Otherworld Company Chapter 184.2: Reporting, Communicating, And Consulting Are Important In Everything, But That Cannot Be Said Of Happenings.

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“I agree with you, that I do! This battle is beyond impossible, that it is just impossible! I mean, it’s too confusing to gather enough information, however, I think we should act as soon as possible, that we should.” (Minami)


“Is it okay to support the president? This isn’t the time to say something about what can be discussed later… No matter how you look at it, we’re the ones who should be rescued, right?” (Kaido)


“What an idiot! What are you confirming the obvious? It’s not like we can do anything about it! It’s not like the president can’t give it his all because of us. Running away is the only way to help him!” (Minami)


“For the time being, I agree with Minami. Let’s evacuate as soon as possible. Amelia is acting strange, is she okay?” (Jiro)


“Ugh, my head has been hurting for a while now. Mike hasn’t responded either. What is going on?” (Amy)



 I’m glad that Himiku, our greatest strength, is safe, but I’m injured and have trouble walking, Suela is pregnant, and Amelia is feeling ill.


 It may not be a good idea to move, but it is riskier to stay in the blast zone where a hero’s attack could hit at any moment.


 If I had known this was going to happen, I would not have been so stubborn in my fight with Kizan, I am regretting my actions.



“Suela, where is the closest safe place from here?” (Jiro)


“…If we can return to the company, can escape to another dungeon. But this is an emergency situation. We can’t be absolutely sure that the company is safe, so if we could escape to the dungeon of the Demon King or the Immortal King, we would be safe for the time being. But.” (Suela)



 Even if we move, we must decide on a course of action.


 To avoid taking any rash action, I checked with Suela to see if there was a safe zone where we could go as quickly as possible.



“The problem is that the people in charge of both are now at ground zero, right?” (Suela)



 Unfortunately, that idea, too, seems unworkable.


 Behind the Demon King is a presence that can be seen moving agilely enough to be recognized even from a distance.


 There is an ogre who is carrying the dignitaries in the guest of honor’s seat on his shoulders and performing rescue work in spite of the shockwave, and an undead who has set up a barrier behind the Demon King to evacuate the civilians.


 The other generals are also moving so as not to get in the way of the Demon King’s battle.


 They seem to know their roles and act quickly.


 The fact that the situation has not turned into a screaming inferno is probably due to the fact that the powerful men are supporting the Demon King.


 But thanks to them, there is one less candidate in need of a safe zone.


 This arena is a remodeled version of the supervisor’s dungeon.


 The arena is directly connected to the company, so even if we leave the arena, the company is not completely safe.



“Worst-case scenario, we let Kaido and the others escape outside the company.” (Jiro)


“If that’s the case, what will senior going to do?” (Kaido)


“We’ll manage somehow.” (Jiro)



 If you’re outside the company and don’t have magical powers, you should be able to shake off your pursuers, so the testers other than me can escape using that method.


 The problem is Suela and the others who need magic power.


 Kaido, who knew that I was not going to abandon Suela and the other testers, guessed that I was going to stay behind in the company and help with the evacuation, so he confirmed our future plan.


 The dungeon that was the candidate.


 If we could evacuate to another dungeon that is literally connected across a dimension, there would be only one entrance, so the aftermath of this battle would be minimal, and at worst, even if another enemy came, we would not have to worry about being attacked by a target of our forces.


 This was Suela’s suggestion, but since Instructors Kio and Fusio, who were responsible for our dilemma, were on the front lines, it would be a challenge to get them to enter the dungeon entrance and take shelter there, let alone evacuate to the far end of the dungeon.



“What’s the alternative?” (Jiro)


“…It’s a bit more dangerous, but there are other ways.” (Suela)



 So Suela was about to propose a different plan, but the situation changed first.


 The Demon King, perhaps taking advantage of a slight opening, slammed Carter’s body to the ground with magic, and then deployed many more magic spells in parallel in a fraction of a second, almost a thousandth of a second, creating an advantageous battle situation with a mass warfare strategy that crushed rather than slammed.


