Otherworld Company Chapter 184.1: Reporting, Communicating, And Consulting Are Important In Everything, But That Cannot Be Said Of Happenings.

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 A battle between a hero and a demon king is a common development in terms of story content, often heard and seen in games, anime, and manga.


 But if you witness the actual scene, you cannot have such an impression.



“It’s so amazing, I can laugh.” (Jiro)



 I whispered to myself, and my voice sounded like someone else’s.


 That’s how far removed from reality the scene in front of my eyes is.


 The clash of light and darkness brings only destruction, and only the sounds of explosions and blasts fill the battlefield.


 With the sound of explosions, the air itself is sublimated into a shock that vibrates and shakes the buildings themselves.


 The collision of the light and darkness of destruction that creates that impact shatters the wards that are supposed to protect the audience as easily as a snap, and the aftermath tries to reap the audience. But there was an existence that mitigated it just in time.



“As expected of the president!? Is everyone safe!?” (Jiro)



 The president, always with a smile on his face, confronted the shockwave head-on and prevented the violence of destruction.


 In addition to the shocking scene, he created himself, he was able to counteract the damage created by his opponents while fighting, displaying abilities that were truly beyond extraordinary.



“Yes, I’m okay.” (Suela)


“I’m fine too.” (Memoria)


“What on earth happened… I’m alright.” (Kaido)


“Ugh, I hit my head, that I did, but I’m fine, that I am.” (Minami)


“*Cough*, I’m safe too.” (Karen)


“What about Masaru and Amelia!?” (Jiro)


“I’m fine! However, Amelia has been acting strangely since a while ago.” (Masaru)


“Ugh, my head hurts.” (Amy)



 However, it has never been reduced to zero.


 The aftermath of the reduction of the impact is still considerable, Himiku protected the room, and our room, which is probably easier to see the current situation than the surrounding area, we saw the president intercepting Carter without moving a single step from the spot.


 The president was standing on the platform, no longer in its original state, and only his right hand was moving at high speed without even leaving an afterimage, busily defending himself against Carter’s attack.


 And with his opposite left hand, he was reestablishing the barrier to prevent the light waves that Carter was generating.


 It was an action that made us wonder how many things he was processing at the same time.


 However, the wards were easily shattered by the light of the holy sword, as Himiku said, and the impact shook the audience seats, and the re-stretched barriers prevented the light wave from coming again.


 In the midst of all this, I raised my voice and took roll call to check everyone’s condition, and was able to confirm that everyone was safe, with the exception of Amelia.



“Can you move?” (Jiro)


“Yes, I think I can manage.” (Amy)



 Perhaps Amelia hit her head somewhere with the initial impact, or maybe the light from earlier had some kind of effect on her, and she was holding her forehead with her left hand as if trying to hold back the pain.



“Take it easy, Kitamiya. Masaru, support Amelia.” (Jiro)


“Yes.” (Kitamiya)


“Got it.” (Masaru)



 It looked like she was in a lot of pain, and I knew it was a bad idea to let her move by herself, so I brought her good friend Kitamiya and the healer Masaru to her side.



“Whatever you find, Minami, gather information and also be on the lookout.” (Jiro)


“No, I will do it, that I will do it, but—it’s your turn, that it’s your turn, that it’s not. The magic power is scaring me, that it is coming to us.” (Minami)


“Kaido, what about the guards at the entrance?” (Jiro)


“No, they are stretched out when the impact of the first blow spread.” (Kaido)



 A sudden attack on the president, no, the Demon King.


 That was done without a plan. I wonder if this is what Carter wanted to happen, so I have Minami scout to see if there are any enemies coming from around us, and collect information at the same time.


 While complaining about the situation, she deploys magic to search for enemies and tries to summon her spirit, but the battle outside is too fierce and the spirits are too frightened to come out.


 The escort we are relying on has been knocked unconscious in the aftermath of Carter’s unprovoked attack.


 The guard was prepared by the supervisor, so he was by no means weak, but the light attack on the demon was truly fatal.


 So, it might still be better to just pass out.



“It may be a good idea to ask who he is, but Himiku, what with him?” (Jiro)



 And it comes back to the question of who the hell is this guy who unleashed such an attack.


 Now that we were unable to take any action in such close proximity to the battle, what we needed was information.



“Hero! Only those who have the aptitude to draw the ability of the holy sword can use it!” (Himiku)



 It’s bad for Himiku, who is trying to put up a barrier and reduce the aftermath of the battle as much as possible, but he borrows his senses and knowledge to gather information.


 And the answer that came back was exactly what I had in mind.




“That’s right… Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to emit such holy light. Wait, wasn’t he a vampire?” (Jiro)


“It’s highly unlikely that it was a disguise. I definitely felt the presence of my own kind.” (Himiku)



 After witnessing such an impossible scene of a vampire wielding a holy sword, I expressed my doubts, but Memoria, who is also a vampire, confirms that Carter is a vampire.



“I’m getting more and more confused. …In addition, the more I think about why the brave man is in the demon army or why I didn’t notice him, the more I get stuck in quagmire. So, let’s put the question of his true identity on the back burner for now. We’ll do what we can do. Himiku, is the president’s position not good enough when he’s defending civilians against a hero?” (Jiro)


“Ah, no matter how powerful the Demon King may be, the heroes are a force to be reckoned with. If you’re on the defensive, you’re going to start to lose footing sooner or later.” (Himiku)


“In that case… it’s not like things will happen right away, but I think we should consider that there’s not much leeway… If that’s the case, our actions will naturally be decided. It’s all kinds of things! No matter how hard the situation is, it’s out of our control! Let’s run away before we get involved in a conflict like this, which is like a natural disaster!” (Jiro)



 Himiku’s words, which were sure to have considerable power even in the aftermath, caused sweat to drip down her forehead as she tried her best to defend us against the attack.


 Who would want to be on stage at a monster battle like this?


 I have experience in defeating a monster-like thing just once, but if you compare that to the scene in front of me now, it’s a whole other dimension, and I don’t want to be a fool who jumps into a battlefield where even the instructors think it’s difficult to jump in, with a sense of justice that’s not even childish.


 I want to say that the aftermath of the attack alone was a joke, making me think that it was comparable to my full-power attack.



“I agree with you, that I do! This battle is beyond impossible, that it is just impossible! I mean, it’s too confusing to gather enough information, however, I think we should act as soon as possible, that we should.” (Minami)


“Is it okay to support the president? This isn’t the time to say something about what can be discussed later… No matter how you look at it, we’re the ones who should be rescued, right?” (Kaido)


“What an idiot! What are you confirming the obvious? It’s not like we can do anything about it! It’s not like the president can’t give it his all because of us. Running away is the only way to help him!” (Minami)


“For the time being, I agree with Minami. Let’s evacuate as soon as possible. Amelia is acting strange, is she okay?” (Jiro)



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