Otherworld Company Chapter 183: Sometimes You Set A Goal, And When You Are Ready To Do It, That Goal Suddenly Changes.

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 I didn’t take the unnecessary flag, that dragonman’s provocation, but stayed in my room and enjoyed a game with everyone else.


 As for Minami’s provocation earlier, I’m sure it was a flag! She might have said something like that and made me want to go, but this time I deliberately ignored it.


 I am not saying that I didn’t think it was the right thing to do, but there was no need to go all the way to the mine.


 Thanks to that, I was able to watch the battle peacefully and informatively, though not quietly, without getting into unnecessary trouble.


 So even if I lost some flags, I would still be happy with this choice.


 If something goes wrong, we just need to reflect on it.


 And the competition of all fifty participants went smoothly, except for the trouble of losing two players in my first-round match, and now we are in the semi-finals.


 The so-called best four have been decided, and the battle is on to determine who will advance to the prestigious finals.


 The four are Carter and Basalunte, a dark elf, and a skeleton who are about to be kicked to the curb by these two.


 Carter was against the dark elf and Basalunte was against the skeleton, and no matter how you look at it, it was obvious which fighter would make it to the finals. The semifinals didn’t upset the expectations of the audience or me, but the two mob-like people according to Minami were instantly killed, and the semifinals went smoothly. The final card has been decided.



“That was pretty long, well, I know it had to be because there were breaks and a lot of matches.” (Jiro)



 I wondered if they could really do it in a whole day, but the matches started in the morning and showed their end by nightfall.


 The semifinals were over, and those of us who had watched them fight for a long time could see the slightest hint of fatigue.


 It is not hard to understand why Kitamiya massaged her tired eyes with her fingers trying to soothe them.



“It’s great that it’s flashy and fun, but the problem is that it makes your eyes tired. This is especially noticeable when it comes to magic battles.”


“Well, it’s so flashy. It’s so bright and it explodes that my eyes hurt a little.”




 The battle between warriors is so fast that it is tiring to follow it with the eyes, and when magic is added to the battle, the magical effects make the eyes tired even from a distance.


 I don’t know if the audience could see the high-speed battles in the second half or not, but they were still cheering for the flashy performance of magic.


 But it must be tiring to sit in a chair for a long time without a private room like us.



“I can make some cocoa.” (Himiku)


“Let me help you.” (Masaru)



There were quite a few people standing up in the audience during the break before the finals, probably to have a drink or walk around a bit.


 With this scene aside, Masaru and Himiku had some time before the final, so they went to the kitchen to make cocoa to replenish the sugar content of the people in the room.



“Masaru~, make mine sweeter, that you should~.” (Minami)


“Oh, if you can do that, I want mine sweet too!” (Amy)


(Considering the amount of food, you just ate, you’ll get fat, both of you.) (Mike)


“Ugh!” (Minami)


“No problem!! If I keep dancing, I’ll have no problem!” (Amy)



 Amelia, who was slumped on the sofa, took advantage of Minami’s request.


 Mike, who had calculated the calories from all the food and drink he had consumed, told the ladies what they were not allowed to say to each other.


 Then the two, whose personal lives are polar opposites, change their responses.


 On the one hand, I spend a lot of time at my desk, and on the other hand, I spend a lot of time in motion.


 They are moving around in the dungeon, but that is a magical body, so even if it prevents aging, it actually has no effect on weight loss.


 If they were training, they would not be in a magical body, so they would burn calories, but it’s too late to say that now.


 Minami reluctantly reiterates that the sweetness should be moderate, and Amelia waits for the sweet cocoa to be made.


 Their expressions were as opposite as the way they lived their personal lives.



“Seniors and that guy Carter really messed up the tournament, but if you just look at the results, it seems like the guys who were able to win on a regular basis came out on top.” (Amy)



 Smiling at the sight of these two, we returned to the topic of the competition.