 At the center of the vortex of magic, Carter seemed to be defending himself, but with a flash of his holy sword, he struck down all of the magic.


 Silence filled the arena after the roar and vibrations of the previous moment.


 The temporary calm gave the spectators a chance to go for the exits.



“The timing is not good, the passageway is in trouble, that it should be.” (Minami)



 Perhaps because Minami, who was alert to her surroundings, was checking the passageway situation, she was the first to report that the passageway was blocked with spectators, like a traffic report.



“The guides are not helping, that they are not helping. The audience is pouring into the special passageway, too. If you leave now, you will definitely get caught in the traffic, that you will.” (Minami)



 We missed our chance to escape.


 We didn’t expect the battle to be over so quickly, even if only temporarily, and we were indirectly trapped in the VIP room.


 Even though it had been quiet outside the room earlier, we could hear the noise looming.


 If we were to force our way out of the room by force, it would surely result in a riot.


 Knowing that, I had Kaidou pull the demon guard into the room so they wouldn’t be trampled, and if this happened, I thought I would have no choice but to siege myself.



“I wonder if the transfer magic can’t be used…” (Jiro)


“Yes, this is like the inside of the supervisor’s body. Teleportation magic is no longer possible, except for a few.” (Suela)


“You’re blocked on all sides, Himiku, can you hold out a little longer?” (Jiro)


“Yes, I can endure it for hours.” (Jiro)



 The reliable Himiku’s answers made me feel at ease.


 Then, I look at the center of the problem to be able to cope with it as much as possible.


 They seem to be having some kind of conversation relative to each other in the distance, but as expected at this distance, I can’t hear their voices.


 However, I can see their expressions.


 As if they were good friends chatting, one is smiling and looking down from the platform, while the other is looking up from the center of the arena.


 The crowd still remains, but the generals begin to move to surround them.


 Carter, on the other hand, is in no hurry while talking with the Demon King.


 We can only stare at the scene, praying that nothing will happen, wondering what the hell he can afford and what he is up to.


 Finally, the generals were in place.


 Seven generals and a demon king.


 Eight against one, even for a brave man, I think this is a bad disparity in strength, but Carter didn’t seem to be in a hurry.


 In fact, he even looked disappointed.


 He shook his head as if saying that he couldn’t go on any longer, and the generals were threatening to attack him at any moment, and he was afraid of the murderous intent and that he could run away. In front of the Demon King who seemed to be asking, Carter said something then,



“?!?” (Jiro)


“He’s gone?” (Himiku)



 With a swift thrust, he raised his holy sword to the heavens and let out a flash of light, and then he vanished from the scene.


 All that remained was the arena, which had been left in a state of destruction, and the generals who were on guard around it, as well as the president, who was staring at the ceiling.


 Inside the room, everyone was unable to comprehend what had happened.


 Suddenly the battle engulfed and then abruptly ended.


 The violence like a storm had vanished from sight like a mirage.



“Is it over?” (Jiro)


“I don’t know, maybe he teleported to another location.” (Suela)


“Hmm, but I feel like my headache has subsided.” (Amy)



 The air in the room became lighter as someone let out a sigh of relief, the tense threads loosening.


 The damage was done, but it was over.


 The tumultuous competition was over, although it caused a big problem at the last minute.





“Himiku?” (Jiro)


“Master, it may not be over yet.” (Himiku)



 Only one person, Himiku, who was looking at the same ceiling as the president, said that the turmoil was not over yet.


 In fact, after this, an urgent order was issued within the company.



“We confirmed the dungeon in Count of Calicetora‘s territory, we confirmed the appearance of an angel from there and judged Count of Calicetora to be an enemy force. From now on, the Demon King’s army will enter wartime preparation.” (Announcer)



 In an event that will have a tremendous impact on us testers in the future, the Demon King Army has decided to go to war.



Note for the Day

I really want to say, “Really?” but we have to look at reality.



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