Otherworld Company Chapter 186.1: The Situation Changes As It Rolls Along, And You Miss What Was On The Sidelines.

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Another Side



~3rd Person Perspective~



“Now, let’s check the situation.” (President)



 At the far end of the huge room, the Demon King sits comfortably in the upper seat and begins the meeting.


 Despite the fact that the war has started and they are being attacked, the presence of the Demon King does not seem to have lost its composure.


 If it is said that this is because of optimistic thinking due to a lack of understanding of the situation, everyone present here would answer no.



“Yes, sir, we have succeeded in constructing a defensive front at the planned location. The Ogre King is holding back the north, and the Dragon King is holding down the east, centering on the territory of Count Calicetora.” (Soldier)


“What is the extent of the damage?” (President)


“Thirteen villages, both large and small. The trading cities have been safely secured. I have heard that all the exiles have been accepted. Also, the patrols that were defending the villages have suffered some damage, but the damage is minor because we prioritized the evacuation of the villagers and minimized the fighting.” (Soldier)


“Yes, there was a little more damage, but it was within the margin of error. Now, let’s move on to the main issue of the enemy’s strength.” (President)



 The Demon King nods in satisfaction as the soldier calmly reads the report.


 The soldier seemed slightly relieved as the conversation had proceeded as planned up to this point, but when the main topic came up, his face tightened again.



“As far as we can confirm now, we have confirmed a large number of soldiers, mainly low-ranking angels, in this invasion. The scale of this force, about 30,000, has been deployed. We have also confirmed the intermediate-rank angels who commanded them. However, there have been no reports of high-rank angels or the rebel Carter.” (Soldier)


“…” (President)




 The soldier who is reporting points to the center of the conference room, which begins to glow faintly.


 All eyes in the conference room are drawn to it.


 A crystal the size of a bowling ball, set up in the exact space between the square desks, glows faintly and a map is displayed, showing the enemy’s position based on the information that has been confirmed.


 Seeing this, everyone in the conference room either wrinkles their eyebrows or has a doubtful look.


 The Demon King himself is also questioning the way this army is deployed, and he listens to the contents of the report, silent as if searching for the other party’s intentions.


 The timing could be called an opportune moment for the executives to assemble at the event known as the competition, and the defensive forces have been severely reduced.


 Aiming for that moment, the Hero, Carter attacked and deployed the angels in a blitz, causing little damage in comparison to the invasion that was launched.


 The forces they used were mainly lower-rank angels, and although there were intermediate-rank angels, there were no higher-rank angels, on the contrary, there was no sign of the army owned by the Frontier Count.


 In addition, the army of angels that attempted to invade was easily stopped when the defense line was built.


 It can be said that this behavior is even suspicious.


 If there had been higher-level angels, the damage would have been two or three times greater than what was reported earlier.


 This strange movement made them think that the invasion might have been intentionally stopped.


 The fact that Carter, who wielded the holy sword, could not be seen further hinted that there was something behind this invasion, and the Demon King Army was pondering the enemy’s actions.


 If they followed the basic theory, the usual course of action was to go to the place where they could attack if it was clear that the risk of damage was low, and the opponent’s movements were slow.


 And the only one who can deal with the heroes is the Demon King, who is of the same rank.


 Since the situation was also one in which the Demon King could not move, albeit temporarily, the opponent would have had an even greater advantage if the heroes had joined the invasion.


 However, the opponent did not move and abandoned that logic.


 In the meantime, the Demon King made preparations.


 The Demon King himself had prepared for the past few days to be ready to move in and finish off the heroes at any time.


 Despite this, the Demon King never stood on the battlefield.


 The question of what the enemy wanted to do at the cost of abandoning reason floated around the conference room.



“What on earth is the enemy aiming for?” (Executive)


“Could that be their entire force?” (Executive)


“No, that’s impossible when you have a dungeon. The dungeon must be connected somewhere, and it must be possible to gather a force.” (Executive)


“If they couldn’t defeat the Demon King on the spot, then that’s what the enemy is after?” (Executive)


“In the first place, where is that dungeon connected to?” (Executive)



 Various predictions were flying around the conference room.


