviate the pain, so it will hurt will be amplified.” (Valus)



 I hesitated when Ms. Valus, who anxiously asked if she should really do it, told me, and let me know the expected results.


 If it is not combined with potions or recovery magic, it will be left to natural healing, and if my right hand with a complicated fracture is not healed properly, the fingers will not be able to move.


 Even if I use them together, it’s not like I can heal a serious injury like this by simply sprinkling potion on it. I need medical knowledge about which parts to use and which potions to use, and as an amateur, I can’t do anything about it.


 In addition, the pain of healing all at once comes on during the acceleration of time.


 It was a complete disaster to take damage in order to heal, so I had no choice but to abandon the treatment by time acceleration.


 With such a wound, I naturally could not challenge the next match, and I had to abandon the next match.


 There was no way that this demon would readily accept such an incident, so she came to me after I had finished the treatment to lecture me while explaining the situation.


 The supervisor says that I, the winner, am in shambles, and Kizan, the loser, has already fully recovered and is in good health and that there are voices within the Demon King’s Army calling for me to be disqualified and Kizan to advance.



“I’ll praise you for your victory, but please gain a little more leeway. Thanks to you, I have to deal with unnecessary things.” (Evia)


“Um, what are unnecessary things?” (Jiro)


“The old traditionalists are crying and whining that they’ve seen what you can do. Your victory is null and void.” (Evia)


“What? They are saying my victory is not a victory because I am prepared to self-destruct?” (Jiro)


“That’s what I’m saying. You are saved by the fact that Kizan has admitted defeat and is refusing to advance. The voices of those who tried to annul your victory have been stopped by me and the Ogre King. The next opponent will proceed with Jiro’s non-defeat, but, well, if things continue as they are, you will lose to your next opponent too.” (Evia)



 While trying to cover it up with a wry smile, I thanked the supervisor for protecting my efforts while listening to her sermons that sounded like complaints.


 It is indeed tough to go that far and be told that, although it is not a problem according to the rules, it is still a traditional loss.



“What does it mean for me to lose?” (Jiro)


“I was told that Kizan, who was considered the favorite to win the tournament, was the one who was winning the tournament. Kizan and Garleo, the beastman, who were said to be the candidates for the championship, disappeared by Dark Horse. The remaining candidates for the championship will face the ones who went on to win without a fight. No, if you were able to fight, he would be the one you would be facing.” (Evia)



 It seems like this tournament is going to be very rough, with only one of the three remaining contenders for the championship already left.


 The beastman was beaten by Carter, and I, the one who was the cause of the destruction, beat the ogre.


 The fact that only one person in such a situation is winning in order is worrisome.


 And when the supervisor has a terrible smile on her face like this, it’s usually a dangerous time.



“Who is it?” (Evia)


“You have read the materials Suela prepared, haven’t you? Land Basalunte, one of the top five combatants in the Demon King’s army.” (Evia)



 Bad premonitions often come true.


 The name of the dragonman I had hoped not to meet was mentioned.


 He is rumored to be like a general when it comes to fighting, with black scales and scars all over the place.



“The reason he can’t become a general is because he specializes too much in fighting. In short, he is not smart enough. A general is a person who organizes. No matter how meritocratic we are, we would never appoint a general a man who can do nothing more than act out. But, on the other hand, if he had enough brains, he could be a general. It is no exaggeration to say that he is one of the candidates for the championship. Kizan is the closest to a general because he is both literate and skilled. However, in terms of ability, Land is better.” (Evia)



 The supervisor’s assessment is harsh with her words, but she seems to approve of Land’s fighting ability.


 And that she would bother to say such a thing.



“…Have they completed the discharge procedures?” (Jiro)


“Yes, it’s over. Just as I thought, you sold your name not only to those related but also to the demons. Then at the very least, make sure to gather information so that your name doesn’t fall into disrepute.” (Evia)



 It was probably for the sake of showing them the battle.


 The supervisor is talking about the instructors.


 Originally, it was impossible for me, who had just joined the Demon King’s Army, to become a general.


 I didn’t have the rank, prestige, or ability to be a general.


 However, the instructors had prepared me for this event, and I was able to gain the prestige of having defeated one of the candidates for the position of general.


 The instructors had told me during my training that I should be good enough to kill each other, and this was the chance for me to crawl up the ladder.


 Finally, I understood the meaning of this recommendation, and I naturally said.



“How unforgiving. What will happen if I die?” (Jiro)


“They’ll laugh at you at that moment.” (Evia)


“Oh, I hate myself for being able to imagine that so easily.” (Jiro)



 I can’t help but laugh at the instructors who are too much to even be described by the word spartan.


 Laughing at the reason for my participation in this competition, where the instructors seemed to say they let him do it because he could, I sat down in the wheelchair the supervisor had prepared for me, and before I knew it, a demon appeared and took the handle.



“Then I’ll let you go so as not to waste this opportunity.” (Evia)


“I see.” (Jiro)



 The supervisor, who usually leaves first, sees me off as I leave the doctor’s office.


 I proceed slowly.


