Otherworld Company Chapter 181.1: A Brief Respite

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 Just hearing words about being pushed by a demon while in a wheelchair makes you think you’re about to die, but in reality, it’s just a normal wheelchair being pushed by a sheep-headed demon.


 It’s a bizarre sight to see from the side, something you would never normally experience, and I return to the waiting room with such an experience.



“Well, I survived and won.” (Jiro)




 Even though I had won, it was true that I had worried them.


 It was obvious that if I went to see them without a trace of treatment, this would be the result.


 There must have been a strange atmosphere in the air until I entered the room.


 The first thing I saw when I entered the room was Kaido and Minami, who were trying to calm the atmosphere by making a lot of noise, their eyes shining as if to say the savior had arrived.


 When I saw the two suddenly become quiet, I looked towards the entrance and there I was.


 So, I also raised one hand in greeting.



“Jiro, I was worried about you. Really, how many times do I have to worry about you…” (Suela)


“I’m sorry for worrying you. Are you feeling okay?” (Jiro)


“Yes, because Memoria and everyone else were there.” (Suela)



 Suela slowly walked up to me and holding her stomach, then hugged me.


 She kindly tells me thank you for your hard work, and I gently embrace her as well.


 After we hugged each other for a while, when we pulled away, Memoria hugged me and bit me on the nape of my neck.



“Is it normal to suck my blood after bleeding?” (Jiro)


“No, just a habit.” (Memoria)



 She was either embarrassed or just trying to confirm my existence, but after sucking a little blood, she quietly nuzzled her face into my neck.


 I pat her on the back accordingly.




“What are you doing, making a vampire turn to your blood?” (Memoria)


“A little demon-fighting.” (Jiro)


“It’s fine to be stubborn, but please remember to have a little self-restraint. Your body is not just yours.” (Memoria)



 I think she’s referring to children, but when I ask her if it’s because she won’t be able to suck my blood, Memoria just smiles back and quietly moves away from me.


 Himiku was the last one left.



“Master, I, I…” (Himiku)


“Hey, I came back in one piece.” (Jiro)



 It felt like her tear glands were about to burst, and although she had seemed fine earlier, her emotions seemed to overflow from the relief she felt.


 She is the most emotional of the three, and she looks at me with tears in her eyes.


 And when Memoria moved, she clung to my knees and started crying.



“Master, I’m glad you’re safe. Really, really, waaa.” (Himiku)


“Oh, sorry for worrying you.” (Jiro)




 Thinking about it, Himiku had never seen me so badly injured before.


 Then she might have been quite anxious.


 I have been only thinking of winning, but it is only for self-satisfaction while feeling a little sorry.


 I patted Himiku’s head and looked at the others, thinking it would stay like this for a while.



“I really worried you.” (Jiro)




 I was worried about, the fallen angel, Himiku’s unusual attitude, so I kept comforting her, while I continued talking.


 I don’t think it’s okay to say it’s been a long time, but this is my first serious injury in a while.


 Even though I was treated in a way I had become accustomed to, it is human nature to be worried.


 The usual members of the group, who showed their relief at being seen safe and sound, gradually regained their composure.



“Leader is a masochist, that he is, who would fall apart over and over again? I can’t help but think that’s the case, because they get wrecked all the time.” (Minami)


“I’m sad that I can’t deny it. I’m getting old, and I never thought the day would come when I would be lectured by you.” (Jiro)


“Hmph, such sarcasm doesn’t hurt, that it doesn’t. I have justice this time, that I will lecture you as much as I want, that I will. I really don’t want you to make us worry, that I don’t.” (Minami)


“Sorry.” (Jiro)



 Thanks to this, I was being lectured by Minami, who is usually lectured by me.


 I would normally tell her not to get carried away, but this time it was my fault, so I listened.


 The world is not always as convenient as I would like it to be.


 Masaru nodded his head in agreement with Minami, who was looking so proud of herself. [T/N: Masaru is a proud mom.]