 The words came out one after another as if they were a list of possibilities for the other party, and the Demon King himself was able to guess what the other party was aiming for without omitting a single word.


 He was also guessing his opponent’s aim. At this stage of the game, he could fall into his opponent’s trap if he challenged him recklessly, so it was only natural for him to be cautious.



“Excuse me for interrupting the meeting!!” (Soldier)


“What?! We’re in a meeting right now!!” (Executive)



 The meeting is in the middle of a convoluted situation when suddenly the door is opened.


 One of the executives near the entrance reprimands the soldier, but the soldier raises his voice as if to say that he has to report at all costs.



“There are reports of rebellions by humans and some beastmen in various towns! There are also reports that it is angels who are instigating it! The army on the march has been delayed in order to deal with it!!” (Soldier)


“What!?” (Executive)


“Reporting, sir!” (Soldier)


“What now?!” (Executive)


“The enemy army is on the move, heading straight north to engage the Ogre King’s army!!” (Soldier)



 The army moved in response to the rebellion.


 This is no coincidence.


 It seems like it was a planned move.



“I see, that’s what they are planning.” (President)



 The crowd was in an uproar, and opinions were about to become mixed again as to how to deal with the situation as soon as possible, but once the Demon King made his move, the situation quickly calmed down.


 The Demon King felt as if he had been dealt a tactical move, and slowly but surely, his voice reaching the conference room, he guessed what the other party was going to do.


 Silence fell over the room, and all eyes were focused on the Demon King.



“It seems that what the enemy wants is my head,” he said. I’m not sure if that’s why he hid his trump card, the Hero… but I have a pretty good idea of where he’s headed. Yeah, let’s move too. The Machine King and the Giant King… Send a message. The enemy’s target is not the Ogre King. Have both generals go to the Dragon King’s aid. Also, send word to the Undying King. Put out the fire, and they’ll get the message.” (President)


“Yes sir!!” (Soldier)



 In order to deal with the rebellion, all the generals were dispersed to the field, and Evia was assigned to guard the company, the base of operations in the otherworld.


 The generals who directly protect the Demon King are gone, and the situation can be said to be defenseless.


 They dispersed their forces so that they could fully respond to the opponent’s plan, which had incited the people and expanded the battlefield, but if things had gone as the Demon King had planned, it might have backfired.



“It will ignite the flames that were smoldering in each town, causing chaos. If left unchecked, the smoldering fires will turn into conflagrations. That is why fire is not something we can ignore. Okay, it’s a simple measure, but it’s simple, and that’s why it takes so long to respond.” (President)



 By deploying an army of angels in a blitzkrieg, attention is drawn to the frontier, and in the meantime, an approach to the people who are dissatisfied with the current system that they have been prepping for.


 Individually, humans are ineffectual, but when there are many, they can be a nuisance.



“In the meantime, what’s the next move? First, like a hero, they will come to take the dragon’s head.” (President)



 And then hang the bait in front of a disgruntled populace.


 If those who have the power to break from the current environment and change it, and those who have the power to change it become the guiding light, the herd will move toward the bait in no time at all.



“It must be the higher angels who are instigating the strife. It could be a seraph or cherub. Thanks to the high-rank angels, who are the main force in the fight, the demons are completely unable to follow the footsteps of the heroes.” (President)



 If that is the case, the Demon King Army will have no choice but to deal with them.


 In addition, if the enemy’s bait is a high-rank angel, the Demon King Army will have no choice but to bite as well.


 And the more chaos occurs, the easier it is for the hero to move.


 It’s not a good situation for the Demon King Army to have a single entity that can fight as much as one army moving around.




“Then why are we only providing reinforcements to the Dragon King? If that’s the case, shouldn’t we also send relief to the Ogre King’s side as well?” (Executive)



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