“There is always someone who stands out from the crowd. That’s what those two are. But to be honest, I don’t know who’s going to win the next match.” (Kaido)


“Is that so? Personally, I feel like that dragonman will win. You know, he’s defeated all the matches so far with one blow? I feel like he has some leeway.” (Jiro)



 I talked with Kaidou, who was sitting far away, about the match so far, and Kaidou refuted my prediction.



“Is that so? If you mean margin, I think that vampire guy over there will win. It is true that he may be inferior in terms of offensive power, but I still think his speed is amazing. He seemed to be controlling his speed, and I don’t think his attacks are weak by any means.” (Kaido)



 But it was Kitamiya who put a stop to that opinion.


 In her subjective view, she sees Carter as superior to Basalunte.


 Kaido sees Basalunte as the winner because of the strength of his single blow and his defense against any attack.


 Kitamiya, appreciating his greater speed and the sharpness of his swordsmanship, probably thinks that Carter will win.



“In that case, the same goes for the dragonman. He’s definitely hiding three stages of transformation.” (Kaido)


“What kind of a Demon King is that, but in that case?” (Kitamiya)



 The Demon King himself is watching this tournament, and Kaido’s line is indescribable.


 As I watched the exchange of opinions gradually heat up, I thought about what I said earlier.


 The reason I don’t know where this match is going to end up is because both of their arguments are spot on.


 At my current level of ability, I can’t measure the power of these two.


 Are they as good as the instructor, or worse, or better?


 Or is it an overestimation or an underestimation with a larger swing?


 All I know is that they are both more capable than I am.


 Is it Basalunte’s strength or Carter’s speed?


 Or will other factors come into play?


 It’s hard for me to predict the outcome with the information I have right now.



“Master, it’s cocoa. I thought you might be tired, so I sweetened it for you.” (Himiku)


“Oh, thank you.” (Jiro)



 I accepted the mug offered by Himiku while Kaido and the others were exchanging heated opinions.


 The steam and the sweet aroma tickled my nostrils, and that alone seemed to relieve my fatigue.


 I put aside all the complicated thoughts in my head and sip the cocoa slowly, trying not to burn myself. [T/N: As if it would burn your dragon-slaying self.]


 The sweet taste that spreads across my mouth informs my body that I am replenishing my body with sugar, and I feel a sense of calm.



“Himiku.” (Jiro)


“What’s wrong, Master? Do you want another cup?” (Himiku)



 Resting and relaxing, I look at Himiku, who is handing cocoa to Suela and Memoria as well, and I suddenly think.


 The one who is closest to the instructors’ ability here is definitely Himiku.


 If that is the case, then her prediction would be able to tell us the outcome of the match.



“No, not yet. I just wanted to ask you, if you don’t mind my asking, who do you think will win the final between those two?” (Jiro)



 It was a question I asked out of curiosity.


 And I thought Himiku would answer after some hesitation.



“I think it will be the dragonman who wins.” (Himiku)



 Her immediate answer was that the winner would be Basalunte.


 Hearing this, the two, who had been having a heated discussion, settled their differences, with Kaido showing off his smug face as if he had just won, and Kitamiya, on the contrary, looking dissatisfied.



“Himiku, why? To me, it seemed like either one could win.” (Suela)



 And Suela, who, like me, thought it could have gone either way, voiced the question to Himiku on behalf of everyone else.



“Well, somehow, I felt that that vampire was cutting corners.” (Himiku)


“? Isn’t the reason why they are being lenient because the other person isn’t serious enough? If that’s the case, I think the same goes for Mr. Basalunte…” (Suela)


“Suela, that’s not what I’m trying to say. Holding back is the adjustment of one’s strength to the opponent’s strength while cutting corners is a crude adjustment of strength, to begin with. He has no intention of winning. It was as if he did not want to show his fighting ability. Probably, he will not change his stance in the next match. But that is no way to win against the next opponent. That’s why I said the dragonman will win.” (Himiku)



 It was more of an educated guess than a feeling.


 Himiku pointed out that Carter didn’t fight at his best during the match, and Suela pointed out that he didn’t have to go all out, but that he was intentionally hiding his ability rather than going easy on him, according to Himiku.