 The other members of the party, Kaido scratched his head and looked away, Kitamiya sighed in disappointment and agreed with Minami, and Amelia couldn’t help but let out a laugh.


 Well, I’ve been worried about Suela and the others because I’ve been wounded so severely that I’m dumbfounded myself.


 I can’t say that it can’t be helped since I’m dealing with all these strong enemies.


 I apologized honestly, and when the air became lighter, a cheer sounded from outside the window.



“Hmm, it looks like the match ended while I was talking to Leader, that it did.” (Minami)


“The match is going so fast, isn’t this the end of the first round?” (Kaido)


“Yes, the first round is supposed to be over after the match that just happened.” (Karen)



 Everyone turned around and checked.


 Kitamiya looks at the match matching and counts, the match from earlier will be the last of the first round.



“After that, it looks like we’ll have a short break before the next match.” (Karen)


“How long is that?” (Jiro)


“It says one hour.” (Karen)



 After all the matches, the players are probably recovering.


 The players are probably recovering after all the games, and the spectators are leaving their seats in droves.



“Then we will have some free time for a while, we are not that hungry, that we are, we cannot have a meal yet… should we play cards, that we could?” (Minami)


“Did you bring any playing cards?” (Jiro)


“Hmph, it’s an otaku’s way of carrying around their toys, that we do.” (Minami)


“No, I don’t think so, Minami.” (Kaido)



 I was not hungry because Masaru and Himiku often served food, and I was not that hungry myself, although I was moving around.


 And there is still time until the next match.


 So naturally, I decided to kill some time.


 It would have been fine if we just spent time chatting and doing nothing, but since we were all here, Minami went through my bag and took out an orthodox deck of cards in a plastic case.



“You took out an ordinary deck of playing cards in a plastic case.” (Karen)


“I am sure you don’t understand me, Kitamiya. The rule of thumb with character playing cards is that they are for viewing and for preservation. It is outrageous to not use them, that it is.” (Minami)


“Yes, sure.” (Karen)



 There didn’t seem to be any objections to playing cards, and after looking at Minami’s shuffling cards in surprise, Kitamiya was taken aback when she asked why they were playing normal playing cards and gave an appropriate reply.


 If I had to raise a problem, while the overall trend is going.




“Master, what is a playing card?” (Himiku)


“It’s a kind of toy. It’s more about using your brain than moving your body.” (Jiro)


“Do they have something like that here?” (Himiku)


“Oh, have Suela and the others ever done this?” (Jiro)


“Yes, just for fun during breaks, but I don’t know much about it.” (Suela)


“Me too.” (Memoria)



 The other world group is not very experienced in playing cards.


 It seems like Suela and Memoria have played before, but Himiku is a complete novice.


 While asking what she will do with the paper cards, the fallen angel picks up the playing cards given to her by Minami and has a confused look on her face.


 As far as her way of life is concerned, it seems that she had nothing to do with playing until she came to me.


 It’s probably not surprising that she doesn’t know how to play cards.



“There are quite a few people, but is it just a simple game of old maid?” (Karen)


“I guess that’s reasonable.” (Jiro)



 When it comes to games that amateurs can play, leaving aside games with slightly complicated rules such as poker, the first thing that comes to mind is Old Maid.


 It is a simple game of drawing cards clockwise to make a pair of the same number.


 The group of nine players, including myself, Kaido, Minami, Masaru, Kitamiya, Amelia, Suela, Memoria, and Himiku, was a large group, but it was not impossible to play.



“??” (Himiku)



 After a brief explanation of the rules, I sat down with Suela, Kitamiya, Kaido, Masaru, Memoria, Amelia, Minami, and Himiku, clockwise from me.


 I took Suela’s card and Himiku took mine.


 Himiku looked at the cards dealt in the seat next to her and asked,



“Don’t you understand the rules?” (Jiro)


“No, I understand the rules. But is this a game of luck? I have heard that people want to know their destiny, but they also compete with their luck, don’t they?” (Himiku)


“That could be taken that way, but there’s another element to it.” (Jiro)



“Is that so?” (Himiku)



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