 Moving forward, but the progress immediately stops.



“You?” (Jiro)


“I’ve been waiting.” (Kizan)



 Kizan, a large ogre who had changed from his fight clothes to a kimono, was standing there with his back against the wall.


 The ogre pushing the wheelchair tried to say something, but I stopped him with a hand.



“Do you think it is out of line to ask? As you can see, I’m unarmed with wounds all over my body. If possible, I’d like you to ask for a revenge fight after I’ve healed, could you?” (Jiro)


“I won’t be so shameless as to challenge you to a fight right now. I have one errand, and I wanted to ask you something.” (Kizan)


“What do you want to ask?” (Jiro)



 I didn’t feel any atmosphere related to conflict, such as bloodlust, malice, or fighting spirit, so I relaxed and prepared myself, but the ogre in front of me told me that there was something he wanted to ask me, a human.



“You said I was not good enough to be a general. And that I lack the essence of my species.” (Kizan)


“Yeah, I did say that.” (Jiro)



 I remember letting myself be overcome by the excitement of the battle and saying exactly what I felt.


 This ogre had waited all the way to ask me what I meant.


 I thought he was diligent for an ogre, or rather, a man who cared about details.


 If he were any other demon, he would have forgotten about my words and would be drinking sake with his frustration of defeat as a side dish.


 However, the man in front of her did not do such a thing and dutifully demanded an answer.



“Answer me, what am I missing?” (Kizan)



 Was it because he was so disappointed in losing, or was it because he could not become a general?


 The man’s voice was hoarse, but his voice reached me.



“That’s right…” (Jiro)



 I don’t have much to say to such an ogre who is lost in the direction he should be heading.



“I guess it’s about having fun.” (Jiro)


“Having fun?” (Kizan)


“Yeah, the ogres I know enjoy living. Drinking and fighting are the two things they seem to enjoy the most.” (Jiro)



 On the other hand, they seemed to hate doing serious work.


 Kizan’s brow furrows at these words and he says with a look of incomprehension on his face.


 He may have pride and ideology, but he always relaxes his shoulders to the extent that he can, and when he does his best, he does it with all his might, as if they are an adult with the energy of a child.


 I think that’s an ogre.



You seem to be in a higher position, but why don’t you relax your shoulders a little more? I can’t tell you to be as natural as the instructors, but if you keep putting all your energy into it, you’ll get tired.” (Jiro)



 This ogre doesn’t seem like that.


 I think ogres who embody the words “simplicity and hardiness” are admirable, but to me, it seems like they’re forcing themselves into a mold and feeling cramped.



“…For ogres, strength is everything.” (Kizan)


“Yeah, I know.” (Jiro)


“Then, I continued to train my body and got to the position I am in now.” (Kizan)


“I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but it’s paying off.” (Jiro)


“However, I lost to you.” (Kizan)


“That’s right.” (Jiro)



 The ogre echoes my words as if he is reconsidering himself as if confirming himself.



“Was my way of life wrong?” (Kizan)



 I can neither confirm nor deny those words.


 There are a thousand ways to live.


 I believe that there is no right or wrong way to live.


 I don’t think this is the kind of question to ask the person who prevented me from achieving the results I believed in and pushed forward, but I also felt that it would be wrong to remain silent.



“I don’t know.” (Jiro)



 I simply conveyed my honest words.



“You asked me what I thought you were missing, and I just said what I felt. I don’t think that makes it right.” (Jiro)



 I ask the demon to let go of the wheelchair, and using my arm that can move, I turn the wheel and step forward.


 I lightly patted the huge body that I could look up to if he approached.



“An ogre is a creature that lives a life full of mistakes. There is no such thing as a righteous life.  Even the instructor who is called the Ogre King was defeated by the president. It’s not right to assume that just because you lost once to a mere human being, your way of life is wrong.” (Jiro)



 I happened to win this time, but I can’t say for sure that I will win the next time we fight.



“There is always the next time. You have another fight. I’d like to win the next one without being this wrecked.” (Jiro)


“Next time, I want a rematch with you.” (Kizan)


“Not right away, but I want to fight you when I’m mature enough to beat you to a pulp.” (Jiro)


“I see, then I’ll do my best too. Next time, I’ll try to beat you.” (Kizan)



 If I’m not mistaken, Kizan seems to be satisfied with my words with such meaning, and if I’m not mistaken, he leaves with a slight smile on his lips.



“I heard that ogres usually have a party after a fight.” (Jiro)



 I just told them an old story I heard from Instructor Kio the other day.


 Kizan stops at my words and turns his head towards me.


 Toward my face.



“If you feel like it, let’s get a drink.” (Kizan)



 When I showed him a quick gesture as if raising a cup, he clearly smiled this time.



“Sure.” (Jiro)



 After giving a firm reply, Kizan left this time.


 A brief exchange, a chance encounter with a clumsy ogre.


 Feeling slightly tired and satisfied, I asked the demon to take me back to the room where everyone was waiting for me.



Note for the Day


Somehow, I had a feeling that I was going to have a long relationship with him.



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