“…Do you know the reason?” (Jiro)



 I had some idea of the reason for Himik’s answer, and I felt bad about it, but I had no idea what it was.


 The fact that the instructor, the supervisor, and even the president are aware of this, and they are letting it go, means that there is no problem, but I have a bad feeling about it.



“I don’t know. Either he doesn’t want to be general, or there’s another reason.” (Himiku)



 Himiku sees through Carter’s laxness, so I ask Himiku the reason, but she doesn’t seem to be able to see that far into his intentions.



“Minami, can you think of a reason? You know similar stories like that, right?” (Masaru)


“Hmm, if the story goes like this, why don’t they take a hostage and lose on purpose in the end, that they can? Also, as Ms. Himiku said, he doesn’t want to become a general, so he just wins to some extent to save his employer’s face, which he does. I guess he needs to move further, that he is.” (Minami)



 Masaru asked Minami, who had played various games, but Minami’s story also did not go beyond the realm of prediction.


 At first, they were just predicting who would win, but then they found themselves talking about what Carter might be up to.


 Carter is a man who makes you think that he is planning something for the sake of his employer. If this was Instructor Kio, I would understand that he is not motivated for a simple reason such as the other person being weak…



“Is there any point in thinking about it?” (Jiro)



 I am reminded that this is why men who don’t show their insides are so tricky.


 The sense of trying to grasp the haze doesn’t shape my expectations, and from what Himiku has told me, I can find two things.


 The final match after this will never end normally.


 It will not end easily.


 That much I can be sure of.


 I don’t think that Carter will end the match easily without making any mistakes.


 Whether he wins or loses.


 I think he is a man who will do something.



“If possible, I hope I’m wrong.” (Jiro)



 I wish in a whisper that he would betray the guesses I made, but these bad premonitions often predict bad results based on my own empirical evidence.


 It’s best to assume that it’s unlikely to be wrong.



“It’s starting, isn’t it?” (Suela)



 Suela, next to me, says the fight is about to begin when she sees them slowly entering through the window.


 While we were talking about one thing then another, time passed, and it was time for the finals to begin.



“? Did he change his weapon?” (Jiro)



 We each sat down in our respective positions and went into spectator mode, but then I noticed one thing.


 Carter was holding what looked like a sword wrapped in cloth instead of the rapier he had been carrying at his waist.



“Is that a magic sword?” (Jiro)



 Since the opponent was a dragon man and a powerful one, it was not strange for him to bring a real weapon to the finals.


 The most powerful weapon in the Demon King Army is that flawed magic sword that comes to mind, but if he is as good as he is, there must be a magic sword that can be used without any disadvantages.


 In fact, people don’t say anything about it, so I guess it’s not a problem in terms of rules.


 Besides, his opponent, Basalunte, was smiling happily for the first time in this tournament.


 He is happy to bring out his powerful weapon and fight.


 His tail wagged and his sleepy expression was at once replaced by a ferocious smile.


 And just when the atmosphere of the place is beginning to heat up because of Basalunte, I see him slowly ascend to the podium.


 It’s the president.


 He slowly steps up to the podium to give the signal for the final match in place of the referee, and then he brings down the curtain on this battle.



“Show me your full strength in battle.” (President)



 Then, with a prelude, they slowly readied themselves, and just as they were about to begin, Carter put his hand on the cloth that wrapped his sword.



“! Master! That thing!!” (Himiku)



 Himiku, realizing what it was, stood up on the spot, spread out three pairs of magnificent, jet-black, fallen wings, and cried out,



“It’s a holy sword!!” (Himiku)



 As if Himiku’s cry, which protected us and set up a barrier in front of us, was a signal for battle, the entire hall was filled with a blinding light.


 Destruction filled the space.


 It was a coincidence that I saw it.


 In my vision, shaken by the sound and impact of the explosion, Carter, the owner of the light source of destruction, was slashing at the president at a speed that made his previous speed seem like child’s play.


 The composition was like a hero challenging the Demon King.



Note for the Day

Isn’t it, bad to have a full-scale war between a hero and the Demon King right here?



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